oh scanner why do you hate me so

Day 3: SET C - “Friends”

“Why are you doing this?“
“Because we’re friends, why else?“
“… We are?“
“What?! Sure we are! Pft, so mean! Now you have to pay for the ice cream next time!“
“Naaah, just joking, really, don’t take everything so serious. Come on, let’s get-”
“I will.“
“I will buy ice cream next time. Then I’ll show you my favourite.“
“You have a favourite ice cream?“
“Just what do you take me for? An alien?“
“Naaaa~ahaha. So, which one?“
“…Sea Salt.“
“Eww, sounds gross. Maybe you are an alien after all.“
“Oh, shut up.“
“Why are you grinning all of a sudden?“
“Nothing~ Come on, Isa, let’s get moving!“

It felt great. Having a friend.

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