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Voyage of the Damned

I may have made this more shippy then I should have. But I honestly couldn’t help it. I happened to find the perfect secret life pictures of Billie to go along and I just had to make it as shippy as possible. Especially with a fantastic kiss!


You were the first face I saw.
You were the last face I loved.

To be honest though when Twelve in Extremis started his whole “I don’t believe much, I’m not sure I believe anything, but right now, belief is all I am.”
I was suddenly transported back to Ten and The Satan Pit and “If I believe in one thing—just one thing—I believe in her.”

chocolatequeennk  asked:

One word prompt: Chocolate

Title: Frustrated Inspiration (part 1/3)

Rating: Teen

Relationship; Ten x Rose

Notes: OK, so this is the first of my prompt fills for my Milestone Fic Giveaway (from a couple of months ago). Sorry it’s taken me so long to get to them! Nancy, I know this is probably not quite what you were expecting (and there’s a wee bit more than there was supposed to be, ahem, sorry!) but I hope you like it anyway! Thanks so much for all your support!

Just a few housekeeping things- the fi is c a LOT longer than I intended so I’ve decided this will also double as my @timepetalsprompts fic for the week, for the ficlet prompt ‘frustration’. There are actually two more chapters of about the same or shorter length, so if people (especially you, Nancy!) are interested, I’ll post them. :) The silliness ran away with me here, so I’ll understand either way.

Oh, and to those who are worried, there are no illicit drugs in this fic! It’s all very innocent. LOL.

And now, I present to you….Frustrated Inspiration! Now complete! Parts 2 and 3 available on all sites below!

Also on A03 and Teaspoon.

Tumblr Ch 2

Tumblr Ch 3

“It’s what?”

“Inspiration!” the tall, green guard assured her.

Rose stared. “But it’s chocolate.”

“Ah, it certainly looks like chocolate, it smells like chocolate and even tastes like chocolate, but I assure you, Dearest Lady of the Fluffy Very Shrunken Tunic, that it is indeed edible Inspiration, and it is my most humble honour to guard it.”

“Fluffy shrunken…oh, my jumper.” She waved her hand dismissively. “Right, never mind that- what’s in it, then? This inspiration?”

“Alas, that is a secret known only to the Inspirators Most High, the Guardians of Gabble, the Lords of the Lingo, the Counts of Creativity. It is made in secret on the first night of the month of Opening and distributed throughout the land in secret, O She Of the Fluffy Pink Quite Small Tunic ,Whose Fluffiness is Unsurpassed Through the Ages.”

She sighed. “You been sniffin’ this stuff on the job, then?”

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Reasons to Love Bill Potts

- Her introduction is her as an ACTUAL CHARACTER rather than her as the wibbly story arc of the season (thank you so much Moffat)

- Gets a ton of funny lines

- Pearl Mackie is one hell of an actor

- Wide-eyed, curious and adorable

- Ditzy but still insanely smart to the point of getting ridiculously high scores on her essays (a fact of which I am insanely jealous)

- Has immense respect for the Doctor without ever defining herself around him like so many other companions in NuWho (and not just Moffat-era either. I’m looking at you Rose)

- On a similar note, is strong and stands up to him without ever seeming condescending or ‘you may be the Doctor but I know you better than you know yourself’ and all the slapping him and

- Basically, just a really, really dang good and healthy relationship with the Doctor

- Has a clear inferiority complex but never takes it out on the people around her

- Her first reaction to seeing depressed Heather is to sit down and ask her what’s wrong, because that’s what she feels is right.

- Basically so incredibly kind and selfless to everybody she’s basically the anti-Rose Tyler


Can we keep Bill Potts forever please?

A Sexuality (1/1)

If there’s a prize for “Slowest Author in the World”, I should probably one of the nominees at the very least. @natural–blues​ posted the prompt for this back in August and I fell absolutely in love with it. Then real life kicked in which made it very hard to simultaneously have both time and inspiration. I was hoping to have it done by Asexuality Awareness Week in October (particularly as @timepetalsprompts​ dedicated the whole week for it), but it appears as if I missed that particular deadline with a few months. Ahem.

Better late than never, right?

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!

A Sexuality (1/1)

Summary: Tonight is the night. The Doctor prepares himself for his first night together with Rose. (Deals with asexuality)

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List of Doctor Who phrases that will make you cry *tears*

-You were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I.

-Take me back!

-And I suppose, if it’s my last chance to say it: Rose Tyler…

-Oh, Donna Noble. I am so sorry. But we had the best of times.

-Hello, Doctor. It is so very, very nice to meet you.

-I don’t want to go.

-“Doctor, please tell me you know who I am.” “Who are you?”

-“Raggedy Man, …Goodbye.”

-“Don’t forget me.”

-“I’m John Smith, that’s all I want to be, John Smith. With his life… and his job… and his love. Why can’t I be John Smith? Isn’t he a good man? Why can’t I stay?”

-“Save him. You save everyone. You always do. That’s what you do!” “Not always. I’m sorry.” “Then what is the point of you?”


I’ve only got one life, Rose Tyler. I could spend it with you, if you want.

(inspired by x)