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ok here the backstory
after a very very long talk whit @nxsuper and him spamming a billion blog whit fresh asks since most of them have been on neofox67 if i remmeber correct he have ask me to make him a sprite for a fresh human
so here the result xD

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The biggest contradiction I've ever come to experience is Luhan...his personality and the way he behaves is so manly and sexy yet his face says otherwise. And apparently ppl think he's 27 like what kind of false???

Oh pft please in Luhan’s music videos he gives that manly sexy persona because that’s the stage persona he wants to set, but off stage he’s a fucking dork that talks to his cats and can’t even walk big dogs without being scared dON’T BE FOOLED

Jefferson/Reader - Part 4

Alright it’s finally here! Sorry for the wait lovelies!! 

Word Count: 6911 (whew)

Warnings: Language

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

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After the eventful encounter you had with Jefferson in the library you weren’t exactly sure how what happened would affect his behavior in class and if you were being honest with yourself, you weren’t exactly sure how to act towards him either. Luckily for you it seemed like Jefferson had taken the route of acting like nothing had happened at all and that suited you just fine. You did notice however if you happened to meet his eyes the corners of his mouth would ever so slightly turn upward. It was barely enough to notice but it made your pulse quicken, much to your annoyance.

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Sugar And Lemon Kisses H.S

This. This was supposed to help me get pink and plump lips? This. This makes me look like I have a horrible lip disease. Oh My God. God please show the internet the right path. Apparently, mixing sugar and lemon and applying it on your lips, is suppose to give you pink and plump lips.

And me being the dumb person I am, thought; Why not? I have lemon and sugar, what’s the problem?

I look like I had too many pop rocks at Halloween and forgot to wash my face the next morning. Yup. That bad. I mean, I obviously have never ever experienced something like that on Halloween. Haha.

“Oh Lord, baby, I mean your beautiful, gorgeous actually, but that new lip gloss. Er, no.” Harry gasped stepping out of the washroom. Way to make me feel better about myself, Harry. Great job.

“Shut up Harry! It’s a lip scrub.” I said burying my face in my hands. Don’t worry, I was extra cautious when covering my lips.

I stood up from my lazy position, making my way to wash my lip scrub before Harry sends another rude remark my way. “Baby come ‘ere.” Harry called.

“I can’t, I have to wash my lips.”

“Baby just a minute.”

“Can’t Harry.”

“Please?” He pouted.

“Okay, I’m coming.” I huffed.

I stalked over to Harry, my head hanging low. “Come closer.” He urged. I leaned my head closer to him as Harry’s eyes snapped to my lips. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he stared at them.

“Harry I have to wash it off.”

“I can clean it for you.” He whispered. His minty breathe fanned my face as his eyes looked at my lips with a newfound determination. “And how are you going to do that?” I questioned.

And then suddenly without any warning, Harry’s lips came down on mine, sucking and licking the lemon and sugar off of my lips. Okay. Wasn’t expecting that, I’m not complaining. Harry pulled away from my lips looking at them like they were Gold.

“Like that.” He said,

Before his lips came back down to meet mine in the most blissful state.

BTS: Sex with Jimin

My first writing and it had to be something nswf :^) no shame at all Soo i had really fun writing this and i’d be really happy about reviews and other stuff. oh AND PLEASE REQUEST SOMETHING I’M BORED AND WANT TO WRITE. Thank you! Jimin ——————————————————– • Total Switch like picK A SIDE HUN • Either really cute and whimpering or fucking you into the mattress and groaning • Has a rly good stamina bcs dancing •Powerful hip thrusts (i’m dead) • When he’s in dom mood he’ll be rough but not too much he would want to hurt you… well not too much • He would do light bondage and maybe even spanking but not more • Seems rather sensual so even when he is in dom mood there would be this romantic undertone. • Overstimulation is totally his kink • Sub Jimin is my favorite Jimin • Alooot of begging from his side • Probably has a mommy kink • While he wouldn’t want to overstep the boundaries when he’s dom with you, he’d totally want you to wreck him over when he’s sub (but only if you’re comfortable with it) • Imagine him seeing you in lingerie for the first time and blushing like an idiot • Becomes louder and louder when the orgasm is near • When he orgasms his whole body shakes and shivers while he is just moaning your name rly loud (more like scream tbh) • Cums on your chest when giving a blowjob but if not then he’d love to cum inside of you • Rly tired afterwards but would still help you clean up and ask if he was too rough or if you enjoyed it • Would hold you in his arms while sleeping and sheepishly smile

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all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*