oh right i was sobbing into my sofa

Code Yellow

A/N:  Thanks for the lovely ask! I thought this one would be easy to write, but it harder than I imagined. This time, my lovely writing friends jumped in with a ton of ideas on how to make the story realistic. Thank you, as always, my friends! ( @little-black-dress-24, @niallandharrymakemestrong, @melissas173, @emulateharry) I’m so appreciative that they let me hang out with them and that they share their honest opinions about my writing. They push me to be better every time. Go read their writing. You won’t be disappointed. 

I love my sister-in-law. Honestly, few people could have survived my Code Pink. Indeed, many had been ruthlessly eliminated from dating my brother early in the protocol. Plus, I’d been able to help Harry with his Code White when he was ready to propose to her. I’d heard all about the proposal once he decided she was The One, but honestly….she’s the best sister-in-law I could have asked for.

Whenever I’m bored or Michael is busy, I head over to my brother’s house, especially when he’s out of town on tour like he is now. My SIL and I get along as if we were born sisters. We laugh at the same things, and I love that she is always willing to listen to my stories about my cat or the latest piece I’m writing. Which is how I find myself at Harry’s house tonight. My little brother is out of tour with his second album; I think he’s somewhere in Asia tonight. Maybe Japan? Who knows? I can’t keep up with his schedule.

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Phan fluff: Tatinof

‘Wednesday 5th October 2016’ it was just a normal day for most people, but a small (well actually rather large) corner of the internet was about to become a shitstorm.

it was 6:55 pm, Dan was sat on the sofa in his browsing position scrolling through Twitter. Phil had gone to the shops to get snacks, he was supposed to be back ten minutes ago. Dan at first had thought it was just Phil being, well Phil, but he soon began to get a little worried.Tatinof and the documentary were supposed to go live ten minutes ago but Dan didn’t want to do it without Phil. Scrolling through Twitter Dan was reading through all of the tweets under the #tatinof, everyone was losing it because the show hadn’t been posted yet. ‘Jeez Phil, you better hurry up before everyone’s ovaries explode’ Dan muttered to himself. A few moments later Phil casually walked into the room like he wasn’t 40 minutes late home and Dan instantly ran over and hugged his boyfriend. 'Oh my gosh Phil I was so worried, what happened?!’
'Well there was this squirrel an…’
'actually don’t answer that, we’ve got a movie to post!’ Dan ran back to his seat, Phil leaping onto the sofa to sit down next to him.
'Are you ready? everything we’ve been doing has been leading up to this!’
'Omg Phil just press it!’
'AH! Oh my God, it’s up!’ they threw their arms around each other excitedly.
'I’ll go get the snacks, let’s do this’

About half an hour later, Dan and Phil were laying in each other’s arms on the sofa, dan resting his head on Phil, as they laughed and smiled at the screen. 'Wow those llama legs look good on you Dan’
'I know right, it’s almost like I’m a natural born furry’
'Oh my god stop! They both burst out laughing. By the end of the show both boys were an emotional wreck, tears of happiness rolled down they’re faces. They looked up at eachother, 'We’ve come so far’ Dan said, wiping the tears off Phil’s cheek. *Sobbing sniff*
'I know, pinof 1 feels like only yesterday’
'Your a pretty good dancer by the way Phil’ dan giggled through happy tears.
'Oh yeah?’
'Almost as good as you are at kissing’ Dan leaned into Phil and kissed him, Phil wrapped his arms around dans neck and kissed him back.
As he pulled away Dan whispered into Phil’s ear 'this was the most fun I’ve ever had’

Seventeen React To: Watching A Horror Film On A Stormy Night

Request: Oh svt reaction to watching a horror movie on a raining night xD

A/N: Yaaaaasss. I love this one because I can just imagine Jihoon having the time of his life scaring the other members lmfao. Thanks for requesting! <3

Would be such a scaredy cat, whining and complaining about the very befitting weather while he sobbed into the plushie he insisted stayed with him. - DK, S.Coups, Mingyu

Would be hiding behind the sofa, giggling to himself as he preyed on the scaredy cat members, jumping up to scare them every so often. - Woozi, The8, Dino

Would be that person who’s like ‘Oh my God. These people are so dumb. Why would you go upstairs when there’s a front door right there? DO YOU WANT TO DIE?!’ - Seungkwan, Hoshi, Jun

Would be totally into it. The atmosphere, the storyline and the weather would make them so hyped and they’re be on the edge of their seat the entire time, laughing really hard when they got scared. - Vernon, Joshua

Wouldn’t be the slightest bit bothered by it and probably falls asleep half way through. - Jeonghan, Wonwoo