oh please grace

Nico slowly realizing that his cheeks heat up most of the time whenever he sees Jason or when he’s just hanging out with his best friend and he’s so confused why is that so. Until Percy tells him while wiggling his eyebrows, “That’s called blushing and I can sense someone crushing on a certain son of Zeus.” 

Percy expects Nico to deny and maybe punch him but no, Nico just blushes even more because “Oh gods. You’re right.” And Nico panics. “What do I do, Percy?” 

“You go tell him and kiss him like a man!” 

Nico’s stands up and shakes himself. “You’re right! I should just tell him and—” he looks back at Percy and blushes even more upon realizing what Percy just said “WHAT IN HADES—I can’t just do...that!” Nico was clearly scandalized.

Then from afar, Jason sees them and smiles because his two friends are getting along better than he expected after everything that happened.

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Jasper au: you moved into my best friends apartment while yours is getting redone and you keep eating all my snacks

Jason had had a key to Annabeth’s apartment since she moved into it two years ago. He’d been walking, uninvited, into her house since their freshman year of college and never once encountered a problem. Well, except for that one time which taught him to avoid certain hours of the morning and evening after she started dating her current boyfriend - but they don’t talk about that.

He let himself in now, at half past five on a Wednesday afternoon, and called out Annabeth’s name before he dropped his bag on the floor of the hallway.

The answering voice did not belong to Annabeth but to Percy, the aforementioned boyfriend. “She’s not home yet.”

Jason sighed and walked down the hall into the living room, holding the boxes of pizza he’d bought on the way up triumphantly. On seeing him - and more importantly, the pizza - Percy shot up from his lounged position on the couch and grabbed the boxes from Jason.

“I love you, man.”

“Save that for your girlfriend,” Jason said as he walked into the kitchen to grab a beer from the fridge.

On opening the white door though, he found the shelf which usually held half a dozen beer bottles almost empty.

“Hey, Perce,” he called.

“Yeah?” Percy answered thickly, clearly having already started the pizza.

“Where are the beers?”

“I dunno.”

Jason grabbed one of the few remaining bottles and crossed to the cupboard to get a bag of chips but encountered the same problem. He always kept a supply of food at Annabeth’s, mostly for nights like this when he came over to watch a game with them. But someone had attacked his stores.

“What the fuck?” he muttered.

“You come into my house,” a voice said from behind him, “you swear in my kitchen.”

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So I drew some Jiper/Jasper/Jasiper/Lightning McLean (we need an official ship name)
I am honestly so freaking proud of how this turned out. This is the first decent drawing I’ve done in a long time.
So today is apparently Jason’s Bday, so this is now a birthday kiss

Castiel, “Leak”

drawn in Photoshop CC (15.06.2017)

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"How do you know my papa?" (I'm thinking about making a Thomas woodhull blog)

“Your papa and I grew up together.” Smiling, Benjamin lowered himself to the boy’s level, he balanced his helm on one knee and smiled at the boy. “He and Caleb and I all lived close together in Setuackett here before I left for school, we used to fish at the dock and find shells. Tell me Thomas, you haven’t happened to find any neat shells around town have you?”


I have one thing to say about this:


Panicked (Robb Stark Imagine)

That was fun but tiring. I don’t know how they’re still going down there. Do they have a feast every night down in the Capital and this is just a regular evening for them? I light a couple candles and change into my night gown when I hear a knock at my door. Oh damn did someone follow me?

I unbar the door nervously but then relax when my eyes land on the Queen. “Oh Your Grace! Please come in, forgive me, I’ve already changed for bed. How may I help you?” I ask as she makes her way into my chamber.

She sits on my bed and pats the spot next to her. “Please sit love, I just wanted speak with you.” I give a little nod and join her. I look up at her doe eyed, curious about what she could want of me.

“From my understanding you are a ward here in Winterfell, correct?” You give another nod. “You aren’t a Stark but you are from another old northern family with quite the reputation.”

I smile at her kind words but still don’t really understand what is going on. I assume she picked up on this because she gives me a gentle smile and takes my hand. “As you know the King wants our Joff and Sansa to marry but my son seems to have taken an interest in you.” Oh no! I don’t want to leave and definitely not steal Sansa’s prince.

“I’m truly honored Your Grace but I’m already with another.” I reply sheepish. With that look on her face it would be safe to say she fell for it.

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Hartoficathon VIII: Neighbours

Hartbig, SFW, SFF, 1.090 words.



It’s around eleven at night when she suddenly hears it, disturbing the perfect tranquillity in her apartment. It’s a scrappy, metal sound, coming from her front door. That’s odd. She puts her book down onto the coffee table and turns the jazz music streaming from her computer down a notch, trying to figure out what’s going on in her hallway. Definitely a weird sound. Hannah gets up from the couch, not taking her eyes off her front door as she slowly walks into the kitchen area and grabs a dirty spatula from the sink.

“Steady.” She tells herself, “Stay cool.”

She reaches for the door handle slowly, spatula ready to attack this unwelcome intruder, and yanks the door open. It doesn’t open far because of the small chain lock she got fitted a few weeks ago, but even with just a couple of inches, she can make out the silhouette of someone way less threatening than a burly burglar.

“Oh.” She sighs, looking down at a giggly blonde who’s now slumped against her door, “It’s you.”

“H-hey!” The girl looks at her dazed, “What the fuck are you doing in my apartment?”


Hannah slams the door shut and undoes the small lock, before opening up again and stepping aside, just in time for the blonde to crash down entirely onto her floor.

“This is the third time in two weeks.” Hannah frowns, “We established this before, you live in 4b, not 3b. This is obviously not your apartment.”

“Lies.” The girl pushes herself off of the floor, stumbling for a second before grabbing the door frame and looking at Hannah in confusion, “Who are you?”

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