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-whispers- Mileven \(^-^)/ 💗

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who worries about what they will look like when they are older?
Mike. As they grow older, El is the one always there to reassure him with a gentle amused smile that he is “still pretty”.

who hogs the blanket?
Oh, Eleven. She never had these fluffy pieces of heaven in the la- that place, so she’s not giving them up without a fight, even in her sleep.

who eats the others uneaten pizza crusts?
Answered here!

“Eleven. Mike is a notoriously picky eater (unless we’re talking about chocolate, in which case, no confection is safe), so he always leaves the crusts (they’re just too chewy and too much bread). Eleven is always open to trying new foods and the crust on pizza is actually delicious, especially when it’s topped with that buttery garlic spread.”

who is more likely to cry over a sad book or movie?
They both do. Both very empathetic people, their hearts are easily touched, especially by the vivid plights of beloved fictional characters (Mike always tries to feebly deny it, but he knows it’s no use).

who talks smack while playing video games?
Both, but in the gentlest sense of the word. More ribbing than smack. And it usually ends up with them laughing about it and consequently losing the level because they’re distracted (what a shame, they have to play AGAIN, spending MORE time with each other, *sigh*)

who sings along with the radio?
Both! They both start out quietly, but for different reasons: El because she’s a quiet person, Mike because he is ever aware of his incredible dorkiness. But eventually they’re both singing at the top of their lungs. Mike is the only one to ever go hoarse because of it, which he thinks is incredibly unfair.

who would enter them both into a talent show?
Hmm, see, I don’t think either of them would. Mike certainly wouldn’t because he’s nervous enough in front of his science class, how the heck would he be in front of the whole school and he knows his stage fright is probably nothing compared to El’s. Eleven wouldn’t, one, because she keeps to herself, she isn’t one for huge displays, and two, she knows how nervous an audience makes Mike. They would definitely go together, though,with Max and Will to see Dustin sing “Eye of the Tiger” and Lucas show off his moonwalk and other Michael Jackson moves.

who would accidentally set the kitchen on fire while cooking?
Both of them. Eleven because she’s still learning how to cook from Jonathan when he’s home and Mike because he is a TERRIBLE multi-tasker. He sticks to baking cookies with Eleven, even though he’s living on the edge since she is an awfully big distraction. The best kind.

who would throw the other into a pool?
Eleven, definitely, but only after Max and Dustin and Lucas’ revolving demonstration convinces her it doesn’t hurt anyone.

who shops for groceries?
Mike. He makes long lists with Eleven (list-making seems to be a Wheeler gene) to make sure he doesn’t forget anything she needs or wants.

who kills the spiders?
Neither. Mike stays as far away from them as possible and Eleven lets them go outside. Spiders are safe from them.

who is the morning/night person?
Neither of them is a morning person. But El is a night-owl, and as tired as Mike is after staying up with her as long as he can, his body always wakes him up at eight. Which he hates.

Mike! He goes so long without proposing, one of the guys finally asks him what the holdup is. Turns out he’s simply forgotten: Wait, we’re NOT married??? Which, of course, leads to weeks of agonizingly waiting for the perfect moment that actually ends up being a quiet evening sitting on the lawn with El, watching the stars come out, and him turning to her and shyly, even though they’re both over twenty now, asking if she would marry him. And in the dusk, her smile outshines the stars and she hugs him tighter than she ever has and says yes.

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Me trying to keep my cool when someone mentions Stranger Things
  • Friend: So I was thinking about starting that show you were talking about... Stranger Things?
  • Me: *This is it. It's time. Don't overreact and scare them off. Let them watch at their own pace.*
  • Me: Ohmygosh you're going to love it, I mean how cute are the kids? The Duffer brothers are seriously geniuses. Did you know they never even found out if they're identical or fraternal? How weird, right? Oh, and Gaten, the kid who plays Dustin, he ACTUALLY has Cleidocranial Dysplasia, and they wrote it into show, how cool is that? Oh and Millie - Eleven - she's actually British, but she was born in Spain, and well she moved to Florida and -
  • Friend: *stares blankly*
  • Me: I really like... trivia.