oh ryuuji

Birthday speech and tweet for Kitakado Tomohisa of Kitakore from the official B-project twitter.

“In fairy tales, magic might wear off at the stroke of midnight—but the magic I cast on you will never vanish, so prepare yourself. I love you, my adorable Cinderella.” — Kitakado Tomohisa

Ryuuji: Just how much of that was serious…
Tomohisa: I just conveyed everything as I honestly felt?
Ryuuji: Oh, really. Well, you should express gratitude in return to your Cinderella, right? Alright, look over here.
Tomohisa: You’re taking a picture?
Ryuuji: It’s your birthday so we have to give some (fan) service.

src @Bpro_info

i once thought i’d never find a good text for this pic. i’m so glad i was wrong.

me, a manga fan, pretending to understand anime filler arcs