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Yuta’s 19+ dance vs members reaction 🙈🙈🙈

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honestly with all these songs im starting to believe the wig story is true 😉😉

OH SHII SAME like honestly the whole “you did a number on me” post @itsmurjana made just proves she’s really have amazing orgasms no denying that soooo


“Ewwww! You want to eat here???
But it looks so shabby…
Your Mother would hate this place, Jaejoong-shii.”
“Oh. No wonder I love it then…”

“Excuse me; I’m sorry to bother you.
I’m Yunho. Jung Yunho; the Chef of this place.
I couldn’t help but notice that you looked so sad while eating…
Was something wrong with the food?”
“Ah. No. It was great; I loved it!
I- I really, reallly loved it…”

“Yes, I know, my son’s is a bit stubborn sometimes;
No. Of course we still wanna go through with it.
In fact, Lets move up the engagemant; the sooner the better.”

“Mother! Why are you doing this?
I already told you, I don’t love her!!!”
“Love? Love has nothing to do with this.“
“How can you say that?
It has everything to do with this.

“Mr. Right” - A Modern Day Yunjae Fairytale. Chapter 2/?


Here’s Part 1.

Uh. Oh. Seems like I’m writing a novel again… *lol*^///^ I hope you guys are still enjoying this…?

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best bday’s gif!! <33333

Another theory I came up with while talking to Sally
also had a theory 4:56 that 4:56 maybe 4:56 okay roll with me on this 4:57 what if they’re not giants •-  • they’re just ordinary people 4:57 but the alternate desert universe 4:57 is just a tiny desert for the TINY PEOPLE LIVING UNDER LANE 5 OF THE BOWLING ALLEY 4:58 and night vale is just constantly connected TO that dimension where the tiny people are from 4:58 and now it’ll take even longer for carlos to get back because they filled that lane up with asphalt on  o 4:59 and the bikers didn’t really get stuck in the dimension from a door or a bowling alley 4:59 they just drove into the wrong dimension 5:00 so they’re just normal people who never adjusted to being small in the dimension 5:00 = -= think about it 5:01 why bring up the bowling alley 5:01 and lane 5 5:01 OHH or maybe o  o 5:02 it’s just a dimension where like 5:02 CARLOS is the tiny person Neat Babe AIM 5:02 oh shii Johnny Destiny: Space Ninja AIM 5:02 and they’re normal sized but what if they end up finding other people and those people end up recognizing carlos 5:02 and try killing him again Neat Babe AIM 5:02 you should post this Johnny Destiny: Space Ninja AIM 5:02 which they can because now HE’S tiny 5:03 and remember the tiny houses and the tiny people in a story about you and a story about them? Neat Babe AIM 5:03 yeah Johnny Destiny: Space Ninja AIM 5:03 yeah man * —* Anyway, idk, nothing is solid but it really makes you think. = -=