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Alright, so here we go, another late night post and another Sami one shot. This one… I don’t know. I had a small idea after watching a few videos on youtube and from seeing all those El Generico gifs. I hope it’s not horrible. 

Title: Ole?! 

Paring: Sami Zayn [El Generico] x OC (as if I write anything different right now…) 

Rating: SMUT! 

Warnings: Language and smuttyness. 

Summary: OC and Sami are moving in together. OC is helping him pack his apartment up and finds some fun things in his closet. 

A/N: I was not around for El Generico and watched a lot of interviews of him. I hope I did him justice where ever he is raising orphans or whatever…. :] Enjoy! OH and I got you use the word CLAVICLE. It’s my favorite word. (I know I’m weird, but I work in the medical field!) Its the collar bone in case you didn’t know.

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Dark Nights and Scary Movies

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Conjuring 2

A/N: So I just got home after watching Conjuring 2 …and let’s just say that sleep won’t come to me so soon…with the whole demon nun thing…. So this is the result of my scared state. Enjoy <3 

-Ray :)

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razflower  asked:

lizzie (if its not pink ill riot), raspberry, i dont rly have a fave outfit but i want a playlist um. jean jacket, cute dress, heels, curled hair!

lizzie isnt pink….. its the color of bubblegum right out of the wrapper and the color of cotton candy clouds gathering to bid farewell to the sun as it sets

raspberry - i associate you with leather jackets stained with lipstick smears, perfectly organized closets, and sugary candy (idk why….. oh wait its bc ur so sweet <3)

lollipop - mika

lies - the pierces

99 luftballoons - nena

What if...

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Oh…oh hey buddy. Erm..that was quick you didn’t even let me say anything. Right so…er…

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Woah dude! You..are you ok? Er its just…nothing..it was nothing..I was just seeing things. So, is that all?

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What was that? …Wait…Holy shit..you’re…

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MARK?! Buddy?!

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Right yep…thats a whole load of nope I dont need. So not only can I not make posts because of Mark but now you’ve come out of your skeleton filled closet for halloween too. Fabulous. 

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16 + coralydia? :D

things you said with no space between us

“Princess, you really oughta lighten up on the perfume there. I mean, even if we weren’t trapped in this closet I’d be more than a little overwhelmed.”

Lydia narrows her eyes at Cora. She can’t help the situation at all, the way they’re crowded together in the small storage closet trying to hide from the rampaging trolls. “I’m not wearing perfume,” Lydia snaps.

“Oh, that’s how you naturally– oh,” Cora says. Her voice gets a bit smaller, hesitant, and Lydia can feel Cora trying to move back, like she’s repulsed or something. 

There isn’t much room in the closet and Cora ends up tripping over a mop and pitching forward instead. Lydia catches her and props her back up, shushing her. 

Their faces are incredibly close together. Cora startles, trying to move back.

“What is wrong with you?” Lydia hisses. “I know you don’t like me but we have to work together right now–”

“Oh, it’s not a matter of me not liking you,” Cora mutters. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“Nothing,” Cora says, and if Lydia didn’t know any better, she’d think the girl was blushing. 

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