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Voyage of the Damned

I may have made this more shippy then I should have. But I honestly couldn’t help it. I happened to find the perfect secret life pictures of Billie to go along and I just had to make it as shippy as possible. Especially with a fantastic kiss!

Companion Preferences: How They React To Finding Out You’re Dating The Doctor

A/N: I just thought of this today. Hope you like! Companions’ relationship with reader before was purely platonic FYI. This gifs are huge, but accurate. My bad, mobile people.

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Rose Tyler: OH BOY. She would be PISSED. Angry. She’s not Bad Wolf anymore she’s MAD WOLF. Of course she does have feelings for the Doctor and finding out her best friend is dating him would make her feel betrayed. How could you do this to her? You knew how she felt! No, you didn’t. She probably would stick to Mickey and try to compete with your relationship with the Doctor. Who’s the better girlfriend? Who’s the better match for whom? That kind of thing. Rose Tyler will accept it, but it’s a rough and long internal battle for her. 

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Martha Jones: She would be hurt. She would feel betrayed much like Rose Tyler. She wouldn’t be as angry about it. She would just be hurt and feel depressed. It is slowly killing her on the inside and acts like a catalyst to her eventual departure (discreetly). She would smile and congratulate you two. She will warm up to it eventually, but she can’t stick around right now to watch it grow. When you meet again after her departure she would be happier and accept it with open arms, thanks to her finance.

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Donna Noble: Oh my flipping gosh. She would be so happy for you two and would secretly plan your wedding. Of course she was the one to push you two around and play with your feelings till one of you confessed. She wanted this. She’s a sucker for romance! She would also come with names for your future kids (despite the Doctor telling her it’s not possible… Unless he lied about that bit.) Donna would embarrass you two with how TMI she’ll get about the details of your personal relationship. “Who’s the big spoon” “who’s the dominate one” all of that jazz.

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Amy Pond: Much like Donna, she wanted this too! In fact she would invite you and the Doctor to go on double dates with her and Rory. She is so supportive and offers advice whenever she can using her relationship as an example. She might’ve had something to do with your getting together in the first place. We’ll never know. She’s sneaky. She’ll even show you tricks so you can get him flustered.

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Clara Oswald: Depending which Doctor you’re with… She’s a bit iffy. She had/has feelings for Eleven, but she’s still supportive of your relationship. She wishes he would have dated her instead, but she’s not the super jealous type. So it’s a sad/happy emotion for her. If it’s Twelve she’ll be protective of you and the Doctor. She’s not fully supportive because his behavior has extreme shifts. She’s worried that you’ll hurt him and/or he’ll hurt you with his snappy attitude. She knows the Doctor real well, better than the other companions. 

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“Donna was telling me about an Earth custom… a spa day?”

Rose chuckled. “I bet she was. Did you want to experience one for yourself, see what it’s like?”

Jenny nodded eagerly. “She said it’s something girlfriends and mums and daughters do together. Maybe we could find something for Dad to do, and we could have a spa day?”

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look at this gif. just look at this. there’s a little moment when rose falls and her hair also falls through the doctor’s lip and he gives his breath. then closes his eyes. opens and looks at her. all the desire. all the love. and she breathes. this is not what you do when holding a friend. there’s an absolutely a sexual desire. and if this wasn’t a show for all ages, we would see more of it. even the doctor remembers this scene when he sees a blonde girl dancing. dancing has nothing to do with this scene. but dancing has a passion. and so as this.

🌹 Billie Piper Appreciation Week Day 1;

 Favorite Role

Rose Tyler. Oh how I love Rose. She’s real,she’s honest. She’s how a real woman would act if she would meet the Doctor. She’s flawed and that is beautiful. I love Rose. Her compassion and love is unlike any other companion… However… if it wasn’t Billie playing her I don’t think she’d be the same. Billie just gave the role even more of a reason to love her. Beautiful Billie Piper. How can you not love her?