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Everyone is always going on and on about how unobservant Harry is.

But I like to think it was a product of growing up neglected; learning to be noticed as little as possible, and spending basically his entire life in the wizarding world facing off against evil.  So its not entirely that at his core he was unobservant but that he had learned it, because he had learned growing up to take up as little space as possible, both emotionally and physically.

So to Harry it became second nature to not notice things because god he didn’t want anyone noticing anything about him.

Except after the war, when he returns for 8th year he starts to notice all kinds of things; the way Dean and Seamus sit oh so close and gosh did they always do that, the way Ron and Hermione both tense up when the other one isn’t in the room but relax as soon as they’re near each other, the way people seem hopeful and scared all at once, or even small things like the way the wind sounds blowing against the window when he can’t sleep.

And the more he notices, the more he finds that maybe he wouldn’t quite mind if someone else noticed him.

Which is exactly how he starts to notice Malfoy.  Because now that he has started noticing all kinds of things he recognizes what these things mean too…and he definitely recognizes the slump of Malfoy’s shoulders, or the way his head turns up whenever someone new enters a room, or the way he finds every corner to sit in as soon as entering a room, and especially the way he’s always alone.  Because Harry knows exactly what it looks like when you don’t want people to notice you. 

And the more Harry looks the more he can’t stop looking, and he wonders how he could have spent so many years obsessed with Malfoy but never actually noticing things about him; like the way he cradles his tea as if absorbing its warmth before drinking it, the way he licks his lips when he reads, the way his face looks flushed and healthy only when he sneaks back into the castle after a secret broom ride (except its not so secret because Harry is pretty much always watching him), or the way he reads muggle novels in the library when he thinks no one can see.

Until one day, when Harry has his head buried in a book studying, and someone sits down beside him and he doesn’t even need to look up to know who it is because he recognizes the sounds Malfoy makes when he pulls out a chair and the way he holds his breath when he’s nervous and especially the way he smells; like fresh air and too strong tea and ink - he smells like hope Harry thinks, holding his breath too as Malfoy slides down into the seat beside him.

“So…” Malfoy whispers.

”So,” Harry answers back, still staring at the book in front of him, almost afraid to look at Malfoy as if he might spook him.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d be here,” Malfoy finally says after several minutes of silence which should be awkward but instead just feel charged with anticipation.

“I’m always here on Saturdays,” Harry says, finally turning to look at Malfoy.  He wonders why he looks so nervous. 

“I know,” Malfoy huffs, finally making eye contact with Harry and the look in his eyes makes something deep and tight in Harry’s chest uncurl because oh…oh.  Maybe he hasn’t been the only one noticing things.

“Did you want-”

“Yes,” Malfoy blurts out.

“I didn’t even finish asking you.  What if I asked if you wanted to go jump in the lake naked and look for the giant squid,” Harry says, his face breaking out into a smile that seems to make Malfoy relax.

“Still would’ve said Yes,” Malfoy says, no hint of sarcasm.

“Oh.  Well aright then.”  And Harry does something which feels a bit brave and a bit stupid and reaches over to lay his hand on Malfoy’s knee.  Only instead of yelling at him or pushing him away Malfoy smiles, for what Harry thinks must be the first time that whole year, and lays his own hand over Harry’s.

“Alright,” Malfoy says, linking their fingers.

And Harry smiles again, because yeah things really are alright.

the wardrobe

James: Look at him being all “I’m a cool teacher”. Wanker.

Lily: Shut up you are just jealous.

James: Jealous? Jealous?! He became everything we hated Lils.

Lily: You are as dramatic as Sirius today Jamie.

James: Ooh, the Longbottom kid is first, I bet he is afraid of Augusta, Merlin knows Frankie was.

Lily: Did he just say-

James: Oh yes he did. That bastard bullied that kid so much, he became his biggest fear.

Lily: I- I’m-

James: I’m so excited! He is gonna make Snivellus look like Augusta, I remember that red handbag!

*Wands at the ready, Remus opens the wardrobe Snape walks out*

Lily: *watching warily* He looks so different, like he is taller.

James: It’s because the poor kid is scared of him shitless, Riddikulus Neville come on.

*Riddikulus and Snape is now wearing Augusta’s clothes*

James: *doubles over laughing* Moony– You– legend.

Lily: *tries not to laugh, fails* If Severus hears this–

James: *still laughing* Moony doesn’t give a fuck.

Lily: *grinning* I can see that.

James: Merlin– that hat. It suits him well. *tries to regulate his breath*

Lily: *smiling* That smirk on Harry’s face is all too familiar. 

James: Like father, like son.

*Boggart morphs into a mummy in front of Parvati*

James: That Parvati girl did well! 

Lily: Oh my– Seriously Seamus, a banshee?

James: I mean, kid has a point, that thing is scary.

*Dean walks up to the wardrobe*

Lily: A severed hand, like the one from the Addams Family?

James: From the what?

Lily: Don’t worry about it, Muggle thing. 

James: I know most Muggle things.

Lily: *disappointed* I never had the time to show you this one.

James: *changes the subject* Oh, Ronniekins of course has spiders for Boggarts.

*Harry walks up to the wardrobe, wand at the ready, looking excited*

Lily: It’s Harry’s turn, what if–

James: It wouldn’t assume his form Lils

Lily: But

*Remus throws himself in front of the Boggart*

Lily: Of course, it’s the full moon. 

James: The one thing he is scared of. 

Lily: He probably thought what we thought, still protective of the fawn.

James: Well, of course he is, don’t you remember how scared he was when he first held him?

Lily: *with a smile* Of course, I do

James: Well at least there’s someone who’s looking out for him now.

Lily: Soon, he will have Sirius back, too.

James: If the idiot doesn’t get himself locked up for committing the murder he was locked up for.

Lily: Well, that’s a possibility but Remus is sensible, I trust him.

*cue to the scene where Remus says “together” and Lily just stares at the camera like she’s in the office*

Lily: Have you ever seen a Boggart?

James: Yeah, once when I was 18 and I couldn’t do shit until my mum came and found me.

Lily: What did you see?

James: All of you guys were de-

Lily: *looking away* Oh, I- I see.

James: Those are foul creatures Lils, I’m actually glad Moony stopped Harry from facing his Boggart. 

Lily: Me, too. 

Should’ve taken gloves

HNNngg can’t get this beautiful fic by @idnis out of my head so I doodled a thing

I just realized that in the Chamber of Secrets movie Harry, Ron and Draco have weird ass voices.


And ever since I realized it, I just can’t stop laughing watching the movie. They were so squeaky in Philosopher’s Stone and then they get “man voices” in Prisoner of Azkaban, but like Chamber of Secrets is just so fvcking awkward to listen to.

LIKE ARE THERE ANY HEADCANONS/FICS FOR THIS SHIT. Because I haven’t seen any fics about these babies dealing with their voices changing like:

  • Draco trying to yell at Harry or Crabbe and Goyle in this menacing voice but like it comes out a squeak? Coz he can’t control his voice?
  • Ron gets called during class and he rasps out this really embarrassing voice thing.
  • Harry and Draco arguing but then they end up squeaking at each other coz their voice broke. And they’re both mortified so they never speak about it ever again.
  • OR GOD. All the boys in their year going through it like, TALKATIVE SEAMUS. Everyone used to like Seamus talking, he has a nice accent but then during the puberty phase they are like, “oh god Seamus shut up no”
  • Or Neville developing his deep voice and people just can’t see it yet.
  • Theodore Nott making himself extra quiet that year because he knows he sounds like shite and he doesn’t want anyone to tease him.
  • Justin bragging off to Harry (lol during Herbology) but then his voice breaks and he just drops a pot because oh shit.

PEOPLE. This is cute golden puberty shit right here.

‘Stupid Malfoy and his stupid single-eyebrow-raising talent’.

Harry was in front of the mirror trying to sneer and lift his right brow just like Malfoy did but wasn’t getting far at all, he only managed to lift both looking like a dazzled deer. Was it, like, a special thing you were born with?

“Whatcha doing, mate?”

Harry almost jumped to the roof like a scared cat.

Bloody hell, Ron. I almost shat in my pants. Fucking knock, will you?” His face felt so hot you could fry an egg on it.

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I feel like the time Dean and Seamus spent apart during the final book is beautiful in a really sad way. Like Seamus is hella gay and everyone knows it but Dean’s too scared to come out as bi and definitely too scared to tell Seamus he like him.

Imagine Seamus writing letters and poems for Dean but he can’t send them because he has no idea where he is or if he’s even alive. Meanwhile, Dean is drawing pictures of Seamus to pass the time and to keep him from going mad. Ted sees the drawings and he suddenly becomes Deamus trash #1 and starts to do everything in his power to protect Dean so he eventually sacrifices himself for the ship.

Imagine them both confiding in Luna; Seamus during his time with her at D.A. meetings and Dean during their time at Malfoy Manor and Shell Cottage. She’s showering them in positivity and making sure they don’t get lonely. She also tells Dean about how Seamus is and how cool it was when he stood up to the Carrows after they said some shit about muggle borns.

Imagine Dean sitting in The Hog’s Head waiting to go through the portrait to see Seamus but oh god what if he’s got a boyfriend? What if he’s forgotten about Dean? So, nervously, he goes through the tunnel and hears a roar of delight and suddenly a pair of familiar arms are flung around his neck. He doesn’t even notice how bashed up Sea’s face is because he’s too happy that he’s back in Hogwarts and reunited with his best mate/soulmate. But when he does see Seamus’ face, he promises to never leave him again and to protect him forever and then they’re kissing and everyone’s cheering because they shipped it from the start.

Imagine them fighting side by side and hauling each other out the way of spells and always having each other’s backs because neither can bear to lose the other again.

Imagine them getting married in Ireland after it becomes legal and even though Seamus’ parents haven’t been the most supportive of his homosexual tendencies, they still turn up and they both dance with Dean.


So I watched this and couldn’t help thinking to myself, what if something like this happened with an entire common room? Some sort of love spell accident or something, or even better, it happens on the Quidditch pitch during practice or something. - Merlin’s balls I have to write THAT fic! 

Ron, to be fair, in the movie universe, most of your siblings don’t seem to like you that much. I say ‘most’ because we never really see Charlie except in a cameo. It doesn’t make it right, but (sadly) it makes sense in the general rules of this universe. 

(Also- Hermione’s expression in the sixth photo is really sweet- like she’s thinking ‘don’t listen to them, Ron- I know you’re awesome’)

Oh, and Seamus- just shut up and snog Dean- he should be turning up soon.

Pink Scales

x Kim Taehyung (V)

Prince Taehyung is the only heir the throne in his kingdom and his mother, the queen has arranged for him to marry. Taehyung doesn’t want to become king or marry someone he doesn’t love. But when he runs away from home everything changes as his heart gets captured by a pink haired creature.

Angsty fluff || Mermaid AU || Words: 5.7K  

Masterlist || Based on the story of “The little mermaid”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

”Sir, hold up!”

”Leave me alone!” He yelled, running towards the terrace door.

“Prince Taehyung, it’s dangerous!”

“I don’t care!” He yelled and ran through the doors, leaving the butler out of breath inside.

Taehyung ran down the stairs off the terrace and across the back yard of the huge mansion.

I can’t take this anymore! He thought as he ran through the gate, reaching the pitch black sea front. Taehyung slowed down, panting lightly as he began walking towards the cliffs by the beach.

He sat down on one of them and threw his shoes down on to the sand next to him before wrapping his arms around his legs and resting his forehead against his knees.

I don’t want to become king….

I want to be free, I want to play and being king isn’t my destiny. I don’t care how royal my blood is.

The voices in his head encouraged him to run away and escape, but he never made it beyond the cliffs.

Not today. Taehyung thought and jumped down from the cliff, grabbing his shoes in one hand and started jogging along the beach.

I’m leaving… and I’m never coming back!

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Preference #18: He thinks you’re cheating on him

Harry Potter:

Ron Weasley:

Seamus Finnigan:

Draco Malfoy:

Fred Weasley: (right)

George Weasley: (left)

Dean Thomas:

Cedric Diggory:

Oliver Wood:

Neville Longbottom:

Easter, Dean and Seamus

check the intro here

It’s easter at Hogwarts. Fred and George are both alive and kicking. They have decided that since Umbridge left, this might be a good moment to re-do their last year and cheer all the traumatized war-veterans up with some top quality pranks.

And maybe play matchmaker for a couple or two.


Dean and Seamus

“Don’t you think it’s a bit odd?” Seamus was walking towards the transfiguration hallway together with Dean. They knew a high alcove in a hidden passage there that Fred and George sometimes used. The place was a bit too obvious, but they had already searched most of the other places that might contain easter eggs. As far as they knew no one had found anything yet.

“What’s odd?” Asked Seamus. He’d fallen behind a bit. Secretly he liked looking at his best mate a lot more than searching for some stupid egg. Dean would probably spent his date trying to get Ginny back again instead of… Instead of what? He didn’t know, but he did know he didn’t like to see Dean and Ginny together.

“Are you even listening?” Dean smiled at him, now walking backwards towards their intended destination. Sunlight caught in the earring he’d gotten it a month back, ‘because it looked artsy.’ Seamus didn’t know if he hated or loved it. He didn’t know anything anymore these days.

“I said that it’s a bit weird that we’re paired together. I mean, they didn’t put any other friends in the same team.” Seamus wished Dean would turn around. Or at the very least stop smiling. They’d never find those bloody eggs like this.

“They put Ron together with Hermione.”

“But Hermione would murder them if they’d ruin Ron’s mood by pairing him off with a Slytherin.” He shivered at the thought of an angry Hermione. That pick suddenly made a lot more sense.

“What about Ginny and Luna?”

“Ginny can’t be paired with anyone but Luna. She’d hex Lee and the twins’ ears off before they would even dare to think about such a thing. That girl is fierce.” Seamus smiled at his friend’s answer, but his insides hurt. He used to be fine with the youngest Weasley, but the last months she just had something about her that he didn’t like.

“So.” Concluded Dean. “Why are we paired together?”

“I dunno. Maybe they… Look out!” Dean walked back first into a knight’s armour, its sword nearly cutting into his leg. Seamus plunged forward to pull him away, cutting his own arm on the way down. Metal knight parts rained down on them as they fell to the ground. But there was something heavier amongst the scattered pieces. Something gold and shiny.

The first egg.

“Look! We found one!” Exclaimed Seamus, rolling on his back and grabbing a huge golden egg. Dean didn’t share his enthusiasm. There was a huge gash across his friend’s arm, and blood welled up from it quicker than Dean had seen since… Since the battle of Hogwarts.

It surprised him Seamus was even capable of stretching his arm to grab the egg.

“Seamus, you’re hurt!” Dean sat upright and pulled his friend’s wounded arm towards himself. He had to stop the bleeding or this might have some nasty consequences.

“Oh it’s just a… Oh.” Only now did Seamus see the gap in his arm. “That’s a bit too big for a scratch…”

Dean had just enough time to pull the rest of his friend to his chest before he passed out. Seamus hadn’t been able to handle blood since he’d seen what a well aimed diffindo could do to a person during The Battle.

“Don’t worry Seamus, I’ll get you to the hospital wing. Everything will be alright.” Dean knew his friend couldn’t hear him, but he kept talking anyway. It wasn’t like blood was his favorite substance. “You’ll be fine Seam, I promise.” One of his hands ruffled his hair. “You’re going to be just fine…”

Seamus slowly tried to open his eyes. He vaguely remembered something about an earring… And an egg… Panicked he felt his earlobes. He hadn’t pierced his ears for that stupid contest now, had he?

“Interesting friend you’ve got there Dean, first thing he does when he wakes up is check his ears.” It was Lee’s voice.

“Well, you never know when one’ll go missing, we only average one and a half each.” Responded Fred. Or George.

“Very funny guys, but you heard Pomfrey. No more than one visitor per patient.” That was Lee again.

“When did she… Ouch, Lee!” It sounded like Lee had stepped on Fred’s foot.

“We were just leaving now, weren’t we Fred?” Seamus opened his eyes just in time to see the trio leave.

“Good morning sunshine.” Dean smiled again, but there was a hint of concern in his eyes.

“What happened?” Seamus’ voice cracked a bit. His throat was dry.

“You cut open your arm while saving me of a terribly violent piece of armour.” Dean gave him a glass of water and helped him to sit up a bit. “You were a true hero until you passed out.”

Seamus smiled at that, accidentally pouring the content of his glass on the duvet instead of in his mouth. Dean laughed.

“What was the assignment in the egg?”

“I don’t know, haven’t looked at it yet.” Dean avoided his gaze. Seamus was surprised. His best friend not interested in a twins and co. prank?

“Well, open it then! I’m dying to know!”

“You almost actually died trying to know. Do you know how much blood you lost?” Dean suddenly looked properly scared. It only hit him now how that stupid accident with that stupid egg had almost cost him the best person in his life. Djeezus.

Seamus grabbed his arm, pulled him into a hug. “I don’t know and I don’t want to know, you daft idiot. I’ll die blowing up Atlantis, remember?” It was an inside joke of them. Seamus let so many things explode Dean used to say even the underwater city wasn’t safe from his friend.

He laughed. “Sorry, of course. Silly of me to get worked up like that.”

“Not silly.” Seamus pulled away, looked into Dean’s brown eyes. “It’s kinda sweet.”

An electrically charged silence fell between them. It seemed like ages before either one of them looked away.

“So, uhm. That egg. Right…” Dean broke first and dived under the bed, hiding his face from Seamus. He probably didn’t like him that way, he shouldn’t get so close.

He pulled off his sweater so his elbow would be free to break the chocolate egg. There was a note inside.

For eternal glory

And a miraculous date

Just “Draw me like one of your French girls”

With the partner assigned to you by fate

Dean swallowed. Hard. When he didn’t respond to Seamus’ questions about the content of the note he snatched it out of his hands. He laughed.

Of course he laughed, this would be hilarious if Dean hadn’t dreamed of drawing Seamus like “One of his French girls” for ages.

Or for three months now, but that still felt like ages.

“Well, are you going to turn my mess of a body into a piece of art or should I sketch you so we’ll be on the same level of handsomeness? If you trust my awful drawing skills with your body anyway.” Seamus blushed heavily, but he had captured Dean’s eyes again and showed no signs of looking away.

“I don’t think the hospital wing is a proper studio for either one of those.” Answered Dean. He couldn’t believe he was having this conversation.

Their stare intensified. Dean tentatively leaned forward. No way in hell was he going to look away now.

“Let’s never go to Atlantis.” Whispered Dean.

“Never.” Whispered Seamus back.

Seamus pulled him into a hug again, but this time, this time they locked lips as well.

What are our outher couples going to find in their egg… ?

Suggestions for pt.2 drarry or linny more than welcome! Still haven’t magicly turned funny!

No More Soulmates

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Dean/Seamus
Rating: T for gratuitous swearing
Wordcount: 7617

Summary: In a world where wizards are given timers that count down to the day they meet their soulmates, Seamus Finnegan chooses not to look- until a gust of wind and a conversation with Dean change everything. Dean/Seamus, soulmate timer tattoo AU oneshot.

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Illegal Murals

For @batrisakapadiablog, who prompted graffiti artist!Dean.  Set in a no-magic AU =)

“He did it again,” Parvati said, spreading the newspaper over the table, making Seamus and Lavender move their coffee cups.

Seamus leaned over to see the article she was talking about.  A photo of a graffiti-ed wall took up a section of the page, with the headline “Graffiti Artist Strikes Again” below it.

“Why do you assume they’re a he?” Lavender asked.

“That’s fair,” Parvati admitted.

“I don’t know why they call him - or her, or them - a graffiti artist though,” Seamus said, peering at the photo.

Parvati raised her eyebrows. “Hmm, I dunno, maybe because he spray paints walls?”

“Yeah, but he’s more like a….an illegal mural painter,” Seamus replied.

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The Shrieking Shack (AVPS)

Cho: and ring the doorbell.

Hermione: I’m not afraid of the Shrieking Shack!

Hermione: Everything I’ve ever read tells me that those urban legends are just old wive’s tales.

Hermione: I want something better.

Seamus: Better than a kiss from Cho Chang?

Gryffindors: Oooooooo

Cho: You have to go in there,

Hermione: What? But you know I can’t draw…

Hermione: Well, this is useless without a pencil.

Hermione: Do I get a flashlight or something?

Seamus: Oh no! She could shine it up through the back of the paper and trace it.

Hermione: That maybe someone in this school cares if I live or die!

*Flees in the wrong direction*


Cho Chang: @pighmypuff

Ron Weasley: @theyoungroleplayer

Hermione Granger: @oh-dont-worry-honey

Seamus Finnigan: @ravenclawslittleplush

Neville Longbottom: @rosa-ravenclaw

Get to the Point ( Seamus F. x Reader)

Just Fluff

Word Count:348


“ Oh don’t be like that Seamus!” you teased. The Gryffindor glared at you, “ Will you ever stop lass?” he asked in an exasperated tone. You smirked and shook your head, “ Never.”

You sent him a wolfish grin and he frowned. “ Oh c'mon Seamus, but I think you’re too scared.”

Seamus folded his arms, “ I’m not scared.” he said firmly. Your grin grew, “ What aren’t you scared to do?” you quipped.

His face began to turn scarlet and his angry façade dropped, “ Y-You know!”

You looked at him innocently, “ I’m not a seer Finnigan, I can’t read your mind, so you have to tell me what’s on it.”

Seamus clenched his fist, “ I’m not afraid to- I’m not afraid to kiss you!”

You tilted your head, “ Well you’re not doing anything to prove it.”

Seamus stormed off.

“- Just a peck on the cheek!” you shouted. His cheeks flushed, “ No, (Y/N).” he grumbled.

You frowned, “ An air kiss maybe?”

“ No.”

“ Why the hell not?!”

“ Because I said no!”

“ I’m practically throwing myself at you! You can at least appreciate it!” you grumbled.

Dean looked at you both and smiled, “ You two are like an old married couple.” he chuckled.

“ Thank you Dean!” you said with a smile.

Seamus took a rather big bite out of his toast and you all grew silence.

“ Just a peck?”


Seamus watched as an owl swooped down and landed in front of him, a letter attached to its foot.

He took it off and opened it, pink and red glitter went everywhere and in glittering letters, the sentence ’ If I play my cards right could we snog tonight?’ was spelled out.

Seamus looked over to where you were sitting and glared at your smiling face.

He got up, a trail of pink and red left in his wake. You kept the cheeky smile on your face, you wanted to win this little game of yours.

What he did was unexpected though. He grabbed your face and smashed his lips to yours.