oh shiiiet

OH SHIIIET! 150 followers!

Okay, I didn’t do anything for 100 followers, so I’m gonna do a little raffle, here’s how it’s gonna go, alright?

Everyone who likes and reblogs this post will be in the drawing for, well, a drawing! YOU MUST BE FOLLOWING ME TO ENTER

There will be three prizes:
First prize will be a full colour lineless drawing of any character they want, it can be either human or pony (I will draw gem and homestuck characters, I will even design you a pony if you want). 

Second prize will be just a lined and coloured image of the same thing as above.

and for the Third prize, I will make you a profile image of your choice.


  1. You must be following me in order to enter.
  2. You can reblog as many times as you want, but only the like and one reblog will be counted into the raffle.
  4. If you win you must send me a good reference of the character you want me to draw
  5. If any of the winners complain about how long it is taking me to draw stuff after only a few days to a week, I will re choose that position. Be patient, be polite, and follow proper commission etiquette.

The draw will end at midnight 3rd of August AEST (GMT+10), and any entries after this time will not be counted.