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Just my thoughts here after reading the two chaps...don't mind me

Man no matter what happens Please…. for the Love Of God Keep Jellal Safe At All Costs. I also hope Erza since she seems concerned when he told her “ill buy us some time” hopefully she tags along with him i don’t want them to be separated again I seriously don’t want anything to happen either way this is gonna hurt really fucking bad at this point we don’t need any of that heartbreaking angst. You can keep it. We just wanna see them together married and finally gain that happiness those two truly deserve because that’s all they need. I understand Jellal is doing his best and hardest to protect Erza and also helping them out since they are in trouble I appreciate it a lot but as soon as I read that I started to stress out…. my heart dropped like we got acno chasing their asses I wanna think positive and count on them but I have mixed emotions right now. Even all the things Erza has gone through, don’t make her suffer anymore, not even the Love Of Her Life.

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How would svt react if their s/o (almost) fainted on stage from overworking?

Seventeen Reaction to Their S/O (almost) Fainting on Stage 

Dear, please read the guidelines ;A;; I don’t do reactions!! Nevertheless, because you’re one of my very first requesters, I’ll let it slide, just this once. Please don’t request a reaction; the ask box isn’t open for that yet!!

S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, and Wonwoo would worry half to death after they received the news from your loving fans about you nearly collapsing on stage. They’ll know that sometimes, you skip meals and lie about your health just so you could make your next performance perfect for the camera and for the naked eye to see. None of them could ever stop you, because, you were young, and you were too darn stubborn for your own good. 

“Y/N, did you eat yet?” 

“Oppa… yes, I did.” 

“… You sound fatigued Y/N… what did you eat?” 

“That’s not important jagiya… I need to practice the choreography a few more times; I’ll see you tomorrow alright?? I need to stay behind at the studio again… this comeback is really significant; don’t be concerned about me!! I’ll be fine.”  

All five of them would scold and fuss over you once you two met again. “Being an idol is hard work Y/N, but your health comes first. No more late nights, understand?”

Vernon, The8, Mingyu, Jun, Dino and DK would jump out of their seat once they hear the undeniable truth on live broadcast. You were fairly popular in Korea, so reporters couldn’t help but talk about this entire fiasco; not that the six boys didn’t know already. They watch every single one of your performances, cooing to themselves and to the other members how absolutely amazing you were up stage… but for this last one, which was the comeback you prepared for for five months; it didn’t show all of your abilities. Your voice was strained, your movements not as sharp, and then they realize, after your eyes roll back and your head bent down and swept the floor, that you’re exhausted. You’re mentally, physically, and emotionally deprived of all available energy. You’re staggering around the stage, blinking furiously under the blinding lights the crew provided, and you’re struggling to remember the lines and dance moves to your song. They’re heartbroken; they want nothing more than to jump into the tv screen and reassure you that it’ll be alright. “Y/N… I’m here for you.”

Hoshi and Seungkwan would freak out after the news were delivered. “Oh my god, please don’t let this happen to her, please… please she worked so hard for this!” They’ll break down in the middle of practice, and Seventeen members would crowd around them, asking what’s wrong, why he was on the floor, sobbing his eyes out. They knew this comeback was extremely important, who didn’t? Even your fans warned you to not overwork yourself; you’ve had always performed some kind of witchery up there; you’ve had always mesmerized every living soul that heard your voice. Babbling, they would tell the members everything, and they’ll all be anxious about your recovery in the hospital, even if they never met this S/O. Seventeen’s heard all about you; Hoshi and Seungkwan frequently told them stories, and their eyes would lit up like fireworks once your name was mentioned. They’ll be busy phoning your company to check on your health status, and they’ll beat themselves over not looking after you enough, and not being there for you when you needed their support the most. “Y/N, rely on me more, please. I may not be the best boyfriend, but I’m trying. I love you so much; you mean the world to me.”  

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it’s been almost an entire day since that selfie but i still vibe with this

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Do you know about the 1994 musical Phantom with Kristen Chenoweth?? I just found out about it and was super surpised I havent seen anyone mention it. Your thoughts?

Uhh…there’s a 1994 musical Phantom with Kristin Chenoweth? 

Heh, alas, I don’t think I’ve heard about it until now. I’m intrigued, because Kristin is one of my top picks to play book!Christine. Tell me more!

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Run Me Wild

Based on this prompt: “Phil has a nipple kink and has trained Dan to have Dan’s nipples so sensitive that simply twisting them gently or having anything rub on them can make him climax? Maybe Phil could be a Dom and Dan would be a sub if that helps?”

(Sorry it’s such a bad title - I’m completely stuck for one :( )

WN: nipple kink, dom!Phil and sub!Dan, toys, swearing

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Oh please let this work.

Ryou: Let’s break out the Ouija Board and get this party started!

Bakura: That’s one Millennium Eye you can cut with a knife and not have to cut it out of anywhere… like someone’s eye socket for example…

(((Collaborative piece of many Bakus by the following blogs:)))












and @milliekou who was a little late to the party but did bring the Ouija Board

Um, based on the fic Chill or Be Chilled by @totalskeletontrash. (specifically the new chapter’s cliffy hangz that just killed me)

I probably spent way more time on this trash than I should have. ye

I am Not a Whore || Skate Maloley Imagine

“Hey Babe!” Skate called out. “Y/N?!”


“Where you at, Girl?” he said jokingly.

“Upstairs! Are you leaving now?”

“Yeah and I want a kiss.” 

I hop off the bed and jog down the stairs to give my man a kiss.

“Hey Beautiful.”

“Hey,” I say as I grab his face, “do you have to go?”

“Yeah Baby, I have to go. I’ll be back in a few hours though. Then I’m all yours and you’re all mine,” he said with a smirk.

“I’m holding you to that.”

“I don’t doubt that. You know I love you?”

“Of course and I love you too. Have fun and get a lot of work done, okay? Oh and please don’t let Johnson get too fucked up. You know how he likes to push random buttons at the studio when he’s faded.”

“Haha! Ain’t the the fuckin truth. Nah, he won’t. He needs to record his verse, so he shouldn’t get too bad.”

“Okay. Well, I love you and drive safe, okay.”

“I will. Love you, Babe.” I gave him one last wave before shutting the door and going back upstairs. 

Skate’s POV

*At the Studio*

I finally get to the studio and walk and all of the boys huddled around Johnson, looking at something on his phone.

“You fuckers just can’t stay away from porn, haha.”

“Uhhh,” Johnson muttered.

“What? Is it that nasty shit?”

“Um, fuck.” I could tell that something was up, I just didn’t know what.

“What’s up?”

“The fans, Man. They found something and it’s not horrible, but it’s not the best.”

“Show me.” He gave me his phone and I had so many emotions flowing through me at once. 

“What the fuck? How did this…?”

“I mean maybe a phone was hacked, yours or hers? Did she post this anywhere and then delete it right after?” Johnson was right, it makes sense.

“I must have been a hack. She probably kept the picture and I obviously have it, so it could’ve been either one of us. Fuck!”

“You should probably tell her, I mean this is fucked up. There’s nothing that can be done now, but you should be there for her.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna go call her real quick.” I step out side, lighting one up and waiting for her to answer my call.

“Hi, You’ve reached Y/N! Sorry I can’t come to the phone right now, but please leave me a message and I’ll-”

“Ugh, fuck.” I mutter as I hang up the phone. I walk back in the studio while texting Y/N to call me ASAP.

“How’d she take it?” Johnson asked.

“She didn’t answer. I’ll have to talk to her when I get back.”

“You still want to do this? Because it can wait,” he said pointing at the mic.

“I think that’s a good idea. I’ll catch y’all later, yeah?”

“Yeah. I’m really sorry this happened, man.”

“Me too.” With that, I walk to my car and head home to Y/N.


My phone was blowing up with many hate comments and many fans telling me I look hot. Even people from other fandoms were joining in. I don’t know how to handle this. Nate and I have sent many risqué pictures to each other, but I never thought they would leak. 

“Y/N?!” I heard Nate come in and I walk over to him. “Baby…”

“Nathan, what do I do? People are blowing up my phone and that picture is everywhere. Not to mention that ‘Y/N is over party’ is trending on Twitter. How did this happen?”

“Johnson and I assume it was a hack.”

“Oh God, the boys have seen this?!”

“It’s going to be okay. So far, that picture is all that was leaked. Your ‘stuff’ is covered, so no one can see anything.”

“That’s not the point. I’m being called a slut and a whore for sending my boyfriend pictures.”

“We all know you’re not a slut or a whore. I’m sure the fans, even the shitty ones, know that’s not true either. You haven’t done anything wrong and the sooner you realize that, the better you’ll feel.”

He was right, I’m not a whore and I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m an adult and I made an adult decision.

“We will fix this, Y/N. Don’t even worry about it.”

“What are we going to do?”

“I got this, okay?” I put my full trust in him. He’s the love of my life and he’s mine and I’m his. 

“I have a few words for those fans of yours.”

“Should I be scared?”

“No, but they should be,” I said with a smirk.

“Well, I’m not going to be left out of this.”

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Dragonslayers and their s/o are in a empty theater when an awkward boner occurs. Love your blog :)


I feel like scenarios for this would get too repetitive so I’m just gonna do their reactions but if you’d rather i did this again as scenarios let me know. Also thanks babe <3 -Mona

Natsu: Would probably turn pink af and try to hide it for the most part. But if the movie got too boring or if it got too unbearable he’d just ask his s/o if they could do something about it let’s fucking hope that’s an empty theatre

Laxus: This studmuffin would probably try and hide it with the popcorn bag until his s/o caught on that something was wrong cause he was acting super strange and highly strung. If they figured it out he’d insist it wasn’t a big deal it’d be fine but secretly be begging them to tell he was lying

Gajeel: He’d probably be embarrassed initially but let’s be real that isn’t gonna last long and if his s/o waits until the end of the movie they’ve got a long night ahead of them

Sting: Boy wouldn’t last 10 minutes without asking for help in what he thought was a seductive way but he ends up just looking like an idiot so his s/o takes pity on him and complies

Rogue: He’d be so embarrassed OH MY GOD like “please don’t look please let me be acting natural oh god no” but ofc it doesn’t work and his s/o would laugh at his pain a little before helping out bc who can say no to that face

Pairing: sugakookie

Words: 6106

Rating: general

Tags: fluff, blind dates

Summary:“man I rlly want a short fic about like jungkook/suga getting rlly sick of their friends setting them up on blind dates so they say their ideal type is something v intricate and random and the friends just like OHO I KNOW JUST THE PERSON and its suga/jungkook and when they meet person 1 is just like holy shit he is my type”

basically this one conversation we had

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Bound By Chains - Chapter 20

Pairing: Eric/OC
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M - This story will continually portray sensitive subjects. Trigger warning.

She’s bound to a monster. And he has personality issues.

A/N: Thanks to everyone for the continuous support/messages/asks. It means the world. 

Tags: (If you want on or off the list, just ask/PM) 

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oh please lets not talk about ysl with anthony, hedi worked so hard to rebrand it and it become so iconic and now anthony ruined it all. Like i refuse to acknowledge him as head designer.

the whole collection he debuted minus those crystal covered boots bored me to absolute tears. and even still i thought the shape of those boots was hideous and outdated but they had such a huge shock value it overshadowed that