oh rockwell

“I mean… There’s this one guy who’s still learning the ropes…”

This is literally the first thing that came to mind when she said this.
As awesome as the Mighty Mutanimals are, and as awesome as I can imagine her getting along with Slash (Raphs let turtle and best friend growing up) and especially Leatherhead, working alongside Doctor Rockwell, (oh gosh I really want to see how she interacts with each of them and the desire to see them grows the more I type this) …
But I’m not sure how she’ll handle the… ‘totally’ and 'rad’ behavior of Mondo Gecko.
No seriously I will be holding onto my sides in stitches just thinking her saying those words with a head tilted and a confused tone. (Mondo’s behavior is something I’m sure she is definitely not used to. And I can only imagine how she might learn more and more Earth customs with them and the turtles… Just please don’t let her believe EVERYTHING Mondo says…)

But no seriously please show her pop up with them and show how she interacts with all of them.