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she had the world // panic! at the disco

this is just upsetting

so apparently my art has been reposted?? and i’m telling you it’s not a good feeling… 

why.. why would people even do this?? can’t they empathize with the artists and think how it must feel to steal all their hard work away and just.. do this??

well apparently not. where do they even find this if not from the source???

and don’t even give me the excuse that artists should feel “flattered” because no. this is NOT a form of flattery. reblogging from the source and adding cute tags that is a form of flattery. this just makes me feel upset and there is that feeling of regret in sharing my work.

well i guess it’s time to put in that huge watermark then because i really don’t want this to happen again.


Hellooooooo Dr. Fitz

You don’t have to apologize, just… tell me next time okay?


the pouter & the potty-mouth

Nigel…pay attention to your colourful language around Adam :( 

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Guess who just got back from her script read and found out that the next musical the company is doing is The Addams Family and that she was pretty much precast as Mortica Addams for the next musical, and that her as Morticia was a promise that had to be made to the actor who is playing Gomez as a selling point? 

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Guys. GUYS. It’s not completely set in stone, but…oh my God, I might be playing one of my ultimate childhood idols. 

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can we kind of talk about how “Shadow” and “Try My Luck” changed their presence and confidence on stage?
this is such a beautiful thing, that I think I’m going to cry.

Seek and You Shall Find

“Lonicera Paellax”

Ignis/Aranea (FFXV) | 3.2k words | I’ll tag it M but it doesn’t really deserve it

Authors Notes: Oh god, there wasn’t enough content for this ship so I made some??? Have 3,000 words of Ignis over-intellectualizing the entire universe, and Aranea being her generally sassy self. Pre-Altissia. Canon compliant where there’s actually canon to be had. Vague musings of Iggy’s backstory. Allusions to Aranea/Ravus. 

“So what is this plant we’re hunting for, again?”

Lonicera Paellax.”

“Great. Got anything more helpful than that, Ivory Tower?” Aranea’s voice was a taunting barb a few paces behind him as they picked their way through the beach rose and scrub pine of the Vannath sea-cliffs. “I’m not writing a dissertation. I’d just like to be able to spot the damn things before I’ve crushed them all to hell. These boots aren’t exactly ballet shoes, you know.”    

Ignis smirked. Of course he new that the scientific name was useless in their current context, but he liked the sound of the words… and maybe the sound of her frustration.

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Umm… I desperately needed to do something fluffy and cute but I’m really exhausted today so I don’t have the energy to colour this ><”

if anyone’s interested in colouring this, feel free to do so!! All I ask is that you don’t take my signature off the original lineart, and I’d love to see them ^^ please come show me if you do <33

Guys, not to discourage anyone from anything, whether it be exploring options or committing to a label, but polyamorous relationships are not a walk in the park. They’re not a convenient way to satisfy everyone and they shouldn’t be used as a means to amass validation and affection from people you’re infatuated with/who have a crush on you and you don’t want to turn down.

They’re hard work! There is a lot of trial and error involved, a lot of learning, and a lot of effort. All the magic of being in love multiplied by x partners? Yes! But all the work, too.

Absolutely, it’s natural to feel different things for different people and still have them fall under the name “love”. It’s totally normal to have different dynamics with different people. But at the end of the day, the effort needs to be the same. Not every relationship has the same requirements, but those requirements need to be met.

It’s a complex affair, and you need to make sure you’re ready for it if you go through with it. If you’re not, that’s fine, and it’s great that you gave it a try! I just don’t want anyone thinking it’s an easy arrangement in which everyone is happy from the get-go.

“You know, you really changed. The look in your eyes… What happened?”

A continuation to the previous ask