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Oh Rui I love your art style so much~ How much would you say your style has changed to your current style? (It's so pretty and colorful!)

Thank you~ but uh…not much changed. All that’s really changed is the way I do eyes?

Style 1 is more simple

Style  2 requires more colors to pull off

The Sweetest Sound (Chapter 2)

Title: The Sweetest Sound

Fandom: Final Fantasy XV

Pairing: Promptis (Prompto/Noctis)

Rating: G

Summary:  Following the death of his mother and childhood trauma, Noctis finds himself unable to speak. He learns to sign to make up for his inability to use his voice. Growing from a child into a teenage, unable to speak, usually only signing to his Adviser and interpreter Ignis to communicate. Until a boy in his class signs to him first, a simple hello, setting off a spark along with an unbreakable bond filled with courage and healing.

Notes: I am not fluent in ASL. I picked up ASL from my three friends who are interpreters. All three of them sign a little differently and so the way I sign can come across as informal, but I hope it’ll be alright ! Enjoy !

AO3 Link  Read the original AU thread here !

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MIKU: "Oh! Oh! You kinda look like a friend of mine. She doesn't have black hair though. Well, welcome to tumblr regardless! I'm sure we can be friends too!" (hello!! welcome your art is really pretty!)

“Ah, thank you so much!! It’s so nice having such a warm welcome! I’d love to meet this friend of yours, feel free to drop by anytime!” 

[ooc: ahhh hhhh thank you so much! Sorry this is so late ;v; Your style is so lovely!!]

Oh... Yes!!
Minaduki Rui (C.V. Aoi Shouta)
Oh... Yes!!

Oh… Yes!! by Rui!!!  (っ*´∀`*)っ

I am surprised! When I heard the sample song, I’m like woah Yuppe doing a techno song!? And then I remembered he’s been working with DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHNG and this explained everything. The DJ did the arrangement of this song according to the booklet. And wow they did a great job making good use of Shoutan’s high voice. Sounds so awesome I could dance to this!!

Tsukiuta Drama CD #6 Procellarum [Mada Mada Saki Wa Nagai] (Everyone) Translation

Finally done~ I tought it would take me around 2 days but I made it to 4 and a half. Translating a 41 minute drama CD takes sure a lot of time ;u; I’m happy that I finished it though~

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Ahahaha let’s pretend that I had time to actually draw a background and add shading.  Maybe someday in the far future I’ll go back to do it proper, but in the meantime ….

  • James is braiding Sweetpea’s hair while Langston reads to them.  (I’m suddenly sad that Honey can’t read to Sweetpea anymore.)  Relevant significant others hang out.
  • The girls are meeting each other!  (Okay I may have a slight crush on Seg now.)
  • Red is playing the oddly tense chess game with Rui Shunchang (瑞顺昌… I asked Spit for Chinese Steve’s full name. :D!!!)
  • And Barnes is giving Padre Eloise, while Stepanya quietly crushes.

From @spitandvinegar‘s Except it Abide in the Vine.

Minaduki Rui (C.V. Aoi Shouta)

Full version of Duty by Rui!!!!  ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

No words can express how I feel after hearing this god song. I thought Rainy moment is awesome but this!!! Yuppe, Shoutan you guys have outdid yourselves with this!! Shoutan’s “Duty” at the end, I was just woah eargasm! And I somehow feel like crying after hearing this!!! Rui has grown so much since his first song. The lyrics are so sad and cruel but still he will stand strong like it’s his duty get it??? Amazing just amazing just oh god amazing.

procellarum drama cd track 3: tsukiuta radio

The very last track of the Procellarum drama cd, and like Six Gravity’s it’s Tsukiuta radio time! Please let me know if you spot any mistakes I’ve made and I’ll fix it straight away :)

On a side note, after this I’ll be finishing the rest of Six Gravity’s duet drama cds. There are already quite a few people who have translated some of Procellarum’s duet series, so I thought it’d be better if I worked on VIV. I don’t know if I’ll still do Procellarum’s later on, but I’ll see after I finish them~

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Oh... Yes!! (Lyrics/Translations)

Good afternoon! Finally done with Rui’s songs!!! My reaction after translating is just…. Rui… Rui… wow Rui… yeah…. (- w -;;) Still a really catchy song!!!

I think I’ll translate Chikoku no Uta next! Or maybe Tsuabki’s Ryuusei Butai!!

Link to the song. ()

I don’t mind you using it, but please do credit. :D

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Tsukiuta. Minaduki Rui & Shiwasu Kakeru  [Duty] Mini Drama Translation

I was tranlating this instead of sleeping lol. This minin drma is so cute. I’m going to get done With  tranlation Tomorrow or no, it’s today now lol I’ve started translating Matsuri’s Drama CD but Before that so will I translate Sunadokei and hot milk mini drama and I happened to get Procellas new drama cd in my hands so I’m going to translate them too >u<. Then here we go, enjoy

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Gatchaman Crowds Insight Episode 5
  • Rizumu: There's no actual reason. There's no need for rationale. Just because that's how the wind blows, people will attack the same things and like the same things as everyone else.
  • Hajime:
  • Hajime: so, like a meme
  • Rizumu: what
  • Hajime: like a meme
  • Rizumu: w
  • Rizumu: no, as I said, it's essientially people aping each other because of what's popular-
  • Hajime: yeah, that's basically what a meme is
  • Rui: that's basically what a meme is
  • Berg Katze: that's basically what a meme is
  • Rizumu: oh my god- i don't have time for this, get out of my room
  • Rui: oh right, i'm sorry, you must be very busy staring at the ceiling and remembering how Mountain Dew tastes