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Keanu: “I wasn’t worried about the Shakespeare stuff. It just seemed challenging to me.” 

Question: We know you’re into challenges, Kee. But weren’t you worried at all? 

Keanu smiles that sheepish, cute smile. 

Keanu: “I felt a bit of anxiety about Idaho. It was a little like, Oh no!! Can I do this? I was afraid. But River made me fit in. He said, ‘Let’s do one bitchin’ movie….’. 

That’s right, River Phoenix. Keanu got into Idaho because he wanted to work with River again. He also wanted to play more Shakespeare again. It wasn’t The Tempest, but it was still Shakespeare!

Keanu: "I really would like to do Shakespeare with River. We could do A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I think we’d have a hoot.”

- Dell Publishing Group, New York (US), July 1992.

Open Book | Jughead x Reader

A/n: Hi! I wrote something and it’s not very good, but I’m an embarrassment so here it is.

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You were made of stories and poems, that’s what interested him. You didn’t hide your pass, mistakes and future. You were an open book, but he couldn’t help himself wondering why. Why were you an open book? This town was full of secrets, specially after Jason’s death.

Not you though, you had no secrets, that’s what you wanted them to think. They asked a question, you answered it. Everyone in this messed up town knew everything about you. Jughead couldn’t have that though, he had a feeling you were hiding something and he was gonna get to the bottom of it.

You knew that boy was special, instead of asking questions. He observed, you appreciated it. Though it scared you, what if he does find out? You hid one small thing from your past, you haven’t lied though, you just didn’t go into detail. The truth is, your family… the thought of it just brought you into tears, you quickly wiped it away. You were sat next to an old tree. Everyone had a special place in this town, yours just happened to be an abounded park. 

This is where you wrote your poems, songs, take pictures, paint, draw. To say you were an artist was an understatement. You had something special within you, it was truly beautiful. Though no one knows that, except the Blossom twins. Your two best friends, even though one happens to be dead.The two red heads would always try to convince you to flash around your talent, but you just couldn’t. They were the only people that knew about your pass. You drew about your pass, you couldn’t write it into words.

That mess up storm was too horrible to describe, so you drew. You drew until you got tired and the pain would numb. It would comeback in the morning though, the feeling of anxiety and loneliness. What ever did you do to deserve that? Why would your family put you through that?

After that little incident, you went to live with your grandparents. The look of your parents horrified you. You haven’t seen the since the goodbye. Although it was painful, still is, you couldn’t forgive your parents for this one. “There you are, I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” You look up to see your best friend, Cheryl Blossom. You gave her a smile with sadness written all over it. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t stay. I hate thinking that he was just there, lifeless.”

Your redheaded friend sat down next to you, tears rolling down her face. You were quick to wipe them away. “They wanna send me way,” that pained your heart. Tears were now coming out of your eyes, they both left. One already did and the other one on her way. The crashing pain came back, but instead of letting it drill you into the ground. You stood up to it,“you’re not leave. I’m not gonna let them take you,” Cheryl gave you a smile. Being put through pain for a year of your life, the only thing you could do was think.

Thinkers made up great plans, you were one. “Oh my dear best friend, what’s your plan?” You gave your friend a smirk before rushing off to the library with Cheryl closely behind you. When you got there you found the one and only Jughead Jones. 

Of course, the library was empty, who goes to the library these days? And that’s what was so perfect about it, no one ever went there. Perfect place to hide secrets.

“My dear can I help you with something?” Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. You’re grandma owns the library, making her the librarian. She was the only person working here, because this place was as dead as Chuck’s respect for woman.“Yes actually nana, do you have any stories. On the Blossoms,” right there and than Jughead has stopped writing and was waiting for a reply. He never noticed the two females come into the library, he was too busy typing away from what happened at Jason’s bedroom.

“I would my love, but I’m afraid someone else is listening.” Your nana looked over at Jughead, the boy began typing away again. You walked over to the boy, while Cheryl stayed to talk to your nana. You took a seat across from him, the boy has stopped typing and looked over at you. Silence filled the library, you might be an open book, but the town saw you as dangerous. How could the open book befriend the two wicked twins? 

“Something fancy you Jughead? You know I’m an open book, ask away.” His eyes were filled with questions, “You’re hiding something, what is it.” This boy, how interesting. “I hold no secrets,” the boy just smiled a little. 

He loved mysteries, and you happen to be one of them. The open book was filled with mysteries. 

MythBusters  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Holy crap, RUN!”
  • “Here comes chaos!”
  • “QUACK, damn you!”
  • “When in doubt… C-4.”
  • “Am I missing an eyebrow?”
  • “Well, there’s your problem…”
  • “Failure is ALWAYS an option!”
  • “Generally, I prefer a little bit more.”
  • “I always enjoy seeing _____ in pain.”
  • “This is starting to feel like a BAD idea….”
  • “I reject your reality and substitute my own.”
  • “Our Death Ray doesn’t seem to be working.”
  • “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing, right?”
  • “High explosives and electricity, WHOO HOO!”
  • “This is why we can never have anything nice…”
  • “If I had any dignity, that would have been humiliating.”
  • “Oh, my God! This is more fun than should be allowed.”
  • “This is one of those ‘What the hell am I doing?’ moments.”  
  • “Remember, don’t try this at home. We’re what you call EXPERTS.”
  • “I think that was one of the most destructive things I’ve ever done. That was cool!”
  • “I think this thing could hurt you. I think we’re about to find out whether it will hurt you.”
  • “Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down!”
  • “You know, I promised my mom and dad I wouldn’t do anything stupid after I got out of college.”
Bad Ideas (M)

Rowoon decides to finally confess to you after you’ve been away for a while, but things take a turn…

Protagonists: Rowoon & you

Word Count: 3,3k

Genre: Smut

A/N: Don’t hate me, I wanted to write my first fluffy fic, but it gave me bad ideas… The original title was “Confession”. I know he just debuted, but he’s a 96′ liner and we’re all going to Kpop hell anyway. I’m not even sorry for this one. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It’s only now that he is in front of your building that doubts start creeping in his head. What if she didn’t miss me? What if she gets angry for dropping by unannounced? He tries to shake off this spiral of negative thoughts by stretching his back and rolling his shoulders. Rowoon looks up at the series of windows where he guesses your apartment is, wondering if you had time to unpack your suitcases.

A group of high school girls pass him on the street and he promptly looks down at his feet, hiding his eyes behind his cap. Why does she have to live so close to a school? He sighs and the black mask he is wearing sticks on his face and mouth. He might as well make a move or go back to the dorm already.

An elderly man carrying bags walks by in direction of the apartment complex and he offers to assist, seizing the opportunity to enter the building. The singer holds the front door and helps the elder get on the elevator with his bags. After a low bow and a short thankful exchange, the doors close and Rowoon is left alone in the hall. 

Should I call her? He has a strange feeling about this. He is usually confident, but the closer he gets to confess, the further away you seem.

It was a year ago, he was with Inseong on break between practices when they decided to stop by a coffee shop. They entered and he immediately noticed you, sitting with your long legs crossed at a high table near the counter. The spring sun was illuminating the whole place and time seemed to stay still for a few seconds. You ran your fingers through your hair before bringing them back on your coffee mug, your nails carelessly hitting the ceramic in rhythm.

You were smiling brightly at the guy in front of you and the whole time Rowoon and Inseong waited at the counter, he couldn’t stop himself from throwing glances your way. When he looked at you for the seventh time, your eyes locked and the air stopped in his chest. Inseong saw his face and followed his gaze with a cheeky smile.

“Minwoo-hyung!” He half-yelled in the empty coffee shop. Rowoon reluctantly turned his head and noticed for the first time that the guy sitting with you was working in marketing for their company. His name was Minwoo and he was an American-Korean who was only 3 years older than Inseong. Everyone at the company knew how much of a player he was, basically dating a new hopeless girl every month. A fire began to burn in Rowoon’s chest, spreading to his ears, making them turn bright red.

“Hi guys, I guess you’re on break? You should sit with us while you wait.” Minwoo smiled back at Inseong and gestured the high table next to them. Rowoon sat in dead silence, wondering why their hyung would want them to crash his date. This time he avoided to look at the foreigner girl, staring at the wood design of the table instead. Inseong happily introduced himself in English and you were instantly wowed by his ability.

“I’m y/n, nice to meet you!” He immediately proceeded to ask where you were from and your age, but you just blushed and giggled the questions away.

“You’re Rowoon right?” He lifted his head amazed at the way his name fell out of your lips and sounded so marvelously smooth. When your eyes locked again, he mumbled his greetings in English with a small voice. You stared in curiosity, making it hard for him to form coherent thoughts. “I already know about SF9, I’m sorry if that’s weird”. A nervous giggle climbed your throat and the young man continued to look at you until the barista interrupted with two coffees.

“Do you guys need to go or do you want to stay with us a little longer? Y/n still has time left, right?” Minwoo kindly switched back the conversation to Korean.

“I don’t have to get back to work right away Oppa, it’s alright.” You answered in Korean with a heavy accent.

“Oh, then we also still have time. How do you speak Korean so well?” Rowoon asked politely. He was instantly more comfortable and bold in his own language. Inseong raised an eyebrow, knowing that the younger singer was the one who wanted to go back sooner to the dance studio.

“I’ve been working here for a year, Minwoo-oppa is one of my housemates.” The girl warmly grinned at him, making his heart skipped a beat. I guess they are not on a date then. He smiled back.

I need to tell her. I need to tell her how much I missed her when she was away. Rowoon presses the button to call the elevator down again. He let his feelings build up for a year before being ready to confess, if he waits any longer you might start to seriously see someone. He doesn’t want to end up being just a friend forever.

His fingers are nervously drumming the side of his thighs as the elevators doors open and he gets in. The singer pulls the mask down on his chin and press 12, the strange feeling in his guts intensifies as the lift starts to move. When he gets out on the twelfth floor, he mechanically walks to your place even if only has been there once since you moved. Rowoon barely gets to knock 2 times before you swing open the door and he bounces back in surprise.

Holy shit. She wouldn’t have answered the door half-naked, right? He gulps. His eyes wander on your legs before he looks up, avoiding eye-contact.

Your mouth forms a silent “O” when you register who’s standing at your front door. You just thought the pre-paid delivery was there and opened it without thinking. Rowoon’s gaze caresses your legs disappearing under the oversize t-shirt you threw on. The way he looks at your body longer than necessary makes you blush and you clear your throat before trying to speak.

“I thought you were the chicken!” You laugh to hide your discomfort and stare at him behind the chaos of your wet locks of hair.

“Hu-uum, well I-” Rowoon starts. Oh god, I look like a total mess. Remembering your current state, you panic and interrupt him.

“Did you miss me that much? Is that why you’re already visiting me?” You playfully hit his shoulder, trying to sound has normal as you could, but blabbering nonsense. “I just got back and took a much-deserved very hot bath.” 

WHY? Jeez, you hate yourself. The words escaped your mouth before you realized. This isn’t the kind of things you should be saying to your younger male friend. No big deal where you’re from, but Koreans are a bit more cautious with their choice of words.

“Yeah, I know that you just got back. That’s why I’m here.” He frowns. “I mean, the bath is not why I’m here. I didn’t know about the bath. It’s not something I would have known about, right? What I mean is… I’m here to see you…not see you in the bath… But it’s also logical that you would want to wash after the fligh-“ His ears are bright red and he clearly needs help to finish that speech.

“Ok, you’re being weird.” You cut him off, ending both of your sufferings “I’m sorry, I’m not on my more reserved side right now. You want to come in? I’ll behave.” Raising an eyebrow, you open the door wider. You must admit, you’re really flattered to be able to make him flustered like that.

“Wait?! Shouldn’t you put something else on?” Pure panic is perceivable in his voice and he’s staring at his feet seemingly terrified to look up. Why is he that nervous? He has seen you in your pajama before.

The only time you saw him like that was when you covered HyunA at a karaoke and tried to get him to dance with you. You were so drunk that you kept telling him repeatedly how hot he was. The next day, Rowoon was so uncomfortable he couldn’t meet your eyes, so you lied and said you didn’t remember anything. When you asked to know what you did to embarrass him, he lied too and you both never talked about it again. Great memory there, Soju-champion. A faint blush creeps on your cheeks and when you look down at yourself, you finally get his agitation.

“Rowoon… I am wearing shorts.” You make that statement in the dullest tone and move to the side to let him in. He passes you like a ghost, more dead than alive. A million thoughts run through your head. “Why would you think I’m answering the door wearing only a t-shirt anyway?” You ask trying to ease the tension of the weird atmosphere.

“I-I thought you just threw something on when you got out of the bath, sorry.” His expression is still dark, probably because of the embarrassment.

A quick knock on the door you closed seconds ago stops you from reassuring him and you accept the chicken delivery without further ceremony. When you turn around to move to the kitchen you are surprise to see the singer is still standing in the small corridor.

“I should go now and let you eat.” He asserts hastily trying to get around you and leave. You firmly grab his arms and turn him around. He’s so close you can feel his breath on your face and goosebumps spread on your arms. Rowoon towers over you, his dark eyes looking straight into yours for the first time since you opened the door.

“Then why are you here?” Your voice falls flat in the tiny space. It sounds more like an accusation than the invitation to stay longer you intended.

“I missed you.” Even if he casually said those words to you before, you feel his whisper this time is slightly different, needy. He’s still inspecting your eyes, begging you to answer a question you’re not sure he asked. Rowoon slowly licks his lips, something you know him to do when he’s edgy. Suddenly, it proves to be too much and you pull on his arm to bring him closer. Your lips brush gently against his and you immediately back off keeping your eyes shut.

“I missed you too” …But not in a friend kind of way. There goes a year of self-control, congrats y/n.

Before you find the courage to open your eyes and face him, you are being pushed to the wall. Rowoon’s lips crash on yours again, this time, fiercely. You gasp in his mouth, surprised, but he doesn’t seem to mind at all. He presses his body to feel you closer and you kiss him back slightly parting your lips. His right hand is on the wall next to your head while his left hand is getting lost in the wet mess of your hair.

You drop the bag of chicken on the ground to get a hold of his shoulders and keep him close. All thoughts about preserving your friendship vanished and you abandon yourself in his embrace. Rowoon’s tongue begins exploring your mouth, so soft and warm that you let out a needy moan. The young singer pulls back astonished and you seize the opportunity to take his black mask and slide his jacket off. Once they’re next to the chicken on the floor, you grab his neck, closing the gap between your lips again. It’s not too long before you’re both panting, your bodies craving each other. Rowoon drops his head, sucking gently where your neck meets your shoulder.

“Let’s move to my room.” When you lightly push him away, he pouts before obediently following you to your room.  He sits on your bed and looks up in awe as you take your shorts off. You’re staring at him, only in your panties and oversize t-shirt, waiting for him to remove his pants.

As soon as they are free, his hands are on your thighs, caressing them up and down. “I love your legs.” He deeply groans while his fingers trail up, exploring your bare skin. “Oh, I know.” You grin and climb on his lap, thinking of all those times you caught him peeking at your thighs. You tug at the hem of his t-shirt, urging him to take it off too.

When his abs are exposed you bite your lower lip and an impressed hiss escapes your mouth. “God you’re hot.” He smirks and pulls you into a kiss. “Hotter than what I told you that day at the karaoke.” He pecks your lips again but ends up chuckling against your cheeks. “I thought it was the soju…” You grab his chin and look in his dark brown irides.

“I have eyes. Did you forget I knew you as an Idol before? I already had a crush and bad ideas about you.” You begin to grind your hips against his in rhythm, making him moan as he firmly holds your ass. Between pants, Rowoon nibbles your neck and his hands explore your body. He reaches underneath your t-shirt to cup your breasts and tease your nipples.

Bad ideas, hum?” Your wetness soaks your panties with each grind of his clothed bulge against you. “Ro-Rowoon…” After a moment, you start to believe you’ll both come undone like this, but he uses his weight to flip you on the bed. Rowoon blinks, searching for his breath as you remove your t-shirt and stare innocently at him.

“y/n…” His murmur sends shivers down your spine. Slowly, he starts to kiss his way down on your body and his fingers gently touch the wetness through your lace panties. He leaves a last kiss on your right hip before giving you a lustful gaze and tossing them aside.  His thumb slides up and down your opening, spreading your wetness. You fist the sheets of your bed, trying to hold onto reality. He inserts a finger inside you, moving it carefully and gauging your reaction. “Aa-ah, please… Rowoon…” You whine and he adds a finger, feeling a bit more confident. He moves them back and forth, curling them occasionally to look at you curve your back, fascinated. He’s panting laboriously, letting out groans and scattering kisses on your soft skin. The sight of you getting off on his fingers is making him crazy. “Noona… Hum- Is this for real?”

You can’t help but wonder too, the situation seems surreal; the man of your dream is gently sucking the soft skin of your inner thigh while letting out little moans. His chest is rising and falling in rhythm, his black hair is a mess and his lips are swollen and red. Rowoon is kneeling next to your bed, in-between your legs. “Come here.” Your voice is hoarse and you sensually gesture him with your finger. He climbs up the bed to meet your needy lips. “This is real…” The weight of his body is pinning you to the mattress. It only makes you want him more and you grind your hips against his. Rowoon grunts in the kiss and drops his head in frustration. “I don’t have protection; I really didn’t think that we’d-”

“It’s okay.” You interrupt and can’t help but giggle when he thanks God and Buddha as you reach in your bedside table. In no time, Rowoon is fully naked in front of you, rolling down a condom on his length. Leaning on your elbows, you bite your lower lip, appreciating the sight. The corner of his mouth curl up in a shy smile and you notice how red his ears still are. “I can’t believe you’re still blushing.” His black gaze meets yours.

“What can I say; you have no idea the effect you have on me.” His cheesiness makes you laugh and he tries to stop it with his lips while he’s positioning himself on top of you. He begins to suck on the tip of your tongue, prolonging the embrace until you’re both searching for air. The tip of his cock brushes against your folds and you gasp in anticipation but he stops his movements. “Are you sure?” His voice is almost inaudible and if you were a meter away you wouldn’t have heard it. You nod and his eyes scan yours for confirmation. What he finds seems to reassure him because he slowly sinks himself in you, still maintaining eye contact.

After few seconds of immobility, Rowoon starts to move again at a maddeningly gentle pace. “Faa-faster” You beg. He obliges and brings his palm behind your right knee to spread your legs and allow himself deeper. You both cry out when he begins to move faster and harder. The sounds of moans and skin against skin rapidly fill the room and you close your eyes, overwhelmed by your senses. Rowoon plants sloppy kisses on your neckline. You grip his hair and shoulder, his breath and saliva trailing patterns on your chest.

He lets go of your leg to drop his body closer to yours and brings his thumb to your sensitive bud. When it starts to rub little circles, you become even more of a mess, trembling and clenching your thighs against his legs. His name falls of your lips like a mantra and he returns it to you with low animal grunts. He speeds up his pace again, his hips hitting you firmly with each thrust. The mixture of pain and pleasure begins to make you lose all awareness and your orgasm builds up in your stomach. You completely reach your high right when Rowoon cries your name while coming undone. The peak of sensations sends you over the edge. Spasms take control of your body and you abandon yourself to the waves of pleasure. Rowoon collapses next to you, breathing loudly while you both try to regain composure.

After a moment, he looks at you and caresses your cheek with his index. “Are you okay?” You turn your head his way, a bit startled. “Why? Aren’t you?!” He just laughs in response and brings your body closer to his. For a few minutes, you just lay on his chest, feeling the drowsiness settle upon you both, until your stomach protests his starvation. The memories of the rest of the night hit you and you start to worry about what tonight means for your relation. You may have dream of this ever since you met him at the café, but you were kind of hoping for more than a hook up.

“Hum, so you didn’t really tell me why you came here tonight…” You look up to him, but his eyes are closed.

“Oh…” He pauses and then smiles. “To confess.”

“Oh… And how did it go?” Relieved, you chuckle excitedly.

“Hum… I think it went pretty amazing, to be honest!” You both giggle and he lovingly gazes at you through his eyelashes. Was this always this easy? We should have done that ages ago. Before any of you can add anything, your stomach makes a new protest noise and you stand up embarrassed.

“Well I guess the chicken is cold now and I have to wash up again. Care to join me in the shower?” You turn around, ready to sexily wave your hips and make him follow you to the bathroom, but he grabs your hand.

“Wait. We should warm the chicken and eat first.” Rowoon hesitates and bites his lower lip a bit embarrassed. “We could get dirty again afterwards, I mean…”  He playfully winks at you. “Why wash up? I want to know all about those bad ideas you said you had…”

- Lyly. (I live on a twelfth floor and this could be my studio #oops) ;)


Hi everyone!!

I’m still alive!

Sorry for not posting anything for such a long time!
Its just that right now I’m moving to a new home and at the same time I’m finishing illustrating a new book, so a have so much to do!!

I miss so much posting my own drawings. But soon I will have time for me again! I check my tumblr today and realized I reach 17,000 followers!!!

Thanks so much for all the support guys! I will continue practicing and improving my drawing skills, thanks again!! Now I have to go back to work but I promise I will return soon!

Oh, and the illustration is for my zine I’m making!!!! It’s about how Japan inspired me with the trip I did there last spring! The background is a real photo of my travel! Is in Kinosaki Onsen! It’s a beautiful place!!

Hope you like it!! and thanks again!!!


Arthur grabbed a handful of Merlin’s tunic and dragged him down the sidewalk to the storefront window. Beyond the glass stood a statue wearing long blue robes speckled with stars, and a pointed blue hat covered with crescent moons.

“Is that-?“ Arthur gasped, and his face was going to split with his grin, absolutely it was, he could feel it. “That’s- It’s a-“

“Merlin the Magician Costume, yes,” Merlin said impatiently, reading the sign at the base of the statue.

Arthur looked at him with wide delighted eyes, then burst out laughing.

Merlin gave a loud put-upon huff. “It’s not that funny.”

Arthur laughed so hard that he had to bend forward, hands on knees. He was barely able to speak because of it. “You simply must- get those- robes-”

“I already have them.“

Arthur’s head jerked up. “What?”

Merlin crossed his arms over his chest. Defiant and embarrassed in equal measure, judging by the pink in his cheeks. “I said, I have them.”

Arthur pictured Merlin actually wearing the catastrophe of a costume, and burst out laughing again, even harder than before.

“You are being such an arse,” Merlin said, pulling Arthur by the arm back to his horse and shoving him toward it.

“I remember!” Arthur said, as he climbed back into his saddle. “The night I came back from Avalon! When you were still an old man! You had them on then!”

“I wear them for the Solstice Festival,” Merlin informed him as he climbed on his own horse. “It’s tradition,” he added defiantly, before urging his mare down the narrow street between the rows of parked cars.

It took several minutes of chuckling before Arthur got control of himself again. He had to wipe tears from his face, and even rub at his cheeks, because they were actually aching from smiling. He couldn’t even remember the last time that had happened.

“Merlin?” he called.


“Do you have the hat too?”

"Never mind!”

“You do, don’t you!”

“Yes, all right? God you are such a-!”

“I think I shall command you to wear it,“ Arthur called, joyful at the mere thought of it, because oh my yes, Merlin in that hat-

“Not a chance,” Merlin said over his shoulder, though his own amusement was plain in his voice now.

“We’ll see about that, Merlin the Magician.”

“Yes we will, Once and Future Pain in my Arse.”

Source: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6092269/chapters/13964185

Workout 2.0 (m)

 inspired by this post

Word count: 4,005  of pure filth

Warning: Oral, dirty talk, explicit mentions of cum

continuation of Workout which can be found here!

Summary: In which Jeon Jeongguk mistakenly uses a Fleshlight as a sock.

“Noona, I’m sorry.”

“This isn’t something that can be fixed with a simple apology, you brat. Do you know how close Se Jung was to seeing that picture? If I’d been a second slower she would have seen it, and then what? I’ll be fired!!!”

Jeon Jeongguk looks appropriately guilty as he stares down at his lap, and he can’t bring himself to meet your gaze as you pace about the small walk in wardrobe adjoining the dance studio. Seeing him like this, so small and unconfident of himself, is a change from the usual cocky little maknae who struts around bullying his hyungs to no end. Watching him fiddle with the skin around his fingernails, you sigh in resignation.

“Well at least your face is kinda blurry. It could easily have been Minhyuk oppa.” 

Jeongguk perks up immediately. “Wait, what? Why would Minhyuk ‘oppa’ send you a dick pic? I thought you two broke up ages ago… and I’m 101% sure he’s way smaller than me anyway.”

You roll your eyes in disgust at his blatant show of confidence. “It’s not the size Kook, it’s how you use it that matters. Anyway, that’s not the point. You can’t keep sending me dick pics every time you’re horny! Do you realise how risky this is? I could lose my job!! And then how am I going to pay off my mountain load of uni debt?”

“Well, it got you here in under 5 minutes didn’t it?” When you shoot him a withering glare, Jeongguk reaches for your hand, stroking over your knuckles in a soothing manner. “Relax noona, I won’t do it again. How about we come up with a code? Like ‘The carrot stick has risen’ or ‘McKook in the house’?”

“What?! I’m not giving your dick a nickname!!” You hastily lower your voice when you remember that the other boys are still outside currently running through their concert choreo. “Even if your dick does resemble a carrot stick.”

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I am 95% supremely happy and excited for the Last Jedi and 5% annoyed that I am actually going to have to sit down and write my own Obi-Wan and Ahsoka Wild West adventures on Tatooine long-form fic this summer since I don’t feel like we’re getting the rumored Obi-Wan movie at this point and I can’t get the idea out of my head. Do what you want to see in the world, right?

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Picture Perfect - Part 1

This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s SPN Movie Night Challenge! I picked the romantic comedy, Picture Perfect

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Count: 2,089

Summary: The reader tries to convince Dean to be her fake fiance, so she can impress her boss and get a promotion. 

“Ok, everybody! Anyone have any questions? Comments? Concerns?” Your boss yells loudly at the end of your office meeting. “If you do, keep them to yourselves! It’s Friday so I don’t care!”

Your boss Tim jumps up and loosens his tie as he starts singing Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake around the conference room.

Your boss has always been a bit on the eccentric side. Almost like a version of Michael Scott, except dealing with it in real life is not that entertaining.

“Tim. Do you have a minute?” You ask trying to get his attention.

“I want to talk about my promotion.”

“What promotion, Y/N?” Tim says looking confused.


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Careful what you wish for Chapter 1

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She loses hope she will ever see him again. And even if she does, will he remember her?

Fantasy AU

Main character - Monsta X Kihyn

It all started after I woke up in a hospital. At first I was terrified, confused and I thought I was crazy. Fifth or sixth time it happened I already enjoyed it way much I wanted to admit to myself. But after months and months I was exhausted. I just wanted it to end. But I didn’t have the idea how.

Working in a broadcast station was all I ever wanted. My current job was, well, not even close to where I wanted to be. But you have to start from somewhere. And oh boy, I started straight from the bottom.

I am a staff assistant. So not even staff on its own, but their assistant. Yeah, you guessed it right. There wasn’t lower position than mine. I do whatever I am told, and that basically means I run those errands no one wants to.

But I can’t complain. All I need is to work hard and I know I will progress and get that dream job one day. Also, seeing handsome idols every day at work is something I never get tired off. Even though I just pass them water or towels, collect their mics and other minor jobs I actually get to see them up close.

Or I could be deceiving myself. I can’t even tell lately. My life has gotten to its lowest point and I have been walking around miserable, with no actual friends, boyfriend or money. And seeing idols up close did get boring at one point.

Mostly because they don’t mind me at all. It’s like I don’t even exist. If I do make eye contact with some of them it looks like they are looking straight through me.

I’m sick of this. They all act like I don’t exist, but I just wish we could be closer, I’m sure we would get along so well.  I’m a human being too, you pretentious little… I grab the towel that someone threw at me and start kicking and hitting the air out of frustration.

Loud bang and before I could do anything, huge speaker was falling right at me.

And that was the last thing I remember before waking up in that hospital room.

My face is washed and I’m in soft pajamas, snuggled in warm bed with new episode of drama on, happy that I’ll get to sleep in tomorrow since I got few days off.

At some point I doze off, yawning so hard my whole mouth is wide open and my eyes shut. I stretch my whole body and open my eyes again.

“You had a long day today, huh?”

“Yeah, you can’t even imagine how tired I am right now.”

Wait. Who am I talking to?

I rub my eyes and take a look around me.

This is not my room.

I look at the other side and jump out of the bed from shock.

“Hey,  what are you doing?! Get back to bed and go to sleep. It’s already late.”

I rub my eyes again and shake my head. He’s still there. Tall and skinny with milky white skin, high bridged nose and round lips.

He catches me starring and smiles, his lips getting rectangular shape and his eyes squinting.

“I know you like me but let’s not make it that obvious.”

“K…K…Ken” I somehow stutter and point my index finger in his direction.

“Ken? You never call me that.” Confusion is on his face but it quickly fades.

“For you I’m Jaehwani oppa” he says it cutely and turns the lights off. “Now go to sleep.”

And just like that he shuts the door, leaving me alone lying in what I suppose is his bed.

The next morning I woke up in my bed. It was all a dream I was telling myself just because how crazy it sounded.

Until the next time. And let me tell you, my reaction was even worse than the first time, because I was pretty sure I have gone crazy.

By the fifth time I got used to it. It was then when I met Rap Monster. Or Namjoon how he told me to call him. We spent the whole night talking and drinking, laughing and reading poetry to each other.  

It was always one idol per week. All the same. I get ready to sleep, and just when I yawn, I open my eyes and puff, I’m in their rooms. They act completely chill, talk with me a little and then put me to sleep. I’m always their best friend, but what’s interesting is that I always have a different name. At first I was correcting them but they just ended up telling me not to joke and went on with that name. So I let them. I wanted to be their friend even with different name, so I pretended it didn’t matter.

After few months and various idols I met, Namjoon appeared next to me again. I was out from happiness.  After we spent that beautiful night together, all I wanted was to meet him again.

But, he called me different name than the last time we were together. When I told him about all the things we did and what we talked about he told me I was crazy for making it up.

And then was when I realised. After I go to bed they completely forget about me. Like I never existed in their lives before. Well, the truth was I have never been part of their lives, so I don’t know what made me think otherwise? Just because I spent half an hour with them, or that they called me their best friend we were actually friends?

No. I was there for these mere few hours a night, and after that it was like I never existed.

Another few months have passed and I was tired of this. I just wanted to make it stop, somehow cancel this crazy thing that was going on, but I had no idea what started it, yet alone how to stop it.

And that takes me to tonight and what I believe is the beginning of the end to this.

Always the same routine, I get ready to bed, yawn and I’m there.

I open my eyes and see unfamiliar dorm.

“You’re sure you want the upper bed? You always sleep down.”

He’s right. I hate bunk beds because I have this crazy fear I will roll over and fall down.

I turn my head to side to see who it is tonight.

I’m met with small face with pointy chin and prominent cheekbones. His raven black hair is ruffled and parted in middle. His face is bare, glistening under the room light.

“Yeah… I would like to sleep down if it’s not a problem.” I shyly say after I take the time to admire his face.

“Sure, not a problem at all.” He smiles and steps away from the bed frame, leaving me space to get down.

Once I’m on the ground I notice he’s not that tall, and rather skinny, but his eyes shine so bright and his smile is so wide it keeps me mesmerized.

I carefully turn around and bend to get into the lower bed when he grabs my hand.

“Hey, Y/N, is everything okay?” His voice is gentle and concerned, so melodic that I almost miss what he just said.

“How did you just call me?”

“Y/N. Why?” Dark haired boy seems even more concerned now.

My name. It’s the first time someone called me by my name. But what is this supposed to mean?

“Are you not feeling well? Do you want me to get you something?” His concern is so touching, I don’t know why but I have this weird feeling, I say to myself looking at the guy in front of me who’s now holding me carefully with both of his hands.

Kihyun-ah come on, hurry up! someone is shouting from outside the room.

I’m coming in five. Kihyun responds and turns his attention back on me.

Suddenly I feel dizzy and my body is becoming heavy, my tongue twisted and I find it hard to stand. It feels like someone is not allowing me to stay awake. Kihyun carefully puts me to bed, never letting go of my hand.

“I’m sad. There is people all around me but I feel so lonely.”

Kihyun tightens his grip on my palm and I feel his soft skin against mine. His hand is not that bigger than mine, but it fits perfectly. He holds it with so much care and delicacy, that there’s growing heat in pit of my stomach.

“You’re not lonely, you have me. Whatever it is, you can tell me Y/N.”

My eyelids start to shut and I feel light. My brain is working but the words I want to say don’t get out.

“Next time. I will tell you next time.” I hazily say. “Just promise me one thing.”

“Anything you want” Kihyun softly says, his tender voice lulls me to sleep even more.

“You’ll remember.”

“Remember what?” Kihyun’s confused but doesn’t raise his voice. He sits next to me, carefully listening to my words.

“Just remember me.”



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◆ drabble // Jay Park

◇ marriage!au // lazy mornings and Jay trying to keep you in bed

◆ 100 ways to say I love you ➡ ‘’Have a good day at work!’’

◇ words ⇨ 523

You know those moments in romantic dramas when the morning after they finally realize their love for each other they wake up in the same bed? When they look at the face of the person next to them and then they suddenly have that lazy smile on their faces and just snuggle closer to said person, followed by satisfied sighing like all of their problems finally vanished? It even seems like the sun itself is on their side because even the lightening somehow seems romantic?

Cliché , isn’t it?

Well, that’s exactly what you thought it is…until you met Jay. And somehow you were suddenly enjoying that cliche more than anyone one. Even now! Even now you were laying in your bed, your legs tangled with his and looking at his sleeping face for the last fifteen minutes, not even showing intention of stopping.

Suddenly you felt his hand, which was previously comfortably placed on your waist, slowly move in an interesting direction. When it finally stopped on your thigh you finally spoke up. ‘’Since when have you been awake?’’

‘’Mm, probably since you woke up too.’’ You lifted your head a bit so he could place the kiss on your lips. What you didn’t expect was a gentle bite on your bottom lip that sent shivers down your spine.

‘’Making you moan from the very morning?’’ he chuckled at the sound that escaped your lips.

‘’Aren’t you confident about your skills?’’

‘’You had all those years to make sure that I have the reason to be.’’ That cocky grin on his face was way too much for you too handle this early in the morning. You managed to snuggle your face into his neck before he noticed how red you were. How the hell was he still able to make you blush like that?

The hand move to your inner thighs, again so slowly and gently that it felt like an innocent butterfly’s touch. On the other hand, his smile was screaming everything but ‘’innocent.’’ 

‘’Where exactly is your hand going?’’

‘’I don’t know what you’re talking about.’’ Again the ‘’innocent’’ grin appeared.

You put all your strength in getting out of the bed at the speed of light. ‘’I still have to go to work and there’s no way that will happen if I stay in that bed with you.’’ 

‘’Should I consider that as a compliment?’’

You leaned in to give him the last kiss before you go get ready and would be pulled down in the bed again if you didn’t learn some of his tricks through the years you spent together. 

He laughed at his own failed attempt to bring you back to bed ‘’One day, you’ll actually let me do that.’’

‘’Oh, will I?’’

‘’Have a good day at work!’’ Looking back at him sprawled on the bed proved to be a mistake since you almost came to a decision that they can…well, they can surely do well without you on the work today, right? Before you lost all of your rationality you quickly turned away.

‘’Hey! Where is my goodbye kiss? That last one didn’t count!’’

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27 for drarry??

Yeah, um…I’m not sure how this ended up so long because it definitely wasn’t meant to be. I’m really sorry about that lmao 

“G’morning, love,” Harry said as he walked into the kitchen.

“Morning,” Draco mumbled around a mouth full of food.

Draco was already sitting at the table eating, and Harry placed a kiss to the top of his head as he walked past him to make his own breakfast.

Draco smiled to himself at the small kiss. He always loved when Harry did things like that, although he would never admit it.

Harry took a seat across from Draco with a few pieces of toast, some fruit, and a cup of coffee.

“I have to work late tonight,” Harry informed Draco.

The small smile that still remained on Draco’s face from Harry’s kiss disappeared at this.

“Oh.” That’s the third time this week.

“Yeah. It was kind of last minute, but what can you do, right?” Harry chuckled. “It’s just a good thing I love my job.”

I wish you loved me that much.

Draco, like always, didn’t voice his thoughts, and just nodded his head.

“Well, I better go. Don’t want to be late,” Harry said, standing up and taking his dishes to the sink.

“Yeah. You wouldn’t want that,” Draco said flatly.

“See you tonight, love,” Harry said and quickly gave Draco a kiss before disapparating.

The kiss didn’t make Draco smile this time.

He sighed and got up to get ready for his own job at the hospital. He liked being a Healer. He was always busy, which meant he was able to keep his mind free of Harry.

Draco had tried to wait up for Harry, but he could only stay awake for so long. By the time Harry got home, Draco was curled up on the couch, bundled up in the blanket he and Harry always used to share, fast asleep.

Harry smiled at Draco’s sleeping figure when he got home. He carefully lifted Draco into his arms and carried him up to their bedroom.

“I’m sorry, love. They needed me to stay longer than expected,” Harry whispered as he laid Draco down in their bed and kissed his forehead.

Draco stirred, but didn’t open his eyes, so Harry just changed out of his robes and climbed into bed with him.

“I love you, Draco,” he muttered as he nodded off to sleep.

Draco woke up the next morning, not surprised to find himself in their bed even though he fell asleep on the couch. It seemed like that was a regular occurrence now. 

He sighed and got out of bed, leaving Harry to sleep. Who knew how late he got home yesterday. Draco was just relieved it was a Saturday and that Harry didn’t have to work. It was probably the first time he’s ever been excited to be bringing Harry to the Manor. At least he’d still get to be with him.

Draco went downstairs and ate breakfast. He finished and then went to go sit in his favorite armchair in the living room. He opened up the book that he and Harry were reading together, but he eventually got sick of having to wait for Harry to continue, so he was now way ahead of where the two of them had left off.

Not much later, Harry came down the stairs and greeted Draco. He grabbed something to eat before going to join Draco in the living room.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” Harry asked.

“Didn’t know how late you got in,” Draco muttered, engrossed in his book.

“Hey,” Harry said, standing up and grabbing the book out of Draco’s hands. “I thought we were reading this together?”

Draco just shrugged, reaching up to grab the book back, but Harry pulled it away.

“Seems like you don’t have much time to read anymore, and I didn’t want to wait any longer.”

“Oh…okay,” Harry said, a little stung at the statement, but handed Draco the book back anyway.

“So I told Ron that we’d come round to his place around noon,” Harry told him while taking a bite of toast.

Draco’s head snapped up at this, the book forgotten.


“I told Ron-”

“I heard what you said!” Draco shouted, jumping up. “What I want to know is why you would tell the Weasel that when you knew we were going to the Manor today for lunch with Mother and Father!”

“Oh, Draco…I’m so sorry, I forgot.”

Draco snorted.

“Yeah, well, it seems like you’re forgetting about me a lot these days.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“Exactly what it sounds like, Potter,” Draco said bitterly. “I’m always your last priority! Have fun with the Weasel clan!” He shouted before disapparating on the spot, heading to the Manor, no doubt.

Harry sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He knew Draco hated when he worked late, but sometimes it was mandatory. Other times, though, Harry offered. And this, well, there was no excuse. Draco had told him weeks ago that today was the date for their monthly lunch with Lucius and Narcissa. He knew something had been up with Draco lately, but the fact that it was Harry’s fault absolutely killed him. He had to fix this.

He quickly flooed Ron, letting him know that he couldn’t come and why. He then ran to the store to get a bottle of Lucius’s favorite wine, and a bouquet of Narcissa’s favorite flowers. He knew he couldn’t buy Draco anything to fix what he’d done, so he set up something special for him for when they got home. Well, if Draco would even come home with him. He picked out a new book for them to read together, and this time they would read it. He set it on the coffee table and then arranged the couch with Draco’s favorite blanket and several pillows, the way he knew Draco loved it when they cuddled up to read. Then he put out Draco’s favorite treat: fizzing whizbees.

Harry grabbed the things he had bought for Lucius and Narcissa and apparated to the Manor. Harry was let through the gates and approached the house nervously. If Draco had told them what had happened, this visit was sure to be worse than the others. He knocked on the front door and was greeted by Narcissa. That was good sign. She was always at least a little nicer than Lucius.

“Oh! Harry…this is a surprise. Draco said you wouldn’t be able to make it today. He seemed really upset, but said there was nothing to be done about it. I’m sure he’ll appreciate this surprise!”

Well, at least she was in a good mood.

“Uh…yeah. I uh, brought you these,” Harry said awkwardly, handing her the flowers.

“How sweet of you! These are my favorite! Well, come in, then.”

Harry stepped inside and saw Lucius immediately. He groaned internally.

“Potter,” he greeted.

“Hello, Lucius,” Harry said and forced a smile. “I brought this.”

Harry showed him the wine and Lucius eyes it suspiciously, but said nothing.

Thank you, Harry,” she said with a look to her husband at his lack of manners. “You really are too kind. Draco is up in his room. We weren’t expecting you two so early.”

Harry nodded and thanked them before heading up to Draco’s room.

Harry knocked on the door and entered when he heard someone grumble, “come in”.

He quietly closed the door behind him and approached the bed, where Draco was laying and had yet to open his eyes.

Harry sat down on the corner of the bed and brushed the hair out of Draco’s face.

“Draco, I’m so sorry.”

Draco’s eyes snapped open and immediately settled into a glare at the voice.

“I thought you were going over to the Weasel’s.”

Harry really wished he would stop calling Ron and his entire family that, but now was not the time to bring it up.

“I had someone more important to be with,” Harry murmured and moved his hand down so he could run his thumb lightly over Draco’s cheek, something he knew Draco loved.

Draco’s eyes fluttered closed at the touch. His anger had already faded away, but he wasn’t going to let Harry know that just yet. 

But Harry did know, just by the look on Draco’s face. But he’d let Draco play his game.

“Oh really?” Draco said with a poor attempt at malice. It came out softly, like a genuine question.

Harry hummed in response.

“And who would that be?”

“Oh…probably Lucius,” Harry joked.

Draco cracked a small smile and that’s when they both knew it. The game was over and Harry was forgiven. Draco could rarely stay mad at Harry for more than an hour.

“Harry,” Draco started to apologize, but Harry stopped him.

“Draco, no. Don’t you dare apologize because this is my fault only. I haven’t been spending enough time with you. You know sometimes it’s mandatory that I work late, so I can’t do anything about that, but I’m going to stop staying late when it’s optional. We don’t need the money, we’re pretty well off together. And I won’t forget about any more of these fun lunches with your parents. And I’m going to make sure we have time to read together. Merlin, Draco, when you said you’re my last priority…that killed me. That is so far from the truth, you have no idea. You mean the bloody world to me. And I’m so sorry that I made you feel like you weren’t my top priority. I love you so much.”

Harry leaned down and pressed a soft but loving kiss to Draco’s lips. Draco melted into him.

Lunch with the Malfoys was surprisingly not that bad, but both Harry and Draco just wanted to get home. And when they did, Draco took in the scenery.


“I picked out a new book for us. We could start it tonight, if you’d like?”

Draco nodded enthusiastically.

They got situated on the couch, Harry up against the arm rest with Draco between his legs, leaning back against his chest, and covered themselves with the blanket. Draco popped a Fizzing Whizbee into his mouth and hummed contentedly as he listened to Harry read out loud.

They stayed there all night. They finished the book and summoned another. They only got a few pages into the second one, though, when Harry realized Draco had fallen asleep. He smiled and put the book down before getting into a more comfortable position for both of them to sleep. Harry kissed the top of Draco’s head, because even though Draco wouldn’t admit it, Harry knew he loved it. And he saw a small smile grace Draco’s face when he looked down at him. That was the perfect sight that Harry was able to asleep to.

Ain Drags Add Like No Tomrrow
  • .. Who the hell are you?
  • Sorry for the late introduction. I am Ain. I am a priest dedicated to the Goddess.
  • Don’t you have something else to tell me other than that?
  • Don’t you also have something to tell me, … Mr. Ancient?
  • ..! You… you’re no ordinary human.
  • Doesn’t that apply to you as well?
  • What are you? The others couldn’t even remember you… You appeared out of nowhere and just naturally joined them, as if you knew each other from the beginning.
  • … I’ll give you a suggestion.
  • Suggestion?
  • I know that you, Mr. Ancient, are not of this time period. You’re probably from the past, long time ago. I don’t know how you did it, but that’s not important, right? I have no interest in what you are trying to do. And I won’t be interested, ever. So how about you do the same for me, Mr. Ancient?
  • Are you telling me to stay out of your business? (I really don’t like this guy. But… No, it doesn’t matter what he’s trying to do. It has nothing to do with me.) Fine. Let’s not get into each other’s business then. No matter what we do.
  • I’m glad you understand quickly, Mr. Ancient. (I should be more careful when I end the intervention from now on. I couldn’t help it this time but… if something like this happens again, it will trouble me.)

  • I was looking the whole time and Mr. Ancient didn’t do anything.
  • Mr. Ancient…? -_-
  • Hmm? Is it weird? You looked a little old-fashioned so I called you that way. You know, like the way you dress…

  • What are you doing, Mr. Ancient? You got it all over my clothes.
  • Th, that wasn’t my fault.
  • It’s not right to deny your own fault and not come clean with it.
  • See? You have to be careful from now on.
  • (… This guy… I don’t like him… We both know each other’s secrets but how come I’m the only one who’s…)
  • You… want to use this…?
  • Oh, you’re letting me use it too? Haha, thanks :P
  • (Wow… that bad tempered Add can’t do anything against Ain… Does Ain know Add’s weakness?)



Hotel Security Guard AU: Hey, okay, I see you every morning and night going to and coming from work and fuck you’re hot— no it’s not stalking I’m doing my job— yes I have a morning and night shift 

Florist AU: So I was just passing by, texting, minding my own business, and l caught the scent of something like a motherfucking meadow so I turn and see you playing with a little girl/boy and they put a flower crown on you and called you the elf prince/princess and they’re now your knight and oh my fucking god you look like a beautiful mythical fairytale creature of royalty, the cute kid’s right, what’s your name pls

Café AU: So, I own this small place and you come in every day and sit outside and every time you do I fuck up shit and god dammit stop being pretty while I’m managing my business, I’ll personally deliver you free coffee to your work— that was not a smooth way of asking you on a date but if you’re cool with that then maybe

Train Station AU: I work at someplace pretty far from my home so I use the train all the time and there’s this one person who looks so uncomfortable every day and wtf you should be used to this by now, do I need to hold your hand? Wait, shit, fuck, no I didn’t mean that in the flirtatious way but I’m not complaining because you’re shyly flirting back and gosh you’re a cutie

Rich/Sorta Poor AU: So you’re like the richest person in the city and everyone knows you including me but it’s 5:00AM, I just pulled an all-nighter, and I have another job I need to get to in an hour and a half. If you think you get to act like you own this coffee shop then you have another thing coming for you buddy, move the fuck aside— did I just mishear you or did you just whisper “cutie alert” while I shoved you, wtf you’ve got strange tastes

Teachers AU: So I’m the history teacher and you’re the science teacher and fuck you, my students are angels that descended from heaven, they did no such thing as stuff your lunch secretly with hot sauce or camouflaged tacks on your chair, you’re the one that needs to watch their students, they set the fire alarm off the 13th time this semester, fite me

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that response to the last voltron family ask inspired me, so consider this: Keith taking the story the kids made for him and cleaning it up a little (spelling and grammar errors, nothing big) and publishing it. he comes home with it one day to surprise the kids (the title could be something like /the children of the two kings/)

OH MY GOD. I have legit placed my hand on my chest and sobbed. DUDE. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. Lemme just wipe my tears first and give you that friggin damn scenario. /sniffs/ Thank you for this. <3 [The Voltron Family]

For reference: The post where the kids made Keith a story

So we know that Keith doesn’t really write his own stories, right? He’d rather work behind the scenes, he really doesn’t like the spotlight. But when the kids made him a storybook, he felt so determined that he wanted to make it into a book. Obviously it’s going to be a children’s book with illustrations. 

Keith: I’ll do it, Shiro. I’ll make it a legit storybook with illustrations. The works. 
Shiro: Keith! That’s great! It will be like your first book.
Keith: *smiles* yeah. I wanted to do this for them. I was so touched. Like, WHO MAKES ME A STORYBOOK WITH US AS CHARACTERS? WHO DOES THAT?
Shiro: *hugs* Awwww, now don’t go all emo on me, baby.
Keith: Shut up. I have the right to be emo. I’ll ask Coran to proofread it for me. I’ll have to do meetings and stuff if ever it will get an approval.
Shiro: *smiles* I’m honestly way too excited for this! Who will you hire to illustrate though?
Keith: *glares* You’re seriously asking me that? You married a weeb!
Shiro: *laughs* Oh my god. Finally all your weeb days will pay off.
Keith: Oh knock it off. *smiles* You know I love drawing, I just haven’t been able to draw recently because of work. 
Shiro: *smirks* Don’t lie to me. You have your sketchpad in your office.

So Keith worked day and night (after his normal workload) rewriting the story Lance, Pidge and Hunk made. He’d sketch some drawings and ask for Shiro’s opinion. He asked Coran to proofread it and he was touched by the background of why Keith was doing this. So he helped him make a presentation to their big boss Alfor who owns the publishing company to publish Keith’s work. Alfor is Allura’s father so she pretty much knew of Keith’s project too. They were so into it that all of them were pretty excited! 

A few months after and Keith finally received his advance copy–all in its hardcover glory. He called Shiro to tell him all about it and that he wanted to surprise their kids. So when Keith arrived home, the kids and Shiro were all gathered in the living room.

Keith: Okay. Family Meeting time! *excited*
Lance: I swear I didn’t break the glass, okay?! It was an accident!
Keith: *smiles* It’s okay, Lance. You can break as many glasses as you want.
Lance: *drops his jaw* Are you serious, Daddy Keith?!!!
Keith: *frowns* I’m joking. But enough about that! I have a surprise to all of you. Though your Daddy Shiro knows about this already. He helped me a bit with the planning and all. Oh wow I’m blabbering. Sorry sorry. Lemme just…
Pidge: *whispers to Shiro* What’s Daddy Keith talking about? 
Shiro: *smiling so damn wide* You’ll see.
Keith: *takes out the big book and shows it to everyone* TA-DAH~~~~

The Children of the Two Kings
Written and Illustrated by Keith Shirogane

The cover was so beautiful. It was an illustration of two kings sitting on their thrones with their three beautiful children smiling so happily sitting below them on the stairs leading to their throne. It was undoubtedly Lance, Pidge and Hunk with Keith and Shiro. 

Three Kids: *is in absolute shock*
Hunk: *looks at Keith* I-Is this what we think it is?
Keith: *nods while smiling so wide* Open it!!!

The kids opened it to the dedication page

To my children Hunk, Lance and Pidge who created this story for me while I was feeling sick. Thank you. You three are the best thing that has ever happened to me aside from your Daddy Shiro (but let’s not make his head too big). You make my days full of smiles and laughter and because of you, I was motivated to publish my own book. So, thank you for inspiring me with this beautiful story. I hope you’ll love it as much as I loved making it.

Love, Your Daddy Keith
P.S. I’ve upgraded your weapons in this story, hope you like that! ;)

Shiro, Lance, Pidge and Hunk just stared at the dedication page and it was Hunk who let his tears fall down first. 

Keith: *panics* Oh god. Hunk, baby…
Lance: *sniffs* Will you read it for us?
Pidge: *sobs* Please, Daddy Keith. Read it for us.
Keith: *smiles* Of course. 

The kids adored it. The improved storyline with the perfect characterizations. Everything. It was the storybook that they made Keith read to them every night without getting tired of. It was their story and they loved it.


I’ve realized I might have taken this the wrong way than what you wanted and would love to have an alternative scenario for this so have this:

The Children of the Two Kings
Written by Lance, Pidge and Hunk Shirogane
Illustrated by Keith Shirogane

To my children Hunk, Lance and Pidge who created this story for me while I was feeling sick. Thank you. You three are the best thing that has ever happened to me aside from your Daddy Shiro (but let’s not make his head too big). You make my days full of smiles and laughter and because of you, I was motivated to publish this book. Your Book. Consider this a gift from me and may your pure hearts touch others as it has touched mine.

Love, Your Daddy Keith
P.S. I’ve upgraded your weapons in this story, hope you like that! ;)

RFA ( Requested ) Headcanon ♡

A/N: aw thank you for the compliment, Anon! :’) I hope you like it!  ♥

‣ Luciel Choi/Saeyoung/Seven

  • Saw you playing piano and singing over the monitor
  • Very surprised
  • Like, “over-exaggerated-gasps-everytime-you-lay-a-finger-on-an-instrument/microphone” surprised
  •  ((( you get quite annoyed by it )))
  • Anyway, he eventually stops ( but continues to do it as a joke every now and then ) and actually loves that you can sing and play instruments!
  • Tries to use music puns for pick up lines
  • “ I call my dick Notorious, cause it’s — “
  • Whenever he’s working in his room, he’ll listen to you play through the monitor because it helps him stay relaxed
  • Will ask you to sing for him on multiple occasions

‣ Jumin Han

  • Found out because he heard you humming while petting Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Girlfriend??? Singing???
  • oh my god
  • “Y/N, you never told me you could sing.”
  • “I-I guess it didn’t come up…?”
  • LOVES listening to you hum to yourself while you do just about anything
  • If you mention that you like to play one instrument, but don’t have one of your own, Jumin will for sure get you one
  • Will also hire a teacher if you’d like to learn how to play a new instrument

‣ Jaehee Kang

  • Jaehee has now entered into fangirl mode
  • Praises you just about as much as she does Zen
  • If she’s stressing over work, you’ll sing for her or play something on an instrument of her choice
  • “You’d do that for me?”
  • “Of course! Anything for you~”
  • Has a couple songs by you on her phone so she can listen to it whenever you’re busy because she wouldn’t want to bother you
  • Also has recordings of you playing the guitar and piano because she loves it most when you play those two instruments

‣ Yoosung Kim

  • Almost passed out when he heard you sing
  • ((( poor thing oh god )))
  • This boy thought you couldn’t get any cuter, but then you started singing and playing instruments and he almost had an aneurysm
  • “My girlfriend is so perfect!”
  • Asks that you teach him how to play an instrument
  • ((( sees it as a couple bonding experience aw )))
  • While you and him cook together, he’ll play some music and loves it when you sing along
  • queue dancing with yoosung amirite
  • Asks you to sing to him if he has trouble sleeping

‣ Hyun Ryu/Zen

  • Wait, you can sing??
  • “I’m glad to not be the only talented one in this house!”
  • ((( narcissist )))
  • When he needs to practice for a musical, you’ll sing with him to help him
  • In turn, he’ll sing with you anytime you want because he loves singing with you
  • Made up some vocal warm ups for the two of you
  • yes, it’s just like sharpay and ryan from hsm

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honestly what really pisses me off about shipping in the yt fandom is when everyone else tries to shove their own headcanons down your throat. like jeez i do support the bottom!jack headcanons but if someone else likes top!jack, let them have top!jack. besides, not only does it add variety to the slew of fanfics on the internet but it's also REALLY interesting to see how the author interprets the way the relationship works and shows us very diff "power dynamics"

yes preach oh my god^

people take this stuff so seriously like

it doesnt exist 

chill out

no one can be wrong because there is no right

6 Au Pair Misconceptions

1) We are always working:

The first question a lot of people ask me when I tell them I work as an au pair is “So, do you get any free time? Do you get to go out at night?” My answer to this is a big fat YES! Legally speaking, the maximum number of hours an au pair can work (in France) is 30. For me this means taking the kids to school in the morning at 8:45 (done by 9:15), and then I have the ENTIRE afternoon to myself. I have to be home by 5 to let in my oldest host child, who carpools with another family from his school, then I proceed to pick up the other two from the school/nanny around 5:30, bringing us home by about 6. Then I make dinner, assist with evening and bedtime activities, and the kids are in bed by 8. Occasionally I have some extra babysitting, but my host parents always graciously ask me first or plan way in advance. My weekends are almost always completely free; I would say I’ve had to babysit maybe 4 times on the weekend within 6 months of being here. Of course, this is not the case for everyone..but these types of arrangements should be clearly outlined before you accept any job.

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Your Pharah is so incredible. I honestly love the style so much! I'm not really in a position financially to ask for a commission right now, but do you have a price list or something for future reference? At the very least, for now, I'll be spreading your art. It's God damn amazing!!

Oh gosh, tumblr didnt tell me I got this message! Sorry if it’s late. 

Thanks so much for the interest! Anyone who is into my work and wants some of their own can check out my website.

I take commissions regularly! but have to pick and choose due to the demand and my full time job taking a lot of my time as well. But it doesnt hurt to throw me an email anyway :)  

Thanks so much!! 

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The Five Stages of Leaving Him // BTS’ Jimin

[A/N] This is the story of a boy and a girl who fall not in love, but out of it.
Shoutout to heungtanbts and 4meensuga for totally NOT HELPING me stay focused

Perhaps if you had noticed the signs, things would have remained the same. Perhaps if you were able to travel back in time to change moments of the past, you would have held onto your source of happiness for an indefinite period of longer. But you hadn’t and you couldn’t, which made all the unfortunate difference in the world that was crumbling around yourself and Jimin.

You didn’t know exactly when it had started, but if you had to pinpoint it to a certain time, you supposed it all began around the three year mark into your relationship with him. Three years, thirty six months, or a hundred and fifty six weeks- a lot of time to spend with one person, wasn’t it? In those three years you had loved each other and spent most of your free time together doing everything and nothing. You had been inseparable. But the more you thought about it, the more convinced you were that maybe that was the reason why he was no longer by your side. You had grown so accustomed to each other’s presence, you’d taken your love for granted and had become weary of the other. The more you forced yourselves together, the more you longed to break your bond and leave for good.

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