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Yuta’s 19+ dance vs members reaction 🙈🙈🙈


“Ewwww! You want to eat here???
But it looks so shabby…
Your Mother would hate this place, Jaejoong-shii.”
“Oh. No wonder I love it then…”

“Excuse me; I’m sorry to bother you.
I’m Yunho. Jung Yunho; the Chef of this place.
I couldn’t help but notice that you looked so sad while eating…
Was something wrong with the food?”
“Ah. No. It was great; I loved it!
I- I really, reallly loved it…”

“Yes, I know, my son’s is a bit stubborn sometimes;
No. Of course we still wanna go through with it.
In fact, Lets move up the engagemant; the sooner the better.”

“Mother! Why are you doing this?
I already told you, I don’t love her!!!”
“Love? Love has nothing to do with this.“
“How can you say that?
It has everything to do with this.

“Mr. Right” - A Modern Day Yunjae Fairytale. Chapter 2/?


Here’s Part 1.

Uh. Oh. Seems like I’m writing a novel again… *lol*^///^ I hope you guys are still enjoying this…?

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Another theory I came up with while talking to Sally
also had a theory 4:56 that 4:56 maybe 4:56 okay roll with me on this 4:57 what if they’re not giants •-  • they’re just ordinary people 4:57 but the alternate desert universe 4:57 is just a tiny desert for the TINY PEOPLE LIVING UNDER LANE 5 OF THE BOWLING ALLEY 4:58 and night vale is just constantly connected TO that dimension where the tiny people are from 4:58 and now it’ll take even longer for carlos to get back because they filled that lane up with asphalt on  o 4:59 and the bikers didn’t really get stuck in the dimension from a door or a bowling alley 4:59 they just drove into the wrong dimension 5:00 so they’re just normal people who never adjusted to being small in the dimension 5:00 = -= think about it 5:01 why bring up the bowling alley 5:01 and lane 5 5:01 OHH or maybe o  o 5:02 it’s just a dimension where like 5:02 CARLOS is the tiny person Neat Babe AIM 5:02 oh shii Johnny Destiny: Space Ninja AIM 5:02 and they’re normal sized but what if they end up finding other people and those people end up recognizing carlos 5:02 and try killing him again Neat Babe AIM 5:02 you should post this Johnny Destiny: Space Ninja AIM 5:02 which they can because now HE’S tiny 5:03 and remember the tiny houses and the tiny people in a story about you and a story about them? Neat Babe AIM 5:03 yeah Johnny Destiny: Space Ninja AIM 5:03 yeah man * —* Anyway, idk, nothing is solid but it really makes you think. = -=