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Elgang reaction to Elsword's future kids, each from different party members; Elsword with Rena, Eve etc. //Genderbend Males are optional//

Elsword: “When… what… how… who… why?  Actually, I don’t want to know.”

Aisha: “I’m…. really concerned.  And kind of disgusted.  Oh my El.”

Rena: “Ahahaha… Polygamy is a human thing, right?”

Raven: “I have no words.  For any of this.”

Eve: “So you mean to say I created a heir with Elsword… Why?”

Chung, hiding his face: “ELS, HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE SEEN YOUR DICK?”

Ara: “Uh… I don’t feel comfortable with this…”

Elesis: “Ha, no, those can’t be my little brother’s kids!  He couldn’t get laid if he tried!”

Add: “Eh.  I never liked him anyways.”

Lu: “Hu, my heir is here too! That means I regain a body able to become pregnant before Elsword is too old!  Yes!”

Ciel: “If he hurt Lu in any way, I will shoot him.”

Rose: “Um.”

Ain: “I cannot condone this, but… if it’s Elsword…”


Femslash Feb 01- Snow

Dedicating this one to @larvesta for supplying about 90% of my Alyanette needs.

“Cold! ColdcoldcoldcoldcoldcoldCOOOOOOLD!!!!!”

Marinette pressed a hand against her mouth to hold back a giggle as she watched the orange figure on the rooftop above her bound from one foot to another, clearly displeased with the surprise snowfall they had received the night before.

“Okay, seriously, why is it so cold?! I mean, really Trixx?! You give me a freaking supersuit that can withstand bullets and getting powerbombed from the top of the Eiffel Tower and I don’t even breaking a nail, but then you forget that little detail about providing some WARMTH?! You know, that thing clothes are SUPPOSED TO DO?! I swear to whatever deity your furry little butt prays to, I’m feeding you tuna fish for the rest of the month if you’re doing this just to mess with me again…”

“Having problems there, Rena?” Marinette called up teasingly.

The fox heroine yelped in surprise at the sound of her voice and whipped around frantically to stare at her with startled amber eyes before promptly losing her footing on the icy roof. The brunette’s tailbone hit the shingles with a loud crack and, before Rena had the chance to recover, the poor frozen fox slid right off the incline and landed straight in a snowbank that was nearly up to Marinette’s shoulders.

Marinette almost cried trying to keep herself from laughing as Rena Rouge groaned in dismay.

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Any spy AU's?

Oh yes! Absolutely :) Here are my faves. Enjoy!

Nobody Does It Better by HalfFizzbin | 2,019

“Blue Wolf, come in, Blue Wolf. You should really thank me for suggesting the pink tie, as it’s clearly bringing all the ladies to the yard.”

Is That a Gun In Your Pocket Or…That’s a Gun In Your Pocket by Elpie (Horribibble) | 8,163

Derek Hale is the best boyfriend.He’s sweet. He’s funny. He recites Pablo Neruda completely unprovoked.He also happens to be in the murder business. But hey, nobody’s perfect.

this town is only gonna eat you by sempiternalsea | 16,398

On the outskirts of Stockholm, Derek takes down six men of eight with nothing but a boot knife and Stiles at his back. By the end, he’s covered in an array of bruises and blood and dirty snow, crouched low to the ground. Stiles stands by him, posture perfectly erect, Glock still raised. He’s got a smear of lipstick on his mouth and gunpowder residue on his sleeve. The men at their feet do not stir.

(An AU where Stiles is a spy and Derek is his assassin.)

we’re catching bullets in our teeth (it’s hard to do but they’re so sweet) by prettyasadiagram | 12,935

Stiles says he’s a Web Developer. Derek says he an Internal Auditor.

They’re both liars, but you can’t exactly tell your significant other that you kill people for a living, now can you?

with metal on our tongues (we’ll be dressed in rags) by Rena | 23,202

Double-oh agents are a piece of work; Stiles knew that before he became MI6’s new quartermaster. It’s cool, he survived Lydia in college, he can deal with stubborn, reckless, trigger-happy operatives. Derek Hale, though, is definitely trying to live up to his predecessor’s legacy and make Stiles’ life more difficult..

I Want the Whole Sea for You and Me by prettyasadiagram | 2,621

Derek is the angriest spy to ever spy, but he gets the job done, and that’s why Peter keeps him on, but sometimes Stiles just doesn’t know what to do with him.

the lovers [murderers] in 9B by ofherlionheart | 8,135

There is a new resident in apartment 9B, and he and his boyfriend are either serial killers … or just really loud in bed.

** Not exactly a spy fic but still great fun!

Confession Room (Part 5)

(Part 6)

You found yourself around Jaebum a lot more than you imagined. It made your heart a maniac each time, but you loved it because it made you feel. Apart from your raging emotions, Jaebum was actually really kind, opposite from the cold aura that he exudes. Never once did you take each moment spent with him for granted, but that didn’t mean he didn’t. He was clueless about how much you admired him, so at times he invited other girls to join the two of you whether that be for a walk to the convenience store or practice.

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  • Add(MasterMind): *walks by with coffee at hand*
  • Elsword(RuneSlayer): stretches his foot* Ahh, stretching is niiiceeee....
  • Add: *trips at The Elsword's foot*
  • Elsword: Shoot--
  • Add: *falls dramatically in slow-motion* ~mmm watcha say, mmm, that you only meant weeeeeell~ *drops on the floor, coffee spills at his body* OWWWWWW...... SHIIII--
  • Elsword: That's gonna leave a mark.
  • Add: *wails* IT BURRRRRNSSSS!!!!!
  • Ciel(Royal Guard) and Rena(Wind Sneaker): My someone's-in-distress senses are tingling! *goes to Add*
  • Add: *still wailing*
  • Rena: I'll get the cold compress!
  • Ciel: *shoosh paps Add* Shshshshshshshhhhhhhhh... It's okay, it's okay, it's okay....
  • Add: *cries silently*
  • Rena: What happened here Elsword?
  • Elsword: Uhh..... *bends foot* Guy tripped himself.
Confession Room (Part 4)

(Part 5)

The night breeze blew into your face as you stood along the rail of the Han River walkway. The chilly air made you shiver, but you remained still to feel it pierce your skin. It was numbing both physically and mentally, but you were fond of it. It made you forget everything that had kept you on edge lately.

“You should keep yourself warm.” He hung his leather jacket, which was a tad too big for your frame, over your shoulders. “I remember being scolded by my mother whenever I went out without a jacket.”

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ElGang reaction to finding about their S/O being the (supposedly) dead Demon King?

Elsword: “Hahaha…! You’re… not going to destroy the world, are you?”

Aisha: “Oh what the fuck?!”

Rena: “You looked… uglier in my original interpretation on your appearance.”

Raven: “I don’t understand…!”

Eve: “Do not cause havoc in this world. I will stop you myself if you try and cause ruin.”

Chung: “…Why?”

Ara: “But you’re good now, right? You’re not going planning on destroying the world now that you’re here with us, right..?”

Elesis: “Now you’ve just given me some conflicting thoughts on you…”

Add: “Ho… interesting… kukukuk.”

Lu: “Well, this is surprising! You seem better than before! Do you want some cookies or some tea to warm yourself up?~”

Ciel: “You’re not that harmful as before, were you? Come on, eat up. I think it’s good to taste some human delicacies.” 

Rose: “Sorry, but… I can’t let you compromise my mission. Disappear.”

Ain: “You’ve betrayed my feelings… I cannot forgive you.”

Fanfiction: Boys Night Out

Genre: dramedy
Rating: PG-13, I guess?
Warnings: language, sexual references
Characters: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, Casey
Pairings: None

This humourous one-shot fits into my 2k7verse, which incorporates “the Utrom Arrival” as having occurred in 2011, meaning the turtles can now claim alien status and live openly amongst humans. This story takes place in early 2012.

This is a really different style for me! I hope it works.

“Bro!” Casey Jones’ voice echoed off brick walls as he clattered down the stairs and into the lair. “You ready to party?”

On the second level, Raphael emerged from his bedroom, zipping up the oversized leather jacket he wore. “Yeah, yeah,” he called out to Casey below. “Keep your fuckin’ shorts on.”

Casey grinned toothily as he gazed up to where Raphael strode the concourse around to the staircase, and then ran a hand back through his tangled hair. “You won’t be sayin’ that too often where we’re going tonight!”

Raphael slowed as he reached the bottom of the stairs, giving his friend a quizzical glare, brow ridges furrowed. “What the hell you talkin’ ‘bout, Jones?”

Casey grinned and hooked his thumbs through the belt loops on his jeans, shook his hair back.  “Nah, c’mon. It’s a surprise.”

Raphael cocked his head and narrowed his eyes at the grinning vigilante. For the first time, he noticed Casey wasn’t wearing his usual grimy sweatpants and wifebeater. Casey’s jeans were clean and his button-down shirt had been pressed, the sleeves neatly rolled up halfway. Shit, the bonehead had even shaved.

Raphael finished tugging on his riding gloves, then let his arms dangle by his sides, fists loosely clenched. He looked Casey dead in the eye, who smirked and popped his gum.

“C’mon, Case. Where we goin’?”

“You’re gonna love it, man!”

Just tell me!” Quick-tempered as ever, Raphael practically barked these words at his beefy pal, his eyes bulging slightly behind his red mask. Casey held his hands up in mocking appeasement.

“Okay, okay!” he chuckled. “Sheesh!” He rubbed his hands together gleefully and shifted his weight, steel-capped boots scraping against the cement. “Bro, I have been waiting to take you to wunna these since you first got legal! Prepare yourself, man, because tonight is gonna blow your mind! Tonight, my little green buddy, you are in for the time of your life. Cos you and me, my friend, we - are going to - a  - strip club! Ow! Yeah!” Casey punched the air with a fist, then beamed expectantly at Raphael.

Raphael stood at the bottom of the stairs in his leathers, staring deadpan at Casey. Several long, silent moments passed in which the turtle glared at his human friend, expression unreadable, while Casey grinned and waited, thick eyebrows high on his tanned forehead.

Finally, Raphael moved. “No,” he said flatly, and turned to walk back up the stairs, stripping off his gloves as he did so.

Casey’s face fell and he started after him. “Wha? Huh? Hey Raph, what the hell, man? Why not?”

“Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me?” Raphael threw over his shoulder as he jammed his gloves into the pocket of his jacket, then furiously unzipped it. “I ain’t goin’ to a fuckin’ strip club, Casey.”

“But why not?” Casey sounded genuinely confused as he hurried up the stairs to catch up with Raphael. “You can go anywhere you like now! Ain’t nobody gonna stop you. And you’re a free man - so’m I for that matter!” he added pointedly. “Nobody to get in trouble with.” He reached out and laid a hand on Raphael’s shoulder only for the hot-headed turtle to violently shrug it off, turning to his friend with a scowl.

I ain’t fuckin’ goin’!” he bellowed, for once towering over Casey on the stairs.

Casey’s eyes widened and he backed down a step. “Woah. Okay, Raph. Take it easy, buddy. I thought you’d be into it.”

“I’m into it!”

Both Casey and Raphael’s heads swivelled to stare over the railing. In the middle of the lair, a raised platform served as the den, strewn with battered old couches and beanbags clustered around an entertainment system.  Michelangelo was leaning over the back of an over-stuffed red sofa, gazing up at them with wide blue eyes, his expression keen and hopeful.

He chuckled sheepishly, scratched the back of his head. “I’ll go with you, Casey. That’s cool, right?”

Casey blinked at him and turned on the stairs to amble back down. “You wanna go to a strip club, Mike? Really? But I thought you - uh - “

Michelangelo rolled his eyes dramatically. “Ugh! I told you guys - I swing both ways!” He paused thoughtfully for a moment. “All ways. Anyway, yes, I most definitely want to go to a strip club! I have been wanting to go to a strip club literally since I was eleven years old and first saw that movie Striptease with Demi Moore and the boobaliciously beautiful Pandora Peaks and, not to forget, the uber hot and gifted dancer Rena Riffel - oh and how about Burt Reynolds in one of his most brilliant comic turns ever, I swear that movie is an underappreciated work of genius - but anyway! Hell yes, to a strip club! Are you kidding? I have been waiting my whole life for this moment! I have been imagining myself in a pulsing, dark-lit, sweaty room surrounded by butts and boobs and beautiful babes since I was old enough to have wet dreams! And I am here to tell you, Casey Jones, there is no way on this good green earth you are even gonna think about taking one of my bros to a strip club and not take me too! I’m in!”

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Can I have a continuation of where ATh!Ain does nice things for the elgang members (I do not have the link for it sadly for it is an old request)

((We couldn’t find the link either - sorry about that!))

Raven woke up to seeing his blade polished so nicely it could practically be used as a mirror. Intending to give his thanks to whoever had done it, he poked his head around the rooms of the other members of the El Search Party. The two red-haired siblings were still sound asleep, exhausted from last night’s sparring session. Their own blades, like Raven’s, had been placed delicately by their doors. Ara, Chung, and Aisha denied any knowledge of what had happened, and noted that their own weapons seemed to have been cleaned and had slight repairs overnight.

Eve claimed that she had found extra parts at her doorstep that Oberon needed, and suspected that it was Add who had snooped with her servants and discovered some maintenance issues. Why he would help her was not within her calculations. When Raven went to Add’s room and knocked, he actually seemed sleepy but well-rested for once.

“No all-nighter last night?” Raven asked curiously. Add grumbled and shook his head, mumbling something about being forced by an “annoying and meddlesome” person to retire early for the night. So early that he didn’t have time to get any research done, but he did admit that getting decent rest was a nice change and a boost to productivity.

So it wasn’t Add either.

Raven felt like he had a good idea who it was by now, but a sudden wail from the dining area set him on alert. Quickly dashing to the source, he relaxed when he saw it was only a teary-eyed and pouty Lu, clinging to the arm of Ciel. He was smiling resignedly and patting her hair gently.

“Lu… I know you love your sweets and tea, but it can’t be helped. I can’t use the kitchen with my hand like this, so please bear with it for a little longer…”

Raven’s eyes drifted to Ciel’s bandaged left hand. Right. Yesterday, Ciel had it badly injured in a skirmish with a demon, and while he was recovering nicely, his hands still seemed a little shaky. Then, he noticed the leafy greens on Lu’s plate, and smiled a little apologetically. “It can’t be helped, it’s healthy for you. It’s nice that Rena’s offering to help fill in for cooking duties, even if it means we won’t have meat for a while.”

The two of them looked up at Raven in surprise, and Ciel quickly began, “Oh no, it wasn’t Rena, it was….” He trailed off and seemed a little confused, before he shook his head and continued, “Nevermind, I got mixed up. You’re right, Rena is a huge help around here.” Lu begrudgingly agreed while mumbling something under her breath, and stirred her salad with a fork listlessly.

Raven eventually found Rena perched on the branch of a tree outside, smiling amiably at the wildlife around her. Upon seeing Raven, she perked up and waved at him. He grinned and waved back as she stepped off the branch, landing gracefully before him. “Someone’s in a good mood today,” he teased, as they started on a morning stroll together.

She laughed, before winking at him. “Well, after catching a certain reclusive man sneaking around last night, running errands for everyone… I thought that today would be off to a great start.”

Raven froze in his tracks, and stared incredulously at Rena. “It… it wasn’t you? You weren’t the one who polished everyone’s weapons?”

She blinked at him, equally surprised by his question. “No… I thought it was… you? Wait no— you’re right. It wasn’t you I saw. How could I make that mistake?” Rena exclaimed sheepishly. Racking her brains, she suddenly lit up and said, “Ah, it was Add. He wouldn’t let Ciel do anything last night because of that injury. This morning, he even made a nice vegetable stew today, did you see?”

Raven felt himself getting more and more confused. “I checked with Add, and I thought you were the one who made him go to bed early…”

The two of them were left scratching their heads, trying to figure out who the mysterious benefactor of theirs was.

From a good distance away, Ain watched them ambivalently, comfortably out of intervention. It made him mildly uncomfortable when the elf had smiled gently at him and told him “See, I knew you really were a considerate guy!” He couldn’t help but turn his face away from her warm gaze. And then she even had the gall to ruffle his hair, as if he was some small animal. Her words and her smile continued to ring out in his head though, as he absentmindedly kept watch over the lodge.

“It’s natural to be kind to the ones you care about, Ain.”

That he did what he did out of sentiment was a ludicrous thought. It was nothing more than ensuring everyone would be at their maximum efficiency. Everything was for the sake of ensuring the success of the mission…. right?

Iroha Tamaki is my daughter and i love her very much

seriously though, she looks so much like Madoka?? and Yachiyo totally reminds me of Homura? i would say they were reincarnations but from what i’ve heard, Madoka is active and searching for Homura in the story.

and is ANYONE going to mention how Iroha is totally putting out an Assassin’s Creed vibe? with the hooded cloak and the crossbow?

i love the designs of the new characters, especially Iroha, Sana, Felicia, and Tsuruno

oh! and also Rena and Kaede too!!

who am i kidding, i love them all! 😅