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I’ll report you to the Diamonds! All of you! You’ll all be shattered!

Darkness falls upon the great Earth
Through the blood of dragons, a revival comes again 
Bound by the covenant of old
When the four dragons assemble
The sword and shield that protect the monarch shall awaken
And the red dragon shall return at dawn
—  Ik-Soo, 
Yona of the Dawn, volume 3 - official English release

What in the world…

Have to get back to work now but…

While on my lunch break… I somehow accidentally thought of an idea of another UT AU?

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this is maybe a few steps up from rabbit lightning. maybe.

J.B. Elwell’s housekeeper found him sitting in his living room a little after 8 a.m. on June 11, 1920. There was an open letter on his lap and a pile of unopened mail beside him, delivered to him just one hour prior. Oh, and there was a hole in his forehead. On a nearby table was the bullet that had killed him. Nothing had been stolen, despite the fact that the house was full of cash and valuables – there was even a freaking Rembrandt painting. No one had been seen entering or leaving.

5 Creepy Murder Mysteries From History We’ll Never Solve

Sugar? Yes please.

❅ – Days have gone by since that day. The day where he had received an unforgettable gift – a memory to cherish for the rest of his life. In fact, this certain memory had been lingering within his mind for quite some time. He was usually immersed within his paperwork; it was rare for other thoughts to protrude within his occupied mind. Yet… This memory was engraved into his mind. The fragment of memory would be replayed at times, and a blush would be evoked as a result. Naturally, his lieutenant made fun of him.

           What exactly he was thinking about? His first kiss of course.

Now here he was again, standing in front of the large, japanese styled manor. Wind chimes and the gentle rush of a fountain could be heard from within her house. Digits would come up to ring the bell, though he had a feeling that she knew he had arrived.

Perhaps it was the want to see her again that drove him to pay her a visit. He knew that quite well actually. Yet he wasn’t about to admit that so easily to the latter. Another reason would be mustered: he simply loved her cooking. In fact, he wanted to learn how to bake such sweet delicacies as well. As the door swiftly opened, beryl optics met those golden, alluring hues. Just that had kindled roseate on his cheeks once again.


i really resonated with the awkwardness of the dan and phil nerdy nummies video

now that we’re getting so close i think i need to iterate which insurgent scenes i require to be in the movie in order to be satisfied:

- peace serum (obviously)

- sleeping w/ tobias at night in amity

- tris seeing tobias at erudite headquarters and going off on him for sacrificing himself (even though thats what shes doing. silly tris)

- after peter and tobias rescue tris from erudite and she’s in shock and asks him to call her beatrice