oh shes eleven


Now if Peake shows up I’m gonna lose my shit

Watching Face The Raven for the first time

-Okaaayyyy… I’m slightly worried because apparently something big happens here.

-Twelve’s adorable little snort.

-It’s all fun and games until the phone rings…

-Wassup Rigsy, you, the artsy guy!

-Countdowns always make people nervous

-But what if it’s like the number of seconds left until your next fart

-Or the number of dust particles you have yet to accidentally consume today

-”Did you make this human?”

-”She’s better than that… She’s brilliant.”

-”Bring the new human - No, don’t bring the new human, I’ll just get distracted.”

-Oh boy


-526 minutes would be about… 8 hours and 46 minutes.



-Well at least she ain’t hanging by her ankles

-WTF Clara do you have safety frigidity

-Count what? Buildings?

-”Pick up all my most annoying stuff.”


-wtf happened WTF DID SHE DIE IS THAT IT

-What’s Eddard Stark doing in DOctor Who



-What? Why??

-Ashielda you douchebag


-How did eight hours pass so quickly, why does he only have 50 minutes now

-The fuck’s with the Judoon and the Sontarans and the aliens

-That lamp looks uncannily like a memory worm’s inside it

-Clara please don’t get distracted…

-Aw, it’s an Ood fixing a Cyberman.

-That’s adorable.

-Wow, that’s creepy.

-Ashielda you douche.

-The raven…


-Wait, that guy was a Cyberman? Or is she just making a comparison?

-That’s a long scream…

-R.I.P. Random dude.

-He saved his wife (presumably).

-”I’m good cop, you’re bad cop.”
 “No we don’t have– Can I be the good cop?”
 “Doctor, we’ve discussed this. Your face.”

-okay you two are acting like kids

-It’s an impressive feat considering one of you’s in her twenties and the other is a 2000 year old time traveling alien

-Ok thank goodness his family is somewhat okay

-Dammit Clara

-I have a bad feeling about this

-For every minute that passes by from now on, I will write the above sentence, only more and more emphasized to show Han’s accent, until I have somethnig else to remark upon.

-I have a bad feeling about this.

-I have a baaad feeling about this.

-I, have a baaad feelin’ about this.


-Magical tattoo transfer, sick beats included.

-Her collar splits at the back of the neck too?! That’s one of the biggest plot twists I’ve ever encountered.

-Wait, what?

-She literally has eyes on the back of her head.

-Okay, I’ll leave now…

-The bass beat sort of things in the music. That’s new. I don’t know what to call it, the deep thump-thump beneath the orchestra. But it’s new and not bad.

-DUN DUN DUUUUN the alien person is alive.

-Can’t he sonic the keyhole?


-Well, whoever ‘they’ are, they don’t sound like Daleks for once.
 Like seriously. Who stole the TARDIS? The Daleks! Who messed up the timeline? The Daleks! Who stole the cake? IT’S THE FRIGGING DALEKS OF COURSE, EVERY TIME!

-But can’t Ashielda just remove Clara’s chronolock?

-Maybe she can’t?

-I don’t know why but for a moment I pictured Clara going ‘okay lol’ and chilling out

-”I’ll bring the Daleks, I’ll bring the Cybermen-”

-Wow, he hasn’t been this desperate since Magician’s Apprentice.

-”The Doctor is no longer here, you are stuck with me!”
 Oh boy.


-Is Clara gonna be the first companion to part by death

-”Maybe this is it, maybe this is why I kept taking all those risks, kept pushing it”
 Breaking News: Clara Oswald Was Suicidal All Along



-Just look at the Doctor, he’s so devastated


-Doesn’t Clara have a family, isn’t she a teacher, doesn’t she have friends, what will her family do, what would the class think?







-Meanwhile the crow is like ‘Oh I see you’re making a farewell speech, guess I’ll just wait here on your doorstep’

-What if residents of that town just freaked out every time they saw a raven or a crow even if it was a common one from the streets

-shit shit shit shit shit


-wtf why


-I wasn’t ready for that

-well shit

-she dead??

-she dead?!?!?!?!?



-They just killed her off?? Just like that???

-Wtf BBC??

-Is she really dead?

-I refuse to believe it

-Okay, everything is fine, she is gonna come back next episode and say ‘what happened lol’

-e v e r y t h i n g i s p e r f e c t l y f i n e

N O T   O K A Y

-”I’ll do my best… But I strongly advise you to keep out of my way. You’ll find that it’s a very small universe when I’m angry with you.”
 Oh boi

He pissed

-Even the end credits narrator sounds stressed

That is beautiful…




Me trying to keep my cool when someone mentions Stranger Things
  • Friend: So I was thinking about starting that show you were talking about... Stranger Things?
  • Me: *This is it. It's time. Don't overreact and scare them off. Let them watch at their own pace.*
  • Me: Ohmygosh you're going to love it, I mean how cute are the kids? The Duffer brothers are seriously geniuses. Did you know they never even found out if they're identical or fraternal? How weird, right? Oh, and Gaten, the kid who plays Dustin, he ACTUALLY has Cleidocranial Dysplasia, and they wrote it into show, how cool is that? Oh and Millie - Eleven - she's actually British, but she was born in Spain, and well she moved to Florida and -
  • Friend: *stares blankly*
  • Me: I really like... trivia.