oh run you clever boy


Goodbye Clara Oswin Oswald - Favorite Quotes [part 1 of 2]

  • Clara Oswald for the win. Oswin!
  • “It’s smaller on the outside.”
  • “Still hungry? Well I brought something for you. This - the most important leaf in human history. The most important leaf in human history! It’s full of stories. Full of history. And full of a future that never got lived. Days that should’ve been that never were… Passed on to me. This leaf isn’t just the past, it’s a whole future that never happened. There are billions and millions of unlived days for every day that we live; an infinity! All the days that never came! And these are all my mum’s.”
  • Oh come on, don’t leave me hanging.”
  • Run you clever boy, and remember.”
  • Let me be brave.”

“Run you clever boy”
“Oh fuck off”

Afterword, to the 11th Doctor Matt Smith

Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor… Raggedy Man… 

You created fish fingers and custard, you made bowties cool but best of all you created a whole new Doctor… A Doctor that the world could laugh with, smile with, cry with and you would save worlds and break hearts. I keep re watching your final moments over and over; the result is the same, tears every time. Not because you’re gone, not because you’re being replaced and not because you’re dead. But because I will never again get to travel through time and space with a mad man in a box on new and exciting adventures. I will never see someone rock the bowtie as cool as you did. 

You came in like an eagle and destroyed the part; the doubt that you had, people saying “oh he’s too young. He’s an unknown” people who kept giving no hope at all. But boy did you prove them wrong. You were a Doctor for a whole new generation. Children, teenagers and adults had you as their first Doctor, because of you Mr Smith, we have more whovians around the world than ever before. You met Sarah Jane Smith, you saved Galifrey, you invented the drunken giraffe and you were never taken where you wanted to go; but always where you needed to be. 

You gave hope right from your very first episode as the magical Timelord from Gralifey, the Timelord that ran away from home to see new and exciting worlds. The Timelord that always believes in others and above all else, the Timelord that always saves the day. You are always going to be The Doctor and nothing can ever change that. You were involved with the 50th Anniversary and the BBC couldn’t have had a better Actor in the role. 

A moment that every whovian should be proud of, a moment that brought tears to many and a moment that I think you will be remembered for for the rest of your life… When David Bradley playing William Hartnell looks over at his TARDIS control in “Adventures in Time and Space” and see’s you, a testimony to what the show is and has become. You have put a mark on the show and on TV.

When David Tennant left I though; no one can replace him, no one can replace my first Doctor; and by all means you didn’t replace him, but you join him as my most treasured Doctor’s of all time. I’ve watched each and every single Doctor, and can I just say, Sydney Newman and William Hartnell would be proud of you. The character they created and the character they worked so hard to show the world; you have made him your own.

On the eve of your parting of Doctor Who, I say this;

             You sir are amazing, you created such an incredible journey for all of us to go on. So hats off Mr Smith, hats off. 

Oh and one last thing, just one… Run you clever boy, and remember.