oh precious little babies

I’m sorry I’m not that great at shading….coloring. XC And I kind of try to fix it up with my photo app on my phone but it didn’t come out that great either…..I really hope you like these three Little Cuties that I made just for you. (=^_^=)

Xedra’s Notes:

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Oh Fitz oh my precious son you are too good for all the worlds

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So one time Ben goes out into the backyard and Amari is sprawled on the ground and Scout is standing next to him with a water gun and she's squirting at oversized bunny stuffed animal [that Charlie won for her at a carnival last summer] that's propped up against a tree and he's like "What are you two doing?" and Amari lifts his head and gives him a "Daddy, shh!" gesture but Scout shouts back "We're playin' roadtrip! I gotta kill the Boo Hag now, Daddy, you're interruptin'."

I’m sick and I feel like poo but I’m still cute

I remember the first time I watched 4x01 and I was like “Wow look at that powerful douchebag he’s so intimidating and kind of an asshole oh shit”

But now I’m like “Oh my God look at my precious little baby, look how he walks in all cool, look how likes to show off look loOK AT THAT LITTLE SMILE AND THE HAIR AND THE EYES HOW CUTE IS HE”