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Rupert Graves, on why Sherlock can never remember Lestrade’s first name [x]

Mark Gatiss: Because it doesn’t matter to him - and if he knows it, he deletes it immediately - but then as you see at the end he does remember.
Steven Moffat: And he does like to play games with people a little bit. I mean he keeps people at a distance so when it really mattered he remembered his name.

me: -explains to this dude that he should wait until the punisher series to “diagnose” frank w/ a mental illness instead of just saying he doesn’t have one based on the info daredevil gave us and does so thoroughly with multiple paragraphs explaining why-
dude: lol the punisher series will be based on the comics

A Parent's Visit — Part 7 by survivingwithmyself

Sherlock panicked. (See previous)

Maybe “panicked” wasn’t the most appropriate word to describe it. Sherlock knew he shouldn’t, but he was starting to believe the worst had already happened.
“Since when do you have tickets for the theater?” He asked.
“Well, we bought them this morning, then we decided to check on you; one thing led to another, and here we are.” His father said.
“Are you sure we’re still on time?” Sherlock asked.
“Oh honey, we wouldn’t have offered you to come with us if we were already late.” Annette kept her smile.

They paid what they’d got, which wasn’t much, considering they spent most of the time talking.
The Holmes parents took a cab, and the young couple took another, they’d meet up in front of the theater.
They both sighed. “Your parents are quite the couple, aren’t they?”
Sherlock held Irene’s hand, and caressed it. “I guess I should apologize—”
“That’s new. You don’t usually apologize.” Irene scoffed, and then chucked.
“If I had known my parents were coming, well, things might have gone differently.”
“I do have to apologize too, but thankfully, things do seem to be calmer now.” Irene leaned her head on Sherlock’s shoulder.

“Sherlock, Isabel, over here!” Annette smiled, holding four tickets on her hands.
“Thanks for inviting us, Mrs. and Mr. Holmes.” Irene smiled, Sherlock thought each smile made her even more precious,
“Are you sure you don’t want us to pay for our tickets?” The tone The Woman used, unique, Sherlock thought, as if she was sure they would not have to pay.
“Oh no, don’t worry. Let us make it up to you.”

In the middle of the act, Annette felt her phone ringing. She apologized, and quietly sneaked off to answer.
“Hello, Mickey?”
«Hello, mother. Am I interrupting something?»
“A play, in fact. Is anything wrong? What’s the purpose of your call?”
«I was just wondering, regarding the topic of Sherlock’s girlfriend, what’s the name of the woman who has the ‘fortune’ of dating my brother?»
“Oh, Mycroft, you’re always curious, aren’t you?” Annette chuckled. “If I recall correctly, her name is Isabel Wolfe.”
Mycroft Holmes abruptly ended the call, he got a name. Now he needed to find who that name belonged to.
Then something clicked on his mind.

I’m not sure about how I feel about this. I admire the work of the previous writers, and I hope this isn’t extremely bad compared to theirs. 

So, to put an end to this story, Part 8 by Of-dreamers-and-detectives.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I like your blog and I've followed you for a while. As you may guess I'm Johnlock fan but I joined Sherlock fandom late so TJLC is quite new to me. I've been doing research for it, some of those theories are mind blowing and amazing but I'm not sure what to think about all of them. People are talking about elephant in the room. I know it's one of Sherlock's cases but I don't know what is have to do with Jonlock and been afraid to ask. Sorry to bother you but could you explain it to me?

Hey Nonny!!!

Welcome to Hell! You will never ever escape it! <3

Ah, ( The ) Elephant in the Room is one of the Johnlock Fandom’s greatest things ever, and is one of many supporting arguments for TJLC.

From Wikipedia: 

“Elephant in the room” or “Elephant in the living room” is an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going unaddressed. The idiomatic expression also applies to an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss.

It is based on the idea that an elephant in a room would be impossible to overlook.

Basically, this describes Johnlock in a nutshell. @wsswatson has actually covered this ask before, and explains it and its importance MUCH better than I probably would, so I do encourage you to read it.

Here’s my take on it, though, because I like inflicting my opinion on the world. Within the show, occasionally some eagle-eyed viewers will catch sight of an elephant within the background of various scenes; these are all very quick glimpses and are tough to spot on the initial viewings unless you’re actually looking for them. Many TJLCers believe that the use of these elephants are actually intentional, and not an accident (as the production designer, Arwel Wyn Jones, claims). The truth is, though, is that Arwel is VERY meticulous and EVERYTHING he does is placed within a scene for a reason. Season three, especially, was riddled with elephants in the background, and many of us suspect that there is a LOT of subtext in them mentioning the Elephant in the Room case, ESPECIALLY in the most subtextual-borderline-textual episode of the series thus far. The case itself, on his blog, is literal vagueblogging by John. It’s not even subtle. TSo3 itself is one giant subtextual ball of Johnlock; on the surface for casuals, it’s a happy-go-lucky funny episode… when in reality, the entire episode IS one big metaphor for the stages of a relationship… starring Sherlock and John. Some TJLCers have even said that Sherlock’s line in TSo3 “Maybe I should have talked about the ‘Elephant in the Room’” is actually a really oxymoronic phrase, especially since he just literally spent the past 45 minutes talking about his love for and his relationship with John and how wonderful and perfect John is. Almost like, “oh, Sherlock honey, you’ve already discussed the elephant in the room.”

That was the writers literally trolling us, I think.

The fact that they’re not even TRYING to hide the elephants anymore, as I mention in this post, is a HUGE deal. Now that we actually HAVE TO SEE THESE ELEPHANTS is very symbolic of the possibility of the nature of Sherlock and John’s relationship finally being address… You can’t ignore these elephants, as stated in the wiki entry, ergo you can’t just keep ignoring Johnlock when it so clearly exists on the surface now – AND IT DOES, despite what the disbelievers say. 

If the showrunners were never ever going to address said relationship in a future episode, they would have firmly established both characters’ sexuality and relationship needs in episode one and would NEVER HAVE TALKED ABOUT IT AGAIN, rather than have that frankly awkward talk at Angelo’s which never actually got resolved. Instead, following episode one, we are given some form of one of the following in every single episode of Sherlock:

  • pining or longing looks and / or constantly checking each other out;
  • jealousy from either party about other minor characters on the show;
  • constant eye sex between John and Sherlock;
  • ridiculous praise about one or the other when neither have done anything praise-worthy and would actually be met with appalled looks from anyone else;
  • constantly mistaken for a couple, but rarely in a negative light, and Sherlock’s constant silence on the issue;
  • constantly over-protective of one another;
  • willingness to die for each other;
  • co-dependency to the point of barely being able to function without one another;
  • they spend every chance they can with each other, where most room mates would rather stay to themselves;
  • can’t stand being around any one else but each other;
  • neither have any other real friends.

I can name many more but that’s all that’s coming to my head at the moment.

Anyway, so yes, the Elephant in the Room is one of Sherlock’s cases, which John just can’t talk about. If that was the case, why bring it up anyway? What was the point to even put it on the blog? The Elephant in the Room is so much more than a case. It’s the entire series. It’s the case of the unspoken relationship that Sherlock and John share, but are too scared to let be known. And the fact that it was brought up in S3 is VERY indicative that they WILL be addressing said relationship, whether it be in TAB to firmly establish that Sherlock is gay and loves John without ANY ROOM FOR ARGUMENT; or in S4 when it becomes canonized once John learns to deal with his own closeted feelings.

I think both will happen, to be honest. And it will be glorious.