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B-PROJECT〜Kodou*Ambitious〜『BRILLIANT*PARTY』in Makuhari Messe has safely ended. Thank you to everyone who attended this event! 

This event has confirmed for both Blu-ray and DVD releases on 22nd March, 2017

(Also, can you guys see the “Next Stage Coming Soon…!”??? Maybe an event with KiLLER KiNG in the future??) 

Teens Fave Animes! 

(Requested by @nitro-benzene ! Hope this is okay!!) 

Rin - NANA! 

Yukio - Code Geass! 

Bon - Blood+! 

Shima - Deadman Wonderland! 

Konekomaru - Yu-Gi-Oh! 

Izumo - Say ‘I Love You’! 

Shiemi - Ouran High School Host Club!

Paku - Amnesia! 

Takara - Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! 

why doesnt anyone glorify the fuck out of duke devlin hes so flawless like

he screams a lot

he makes bad jokes and then immediately flinches

he barely ever knows what the hell is going on

not to mention that after a minute of physical activity he started whining, and he also hates doing work/makes people do it for him

i cant be the only one that identifies with this idiot

Birthday speech and tweet for Kitakado Tomohisa of Kitakore from the official B-project twitter.

“In fairy tales, magic might wear off at the stroke of midnight—but the magic I cast on you will never vanish, so prepare yourself. I love you, my adorable Cinderella.” — Kitakado Tomohisa

Ryuuji: Just how much of that was serious…
Tomohisa: I just conveyed everything as I honestly felt?
Ryuuji: Oh, really. Well, you should express gratitude in return to your Cinderella, right? Alright, look over here.
Tomohisa: You’re taking a picture?
Ryuuji: It’s your birthday so we have to give some (fan) service.

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Toradora! Novel Vs. Anime

So I finally got around to reading the Toradora light novel in its entirety. Apparently I have lots of opinions on it, lmao.

Everyone keeps saying that the light novel ending to Toradora is identical to the anime adaptation - to which I say, what in the actual fresh hell? These people are either insane or just not very discerning, lol.

Because yeah, holy shit, the two endings RADICALLY DIFFER in several, several important ways. I have this itching desire to make, like, a whole “novel primer” post for fans who haven’t read / aren’t interested in reading Toradora’s light novel but are at least curious about it.  I wanted to do a write-up for the sake of quashing this bizarre fandom notion that the novel is exactly the same as the anime…. but also for the sake of maybe getting more fanfics set in the novel-verse rather than the anime-verse??? Maybe? Or, better yet, it would be great if fandom would just collectively combine the best aspects of both into one super-world where everything is awesome and nothing hurts. (Throw in the adorable manga-only plot points too, while we’re at it!)

Maybe someday I’ll do a whole big summary of the novel (or at least the scenes where I think the differences b/t the two are significant), but mainly, I want to tackle the biggest difference of all: that goddamn ending.

So here’s an actual rundown of some of the differences between Toradora’s novel and anime, for anyone who’s interested. There are spoilers in here for both the novel and the anime, obviously!

…Also, as a double-warning, even to those who don’t intend to ever read the novel: if you’re a fan of the Toradora manga adaptation (and are continuing to follow it, even with its excruciatingly slow release schedule), you may want to note that the manga seems to be sticking to the novel’s version of things (though there are exceptions there too) rather than the anime. In other words, this post may be spoiling the eventual ending of the manga too.

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“Oh, Ryuuji. Nana-chan brought me some blue prints that I’d think you’d like.” Yazumi said as Ryuuji entered the lab

“I know.” Ryuuji grumbled

“Oh, did she tell you-”

“Don’t ask…” he sighed.

legend has it that if you look in a mirror and say “daddy issues” three times you can hear the sound of otogi ryuuji sobbing as he clings to the tattered remnants of his all-but-forgotten character arc