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Paris x Rory headcanons #2

- Paris wore a suit to their wedding, and while she was picking it out she spent the entire time talking about subverting the patriarchy. 

- The second Paris saw Rory at the altar she started crying. When Rory noticed Paris crying she started crying, even though she was trying really hard not to cry. (When Luke saw that they were crying, he started crying.)

- Before they started dating, Paris didn’t know how to tell Rory she liked her, so she went to Lorelai for advice. Lorelai was not surprised, at all. 

- They both quote classical literature in their vows.

- They spent 85% of their honeymoon in museums, going, “Oh my god look at this!” to each other.

- Paris kept a box with every article Rory had ever got published. (So did: Luke, Lorelai, Emily, Richard, and Sookie. And half of Stars Hollow, let’s be real.)

- They got married at the Dragonfly. During the planning, Michel and Paris were constantly snarking at each other, but they got shit done.

- Just before the wedding, someone asked Paris is she was nervous, She panicked, “What? Why would I be nervous? Oh my god, is Rory nervous? Oh my god she changed her mind. Oh mY gOD!” and then she tried to climb out a window. Luke had to drag her back inside. 

- Whenever they came back to Stars Hollow, there’d be a point where Paris was working on her laptop at Luke’s, and she and Luke would communicate using single syllables. This was their bonding. Rory and Lorelai would be sitting at a table, watching them like it was a nature documentary, and occasionally narrating it like it was a nature documentary. 

- Their song, the one they dance to at their wedding, is Eternal Flame by The Bangles (in honour of the first time they were kinda friends at the Bangles concert)