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Hiii~~ I reallllyyyyy love to your Yu-gi-oh artwork and I was wondering if you would make anymore merchandise of it in the future (a double sided charm with Blue Eyes on one side and Red Eyes on the other or keychains with the 3 god cards or Kaiba Seto would be pretty cool)(≧∀≦)

Thank you so much! 8D 

I actually LOVE to make more ygo double-sided acrylic charms, but problem is: I couldn’t find a good acrylic printing service in Malaysia that doesn’t have this darn ‘minimum printing quantity’ limit… (If anyone in Malaysia know one, do tell me please)

The acrylic charm printing service I used set 30 as minimum quantity, good quality but expensive to print. Plus, selling acrylic charms in Malaysia is pretty tough, hence why I only print designs which I felt both people and I would enjoy the most.

And if I DO manage to find one, Seto Kaiba is definitely on my ‘merch to make’ list *wink*

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Please never let the headcanons die- they are my favorite thing oh my gosh <333

thanks dude!! here’s some more

  • “keith you were alone for an hour how could you possibly get into this much trouble in an hour” “…it didn’t take me the whole hour”
  • coran started growing The Mustache on a dare from alfor
  • everyone always thinks keith is glaring at them but really he just spaced out while looking in their general direction
  • pidge and lance are creatures driven entirely by spite
    • “pidge maybe you should go to bed” pidge: *stays up for the next 24 hours*
    • “lance could you stop flirting with anything that moves” lance: *spends an hour flirting with a rock instead*
  • “poor lance. he thinks he’s totally alone and that we all gave up on him. what kind of effect does that have on a man’s psychology? I wonder what he’s thinking right now” lance, in galra captivity: “how come aquaman can control whales? they’re mammals! makes no sense”
  • that one game grumps thing but with hunk
    • *anything goes wrong* “hunk, okay, don’t panic, we can handle this” “…i appreciate it, but look what we’re dealing with man” “hunk-” “you gotta draw a line somewhere!” “hunk-” “you gotta draw a fucking line in the sand dude!! you gotta make a statemen-”
  • whenever anyone looks at shiro for advice or leadership he’s internally just like wait no don’t do that
  • pidge: “have you ever killed anyone” allura: “…we’re getting off topic”
Cooking Sentence Starters

“Wow! I didn’t know you could cook.”
“This tastes amazing!”
“Did you follow a recipe?”
“Do you need a taste tester?”
“Can I have some of that?”
“Wait, wait. You made this for me?”
“This is really delicious.”
“Can I get some of the leftovers? Please?”
“Why haven’t you opened your own restaurant?”
“Could I get the recipe?”
“You’ve got to tell me how to make this!”
“Can I get seconds?”
“Yeah! More, please!”
“I kinda feel bad for eating it. It’s like art!”
“Wait, this needs to go on Instagram!”
“Oh man. I couldn’t eat another bite!”
“My compliments to the chef~”
“This is the best meal I’ve ever had!”
“These flavors blend perfectly together!”
“Mm, I love savory / sweet / spicy / etc. dishes!”
“I wish I could have your cooking every day.”
“This is way to sweet / sour / bitter / spicy / etc.!”
“Hrm… I think it needs more salt/sugar/spice/etc..”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you, but I’m allergic to ____.”
“No, it’s fine! Just a little burnt on the bottom, that’s all.”
“It’s definitely an…interesting texture.”
“Oh, I already ate.”
“What do you mean? It’s…it’s great! Really!”
“I’m sorry, I really can’t eat this…”
“It’s inedible, frankly.”
“Hey, don’t worry! You’ll do better next time.”
Please follow the recipe next time.”
“Yeah, no, baking is not your thing.”
“Just stick to using the microwave, okay?”
“I mean it’s not the worst thing I’ve had…”
“Whoa! This is seriously undercooked!”
“If I get salmonella from this or something…”

Cavity Makers

*History Maker dentist!parody/cavity!parody

Oh my gosh, it’s today.
Got an appointment, later okay?
I close my eyes and tell myself
That my teeth are real clean.

There’ll be no more dentist
If I clean my teeth, I need them for talking
Where my appointment lies, running to the bathroom
Do you know where’s my toothpaste?

Don’t stop me now. The moment of truth
What the–? Where is my Listerine? 
I saw it today. I threw it away.
Oh heck no! I’ve got a cavity.

[dun dun dun *whack*…dun dun]
I’ve got a cavity.

[dun dun dun *whack* dun dun]
Please spare me some Listerine.

Don’t stop me now. The moment of truth.
Oh yes. Got me some Listerine.
Why is it today? Please, go away.
*incoherent screaming* I’ve got a cavity!

((I swear, if this post becomes a meme or something, I’ll write a dentist!AU story. I’ve convinced myself that it’s a good idea))

More Dialogue Prompts
  • “You expect me to walk home with you dressed like that.”
  • “Pickles make anything better. Anything.”
  • “Please don’t tell me you got arrested again.”
  • “Sometimes you need to make your sarcasm a little more clear.”
  • “I wouldn’t do that even if you paid me a million dollars.”
  • “I must have been an awful person in my past life.”
  • “You look hot in plaid.”
  • “Don’t move. I think this room is bugged.”
  • “It’s positive.”
  • “I don’t hate you. It’s just that if you were on fire I wouldn’t piss on you to save your life, is all.”
  • “Oh, God. That’s your "I did something bad” face.“
  • "This. Never. Happened.”
  • “Can you please be happy for me for five minutes?”
  • “Innocent until proven guilty.”
  • “You’re going to regret this.”
  • “Frankly, my dear, I do give a damn.”
  • “Prison was made for people like you.”
  • “I am the stupidest person alive.”
  • “You know we can’t do this. I’m your boss, for crying out loud.”
  • “She has your cheekbones.”
  • “That wasn’t my fault. That’s on you.”
  • “Time travel isn’t as it’s portrayed in the movies.”
  • “Surprise! I’m dumping you!”
  • “Walk out this door and we’re through.”
  • “We’re not alone.”
  • “Swear to me that this meant nothing to you.”
  • “His last words were a blessing and a curse. Literally.”
  • “You carry that damn blanket everywhere.”
  • “For the hundredth time, I am not your babysitter.”
  • “Old age seems to get the better of us.”
  • “I wish I could forget I ever met you.”

I was planning on putting out a NYE TFLN tonight, but then Harry had to come out of nowhere and fuck us again. Oh, and special thanks to @legend-waitforit-harry for giving me these ideas because I’m not creative.

As always, masterlist is located here. My inbox is always open for requests and ideas, which is located here.

In which Harry is anxious about his role, you have a crush on Cillian Murphy, and Harry won’t tell you anything about the film because he likes you to suffer.

Harry. Missus.

Harry, I have a question. Can you run to the store and grab a few things for me, please? We need some milk, I think some more toilet roll, and a pregnancy test because YOU JUST FUCKED ME WITH THAT TRAILER.





You good there, love?


Fucking hell…


And there goes my boner.

Please tell me you live. I saw the pictures on set with you in the train. That must mean something, right?

I’m not going to tell you, love. Just need to wait and see.

That’s months away, Harry! I need time to mentally collect myself and prepare for my BOYFRIENDS IMPENDING DEATH

Do you want me to get my snot and tears all of your suit at the premiere? Because that’s what you’re setting yourself up for.

That’s gross, love. Get your snot and tears all over Cillian or someone.

Speaking of.

Oh god.

How’s he doing? How’s the family?

I bet he fucking lives in the movie.

Christ, love, nothing you say will make me tell you what happens to me.

What if I gave you a blowie after dinner? And again in the shower before bed? And again in bed? And again when you’re trying to push me off of you while you try to sleep?


Though, I’ll take the offer if it’s open.

Hm. Anyway, back to Cillian.

Is he that hot up close, too? I feel like he is.


Can we not talk about this?

I see he was rescued from the water… What did he do that was so special?

It was probably because he’s starred in a thousand hit movies and won billions of awards for them. He earned his place.

Hey, what’s that about?

I know you’ve seen the stuff people have said. I mean, I get it. I see why they say it.

Because you haven’t been in as many things as some of the other actors? I’ll be honest, anyone who thinks Chris Nolan is dumb enough to hire a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing is a complete loaf, and you know it.

I just don’t want to disappoint anyone.

There’s no way you possibly can. I may not know what happens to you, or anything that even happens in the film, but you earned your place in it, and that proves you’re deserving for his, okay?

The whole world is going ape shit over the trailer, if you haven’t seen. All of your fans have never been more proud of you.

I love you, you know?

And I love you.

Also, Gemma is right, get yourself a bloody lifeguard because if nobody on that boat saves your ass, someone needs to.

Avenging Angel: Part 1

Summary: You’ve spent the last five years on a dangerous mission to solve the crime that wrongly imprisoned your father. When the Winchesters find you half-frozen on the side of a mountain, they make it their own mission to save your life and make sure you stay alive. But after five years of uncovering horribly dark secrets, you’ve learned not to trust anyone. Especially people who seem like they have good intentions.

Word Count: 1548

Warnings: None

“Oh, god, please don’t kill me!” you begged, tears freezing almost as soon as they fell from your lashes. “I’ll do anything. Just let me live.”

“You think you have something that I want?” Braxton asked haughtily, holding his gun steady. “You can’t even tell me where your father used to work. I know more about him than you ever have, and you think you have any bargaining chips left?”

“Please. Let me live. Help me get him out and then he can help you again! It’s what we both want!”

The wind picked up and snowflakes danced with the ends of your hair, but you couldn’t feel a damn thing. Not with the barrel of your boyfriend’s gun pointed at your face.

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can i request the rfa + v +saeran's reaction to an mc who is underage (like they lied about their age to the RFA and said they were like 20 when they were actually 16-17ish)

Oh god…
Well let’s do this…Or try to
Thank you for your request!This means a lot to me!
Any mistakes, tell me.

This can be umcortable for some people(it is for me), please, read this knowing the risks

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Please tell me that’s not who I think it is.

Oh hey, the corrupted monster just tripped backwards!

I’m so glad she’s ok and there is no one currently attacking her.

Yep, that sure is no one in the middle of that frame.


Hey there Jasper. Long time no see.

Good thinking.


Jesus Jasper do you just get more beefy with every appearance?

Is that your secret power?

Short . Prompts

  • “Whose dog is that?”
  • “I’m gonna need you to calm down.”
  • “Power’s out on the whole block.”
  • “So… why do you keep your closet locked?”
  • “This day can’t end any faster.”
  • “You have the cutest nose.”
  • “Looks like you have a secret admirer.”
  • “Do you love him/her more?”
  • “Please, stop it.”
  • “You can’t go in there!”
  • “Oh, just shut up already.”
  • “You know what? I don’t care!”
  • “There’s a huge-ass spider on the ceiling.”
  • “You believe me, don’t you?”
  • “The hot water’s not working.”
  • “You’re scared of me… aren’t you?”
  • “Morning, sleepyhead. I made coffee.”
  • “You love me, don’t you?”
  • “You didn’t tell me you had a dog!”
  • “There’s a storm rolling in. You scared?”
  • “Don’t do that.”
  • “Just get out of here.”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  • “I made cookies… want some?”
  • “You’re an asshole.”
  • “Don’t give up on us. Please.”
  • “It’s too cold to go outside.”
  • “You got a death wish?”
  • “I know you know.”
  • “I just wanna be your friend.”
  • “Stop yelling at me!”
  • “That’s it. I’m calling the police.”
  • “I didn’t know you smoked.”
  • “I thought you said there’d be alcohol.”
  • “You’re the only one I want.”
  • “I wish I never met you.”
  • “You can’t just keep pretending things are fine!”
  • “Guess who bought silly string!?”
  • “Did you steal that?”
  • “Can I buy you a coffee?”
  • “Let me make it up to you.”
  • “Stop talking. Now.”
  • “I don’t think we can be friends anymore.”

Ok hear me out about this part because it really confuses the fuck out of me. It really feels like something REALLY could be between them.
So first of all Albus asks: “What’s this? I thought we decided we don’t hug”
What does he mean with that? I mean he his clearly surprised, but is it positive or negative?
The next line by Scorpius also gives me some questions. What does he mean by this new version of us? To me it sounds like he does feel more for Albus. Or would it mean something else?
Then Albus brings Rose into it, and to me this line really sounds like he is a little jealous. What do you think?
And then Scorpius’s answer is very… idk, hesitant? Especially with every word being a separate ‘sentence’. (I hope this is clear, I don’t really know how to explain it) It feels like he is thinking about it and is like ‘oh right Rose, I should be liking her’.

PLEASE tell me what you think of this part because ugh I can’t get it out of my head. ?

Reincarnation AU Part Two: AKA, whenever people encourage me to Write A Thing by telling me they liked it, you are exponentially more likely to see more of it.

The first bit’s here.

Have more now, under the cut. 

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Reasons to love Callie Torres
  • Callie: You can't pray away the gay!
  • Callie: You don't destroy the person that you love.
  • Callie: It's not a horse, it's a pegasus. And it wants to hold your hand.
  • Callie: "Specializes in complete body rejuvenation." Yeah, I bet you do, Cheryl.
  • Callie: [Arizona: Calliope, I haven't seen you around.] Yeah well, I've been avoiding you.
  • Callie: I like penis. I am a huge, HUGE fan of penis.
  • Callie: You gotta get back in the saddle... And she's got a nice saddle.
  • Callie: Major vibage for major Hunt.
  • Callie: I think [vagina] is a pretty word. People should say it more.
  • Callie: *Rants angrily in Spanish*
  • Callie: I'm a superstar! A superstar with a scalpel!
  • Callie: It's called LGTBQ for a reason. There's a B in there and it doesn't mean badass. Okay, it kinda does. But it also means bi.
  • Callie: Maybe I will see leaves, but I will also see flowers. I might be a whole forest girl.
  • Callie: *Dances in underwear*
  • Callie: Kepner, get out of my vagina.
  • Callie: Oh my God, oh my God! This baby is crack. She's my crack baby!
  • Callie: Alex, stop sleeping with your co-workers. It ruins them. [Alex: I slept with you.] And now I no longer sleep with men!
  • Callie: Kepner... I need you to speak differently.
  • Callie: Their hate will destroy the hospital and then the whole planet.
  • Callie: I was a lot cooler when I was single. [Cristina: You were hardly ever single.] *laughs* I know, I know!
  • Callie: Ohhhh, right in the boob!

As promised, here is a Sherlolly Christmas story. This story takes place on Christmas 2015, one year after the events of HLV. I’ve tried to write this in a way that I can tweak it if the events of Series 4 affect the storyline. However, with “Sherlock”(and Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss) it is always hard to tell what to expect! At any rate, I hope you enjoy it, and as always I welcome feedback (constructive criticism is appreciated; being an arse is not). Merry Christmas!

     “Oh, God! Someone please tell me that this is not going to be a new tradition, this ‘family’ Christmas,” Mycroft was complaining and had been complaining all morning in the kitchen of the Holmes’ family country estate. “Really, what are we all doing here again? No one has been shot. Are we selling off more national secrets?”
     “It depends,” Sherlock replied. “Where’s your laptop?”
     “Both of you stop it!” Mrs. Holmes scolded them. “Mike, your father and I are not getting any younger and we want to spend time together as a family.”
     “Well, why are John and Mary and their offspring here then?”
     “Cheers to you, too, mate,” John said sarcastically as he entered the kitchen. “Our offspring? She has a name, you know.”
     Mrs. Holmes spoke up, “John and Mary are practically family. John is like a brother to Sherlock, isn’t he dear?”
     “That’s hard to say. Are we speaking metaphorically of an ideal brother with whom you share secrets, who is supportive, loyal, trustworthy and a best friend? Or are we talking about someone like Mycroft?”
John suppressed a laugh as Mrs. Holmes scolded Sherlock again.
“Oh, Mrs. Holmes, Molly Hooper will be joining us after all. She texted me this morning.”
     “Lovely! I cannot wait to meet another of Sherlock’s friends.”
     “You invited Molly Hooper?” Sherlock asked with a surprised look on his face.
     “Yes, we discussed this two weeks ago. I told you that her mum was going to be on holiday and Molly was going to be alone for Christmas. I asked you if it would be okay if I invited her along to your parents’ house and you said yes,” John said, exasperated.
     “Obviously I wasn’t listening to you. Shouldn’t be such a surprise. I just hope that Molly doesn’t make a scene like she did at our flat for Christmas.”
     “SHE?! She made the scene? You mortified the poor woman in front of all of her friends because you had to be Sherlock Holmes, the great deducer. You just couldn’t let it go for just one night. I tried to stop you, but on you went, humiliating her. Did you know that later, after you went and locked yourself in your room with The Woman’s phone, that Molly cried? I found her by the steps, quite the mess. Not only because of your little display of “How Brilliant is Sherlock Holmes” but also because immediately thereafter your stupid phone moaned to tell you that The Woman was texting you and you abruptly left us all standing there in the wake of the violently uncomfortable storm you had created. It was quite awkward and Molly was, understandably upset. But you know what? Just hours later you beckoned and Molly came to the morgue so you could identify The Woman, and these are Molly’s words, by ‘not her face.’ Bloody brilliant you are.”
     With that, John turned and stormed out of the kitchen, leaving the three Holmeses in quiet shock. Mrs. Holmes was the first to speak.“Is that all true, Sherlock?” she asked quietly.
     Sherlock hung his head, “Yes, Mum.”
     “Oh, Sherlock! That poor girl.”
     “If it is any consolation to you, brother mine, I think it was a terrible idea to invite Molly,” Mycroft quipped.
     “Oh, shut up, Mycroft!” Sherlock yelled.  He was clearly upset by John’s revelation regarding Molly. It only confirmed what he had realized more than two and a half years ago—he had taken Molly for granted and marginalized her as a woman and a friend. He stood up and left the kitchen as well, finding John, Mary, and Rosie in the sitting room with his father. John was looking out the front windows where Sherlock joined him.
     Staring off into the distance so he wouldn’t have to look John in the eye Sherlock cleared his throat, “Thank you for telling me about that night. I have since come to realize that I have not treated Molly as I should have. You know that she is someone very special to me, someone that I have come to value as a friend and someone that I admire and trust. Thank you for inviting her today.”
     “Yes, well, the day is young yet,” John said curtly and turned to walk away.
     “Wait, what does that mean?” Sherlock called.
     “Just be on your best behavior, you pompous arse.”
     “I will. I promise,” Sherlock answered meekly.
     Mary called to Sherlock, “Sherlock, come over and see Rosie. She hasn’t see her Uncle Sherlock in a while.”
     Sherlock crossed over to the couch where he sat awkwardly next to Mary who was holding Rosie.
     “Would you like to hold her?” Mary asked.
     “No, no. This is fine. Hello, there, Rosie. How are you today? Hmm. She doesn’t say much does she?”
     “Well, she is only eight months old.”
     “I was reading when I was eight months.”
     “Well, practically.”
     Just then Mycroft entered the room with a glance toward John, who looked out the window. “Sherlock, would you care to join me out in the back garden for a cigarette?”
     “Yes, that is just the thing I need,” Sherlock answered, looking relieved to put some distance between he and the baby. Grabbing his coat, he followed his brother through the kitchen to the back door.
     Meanwhile, John had spotted Molly’s green Mini Cooper coming up the front drive. “There’s Molly. I’ll just meet her at the front gate and see if she needs any help.”

     In the garden Mycroft offered Sherlock a cigarette. “Low tar, I’m afraid.”
     Sherlock took it and eagerly drew a long drag. He closed his eyes as he slowly released the burning smoke from his lungs. He turned his collar up against the misty rain which had started.
     “So, brother mine, what is the relationship between you and Ms. Hooper? You’ve grown rather fond of her, haven’t you?” Mycroft asked.
     “I hardly see how it is any of your business.”
     “Everything is my business.”
     “I know you think rather highly of yourself, but it really is not. However, if you must know, I am fond of Molly Hooper. As you know, being gone for two years made me rethink some things, the prospect of living a lonely life was one. By the way, made any new friends lately?”
     “You know my thoughts on things such as friendship and sentiment. I could understand, to a degree, when I thought that what happened between the two of you was merely placating a physical, biological need, but it has become clearer now that there is something more. Therefore, I want to speak on a more serious note for a moment, if we might. Sometimes the work you pursue, dear brother, leads down dangerous paths. Moriarty was perfectly willing and capable of killing those you consider your friends. Magnussen would have destroyed John and Mary for the sake of getting to you and, ultimately, me and the British Empire.”
     Sherlock snorted.
     “Oh, dear brother,” Mycroft continued, “laugh if you will, but there are people in this world that you meet through your line of ‘work’ that will not hesitate to use those that you love the most to get to you. They will hurt them. They will use them up.  They will devastate them. Furthermore, I think you will find soon enough that you will find yourself with more than you bargained for with Ms. Hooper, and I hope that will not change your newfound sense of love and sentiment.”
     Sherlock exhaled a stream of smoke in Mycroft’s face. “What do you mean by that?”
     “Oh, don’t worry; I think you will deduce for yourself and in less time than I had hoped, thanks to John Watson.”
     “Don’t be such an arse, Mycroft. We’re not children anymore.”
     “Well, it seems that Ms. Hooper has arrived. Let’s go see if you can deduce anything today, shall we.”
     Taking last drags from their cigarettes, the Holmes brothers stepped over to the birdbath and touched the burning ends of their cigarettes into the water extinguishing them. As they had since they were school boys hiding their habit from their mum, they pocketed the butts to dispose of later.
     John carried an umbrella and opened Molly’s door when she parked by the Holmes’ front gate. He helped her out of the car and gave her a squeeze and a kiss on the cheek.
     “How was your drive up?” he asked her he followed her around with the umbrella to the car boot where there were bags of wrapped Christmas presents.
     “Quite lovely. William just fell asleep about thirty minutes ago. Would you mind carrying the presents up to the house, and I’ll get William out of the car and carry him.”
     “Are you sure? I could carry him if you like.”
     “No, that’s okay. I’d rather—for this.”
     “Are you ready for this?” John asked. “It’s not too late to jump back in the car and take off,” he said with a half-smile on his face.
     “John Watson, you are the one that has been championing me to do this. Don’t give me an out now,” Molly said teasingly. Then her face became more serious. “I know I need to do this. I need to do it for all of us—William, Sherlock, and me. I’ll be okay. It will be okay.” She opened the back of her car where William was asleep in his car seat. Molly carefully unbuckled him and covered him with his favorite blanket to keep him dry as she carried him up the lane.
     Molly walked into the sitting room as Sherlock and Mycroft were coming in from the garden. Stirring in her arms was William, still under the cover of his blanket. Mrs. Holmes came bustling in from the kitchen to greet Molly.
     “Hello, you must be Molly! And who is this with you?” she said with a pleasant smile.
     Molly swallowed hard and glanced at John and Mary, who each gave her an encouraging nod and a smile. She looked toward Sherlock and Mycroft. Sherlock had a perplexed look upon his face, seeing her with a small child in her arms. Mycroft almost seemed smug, and she nearly lost her nerve. But their parents were smiling so warmly at her, with their arms around each other, that she glimpsed all of the potential that she knew must be somewhere within Sherlock. She cleared her throat as William opened his eyes and looked up at her. She smiled at him.
     “Mr. and Mrs. Holmes, Sherlock, this is my son William John Scott Hooper.” She took the blanket from his head and William turned to look at everyone in the room.
     “Oh, my goodness!” Mrs. Holmes gasped as she grabbed her husband for support.
     Sherlock stood stunned and speechless, for with his tousled dark brown hair, high cheek bones, and piercing blue eyes, there was no mistaking who the father of this child was, and the name erased any doubts.
     “He’s named after John,” Molly continued, smiling at John Watson, “for he was a great support to me when I was all alone. He actually delivered William. So I gave him John as his second name, and the rest is after his father.” She looked at Sherlock who was still too shocked to speak.
     It was Mrs. Holmes who finally came forward and lay her hand upon William’s cheek. “May I?” she asked Molly, holding her arms out to William. He reached for her without hesitation and Mrs. Holmes embraced him tightly. “I thought I would never see the day,” she sighed.
     John cleared his throat, “Why don’t we all give Sherlock and Molly some privacy. I’m sure there are some things they’ll wish to discuss.”
     Alone with Sherlock, Molly approached him cautiously. He still stood in his damp overcoat looking confused and wounded.
     “Sherlock, I know you are probably angry right now, and I am so sorry. He was a surprise to me after you left, but a very pleasant and welcome surprise. As far as I knew I would never see you again. You were out in the world ridding it of the remaining visages of Moriarty. But with William, I at least had a little part of you with me.”
     “But I’ve been back for over two years!” he exclaimed with anger and hurt.
     “I know! And I’ve wanted to tell you! John told me to tell you, but I was scared. I’ve never known quite where I stand with you. I didn’t know if you would want a child.”
     “So John knew. How long?” He was angry and hurt.
     “At first he didn’t know. I let everyone believe that it was a one-night stand. I told them that the father was out of the picture. It wasn’t until the night that John delivered him that I told him. I just couldn’t keep the secret any more. I had to tell someone and he was the only one that I trusted. Mary knew, too. John brought her to meet me and when she saw William, she knew.  She had seen your picture and anyone can see you when they look at him.”
     “But someone else knew as well,” Sherlock stated. “When you introduced William, you said, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Holmes, Sherlock, this is my son William John Scott Hooper.’ John and Mary already knew William, so they needed no introduction. But you didn’t introduce him to Mycroft either because he knew, too.”
     “After William was born he came to see me. He knew. I don’t know how he knew, but he did. He has been assisting me—not giving me money, it’s not like that. But he got William into Broadhurst School, and he pays the tuition. He makes sure William has everything that he needs.”
     “But that has come at a price. He didn’t want you to tell anyone that I am William’s father, especially not me.”
     “He said that it would put William in danger, that Moriarty’s web of criminals was widespread and still willing to destroy you and anyone associated with you. He also said that it would put you in danger if you somehow found out. He said you couldn’t finish what you started.”
     “It’s been over two years though. Why haven’t you told me?”
     Molly broke down in tears and turned away, unable to face Sherlock. “I don’t know! I don’t know. I’m so sorry! I didn’t know if you would want us, if you would want him. Like I said, I’ve never known where I stand with you. But this secret has been tearing me apart. I first wanted to tell you after I broke up with Tom. I was going to tell you that morning that we were supposed to go out for breakfast and a chat, but when I ran into Janine—I was just so angry with you.”
     Sherlock closed his eyes and hung his head. “Oh, god,” he whispered. “I was so stupid.”
     “And then,” Molly continued, “I wanted to tell you after your overdose, but…”
     “Mycroft told you not to tell me. I suppose he told you that I was obviously not fit to be a father.”
     “No, it wasn’t like that. Not quite like that,” she said, turning to look him in the face again.
     “Molly,” Sherlock said, softer now, “if you didn’t know where you stood with me, it’s because I didn’t know either. This is all new territory for me. I’ve spent my life trying to avoid emotions and attachments to people.” He stepped closer to her and put his hands on her waist. “Molly, please don’t cry anymore. When I was away, I thought of you every day. Sometimes in the middle of  nowhere or in the depths of a terrorist cell or crime syndicate, the thought of you was the only thing that kept me going. I would see something that would remind me of you and I would take a picture of it…”
     “And text it to me. I got worried about you when you stopped sending them.”
     “It was dangerous and foolish of me. I used burner phones, but I always worried that I was putting you at risk.”
     “I always deleted them. I wanted to keep them, but I was worried about you, too.” Molly looked down. “The last one that I got from you was the morning that William was born. It was kites. It scared me, because I thought somehow you knew, and then I didn’t hear from you again…”
     “William was born on February 14?” Sherlock asked with an amused smile on his face.
     “Yes,” Molly answered. “So you didn’t know? Wait, February 14…you were sending me a Valentine?”
     “I was in Afghanistan, getting ready to move into Russia. I couldn’t risk communication anymore. I couldn’t risk you.
     “Molly, I’ve told you before, this is all unfamiliar territory to me, feelings and such. But, I want to be in your life, and I want to be in William’s life, if you will let me. I may need to take things slow and I don’t know what I am doing, but if you will show me…”
     “Yes, of course, Sherlock. We’ll take it as slow as you need to go. Do you think today that you might like to talk to William? We don’t have to tell him who you are right now. It might be better for him that way, to get to know you first.”
     “Yes, I think that would be better. I would like to meet him properly though.”
     “He’s brilliant. I’ve never met a child who seemed so thoughtful and intuitive. I suppose that is to be expected, though.”
     “Obviously–” Sherlock caught himself before he elaborated and said something rude. “That is, he obviously takes after his mother.”
     “There’s no need to say that.”
     “It’s true though. You are one of the most intelligent people that I have ever met. You are good at what you do. William is very lucky to have you as a mother.”
     “Thank you,” Molly replied, blushing. “Now, shall we go introduce you?”
     “Just one more thing first,” Sherlock said, and he bent over and kissed her softly on the lips as Molly blushed again. “Honestly, you did keep me going every day. Merry Christmas, Molly Hooper.”


Request:  Imagine taking Felicity out for brunch

“Ok, what’s the big emergency” Felicity sighs with exhaustion as she practically throws herself into the chair opposite you. If you hadn’t been so determined that you were in the right to call this meeting, you might have felt bad, hell, looking at just how worn out the blonde was, you couldn’t help but let a small amount of that guilt creep through anyway. But no, this was the right thing to do. You needed Felicity, and more importantly right now, she needed you.

“I ordered you a coffee” you smile, handing her a menu.

“Oh no, that means this is big. Is something wrong? Of course something’s wrong, you wouldn’t say it was an emergency otherwise. What is it? Is everyone ok? Please tell me no one has died!” Felicity begins to rant.

“Fel, nothing’s wrong! Calm down!” You sooth, a reassuring smile in place as you gently stroke her arm calmingly. “Ok, look, don’t get mad at me, but I may have lied on the phone…”

“Lied about what?” the blonde questions suspiciously, her gaze never wavering from you for a second.

“There’s no emergency… Well, there is, but it’s not what you think,” you backtrack quickly. “You’re the emergency.”

Confusion plays on her brow as she continues to look at you in silent question.

“Look, I love you to pieces, but ever since you and Oliver broke up you’ve been wearing yourself thin. I honestly can’t remember the last time we actually caught up without it having something to do with some great big threat looming over the city. You need to take a break, and this, this is that. You are going to forget about work, forget about the Green Arrow, and you are going to have brunch with me, like old times.”

“And no one is hurt?” Felicity asks.

“Not if you agree to actually sit here and eat something, otherwise you might be” you smirk playfully at your friend.


My reactions through RWBY Volume 4: Chapter 10

Again this is gonna be somewhat long and very spoilery. So be warned.

- Damn. I just realized that RWBY Volume 4 is about to end. Just 2 more episodes left.
- Oscar, you sure about leaving?
- This isn’t Ozpin controlling you right?
- Okay Oscar no turning back now.
- You, Ozpin, and your trusty backpack heading to Haven.
- Please bump into Ruby, Qrow, and Jaune or Ren and Nora.
- Rain why you ruin everything?
- Be on your guard? What do you me-
- Oh shit. It’s one of Salem’s people.
- Does he know? Does he not know?
- Ozpin tell us something more than that.

- Damn, look at this place. Place is a mess.
- Maybe if I hope hard enough, they’ll be fine and not ambushed.
- Of course he didn’t. This probably stirred some memories.
- Ren. No. You are too young for that.
- Sweets~
- Look little Nora. And she’s being bullied. Ren! Protect her!
- Go Nora! Now break their legs!
- Hey! Don’t hurt her!
- Ren! Save her! No? Okay.
- Ren’s dad save her!
- Nora, run!
- Ren’s dad joins the awesome dad squad.

- Back to Ruby and co.
- Qrow you feeling any better?
- Ruby don’t be like that.
- Yeah they wanted to come.
- Finally! We are talking about this! Character development come to me!
- Lancaster is going strong right now but I am Arkos for life!

- Back to little Ren.
- What’s happening?
- Is the village attacked? By what? Bandits? Grimm?
- Oh Ren’s mom is also a great mom.
- Musical score is on point as always.
- She’s dead isn’t she?
- Oh no… Now Ren’s dad is gonna die too.
- It’s gonna be okay, Ren.
- Nora!
- Don’t cry. It’s okay.
- What the hell?
- Did he unlock his aura? His semblance?
- Yes! Save little Nora!
- Was that his semblance?
- Is it camouflage? What is it?
- Young Renora is so cute!
- I can hear Boop is the background. That’s it. They are meant to be.

- Now with present Ren and Nora.
- Well you guys didn’t want to go with Ruby and co. So deal with it.
- Dammit why are you two so cute?
- Smiling Ren is so cute.
- Pfft. lol.
- What does this mean?
- Ren? Where are you going?
- What. The. Fuck…?
- What… Happened here?
- Grimm? Bandits? Raven’s tribe?

Breaking and Entering.

// Here is an imagine I thought about, it’s a Gotham (Jerome) imagine. Hope you like it!

bf/n = best friends name

f/n= friends name.

Warnings: Death. (Also you {the reader} may be depicted as slightly insane-ish\come off as slightly insane-ish towards the end, but oh well. I will probably do one later where {reader} isn’t slightly insane or crazy.) It’s more of a matter of opinion on whether you are insane though.

Rating: Slightly not fluff, but still sorta fluff? An in between thing. I don’t know if there is a term for an in between. If there is, someone please tell me. //

You and your friends had thought it would be a good idea to break into the house of Theo Galavant. You walk around, looking at through drawers. F/n steps forward, and taps your shoulder.

“I-I’m not sure we should be doing this…I-I thought…..I t-think I heard something….” F/n whispers as bf/n walks into the room. Bf/n rolls his eyes and leans against the window.

“Oh calm down f/n,  we’ll be fine.”

“But I heard a noise!” F/n shouts. Bf/n opens his mouth to say something, but then a loud thud can be heard. F/n and bf/n both freak out, and dive into the closest closet. “Y/n, hurry!” They say, motioning you over. You roll your eyes, and stay where you are, even as the door busts open. You had expected Theo to walk in, and he does, but a group of around five follow him after. Two girls, three guys. The one in the lead has a huge smile on his face, and throws his arms up as he walks in.

“Well, what do we have here?” He asks, looking over at you. Theo turns to the girl with blonde hair.

“Barbara, search the bedrooms, Tabitha, search the closet.” Before anyone can move, your two friends burst out of the closet, and attempted to get away from the group. The taller man with wild hair and a bushy beard grabs f/n, and bf/n is intercepted by the smaller one who seems to be talking to himself. The red haired one, who seems like the leader, walks forward to you, and tilts his head

“You didn’t hide,” he says, looking over at your friends. “The others hid… but you…you didn’t.” He says.

“There’s a difference. Their scared. I’m not.” His lips widen into an even bigger smile, and he bows slightly.

“Well, my lady. My name is Jerome, Jerome Valeska.” He says, and winks.

“I’m Y/N.” You reply, before he can ask the question. His eyes light up, and he walks forward, causing you to back up against the window. He presses his palm on the glass right beside your head, and places his other hand on your shoulder. Jerome tilts his head, and moves close up to your face, his only being inches from your own. His eyes scan yours, his lips still tipped up in that seemingly permanent smile of his. You can’t help but divert your gaze, not able to hold it any longer. He laughs, and his hand on the window slowly clenches into a fist. His face moves even closer now, as he steps forward. You are now chest to chest with him, and his nose brushes against your cheek. He laughs again and his lips graze your cheek briefly before he pulls his head back. Jerome drags his hand down the window and searches your face with his eyes.

“Oh, doll…” He whispers

“Just kiss her already,” Barbara says, looking over at the two of you. “It’s obvious you want to.” There’s a slight taunting tone to her voice that makes Jerome look over his shoulder. When he turns back to you, he kisses you, moving his hand from the window to the back of you head and pulling you to him.

However, your moment is cut off by the sound of gun shots, and Jerome pulls away from you just in time for you to see your friends falling to the floor, dead. You stare down at them, and Jerome looks over at you, expecting a reaction, any sort of reaction. Your eyes fill with tears, and although you say nothing, one falls down your face. “Well….” Jerome says, clapping loudly once. You look over at him, and do the oddest thing.

You smile.

For a moment that’s all there is, but when Jerome makes eye contact with you, he smiles as well. In a matter of seconds there seems to be an understanding between the two of you, because you both step forward at the same time, and you he pulls you to him once again, placing a soft, quick kiss on your lips before laughing softly.

“You are different from anyone I’ve ever met…” He whispers, holding your face in his hands. “You’re…perfect.”

  • Jace: Hello! I'm Jace Lightwood.
  • Brother Zachariah: Oh really? Tell me more about it.
  • Brother Zachariah: Because it sounds like bullshit to me.
  • Brother Zachariah: Everything about you screams "HERONDALE".
  • Brother Zachariah: Oh please do tell me how you feel about ducks?
  • Brother Zachariah: And pianist fingers bitch? This was MY idea!
  • Brother Zachariah: Also aren't you like sarcastic teenager with tortured soul and invisible "inner goodness"?
  • Brother Zachariah: And tell me about the girl you have but apparently can't have for some reason
  • Brother Zachariah: Didn't you like A Tale Of Two Cities a little too much?
  • Brother Zachariah: Oh! And did you know the guy whose eyes you inherited was named after me BY MY FUCKING HERONDALE PARABATAI!
  • Brother Zachariah: call yourself Lightwood onw more time bitch.
  • Brother Zachariah: ONE. MORE. TIME.
  • Jace: ...