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 He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: romance, future smut, badboy!jungkook

WORDS: 3 155

WARNINGS: cussing, mature

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A/N: this part’s kinda weird. it’s more of a build-up chapter. there might end up being about 8 parts lol. thank yOU FOR 900, OMG

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Knuckles: Boxer!Ashton (Part 3)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven  | Part Eight

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Pulling up.

Coming down x

You take a final look in the vanity mirror, adjusting bits of your done-up hair to reach a balanced mixture of messy yet elegant. There’s a certain strand that’s been having a time taunting you all day, springing from it’s bobbypin every chance it gets, and you decide to just gift it the freedom it’s worked so hard for, removing the clip at the last second and dropping it on the dresser. Black tie events are far from your forté, but you’re trying your best to play the part for Ashton. The last time you wore a dress this long or heels this high had to be your senior prom, and the jitters in your stomach make you feel like you’re getting ready for it all over again: nervous to see your date, paranoid about something going wrong, trying too hard to impress people you don’t know. At least this time you can look forward to alcohol being there.

You grab your phone and a clutch full of necessities before heading out the door, slowly making your way down the steps as you’re reminded how difficult it is to walk in heels. Whose bright idea was it to invent these things? They’ll be kicked off by the end of the night, no doubt. Your feet are already starting to hate you.

At the edge of the sidewalk a tall figure awaits your descent. He’s sporting a classic black and white tuxedo perfectly tailored to accentuate his striking physique, a thin tie hung from the collar rather than a bow. It’s quite a contrast to the athletic shorts and t-shirts you’re used to seeing him in, but you definitely aren’t complaining. The mop of brown curls that usually fall over his eyes have been trimmed and styled for the occasion, and the two week old beard he claimed he was too lazy to shave has disappeared from his chiseled face, cleaning him up significantly. Ashton has always been more of the ruggedly handsome type to you; the kind of person who looks his best straight after rolling out of bed in the morning. However this new side of him, one so sharp and expensive, inflicts serious damage to your will power, and it takes every ounce of your conscious control to not just blow off the event and drag him straight back up to your apartment.

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Interviewer: But the question is more, how do you get there? Do you get there by confrontation, violence?

Davis: Oh, is that the question you were asking? Yeah see, that’s another thing. When you talk about a revolution, most people think violence, without realizing that the real content of any revolutionary thrust lies in the principles and the goals that you’re striving for, not in the way you reach them. On the other hand, because of the way this society’s organized, because of the violence that exists on the surface everywhere, you have to expect that there are going to be such explosions. You have to expect things like that as reactions. If you are a black person and live in the black community all your life and walk out on the street everyday seeing white policemen surrounding you… when I was living in Los Angeles, for instance, long before the situation in L.A ever occurred, I was constantly stopped. No, the police didn’t know who I was. But I was a black women and I had a natural and they, I suppose thought I might be “militant.”

And when you live under a situation like that constantly, and then you ask me, you know, whether I approve of violence. I mean, that just doesn’t make any sense at all. Whether I approve of guns.

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. Some very, very good friends of mine were killed by bombs, bombs that were planted by racists. I remember, from the time I was very small, I remember the sounds of bombs exploding across the street. Our house shaking. I remember my father having to have guns at his disposal at all times, because of the fact that, at any moment, we might expect to be attacked. The man who was, at that time, in complete control of the city government, his name was Bull Connor, would often get on the radio and make statements like, “Niggers have moved into a white neighborhood. We better expect some bloodshed tonight.” And sure enough, there would be bloodshed. After the four young girls who lived, one of them lived next door to me…I was very good friends with the sister of another one. My sister was very good friends with all three of them. My mother taught one of them in her class. My mother—in fact, when the bombing occurred, one of the mothers of one of the young girls called my mother and said, “Can you take me down to the church to pick up Carol? We heard about the bombing and I don’t have my car.” And they went down and what did they find? They found limbs and heads strewn all over the place. And then, after that, in my neighborhood, all the men organized themselves into an armed patrol. They had to take their guns and patrol our community every night because they did not want that to happen again.

Angela Davis on violence and revolution (1972)

based on this frickin hilarious video go watch it now (also on a03)

Derek gets a call from an unknown number at 10:27am. It happens sometimes, telemarketers, and quite often for the nannying agency that’s one digit off his mobile. Today is a new one.

“Hello, this is Derek.”

“Oh, hi. Okay. Hi, I’m Stiles,” comes a surprised voice from the other end.

“Hi Stiles.”

“So, Derek, this is going to sound strange, but I’m just about to go in for a job interview in three minutes, and I had to fill out this list of references and I was short a number so I wrote down a random one, then thought I should call it to see if it was real. And it is, it’s yours.”

“So you just wrote down a random number as a reference?” Derek asks, confused and also a little amused.

“Yes, that’s right. And look, I’m going in soon, and getting this job would be really great, and so would you mind if I keep your number on the list? They probably won’t call but I–”

“Go for it,” Derek interrupts. What’s the harm in it? He can cross off that he’s done his one nice thing for the day, and this Stiles is right, he probably won’t even get a call.

“Seriously? Ah, okay that’s amazing. Thank you.”

“What’s the job?” Derek asks, grabbing a pen and paper to write it down. He’s warming up to the idea of doing this fake reference thing. It’ll be a laugh if nothing else.

“So it’s an IT position with Saris and Fehr Legal. System maintenance, software security, a bunch of stuff really, but don’t worry about it too much, I just had you down as a personal reference?”

Stiles asks it like a question, showing some nerves, and Derek realises he’s essentially admitting he doesn’t know enough people who’d give him a positive reference.

“Oh well that’s easy enough then, I’ll just say that I’ve known you for years, talk about how you’re organized, trustworthy, etcetera,” Derek’s been a reference for some of his friends before, he knows the drill.

“Ah, yeah, sounds great. Wow. You sure about this?”

“It’s fine, Stiles. It’ll make my day more interesting at any rate.”

“Wow,” Stiles repeats, clearly surprised by Derek’s immediate cooperation. “So it’s Stiles Stilinski, not sure I gave you my last name.”

“No, you didn’t,” he says, writing down Stiles’ surname phonetically. “Mine’s Hale. Derek Hale.”

“Hale,” Stiles repeats, while Derek can hear the sound of a pen moving across paper through the phone. “Alright, I’ve got to go now but thanks so much, Derek. It means a lot.”

“You’re welcome,” Derek says, smiling at how relieved Stiles sounds. “Good luck for the interview.”

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hasetsu tourism ambassador victor nikiforov

lol aint it cute

But also it’s more of the life and love Victor has experienced with Yuuri in Hasetsu, isn’t it? Another form of fun from the place that’s embraced this lonely workaholic and given him a break and plied him with good food, good drink, new adventures, people who warmly call him Vicchan and take him into their home…

Tourists are scarce and the town’s been dying. Then in comes Victor, luring in swarms of new arrivals, reigniting interest in the place, pushing its beloved golden son to amazing new heights, organizing events and creating hype. So very happy to sing its praises and post beautiful pictures on social media, and “oh you want me to wear a costume and ask people to come? Of course, Hasetsu is amazing! I love this sort of thing!” and later, with Victor and Friends: “What say you to another ice show but with 1000% more famous international athletes? (*´♡`*)ノ”

The change in life and love doesn’t just stop with Victor and Yuuri. Imagine how this has helped Hasetsu. YOI’s just so heartwarming. Makes me so happy. 😢😢😢😢

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What do you like most about korrasami? And what was the scene that you liked the most in the series?

Oh gosh, it’s going to be hard to narrow this down because there are so many things I love about them!

I think what really stuck out to me the most was just how organic their relationship was. I know there are people out there with differing opinions about this (and that’s fine), but their growth throughout the books felt so natural to the point of where I think it may have taken some of the creators by surprise. Korrasami just sort of… wrote itself in a wonderful and romantic way. Sure, it would have been nice to have seen some more intimate interactions between them in the show, but restrictions placed by Nickelodeon made that a thing difficult to do.

I think this idea of an organic approach works hand-in-hand with just how well Korra and Asami complement each other. It’s a pretty wonderful thing to witness. We have Korra, the figurehead of spiritual wisdom in comparison with Asami, the figurehead of technological advancement. Korra is known to be abrasive and hotheaded while Asami is quite meticulous and cautious. Korra is master of all four elements while Asami isn’t able to bend a single thing - despite this, it does nothing to effect how synchronized they are together in their battles together. 

These two characters have seen each other at some of their best and worst times. Asami was Korra’s caretaker after the Red Lotus ordeal despite her position at Future Industries. Korra was there for Asami after losing her father TWICE (via Amon and Kuvira), making sure that she had someone to lean on. 

The two of them could have completely had a rift between them due to the Mako situation, but we see that they don’t take it out on each other. In fact, they seem to grow from it.

It just seems that despite everything that was thrown at them - all of these things that could have completely ruined their relationship - they persevered. Their friendship turned into something absolutely unbreakable and untouchable. Despite all odds, they made it through their darkest times and found each other at the end of the tunnel. They balance each other completely and this worked perfectly with the overall theme of the forth book - “Balance”.

* * * * *

As for my favourite scenes in Korra (I’ll try to give one besides the final Korrasami scene, seeing as how I just wrote paragraph about how perfect they were), the first one that comes to mind is Korra bending the poison metal out of her body. This is also on par with Korra entering the spirit world with Zaheer’s assistance. 

These two scenes are just a testament to just how far Korra had come after the finale of book 3. While I’m sure she’ll keep having to deal with her PTSD throughout the rest of her life, it was just amazing to see Korra face some of her biggest fears head-on and use them as way to become even stronger. 

Those scenes just made me immensely proud of Korra and her character arc. Just seeing her in that wheel chair to where she is now… it’s just amazing. It still leaves me speechless to this day!

* * * * *

Thanks a lot for the message anon! I had a blast answering your questions! <3

High in the Mountains (Jumin x MC)

Kingdom!AU: At the brand new, perhaps overwhelming news, you meet with your fiance for the first time in ages. 

Word Count: 1563

I haven’t got much to say other than I hope you enjoy and have a splendid day!! Thank you and enjoy!!

This is a story-oriented prompt, I highly recommend you read the previous parts before this one:




“What’re you doing?” 

You had pulled him down beside you, your stomachs pressed tightly to the ground, pointing out to what you saw just ahead.

A small family of rabbits.

A mother and her kits, their heads just barely peeking out from the burrow, their noses crinkled and cautious. 


His gaze widened like saucers as he met what you were pointing out, his ears perking towards the creatures, claws scraping at the dirt, and his pupils becoming thinner than slits. 

And surely, you knew.

You snatched up his hand in your own, holding him down, puffing out your cheeks indignantly. 

“Leave them alone…!” You had snapped, furrowing your brow. “Just…watch them.” 


“It’s nice, just to sit and observe.” You explained delicately. “Just to sit and take it all in.” 

He tensed, his shoulder blades shifting awkwardly as he forced himself to stay still. 

“Do you do this often?” 

“My dad says that even though we’re hunters, it’s important to just take time to appreciate it all,” You remarked. “if we spend all our time hunting there won’t be anything left to provide for others. Sometimes, we just need to leave it be.” 

“My family hasn’t had that luxury before.” He hummed. “Typically we have to go after everything we can find.” 

“…Oh.” You folded your lips, a tinge of guilt bubbling in your eyes. “Well, I think you could now. I mean, we’re friends now right? And friends help each other.” 

“What do you mean?”

“My family’s helping you now, so…maybe now you can do this…?” 

He had thought for a moment, a hint of hope growing in his features before he nodded gently. 

“…Just sit and watch?” 

“And enjoy it.” 

You smiled at the memory.

It was a faint smile, but it still lingered even as you had left your kingdom and made your way to another it remained.

Your home’s grand gate had shut behind you as you were escorted out, the towering, vine entwined wall staring out towards you, almost emptily now. 

Within there’d be countless cottages and shops, people busheling about amongst the training soldiers, barreling children, or even the tamed beasts, following alongside the hunters that sought them out. 

It almost seemed like a rite of passage throughout your country, nearly each and every person having sealed a bond with an animal as sacred as a family’s.

Except you.

Your mother, an enormous timber wolf, steady, huge haunches and fur clotted and dotted with scars that often left a shiver trailing down your spine.

Your father, a hawk that tended to follow after you as if a sort of guard, speckled feathers, and amber eyes never too far behind you.

But you yourself?


It even left a few superstitious citizens wary of where you ‘truly came from’, going so far as to claim you as illegitimate. 

That hadn’t exactly gone well with your parents. 

But nonetheless, you couldn’t help but be confused.

Why hadn’t you found one?

Usually, they were found as a child, but you had simply seemed hopeless for some reason.

And to say the least, that terrified you.

Yet as you left, you couldn’t help but feel at least comforted in that fact, knowing that the constant pressure to find that connection would no longer be plastered to your every mood.

No, instead it would be learning the customs and manners of a whole different territory.

After all, you couldn’t go off with the small stories and tales told from your fiance as a child.

But, they wasn’t exactly anything to go off of.

It would simply be a matter of adaptation. 

And as you entered the new area, you knew it’d be dire.

The kingdom was set up amongst a cluster of tightly packed hills towards the top of the mountains that bordered the region, thick, heavily fortified stone walls looming over you as the gate toppled down to greet you.

And sounds flooded in.

The sounds of chatter almost instantly drowned your ears, many pointing, and following after you curiously. 

Some of the children even outright asked you.

“What’re you doing here?”

“You don’t have much fur, aren’t you cold?”‘

“Where are your ears?”

“You look like those…h-humans…?”

Snow painted the grounds, a mixture of crackling ice and clacking of stone as the horses carried you from your carriage, snorting and whipping their tails from side to side. 

Smoke puffed out of each of the homes, whether cobblestone or crafted from wood, tarps of the flags used to shield the residents from the snow and cold. 

The people themselves were much cleaner than Mr. Han as you had first met him, thicker in fur and hair but well-clothed and fed, hints of their white, sharp fangs peeking out as they spoke.

“Um…your highness?” 

You peered forward as the coachman twisted back to meet you. 


“We’re approaching the Han’s…castle if you have anything you need to gather your things I suggest you do so now.” 

“Oh um…thank you, of course.” 

You fumbled for your things, only a small pack that you wound around your waist, one of the two things you had taken with you.

And inside was letters.

Letters from your mother from her hunting expeditions, your father from his travels, and Jumin, from your childhood days. 

And the other was your old hunting blade. 

You had taken it with you just about everywhere from the second it was given, this was no different. 

For just as the letters, you kept them close to your heart. 

You stepped outside as the carriage came to a halt, the coachman slipping off from his seat, helping you out. 

“I hope you enjoy your stay,” He murmured, shivering. “At least more than I have.” 

You simpered, dipping your head politely as you pressed a few coins into his palm.

“It’s greatly appreciated.” 

And with that, he was off, giving you a kind wave as the horses raced off, the only reminder of them being the tangles of air brought with the cold. 

You wearily moved inside the manor, finding it oddly made from thick, mahogany, unlike the oak and stone surrounding it. 

And inside, was awe-inspiring. 

Slick, pristine wood made the walls and floors, ornate yet worn furniture set up about against the engraved and polished banks. 


Immediately you heard voices and movement. 

And soon enough, you were met with a woman.

She was smaller than the ones you had met outside, only wearing a few pelts to combat the frigid weather, clad in heavy leather with a carving of the Han family symbol against the fabric. 

“Ah, your highness,” She bowed curtly, moving a few stray strands of muddy brown hair from her face. “It’s an honor to finally meet you.” 

“I’m Jahee Kang,” She introduced herself, her tone oddly stoic and formal. “I’m the advisor of the Han family, usually if you need anything to be provided from the manor, you’ll come to me.” 


Her ears, flattened slightly, a frown coming to her lips.

“I understand you must be…uncertain, but please trust in me when I say we will do everything we came to help you properly settle in.”

“I-I know it’s just…” You fiddled with your fingers sheepishly. “it’s just so different.” 

“That is commonly said from newcomers. You’ll adjust though, I’m sure of it.”

“T-Thank you.” 

She softened, if only a tad, gesturing to you to follow. 

“Here, come along, Jumin’s been waiting for your arrival.” 

You nodded, rushing after her as she instantly took off, her boots as quiet as a whisper, gliding against the floors.

“Now, at least one thing I hope can ease your mind is hunting,” She explained. “We haven’t been as frantic with food supply since we began relations with your people but there are still organized parties every couple of months. The next one is coming up, and if you’d like to join, I’d be more than happy to reserve you a spot.” 

“Oh, I um…I’d like that.” 

“Excellent, surely it’ll help you befriend some of the people.” 

She continued rambling, her words eventually blurring in your head only worries and concerns flooding in.

What if Jumin had changed?

How much had he changed?

Would you even recognize him?

Would he recognize you?

Did he even still care…?

You didn’t want some of them to be answered.

“Here we are.” 

You were snatched from your terrors as Jahee pointed out a grand door.

You thanked her gently, watching as she left and left you just before the entry.

And whether or not you truly wanted to, you pushed it open.

And was met not only with a new life.

But the man you were to marry.

RFA+ Minor Trio+ Rika as things I've don/said/thought

I saw someone do this and it was hilarious, so I wanted to do it, too. I’m a copycat, I know.

Yoosung: “I’m going to do something productive today- oh hey, it’s 11 pm…”

Zen: cuts my own hair “I looks amazing!” A few months later “WHAT WAS I THINKING!?”

Jaehee: doing schoolwork but is hungry “FOOD’S FOR THE WEEK!”

Jumin: sees dog(cat in his case) “oH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT PRECIOUS THING, CAN I KEEP IT?”

Seven: “Ooh, chips- oh hey, I just devoured the entire bag in five minutes. That’s healthy for someone who’s on their phone all day.”


Saeran: “I hate affection- no, don’t leave, I need hugs~!”

Vanderwood: organizes every little thing that’s out of place HOW DO PEOPLE LIVE LIKE THIS!?!

Rika: On the outside: is a super nice person that loves everyone and everything On the inside: has thousands of problems

“I’ll Still Be In Love With You” - Jack Gilinsky Imagine

Request:  Can I get a Jack Gilinsky imagine :) My name is Cady!!!! Where I get really drunk and then there’s smut involved 😏

I’ve never written a smut imagine ‘cause I never really tried to write it and I don’t know if I know how to so um..but yeah, I’ll give my best even though I don’t think that there will be too much smut invloved, but I hope you like it :) Oh and one more thing, I put ‘y/n’ because I don’t do personal requests (if that’s how you say¿)

‘Come in, come in guys!’ I said to the bunch of my friends that were standing on my door. Since my parents were away for 4 days, I had the entire house for myself, but instead of organizing some huge ass party, I decided to invite just my friends, Nash and Taylor, Sammy, Jack and Jack, Cameron and Liz to hang out with them. I can say that I’m really blessed to have those people in my life. They’re the most loyal, the most caring and the funniest people I’ve ever met and I’m so grateful to have them as my friends. 

Liz is more like a sister to me because I’ve known her since we were two and basically, I’ve spent my whole life with her by my side. Also, I’ve know Jack G for about 10 years probably. His dad started to work with my dad and they’ve become best friends. One night Jack came over with his parents to dinner and that’s how we met and started to hang out. Over the years we’ve become very close and now, we’re best friends even though I’ve always had a small crush on him and it’s not just because of the way he looks but it’s because of the way he treats me. He’s told me numerous times how important our friendship is to him and that I play a huge role in his life and that makes me feel really special. So basically, I’m closest with Liz and Jack. 

‘Hey Jacky!’ I joked and he chuckled as he gave me a tight hug. 

‘You excited for having the whole house for yourself?’ He asked while we were making our way to my living room. 

‘Yeah’ I laughed. ‘You know that my parents never leave me alone.’ 

‘Yeah, I’m pretty surprised that they left you by yourself for 4 days. I never excepted that from mr and ms y/l/n.’ Jack said.

‘Me neither.’ See, my parents are a little bit TOO MUCH overprotective over me. They treat me like I’m 5 not 19 and it’s pretty frustrating. Them leaving for 4 days must be surprising for everyone. 

‘Alright, what are we gonna do?’ Nash asked after a while when everyone made themselves comfortable and started to talk. 

‘We can watch a movie?’ Liz suggested. 

‘Yeah, we could watch something.’ Taylor agreed with her. 

‘No, that’s boring!’ Nash and Cameron said at the same time and started laughing when they realized. 

‘We’re home alone and can do whatever we want and you guys want to watch a movie? C’mon.’ Johnson said. 

‘Okay, it was just a suggestion!’ Liz said. ‘Gosh..’ 

‘Let’s play something.’ Sammy said. 

‘Aww, do you want us to bring you some toys, Sammy?’ Jack mocked him and everyone laughed. 

‘You’re so mean.’ I chuckled. 

‘No, but seriously, let’s play something.’ Sammy said again.

‘Like ‘never have I ever’ or…truth or dare?’ Cameron asked. 

‘Yea, yeah let’s play truth or dare!’ Nash and everyone but the girls agreed. ‘Oh come on! Please, baby?’ Nash nicely asked Taylor kissing her cheek. 

‘I’ll kiss you if you agree to play.’ Cameron said to Liz. Oh yeah, he has always had a thing for her and she for him, but she was always a bit mean to him and sassy. She never wanted to admit that she likes him even though she did, a lot. 

‘Then I surely am not playing.’ She laughed sarcastically. 

‘Alright, then I’ll kiss you if you don’t agree, and you didn’t so that means..’ He started to lean toward her. 

‘Okay, okay I’ll play.’ She said quickly pushing him by his chest. ‘I hate you.’ She said to him. 

‘You love me.’ He smirked. 

Before we started playing the game, Jack helped me to bring some beer from the kitchen (yeah, my parents never knew about the beer). We sat on the floor in a circle and Sammy was the first one to spin the bottle which landed on Johnson. 

The bottle was spinning and spinning and I was drinking and drinking. Alcohol has never been my friend. It’s crazy how easily I can get drunk and that was the case tonight. 5 beers were enough to get me completely drunk. 

‘Truth or dare, Cam?’ Nash asked as the bottle stopped on Cameron. 


‘Hmm..Is it true that you’re head over heels for Liz or are you just playing with her?’ Nash asked and Cameron’s eyes widened. Liz’s reaction was just putting her hand over her forehead and shaking her head. 

‘I um..’ 

‘Oh just say it already! We’re not blind.’ Johnson said rolling his eyes. 

‘No, I’m not playing with her, I do like her.’ He blushed and the room immediately filled with ‘awws’ He then spun the bottle and it stopped on me for the first time. 

‘Truth or dare, y/n?’ Cam asked. 


‘Oh, I know! I dare you to sit in Gilinsky’s lap and make out with him for 30 seconds.’ He said. 

‘What? C’mon man, she’s my best friend.’ Jack said. 

‘Do you not want to kiss her, G?’ Sammy asked. 

‘I do, but-’ 

‘So you do want to kiss her!’ Liz said. Everyone was smirking and Jack was blushing. The result of me drinking was me nonchalantly sitting in Jack’s lap and pressing my lips against his, taking him by surprise.

‘Wow, girl, slow down a bit!’ Liz teased like everyone else. 

‘You can stop now, 30 seconds passed like 15 seconds ago!’ Nash laughed and Jack broke the kiss and I sat back in my place, which was next to him, and leaned on him. 

It was around 2 a.m. when Sammy said ‘Uh, I think I’m gonna go now. I’m getting sleepy.’ 

‘Yeah, me too.’ The rest of the guys agreed with him. 

‘Nooo, guyss, don’t go! It’s too early to go!’ I whined. 

‘She’s drunk she can’t stay by herself.’ Liz said. ‘Someone needs to stay with her and that’s of course me.’ She sighed.

‘No, you guys go, I’ll stay with her.’ Jack said. 

‘You sure?’ Liz asked. 

‘Yeah, I’ll take care of her.’ Jack said and she smirked. ‘Stop. I’m saving your ass.’ He chuckled. 

‘Sure, sure.’ She laughed. ‘See you, have fun tonight.’ 

‘Jacky! You stayed with me!’  

‘Yeah, now let’s take you to bed. You need to sleep.’ He said taking my hand in his. 

I guess I decided to act like a little kid so I sat on the floor refusing to follow him. ‘No, Jacky!’ 

‘Are you serious? C’mon, get your ass up.’ He chuckled. 

‘No, I do not want to!’ 

‘Alright, you’re giving me no other choice.’ He sighed picking me up from the floor in his arms and taking me into my room. He threw us both on the bed and I laughed. I sat up and straddled his lap bringing my hands to his hair and closing the space between our faces. ‘Y/n, wha-what are you doing?’ He asked quietly. 

‘I want you.’ I said as I started to grind with my hips against his crotch.

‘Fuck..’ His jaw clenched. ‘Babe, you need to stop. You’re drunk and you don’t know what you’re doing.’ He said putting his hands on my hips to stop me. 

Although I was drunk, I perfectly knew what I was doing and I wanted it. ‘Kiss me.’ 

‘Y/n you-’ He started to protest and I pushed him and got off of him. I sat down on the floor and hugged my knees. ‘Babe..’ 

‘Don’t touch me.’ I said almost crying. I felt so miserable and embarrased at that moment. ‘And don’t look at me.’ 

‘Why are you being like this?’ He asked. 

‘Because I just embarrassed myself in front of you telling you that I want you and you don’t even want to kiss me!’ 

‘No, it’s not like that!’ 

‘Then what is it like, Jack?!’ 

‘Look..’ He took a deep breath before speaking again ‘I do want you. I want to kiss you, I want to hold you in my arms, I want to cuddle with you, I want to have sex with you, I want you in every way possible, but it’s just..right now, you’re drunk. You say now that you want me, but what will happen tomorrow when you’re sober? I don’t want to ruin-’ 

‘I’ll still be in love with you.’ I said. ‘That will happen.’ He said nothing but smiled and wiped away my tears. 

‘Come here, baby.’ He pulled me up and kissed me again. He gently pushed me down on the bed and laid on me continuing to kiss me. He pulled of my shirt leaving me just in my bra and I pulled off his. 

He sucked on the skin on my neck and I moaned ‘Fuck, Jack..’ 

‘I love you’ He said. ‘So so much.’

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Could you write an scenario with whole BTS? BTS are the Bad boys in your school and you're the quiet girl who barely talks, but when someone talks to her she's sarcastic, rude and aggressive. So one day BTS found you in the street bruised. Ok , I don't know if it's too much for you to write something like that and I can understand if it's not your style of writing 😊.

Hey I tried my best. I hope you enjoy it! 

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The Hallways were full of whispers as BTS passed through the crowd making people jump out of their way in fear and admiration. Their bad boy reputations had their perks but they also had their cons. You on the other hand thought it was better that no one knew that you were bad, that way you’d get away with a lot of pranks and a couple frowned upon actions.

“Did you hear what Jimin did last night? I heard he did it in a pool with some girl!”
“No way! I wish it was me!”
“You remember last week when someone put dish soap in the hallway and everyone fell? I think that was Tae and Jungkook! They would totally do something like that.”
“That’s nothing! Yesterday I saw Rapmon and Jimin at the Boxing ring and both knocked out their opponents with one blow!”
“I saw J-Hope going into that new club that opened up. The bouncers just let him pass. It was so cool! I wish he would notice me.”
“Does anyone know what Suga did? I heard he got detention for something but I don’t know what!”
“Yeah Mr. Jang gave him one but the Principal told him he was free and that he doesn’t have detention. Mr. Jang’s face got so red and Suga looked so cool.”
“Did you see what Jin rode to school today? He got a new motorcycle. He looks so hot in it!”

You turn to your friend as you overhear another comment about the ‘Famous BTS boys.’

“I swear almost everything people talk about isn’t true. I mean seriously. That soap prank was yours and it was brilliant. No one suspects a thing,” your friend Amy whispers in your ear. 

“Obviously they don’t. It’s how I want it. They don’t suspect a sweet shy girl who does all her homework and never acts out,” you reply smirking at her. “Plus it would be harder to organize pranks if I was on people’s radar.” 

“Oh that reminds me. I heard Jasper isn’t happy about…”

You cut off your friend, “who gives a fuck about Jasper? That whiny little bitch can go cry to his mommy if he honestly thinks that I give a fuck.”

Jasper was a member in a clique that you happened to help out on occasion, only little things. You knew they were planning something big that could have major consequences. So you tipped off the police after you beat a couple up to get away. You only did it out of self defense because they were holding you against your will. You’ve been taking fighting classes since you were little so they definitely paid off in the long run.
Jasper knew you had something to do with “damaging” up his crew; he had no clue that you betrayed him more than that. 

“He’s going to send his henchmen after you. Will you be okay?” Amy asks you as you exit the building. 

“Yes I will no worries. I’ll call you if I’m hurt,” you tell her as you split up walking in different directions. 

Putting on your innocent act you walk with your head down, moving out of everyone’s way. Not looking someone runs into you and making you fall. Your books scattering everywhere. Looking up you see the supposed bad boys staring down at you. Looking away you feign embarrassment and whisper a barely audible I’m sorry.
After a hesitating moment the boys end up helping you clean up the mess. 

“No worries here are your books,” Taehyung replies placing your books in your hands. 

“I didn’t even see you!” You hear Rapmon comment. 

“Aww look at how shy she is!” Jhope awes at you as you look away from them.
Walking around them hurriedly you speed walk away. 

“Bye shy girl!” You hear them scream at your retreating figure.“Are you serious? I’m not going anywhere with a dickwad like you,” you tell the leader of the trio sent to get you. “I have much better things to do than lose brain cells associating with you.”

———–time pass———-

“You need to shut up before I lose my temper,” monkey one tries to threaten you. 

“You should too. Think before you talk! Do you even listen to what you’re saying?” You reply. 

Turning on your heel you walk towards the end of the alley when you feel a hand grab your shoulder to stop you. 

“You’re coming with us,” monkey 2 says.

———Time Pass———–

Leaning against the wall holding your stomach you try and regain your normal breathing. Your body aches with every breath and your cheek hurts from receiving a punch. Compared to them you had it pretty good. You had what was going to be a couple bruises maybe a sprained wrist and arm, but other than that nothing major. I mean you knew you weren’t going to be unscratched being outnumbered 3:1, even though you did well to hold your own.

“Okay Y/N 5 more min of rest and you’ll get up and call Amy,” you tell yourself.

“Whoa are you okay?” you hear a voice at the end of the alleyway.Turning you look and find Bts standing there staring at you.

“Staring is impolite you know. Didn’t your mothers teach you that?” you snap at them.They continue to stare at you flabbergasted their mouths open.

“Do you have a twin?” - Tae 

“Aren’t you the shy girl from school?” - Jhope 

“Since when have you been so sassy?” – Suga

“No I don’t have a twin. I just don’t waste my time interacting with stupid people,” you respond answering their questions. “Now if you’ll excuse me I have much more important things to do than be bothered by you.”

Getting up slowly you wince as your left arm doesn’t want to cooperate. Taking a sharp breath in you stand up straight and walk towards them.

“Do you need some help it doesn’t look like you’re doing well? You look like you’re beat up pretty badly,” Jin asks you as you pass.

“Thanks for your concern but if you think I got beat up, you should probably check on the damage I caused those three,” you point in the direction where the three bodies lay.

Without another word you turn on your heel hearing them talking among themselves about you.

Dialing Amy you say, “Hey it’s me. Can you pick me up?”

Thanks so much for your support everyone. It means a lot.

If anyone has any videos or songs that could cheer me up, I’d really appreciate it. 

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Alright, enough waiting around.

I guess we will finally get around to writing this.

But, before we do, I will go into the 3 general “types” of kin.

  1. Coping Kin- This is where one heavily identifies as a character to cope with a similar situation as to what the character undergoes. This includes, as an example: abuse, mental illness, and trauma in general. We do not know anyone who is coping kin, nor is anyone in our system coping kin, so we are not the best experts on this subject.
  2. Spiritual Kin- This is largely the most common type of kin, since the other two have prerequisites that exclude. Being spiritually kin may include:  feeling a strong spiritual bond with [The Kintype], believing that a character is an alternate universe version of oneself, believing you are a reincarnation of said Kintype in a new universe, having some other strong spiritual connection to said kintype, and et cetra. The style of kinship is something tends to vary between people and experiences, but each one is valid.
  3. Fictives- This technically fits under kin, since they share several qualities, but it is something only systems (DID, OSDD Flavors, etc) can experience. Fictives differ primarily from other kin variations in that they are always fictionkin (I guess a fictive could form around a general otherkin kintype as well, but it is not something I have heard of), and form in systems with their kinship already discovered and assured, and usually with memories. As an additional note, provided by a friend, “in clinical knowledge, introjects of all kinds can exist in systems! Fictives are seen/discussed a lot on tumblr but historically speaking there’s also a large amount of animal or supernatural introjects which could fall under the introject umbrella.”

How To: Spiritual Fictionkin

When you first discover a character you may be kin with, there will be strong emotions attached to this character. You may immediately go “Oh, that’s a lot like me!” or it may be just a strong emotional connection you cannot immediately identify. Generally there will be an air of relatability around this character’s actions and scenarios, and you may feel like you have a deeper level of insight into this character’s thoughts than other people. Generally, around this stage, I would recommend examining how your feelings connect, if possible, and, if you are generally an organized person, write notes in a secure place about things that spur on that connection. You don’t have to write notes of course, I never have, but it helps some so I included it. Then, when the dust has settled, ask yourself: “Do these feelings stem from recognizing myself? Or are they just deep love and admiration for the character?” Or, in other words, do you identify /with/ a character? Or do you identify /as/ a character

It is perfectly okay if you cannot get to this point immediately. It took me months to confirm to myself that I am kin with Sapphire (SU), and one thing that did help was that, over time, more media about myself was released that showed more of myself, which let me identify my feelings as the former option. I would wholly advise partaking in as much of the source media as possible to see how it relates to yourself (Though being from an AU is totally valid, and the feeling that everything has gone wrong is generally involved if what you are kin with separates from the source material) 

In the words of a friend, “Kinship is different for everyone, so during this process it is important to ascertain what kinship means for you, specifically.” How you process your kin, and what being kin means to you, will form here, and this is quite important to how you will view yourself in that past life and in general, so don’t feel bad if this also takes time.

Even if you do decide that, yes, you are this character, there comes the long process of pursuing memories, exploring how this has changed you, and changing as a person because of this realization. 

How To: Spiritual Otherkin

This is different enough to warrant a different section. When there is not a source media to go on, it relies much more on concepts and your relationship with them. If one was an active entity that they were kin with, then there may be memories involved, but if one was a force of nature or some other concept then it may just be your own spiritual relationship with said concept. You will have to identify how you feel about what you are kin with, and what exactly happened. By it’s very nature this section will be vague, as what can happen is very broad.

After that will essentially be the last two paragraphs of the above section, but longer and less clear for reasons already stated.

General Terminology

(Quoted from Janecrockeroffiical’s FAQ, with some changes made to make it more broad. Changes are in italics.)

If someone is fictionkin, it means they identify as a fictional character. This can happen for many different reasons, and everyone experiences kinship differently.

A fictive headmate, or fictive for short, is a fictional introject inside a system. They usually form with a canon identity already intact, sometimes multiple identities. Fictives are not the same as kin, and the terminology is not interchangeable. They use the same kin resources, though, and many are involved in the community. See the section on fictives above for more information.

A kintype is a character/species/concept/etc. that an otherkin or fictionkin identifies as. For example, if someone is kin with the sky, their kintype would be skykin. It is possible to have subkintypes within the larger kintype, such as the mentioned skykin also being cloudkin. It is possible and fairly common to have multiple kintypes.

For different reasons, there are people that prefer to use the term ID instead of kintype, but it is mainly a semantic difference.

Polykin are folks that have multiple kintypes.

Kin feelings, also called kin feels, can be defined in many different ways, but at their simplest in the fictionkin lens, they are emotions and connections that make a person feel like they are a character. They can manifest themselves in any manner of ways. It’s less of a concretely defined term and more of a spiritual concept that all fictionkin share with their kintypes.

The word canon is used both in reference to source material, or the timeline that that particular person’s kintype is from. This is an especially important concept among spiritual fictionkin (fictionkin who are a reincarnation or alternate universe version of their kintype).

There are an infinite number of timelines and canons in theory, and because of this, different fictionkin have connections to different timelines. Some timelines are very similar with only the tiniest of discrepancies between them, and some are vastly different, almost unrecognizable between them.

Thus, there are an infinite amount of timelines that someone who is kin with a character could be from.

Simply put, they’re AUs!

Typically they’re talked about in terms of ownership, for example “this is what happened in my canon,” “in my canon, Jake was tall,” etc.

Kin memories are memories of one’s canon life, used in reference to one’s timeline of origin. They can be as small as a lingering scent or as huge as an entire conversation (and of course, beyond). Not every fictionkin has kin memories, but they are common among spiritual fictionkin. It is also important to note that the vividness of said memories is different between fictionkin who have said memories. Memories are not necessary or required to be fictionkin.

A kin double is a fictionkin who shares the same kintype as you. Not everybody is comfortable with them, and those boundaries are taken fairly seriously within the community.

A canonmate is a fictionkin whose kintype happens to be from the same canon as one of your kintypes. For example, say I found someone who is kin with someone I know, and after comparing memories, we find out that we are indeed from the same canon, based on evidence that shared events in our canons pointed to. That would make us canonmates.

Feel free to send us any specific questions, but otherwise this should cover a broad way to start going about discovering your kintypes if you are generally unsure.

A Beautiful Mind

Request: Could you write one in a college setting where the reader is really insecure and Derek is this new popular guy in college and he instantly falls in love with the reader? I’m rambling but you could develop itt. Thank youuu

Word count: 2774

Author’s note: It’s finally here!! Now I got the time to finish it up and add the final touches to it, haha. (I got a tad emotional at the ending, though – I blame the music I was listening to while typing it up.) I hope this is what You wanted to read when you sent in this request for me and I didn’t let you down with this fic! I tried really hard to give you what you need, darling, and now I’m just so insecure and nervous what you will say! Love you, and remember, you are beautiful and a truly fascinating person. ❤

Warnings: a bit of swearing

Your name: submit What is this?

“You saw the new film yesterday?”

“Seriously, who hasn’t seen Blast?”

I’m standing awkwardly next to the wall with a cup in hand. I hate parties, for they being too loud, buzzing and chaotic for my taste. Also, I don’t know anyone, but this is the beginning of the first semester, and my friend told me she’d be here. I look around to search for Allison in the crowd, but I can’t see her anywhere – what if she’s not here at all?

I glance back at the group of boys chatting near me, only to notice that someone else has joined them – tall, tanned skin, dark hair, gorgeous smile, mesmerizing eyes, beer in hand and black leather jacket gleaming in the colourful lights roaming all around.

I nearly choke on air as soon as my eyes land on him. I immediately avert my gaze and look down at the ground, shy. I can feel my cheeks heating up and heart switching to an erratic rhythm, beating away wildly in my gullet.

As I hear one of them say, “Remember the explosion scene, though? A self-igniting Molotov Cocktail is bullshit.” I bite my lip, contemplating whether I should point out his mistake or not. Damn it, I hate it when someone believes a hoax!

Before I know it, I realize I’ve already approached them and I’m talking, earning all their attention.

“Self-igniting Molotov Cocktail exists.”

The conversation dies out at my comment, and I’m sure that by now the tips of my ears have gone red, too.

“How do you know?” asks one of them. When I glance up from behind my lashes, I notice that guy staring at me. Oh God, I’m sure he’s thinking something similar to, ‘What the Hell did this little girl think when she came to us?’

“Um,” I stutter, fingers involuntarily flexing around the plastic cup. “I’m a Chemistry major.”

“You?” comes from another guy. His voice sounds mocking, disbelieving. He points at me, moving his drink along. “You look like a Liter –”

“How do you make one? A self-igniting Molotov Cocktail, I mean,” asks suddenly a deep voice. When my head perks up to see who spoke to me, I notice pale green eyes boring into mine intensely.

“Well,” I start. I have to swallow in order to get rid of the lump in my throat. “You need sulphur, potassium, and sugar.”

“Sugar my ass,” calls out one of them, but the green eyed guy chides him, “I’m pretty sure she’s more of an expert in Chemistry than you are.”

“No, it’s –” I hedge, but he interrupts me.

“Can I ask you something else?” he asks. I shrug and answer in a small voice, “Sure.”

For some reason, a grin appears on his face that could even put the Cheshire Cat to shame. “Is it true that explosives can be made out of soaps?”

I don’t even have to think about that one. I nod, “Yes.”

“So Fight Club was actually true?” asks the one who was sceptical of self-igniting Molotov Cocktails.

“God, so Durden was a genius after all! Holy fucking shit,” exclaims the second.

“What?” I ask, confused. How is fighting in any way related to soap?

“Have you not seen Fight Club?” asks the one in leather jacket. I shake my head. “It’s on, then; you’re watching it with me.”

“What the Hale, man,” mocks his friend playfully. “Girl’s a total nerd, and there’s Patricia from the cheerleaders who’s completely gone on you. Check something out with her, not,” he looks at me. “her.”

He shoves his friend away, only partially playfully, for his comment on me, then I turn and walk away with a tiny smile playing at the corner of my mouth. I know this is fake – he’s just acting nice. And I know I will not see him ever again, not even for his offer for watching the film together.

But that’s all right – we are way out of each others’ leagues anyway.

Derek POV

Since the party, I haven’t seen her, and it has nearly been a week. Today is a Friday, and I can’t seem to get her out of my mind, not even with everything I have to study. It’s already past six, but I still have classes. The next lecture I’m going to is something I chose to take out of mere curiosity – it has nothing to do with my major.

When I enter the lecture hall, I see that it’s mostly empty, save for a handful of people sitting haphazardly here and there. I proceed to take a seat somewhere in the middle, but then I notice a familiar shape in the back. I squint a bit to be able to make out her face better, to make sure that this is really her – as soon as I realize that it’s not just my imagination making me see things I want, I take off towards her without further consideration.

She doesn’t notice me until I’m directly next to her, dropping down on the seat on her right. She turns her face to look at whoever joined her, only for her expression to morph into one of genuine surprise.

“You…” she starts, awed. “From the party?”

I grin at her as I greet her, “Hey.” I hold my hand out for her to shake. “I never got the chance to introduce myself. I’m Derek.”

She accepts my hand a tad warily, hardly squeezing it back. “(Y/N).”

“Are you open for that film?” I ask, ducking my head a little to be able to maintain eye contact with her – she’s a lot shier than anyone I have ever met, but for some reason this just makes me think she’s more adorable than anything else. “You disappeared from the party pretty fast. I couldn’t find you anywhere.”

She perks up at my confession – maybe she didn’t expect I would be searching for her?

“You looked for me?” she asks. I smile at her gently as I nod.

“Of course. I wanted to talk to you some more, but you vanished.” Her cheeks go red, waking the urge in me to kiss that rosy colour. “I want to hear more of Durden’s chemistry from you.”

“Really?” Apparently she couldn’t help the smile that blossoms to her face. “No one has ever been so invested in what I have to say about these things.”

“How come? It’s more interesting than celebrity gossip,” I point out honestly. She shrugs.

“People just don’t find sciences as fascinating as I do, I guess.”

“That’s an implied hint that your curiosity branches from chemistry to other fields, too?” I ask playfully, making her giggle softly.

“Pretty much.”

“Oh? What else do you read about?”

“Mostly core science, such as astrophysics, quantum physics, human anatomy and organic chemistry. They are my favourite,” she says. I can’t hide my amusement. This girl is freaking incredible, why is she so shy then? If she had just a tad more aggression in her, she could be like a carnivore, what with her gargantuan knowledge about the world. She has everything to literally just shatter other people’s self-esteem in two sentences, yet she’s so humble she wouldn’t even think about doing such a thing. Warmness starts spreading in my chest at this fact.

I don’t think anyone has ever gained my respect in as short a while as her.

“So this,” I nod towards the rest of the lecture hall that’s ahead of us. “Is just an additional bonus to your knowledge? Or why did you choose to take graphology lessons?”

She hums thoughtfully before answering, “I have this drive in me to accumulate knowledge about anything. I’ve been interested in many things ever since I was a child.”

“Can you tell me an interesting fact?”

“About what?” she asks, a small smile playing at the corner of her mouth, eyes sparkling now as she locks gazes with me. For a second, my breath hitches in my throat and I find myself staring back into her amazing eyes, my mouth open a little bit. I click it shut.

“Anything. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?”

She chuckles, her voice like velvet smoothing over my nerves. “A lot of things have come crashing in, but…” she looks to the side, contemplating which one to share with me. As her tongue darts out to wet her lips, I involuntarily glance down. “Okay, how about this one; if you hit someone hard enough on their neck somewhere around here,” she says, tapping said spot with two of her fingertips, “they will automatically die of a heart attack.”

“Why? The artery is closed, or what?” I ask, puzzled. I can’t think of another reasonable explanation, but she shakes her head.

“The X. cranial nerve, also known as the nervus vagus, is connected directly to your aorta and heart. If it endures strong trauma, it will instantly stop the heart.” The only thing I can do is blink in surprise and ask myself why people would find this girl boring? She’s the most intriguing person I’ve ever met. “This is also the reason why girls start sneezing while tweezing their eyebrows, or why one could stop their hiccup by rubbing the area between their eyebrows.”

“I’m definitely trying that the next time I start hiccuping,” I respond, earning a modest giggle from her. The sound lifts my spirits, and all I know is that I just want to chase that out of her more, to hear it as many times as possible. I don’t want to see this girl sad and unsure of herself ever again – I want her to know what she’s worth. If anyone, she should definitely be confident, because she has a real reason to be.

I’m about to say something else, but the professor enters the hall and the lecture begins. On their own accord, my eyes inevitably travel over to (Y/N)’s notes whenever the professor shares a new information about what handwriting can give away about a person’s character. I find myself wanting to solve her personality to understand her.

To understand someone with such a beautiful mind.

. o O o .

When the class ends, we both pack our things and leave together. I want to take her hand in mine to show everyone we’re together, to show that I have such a wonderful person as a parter – I want to be with this fascinating girl.

“Want me to give you a ride home?” I ask, fingers flexing around the strap of my backpack nervously. I need to stay close to her to protect her, for I feel like she’s too kind and it makes her fragile against the world. “Or watch Fight Club with me tonight?”

She bites her lip while thinking about my offer. We leave the institute, darkness enveloping us. The outline of her shape is glowing as it’s enlightened from the back by the lamps in the university. She almost looks like an angel.

“Okay,” she says in the end, making me grin like a little kid who’s been given candy. I nod towards the car park.

“This way, then,” I say, leading her over to my Camaro. I open the passenger door for her, “Ma’am,” I smile at her, which she reciprocates with one of her own, chuckling at my playfulness.

I hop in on the other side, and start driving to my flat. There, I let us in and instruct her to the living-room. For the time being, I prepare some snacks and drinks for us in the kitchen before joining her on the couch. I set everything down on the coffee table and start the film. During the opening score, I smile at her cheekily, “You can tell me everything about the chemistry of Fight Club. I wonder if they got it right.”

“Okay,” she nods, the corners of her mouth curling upwards.

When the scene starts where Tyler makes the soaps, I look over at (Y/N), who’s just watching the screen without a word. However, when Tyler says that the upper layer of glycerine is to be skimmed, she snorts.

“What?” I ask. She shakes her head.

“He’s just ruined the bomb,” she says. “Glycerine needs to be left or even mixed with the solution. Then you add nitric acid to form nitroglycerine. But the twist is that the glycerine must be added to the cold nitric acid and sulfuric acid of the similar temperature. As for what Tyler did, if he did that in reality, the entire place would be burnt down by now because he added the nitric acid and the sulfuric acid to the glycerine tallowed from the mixture. This results in explosion due to overheating, which is, understandably, undesirable for explosives.

“According to Tyler, after adding sodium nitrate and sawdust, the dynamite is ready – but in reality, while the sodium nitrate part is correct, sawdust isn’t used in dynamite making. Instead, kieselguhr, also known as diatomite, is added to stabilize the compound and prevent unwanted explosion.”

“That is insane,” I blurt, awed. (Y/N) chuckles.

“It’s just basic chemistry,” she hedges.

“Not for me,” I protest, but proceed to keep watching the film.

Sometime later, when Tyler wets his lips, (Y/N) asks, “Is he going to burn the other guy’s hand?” I look at her in confusion, not even bothered to hit the pause button.

“How did you know?”

“Well,” she starts, only to be interrupted by the painful shout coming from Norton’s character as Tyler pours the lye on his hand. “They’re using sodium hydroxide in the process, and it was to be expected in this film; one of the main concept the plot revolves around is pain after all.”

“Would the lye burn if someone poured it on their dry skin?”

“No. Sodium hydroxide dissolved in water will cause a chemical burn,” she nods towards the screen where Jack is writhing in pain. “That’s why Tyler said, ‘You can run water over it and make it worse, or use vinegar to neutralize the burn.’ There is no such thing as ‘dry’ sodium hydroxide. It will pick up water from the air and form a solution eventually.”

“But,” I start, eyebrows furrowing. “That would mean if people start sweating due to the pain, it would –”

“Yeah, it would get worse and worse,” she nods, then smiles at me. “I’m glad you were able to keep track of my thread.”

I chuckle, “Others can’t catch up to you?” She shakes her head. “No wonder why.”

She cocks her head to the side like a curious cat, “Why?”

“You’re extremely smart,” I explain. “It’s safe to say that other people are way below your level, so don’t expect them to be able to follow you word by word when you’re beyond them by thousands of miles.”

She blushes at my words, making me smile meekly. Driven by a sudden surge of bold confidence, I reach over to her with my arm laying over the back of the couch, brushing her stray strands of hair out of her face, my eyes skimming over her features.

“You are an incredible person,” I tell her genuinely. “Even I noticed in such a short while, and, what? We met merely twice?” Her gaze is still locked with mine, cheeks tinted rosy. “Believe me when I tell you that people are either jealous or afraid of your intelligence. You make them feel inferior, and generally speaking, people don’t like that.”

“But you do?” she asks, voice so quiet I can hardly catch what she said.

I nod, “Of course I do. I’ve always been drawn to those with brains than who only have the looks to show off with. I like those who I can look up to, and I can definitely respect you.”

“Thank you,” she says, tears slowly welling up in her eyes.

“No need to thank me – I was just stating facts,” I respond, voice hardly above a whisper as though I was afraid that if I’m too loud, I will destroy the bubble that has formed around us.

When one of the tears escapes and flows down on her cheek, I lean in to kiss it away. I can feel her hands balling up fistfuls of my shirt, and I allow her to pull me closer. I close her into my embrace, then sit back and move her so that she’s resting against my chest, wrapped up in my arms, where I want her to be. I push my lips to her forehead, my eyes falling shut at the serene contentment that engulfs me.

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Hi! I just want to tell you, I love going through your posts and reading the tags. I how you have a great day today 😊

Oh, thank you very much! I enjoy writing them, lol.

Today actually has been nice! It was cool at last, and I finally got my clothes all unpacked and organized and the boxes put away, so my room doesn’t look like a disaster area any more. And obviously I posted ad astra, and did my reading for class, and figured out where a package I’ve been waiting for (…with $700 in it) got sent, and now I’m about to work on the queer RO fic. So it’s very good!

So umm, Hi! *waves awkwardly*

First time I’m actually posting something and not just reposting so, ah. Here we go

(Warning LONG post)

Q1:Do you ever think how this panet earth dies?

A:Yes, not sure how much more or less often than other people, but, there are some times that I see someone/some people doing things like burning trash or throwing trash out to the streets and it just-agravates me-Like, Look burning it isnt actually better than dumping it to the Trash sites it just adds to the already Bad Greenhouse Gasses Situation, and is it so hard to just-oh I dunno-keep your litter until you get to your stop and NOT tossing it out the window of the bus/jeep/vehicle? Just little things that aren’t out of your way… Unless you’re talking about how the panet is on a steady decline to self-destruction just like every living organism on it. if so, then not really? Or, well, not as much as the other^ type of dying.

Q2:Do you ever think an earthquake would be beautiful if it werent dubbed a calamity?

A:Honestly, my reaction to most natural calamities (that I’m not directly affected by [and even some that I am]) is a mix of awe and melancholy. Yes, I think earthquakes (&Typhoons&Volcano eruptions&Tsunamis) are beautiful. They’re all just natural parts of ,well, nature at a much larger grander scale. I think the “calamity” part of it is actually part of the beauty of it.

Q3:Do you ever see the blurred line between good and evil?

A:Yes. Though I don’t understand if you mean in people, or their actions or intentions or something else? In anycase, I actually believe that there are very very few purely good/evil people and intentions, actions are a slightly different matter. I’m one of those people that think of things in a gray scale. There may be people/actions/intentions who are very very white/light/good or very very black/dark/evil and most are somewhere in between but I think behind most outstreched hands is a little selfish desire not to be alone, and behind many a scolding is a small unvoiced “you worried me”.I’m not saying that this means that “bad” actions are okay, just that they can be (relatively speaking) made better or worse by the reasons behind them and “good” actions can sometimes have selfish reasons too (i.e. Comforting a crying friend bc 1st they’re your friend but 2nd smaller reason is bc seeing them cry makes you uncomfortable, so it makes the action a “good” but “slightly selfish” one. Gets?)

Q4:Have you ever went to a place that’s all nature and less urban? Ever just sat/laid down and let the sun bask over you?

A:Mmhm. Went on a few vacations around the country when I was younger (My favorite was the time we went to the Pagsanhan Falls once)… It’s been a long time since I last did that. (partly cuz when my doggies see me they demand attention :P =} )

Q5:Do you know Avatar Korra? If not then do you have a fave anime/cartoon/live tv series?

A: I know of it, but dont/havent watched it (yet). Hmm, hard to choose just one so how about top three instead? Current #1 Anime is FMAB/03 (as you can probably guess from my reblogs ;)) 2nd is Card Captor Sakura (Its just so nostalgic, and Yue!!! And Yukito!!! And protective if annoying brother Toya!!!), 3rd is Shugo Chara (I just love how, when you take out all the magical girl fantasy, the MC is just a 10 yr old girl learning how to navigate all the changes in her life [being an older sis, changing schools and homes, making new friends, starting to have crushes, growing up and learning independence] and finding out who she wants to be in the future). (Oh! And this is all canon speaking. Cuz there are anime fandoms that I like messing around in but actually dont like the canon of) Fave Cartoons are #1 Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, #2 Avatar: The Last Airbender, #3 Kim Possible (I even have some of the movies). Fave live Tv series is definitely Criminal Minds, then Castle ties with Bones at 2nd place (Yes I cheated ;P) and House MD is 3rd (Bonus 4th is Charmed tied with Ghost Whisperer)

… Dang this is getting long (;~_^)

Q6:Follow up question from #5. What do you think would the world be like if Zahir did defeat the avatar, if there was no longer a line of avatars? If you don’t know Korra, what was the most memorable villian that isnt exactly the typical villain you’d expect?

A: Ok, um, there’s more than 1 so sit tight. (warning there may be SPOILERS) First I thought of was Eriol and Clow Reed from CCS, and I know, I know, they’re not really “villains” in most normal senses of the word. And even though he was the one orchestrating the “attacks” on Sakura, it was so that she’d change the cards and I guess Eriol cant help who he’s the raincarnation of BUT he didnt have to continue Clow Reed’s manipulative plan. Yes, it was a plan to Sakura’s benefit but think about what damage the process had done to Yue and Koroberos and the Cards themselves!!! It was implied that Yue had more than a Master-Familiar relationship with Clow. And at the end or their time with Clow he made their choice for them (he’d erased their memories). Clow Reed (and partly Eriol too) just makes me think “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. Smh. Anyway I’m stopping my rant here before it gets even longer. 2nd is Hikari Ichinomiya, He’s the whole reason Easter was after the “Heart’s Egg” in Shugo Chara. And SPOILER!!! It’s actually his in the first place. He’s VERY young, like early primary school age, but he’s already in charge of the whole company (I assume he’s some sort of genius). A lot of the plot revolves around Easter doing stuff to get the “Heart’s Egg”, all because Hikari wants to add it to his collection of precious and rare jewels/gems. Which he has been using to try filling in the hole he feels in his heart where his emotions (described as precious shining things) should be.

Q7:Who is you’re favorite ship? Why do you ship them?

A:Oooh Wow. Mmmm~ This is a very difficult question cuz I am Multifandom TRASH ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ and my ships can fill up a harbour. Can I just pass? (*>.

Q8:What would it be like if you were a teacher/professor?

A: Like this post too much unasked for opionions and details =P. Mm, which kinda makes me nervous cuz I kinda wanna be a professor someday. ( ̄▽ ̄;)

Q9:Have you ever studied a feline carcass?if you did what was the most memorable experience you’ve had?if no… … Would you want to study a dead cat’s body?

A: Nope, and yes actually, that sounds interesting.

Q10:What would you make for someone special?

A: Depends on who it is and what they like. Food is always my go to when I dont want to give something store bought. (I bake and cook but am rarely motivated enought to do either (* ̄︶ ̄*))

Q11:Did you ever think that it would be best to just dump all the trash out to space?

A: I don’t think that’s a good idea. In theory i suppose its sounds like a good one but in practice… I just can’t help thinking, what if not all the rocket (ergo all the trash) makes it to space? Wouldnt the peices just fall bavk down to earth? And even if all of it does get all the way out there, well, there’s a LOT of trash and we just keep making more so, I can’t help but think we’d end up with a layer of trash out there and this is probably just my over active imagination but what if that layer thickens enough to start blocking out the sun? Or make the Greenhouse Gas effect worsen?

*stare at my phone screen* (。ŏ_ŏ)

*whisper*this took MUCH longer than I expected and came out much longer too

Whelp, I hope this makes you happy @tinaysabella

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tomorrow is the sale of niall tickets in chile and 5 minutes ago they changed the prices, now they are much higher, I will not be able to go to see him, also the seats are not numbered and I would have to do the line at 6 am in winter

oh i’m sorry! this sucks, i wish venues were more respectful - here in my country we have major problems with tickets prices and the selling process. when i tried to buy tickets for coldplay the first time it opened, i stayed awake until 4am on the website and couldn’t get any. the second time i was lucky, but lots of people like me couldn’t get it because of how bad organized the whole thing was. anyways, i’m really sorry i hope you get the chance to see him some other time! x 

Riley, Lucas, and two inorganic meet-cutes

There’s a lot in the pilot which, in retrospect, SCREAMS “what you think is happening is not what’s really happening and/or is not the ONLY thing happening” in terms of the bigger picture, but I’ll get to all of it in other posts. Right now, I wanna talk about “destiny” in TV romance, GM 1961, and the three “meet-cutes” in the cold open of the pilot.

In the pilot for ‘Friends’ we see Ross talking about the dissolution of his marriage. Just then? Enter Rachel in a wedding dress, having just pulled a runaway bride on Barry. The scene shows us that Ross and Rachel are gonna be a Thing without telling us. They set them up as being “destined” for each other with almost nothing but a visual. It’s mentioned in the pilot, but later on in the series, they show us how bad Ross’s thing for Rachel was back in the day, doubling up on the destiny. (He’s her lobster!) The initial scene in the pilot isn’t a “meet cute” per se, because they already know each other, but they’re kind of meeting again for the first time and it’s the moment that shows us Ross and Rachel are gonna be a romance without explicitly saying so. It’s organic.

Now, the Girl Meets World pilot.

Maya spots a cute boy on the subway. She points him out to Riley, who also looks over. They both smile at him, he smiles back. Maya decides to use him as a “lesson” for Riley. She marches over, and from the second she swings around the grab bar, Lucas is riveted. His eyes are fixed on her from the moment she says “hi.” He tracks her with his head, follows her movements and gives her his undivided attention during their ten second “relationship.” And he keeps looking back at her once she’s gone. He never glances back at the other girl while Maya is talking to him. Maya doesn’t really notice this, because he’s just a boy on the subway and she was on a mission for Riley, not herself. But Lucas? He’s dumbstruck, smiling tremulously, staring, in awe, and then terribly confused (and disappointed?) when she “breaks up” with him and walks away. From “Hi! I’m Maya!” forward, it’s an organic meet-cute which plays out in full, involving just the two of them with no interruptions or looks at other people. It’s the beginning of their story. I wouldn’t be shocked if one or both of them could still quote the whole thing back, tbh.

And then Maya pushes Riley onto Lucas’s lap. Lucas catches her and smiles, but he looks back at Maya as they speak. He doesn’t keep Riley in his lap, he moves her onto the other seat. And then Evelyn Rand (who is not what she seems, but we don’t know that yet) shows up. Lucas offers to get up. Maybe he was gonna go use the grab bar over by the blonde, but maybe he was too scared for that and he’d have just stood up where he was. The point is that he was willing to get up and leave the moment—albeit that’s partly because he’s a Nice Boy™. Either way, this attempt at an orchestrated meet-cute by Maya fails. Riley doesn’t have Lucas’s full attention, and Rand cuts the moment off, sending Riley away.

So Maya tries again. This time, Lucas doesn’t even catch Riley. He doesn’t even try. His body language suggests he may even be actively avoiding it, which is interesting, but maybe he just wasn’t paying attention. She lands on Rand’s lap, and has to be deposited onto Lucas with the line “it’s for you.” (And again, it’s notable that Rand isn’t what she seems, because really, neither is this moment). He grabs Riley’s knee for a second (to steady them?) and then pulls his arm away, curling it into his body. Riley and Lucas just can’t seem to get started here. Maya attempts TWICE to orchestrate a meet-cute for them, but it just doesn’t flow. It’s not organic. It’s not natural. Lucas isn’t riveted by her (although he’s definitely intrigued by both girls, albeit in different ways in terms of reaction). Riley isn’t even being herself even though she’s taken with Lucas’s looks for sure. The second attempt at a Rilucas meet-cute is *literally* forced, on two levels: by Maya’s push and by Evelyn depositing Riley on Lucas’s lap after he makes no move to catch her. She tells us “it’s for you!” but is that really what we were SHOWN? Is that really the bigger picture here?

And before all this goes down, Riley makes a big deal of not being herself and of applying kiwi lip gloss, which we later find out is a call back to Angela, kiwi mango lip gloss, the purse, and “falling for a concept.” In the BMW episode where the whole thing went down, Cory actually tells Shawn that the “purse girl” (“subway boy!”) he’s built up in his head isn’t real. What’s real is him and Topanga, really LOOKING at each other. And we later find out that as much as they loved and cared about each other, Angela and Shawn didn’t make it. But that’s okay! (According to the show, anyway.) They still care about and are there for each other. Just like Riley and Lucas are gonna be. (And of course, Shawn and Angela are NOT sibling-like.)

So that’s the meet-cutes.

Later, we get 1961, which, kind of like the ‘Friends’ prom video, doubles up on the destiny. Lucas and Maya’s great-grandparents clearly had something between them, but they missed out on it. Ditto for Riley & Farkle’s great-grandparents.

So for Lucas and Maya, we have the organic meet-cute, plus the “destiny” element added in 1961. (Even though they punk us a bit in the classroom by having Lucas and Riley react to their great-grandparents meeting with that “whoa” moment, while pretty much glossing over the fact that Farkle and Maya were “there” too. At the time, it kinda made your brain dismiss the chemistry between May/Merlin and Rosie/Ginsberg because the whoa moment makes you go, “oh yeah, it’s SUPPOSED to be Riley and Lucas.” But then they cut to Lucas and Maya instead of CORY after Riley says “she [Rosie] gave my dad his wife.” I see you, show. 👀)

Farkle and Riley have the destiny thing from 1961, not to mention the fact that they are biological legacy characters—all four of their parents are people we knew before (although we don’t find this out until later). But how did Riley and Farkle meet? Well, we’re about to find out in Bay Window. And I just BET YOU ANYTHING it’ll be an organic meet-cute for Riley and Farkle, and a less organic one for Farkle and Maya, a reversal of the pilot if you will. Something like that.

Because it’s becoming VERY clear as of late that Riley’s romance arc actually began long before she met Lucas. He’s ultimately a romantic false lead in the story of Riarkle, even if Riley and Lucas’s mutual crush was genuine (and just as a side note, speaking French/Paris was tied to romantic false leads TWICE in BMW which is probably not a coincidence…but I digress).

The library wasn’t the beginning of the WHOLE story. It was just the beginning of Riley & Lucas’s friendship/slight romance (there’s a reason the librarian said “not that one!” to the romance novel…). Lucas was a detour from Riley’s true romantic destiny: Farkle. I mean, in production/timeline order, after two HEAVY Riarkle episodes (Popular & FC) that didn’t even include Lucas…she literally mounts and rides AWAY from Farkle Nation on her princess fantasy horsey ride with Lucas. So yeah, she took a risk that changed her destiny…but only for a while. The world (life) knows what it’s doing.

In fiction like this: destiny is destiny. You can put it off, you can take a detour, but you can’t escape it. And in the world of “people change people” and “let what we had make you ready for something,” the Rilucas relationship was just a step on the way, a detour to change both Lucas and Riley so they’d be “ready for what’s next.”

And Lucas’s story? Well, so far, his story actually began with Maya and their organic meet-cute. It didn’t begin in the library. It didn’t begin with Riley. And 1961 gives Lucas and Maya a “destiny” sheen as well. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we later on discover that there’s another element of “destiny” to Lucaya that hasn’t been revealed yet, probably tying into the BMW universe somehow…

(And I wouldn’t be shocked if they later ret-conned Farkle and Riley as having really first met as babies, somehow. That’s totally the kind of thing these writers would pull.)

But my point is this: Jacobs often ruminates on what’s “real.” The Lucaya meet-cute was organic and real. The Rilucas meet-cute was inorganic and quite literally forced—and it basically failed. Twice. Because Riley never struck Lucas dumb in either meet-cute. He wasn’t in awe. Nah. He looked back at the first girl, the “blonde beauty” who riveted him and terrified him from the second he met her. And really, he never stopped looking back at her, even after he tried to “get her out of the country” (aka his head) in GM Friendship. Riley and Lucas wasn’t the only thing happening in the pilot. Like Farkle, Lucas liked both girls. As Farkle said, “How could you not?”

But unlike Farkle, Lucas never promised to love them both the same. Also unlike Farkle at the time, he had a real shot. And when he had a chance with one of the girls, he took it (albeit with prodding from Maya).

The thing about crushes is that no matter how real they are, they ain’t nothing if you can’t move past them. Riley and Lucas moved past their crush, but they didn’t move into a relationship. They didn’t even move into a proper holding pattern. Their crush was real, their mutual admiration is real, but instead of growing into a romance, it grew into a strong friendship. They just haven’t fully realized or dealt with this yet because they’ve never properly talked about it in a constructive, conclusive way.

In terms of romance in the Jacobs universe, Riarkle and Lucaya have been “realer” than the Riley/Lucas romance. Which isn’t to say the Rilucas crushes/feelings were FAKE. It’s just to say that that’s where it stops for them romantically, no matter how much Riley and Lucas like each other. They’re friends. That’s what they’ve always been. It’s why they don’t work as a couple, because it’s not who they are and it never really was. Their meet-cutes were forced, inorganic, and not internally motivated…as is also the case with many of their other “couple” milestones.

The “real” meet-cute, with the unbroken eye contact, the oblivious tornado of a girl, and the dumbstruck boy? That happened between Maya and Lucas. They’ve never been (just) friends, “not really.” That was (part of) the bigger picture. Riley and Lucas are a story within a story, not the WHOLE story. And if you only focus on Riley and Lucas in terms of romance because that’s what we were “told” to do, you miss the bigger picture.

Next up: Farkle, the pilot, character tropes…and taking things for granted.

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i know you love kaidan a lot so i want to know why? i don't want to make this a character hate post but after ME2 and the way he spoke to shepard, i didn't like him again. he didn't trust shepard and wouldn't listen to reason. why forgive him? i want to like him because he's sweet.

Well, let me ask you this then, Nonny. What’s there to trust? Nothing.

I know a lot of butthurt about Kaidan comes from the Horizon encounter in ME2, but here’s the thing. Kaidan shouldn’t trust Shepard. At. All. That’s the whole point. I know that you, like most players, love Shepard and know their motivations and why they’re doing what they do, but a self-centered reaction to the encounter not only leaves you, as the player, with the wrong take-away from the scene, but also less love for Kaidan - and Ashley - in general. 

But let’s look at the reality from Kaidan’s pov. First of all, Shepard’s been dead for 2 years and shows up out of the blue in a Cerberus ship with a Cerberus crew. And since ME1, you have known that Cerberus does horrific things. They torture, experiment on humans and aliens alike, kill lots of people, and generally do A Lot of Bad Shit. How would you react to that? Probably exactly like Kaidan did. You’d remember the experiments Cerberus did and think that they’d either cloned Shepard, which they DO in ME3, or that it’s some sort of ploy to take down people in the Alliance. And those are valid concerns. Cerberus is a certified terrorist organization, and Kaidan’s supposed to take it on faith that Shepard says something lame like, “oh, right, I’m not working for them, they’re working for me.” No thank you.

There is no reason for Kaidan, or anyone who knew Shepard, to believe what they say and trust that it’s real. If someone has no proof of their 2 year gap, no real explanation, and in bed with the Illusive Man, the smart people would run the hell away. Like Kaidan. Like Ashley. Sure, at the beginning of the encounter, Kaidan is surprised and relieved more than anything to see the Commander again, but then reality sets in and he realizes, “this could be a big, fat, cruel trap.” Which is the best and most natural reaction, given all the other factors he’s presented with.

And look, as the player of Shepard, you are supposed to feel a bit betrayed that Kaidan doesn’t trust you, but later on when the commander is talking to squad mates about it, they admit it’s a bit much to swallow after what they know about Cerberus. And Shepard doesn’t trust Cerberus or the missions, either. So, basically you and Kaidan are on the same page as far as Cerberus is concerned. It’s just that Kaidan can’t always sell his soul to the devil to justify the means to the end. He says, “the way a thing goes down matters. Later, when you have to live with yourself.” Integrity is so important to him. And it should be. He’s the voice of steady reason throughout the trilogy, and there is no reason to hate Kaidan because he won’t sacrifice his honor and integrity for anything. Because he believes there’s a better way. And so does Shepard. That’s why the commander leaves Cerberus after getting screwed over constantly by the Illusive Man. Shepard agrees with Kaidan in the end. Turns themself into the Alliance and goes to jail to make amends.

So, no, I don’t agree with people who dislike Kaidan because of Horizon. But as a gamer, I don’t need every other character to agree with and stand behind sketchy decisions completely on faith. It would have been nice for Kaidan to give the benefit of the doubt, but it also would have been a foolish move. And Kaidan’s smart and cautious. He doesn’t know what you know about what’s going on, and if you think about his situation for a minute, you really do come to understand that what he did was right and smart. 

Don’t expect everyone to always have your back in games like these. You’ve become a terrorist and unknown entity until Kaidan can suss out the details in ME3. Once Shepard proves they can be trusted. And the fact that he doesn’t take anything on blind faith is a good thing. It means his commitment is there when you earn it back. There’s a reason that once he’s with the commander, he’s loyal and you never have to do anything to keep that loyalty like all the other loyalty missions for other characters. That speaks volumes to his awesome character.  

The Simple Things That Make Us- Chapter 1


AU where Stiles asked Malia (his college roommate) to pretend to be his girlfriend when he goes back to Beacon Hills. Things he did not count on: Malia and Lydia getting along, finding out she is a coyote, and how the hell they were going to trick a True Alpha into believing them? 

Disclaimer: Teen Wolf and all its characters do not belong to me.


“Oh good your here! Malia I need a favour!” Stiles said as soon as Malia walked into their dorm room looking like she hadn’t slept all night. Which she hadn’t. And now all she wanted was to go have a nap before heading to her next exam in 6 hours.

“Not now Stiles. Can’t begin to tell you how pooped I am! This chat will have to wait.”

“No no this can’t wait any longer. I need you to agree to this now.”

“Fine. But I let me get some coffee first.” Malia rubbed her eyes tiredly as she sat down opposite him. When she looked up there was a cup of coffee sitting on the table beside an innocent looking Stiles. Malia frowned suspiciously as she accepted the cup. “Okay Stilinski, what the fuck could not wait till later?”

“Okay so don’t get mad..but-” Stiles cut off by noticing Malia’s furious look.  “It’s nothing too bad. It’s just that…Itoldlydiathatweweredating.”

“What was that?”

Stiles turned red in the face and stared at his hands. “I-I told Lydia that we were dating?”

“Wait! You mean The Lydia? That girl you’d been drooling over for all of high school?! ”

“Not all of high school…” Stiles said lamely.

“Stiles! Lydia was the only thing you mentioned to me about high school. Lydia and Scott. It was like some sort of private club of three people or something…God, I mean especially when your drunk…” Malia ranted, not noticing Stiles turning redder by the second. “…I know what shampoo she uses for God’s sake! And now you want to pretend you’re not infatuated with Lydia? Why didn’t you just tell her the truth?”

“Tell her the truth??” Stiles asked. “Look I tried okay! But you try admitting a ‘oh Lydia I’m still single and have gone on handful of first dates that have never amounted to anything’ to someone!”

Malia closed her eyes briefly. Stiles had a point. That did sound slightly pathetic. Not that she was calling Stiles pathetic. “Well…no that’s not what-”

“Do you know, one of the first things she mentions after the ‘hi how are yous’, was if I was bringing my boyfriend or girlfriend to meet the…the group. And I just wanted to show her that…Yeah, I had moved on. That I had finally stopped holding out for her!” Stiles took a deep breath letting it out slowly. “I don’t know.. Maybe..maybe…I was just trying to make her jealous.Show her that someone was interested in me finally.” Stiles ran his fingers through his hair, making it stand up ridiculously.  

“Stiles…” Malia’s hand immediately went to his hair. She never could stand seeing Stiles look so worn down and defeated. Any fight she might have had, slowly went out of her. And she knew Stiles knew she’d cave sooner or later. She always did with his schemes. “Okay.” She said quietly patting the unruly hair down. “Okay, I’ll do it. I’ll-I’ll be your pretend girlfriend.”

“Thanks Malia,” Stiles said equally quiet.

Malia went to get up but then thought of something, “You know Stiles, there have been girls that have liked you after the first date. Or just liked you period. But from experience, I know that when a person likes someone else, they don’t often notice who might be into them.”

“Let’s say I liked you. But you wouldn’t have noticed because you liked someone else, and so you’d never see the potential that we might have had.  Do you see what I mean?” Malia paused looking at Stiles. Stiles nodded slowly and Malia smiled. Not for the first time was she thankful that Stiles was human. Then he wouldn’t know that her heart hadn’t stuttered.  

“Well, I’ll be in my room if you need me,” Malia said gently as she got up and went to her room, closing her door. Stiles finally looked up and sighed. How did he always manage to get himself into this type of mess?

They had been driving for three hours already. Traffic had been so bad, what with everyone trying to get out of the city as soon as their exams got over. Malia woke up from her nap and looked around. Suddenly she sat up straighter. “Where are we?”

“Approaching Beacon Hills in say half hour or so,” Stiles replied, his eyes on the road.

Malia leaned back against the back rest and took deep breaths. Breathe Malia, breathe.  It’s fine, your fine. She calmed herself down feeling her claws slowly receding. If she wasn’t careful, Stiles would know about her secret. She had been doing pretty well so far, and they lived together so… So it would be fine, right?

“Uh… great. Can’t wait to rest in an actual bed!” she said quickly and Stiles grinned at her. “So does your dad know you’re bringing me?”

“Yeah, I told him. That you were coming… Not the other thing though.”

“So…we’re lying to everyone?”

Stiles looked at her briefly and sighed. “My dad is horrible at keeping secrets. You’d think him being Sheriff, that he’d be better at it but NO! Tell Melissa everything! And seriously, if anyone else found out, I think I’d just melt the ground and stay there for the rest of the trip,” Malia rolled her eyes at Stiles’s dramatics.

She took out her phone and dialed a number. Stiles listened to the one-sided conversation mildly, rethinking about the plan he’d set in motion. They had to be careful, especially around Scott.  Who knew how good his reading chemo signals had gotten. He remembered the chat he and Malia had had earlier in the week. If they stuck to the plan, the two weeks would be up in no time. He heard Malia hanging up the phone. “Calling home?”

“My cousin. He’ll tell dad.”

“Okay, well let’s go over the backstory again.” Malia groaned. “Come on Lia! It has to be perfect, okay? So, how long have we been dating?”

“It’s a recent development.” Maila replied. They had argued on this point until she had worn him down, stating best to stick as close to the truth as possible. Stiles had finally relented to logic. “We were roommates, turned friends, turned..you know.”

“We’ll be fine.” Stiles drummed the steering wheel of his blue jeep. “We’ll be just fine.” Malia glanced sideways at her to be fake boyfriend. Stiles sounded like he was desperately trying to convince himself. And he was starting to stink with anxiety. Malia tried not to crinkle her nose too much. She wanted to reassure him, but it really wasn’t her style. She could only stand sappy moments for so long.  Whatever. Stiles knew not to expect much out of her.

“Wait! Do you want me to be sappy?”

“Why do I get the feeling you are continuing a conversation you were having with yourself a second ago?”


“God no Malia! Just be yourself okay? Geez.” he snapped at her. They spent the rest of the trip in silence.  

As they pulled in the driveway of Stiles’s home and parked, Stiles took Malia’s hand in his. She looked up at him slightly puzzled. “Hey I’m sorry about earlier” Malia shrugged her shoulders, pulling her hand out of his grasp and opened the door. Stiles put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her back in, “Please, please don’t be mad at me. I’m just nervous, okay? I know that it’s you that’s helping me, and willing to spending more time with me than you normally would, when you could be home right now. I really really do appreciate you being here.”

“Stiles, its fine. Seriously. And no chick flick moments, please.” Stiles gave her his best puppy dog eyes. She grinned, “Okay okay fine! I’m happy to be here and help you out. No one’s forcing me. It’s just that I know people in Beacon Hills, and I just don’t want to bump into them. That’s all.”

“Oh. Okay then. Come on let’s go.” Stiles leaped out of the a car and picked up the bags.

“Hey Malia! Dinner’s ready! Mali-” Stiles stopped by the door of his room, looking around “What happened to my room?”

“You mean other than being able to see your room’s floor for once?” Malia arched her eyebrow at him.  

Stiles grinned, noting how different they were. Malia had put away majority of her things, and although it didn’t scream organized, it was tidy. He looked at the rest of the room in all its messiness.  “Sorry about the-” he gestured around them, “I don’t usually have female company over…”

“It’s fine. I don’t mind it that much. You said something about dinner?”

“Yeah hope you don’t mind frozen pizza? Seems like dad hasn’t been to the supermarket lately, so freezer food is our best bet.”

“Pizza’s perfect!” Malia said happily sitting on the bed beside Stiles.

He turned towards her, sitting cross-legged. “Okay, let’s go over our story again.”

Malia groaned,“Stiles. All we’ve done so far is discuss the story. Frankly I’m getting tired of the story already. You do want me to be excited to share our relationship don’t you? We’ll be fine. Besides if we rehearse it too much it will sound rehearsed.”

“No, you don’t get it.” Stiles insisted. “Scott has this…special ability that allows him to hear if someone is lying. It’s like he can hear your heart beat..smell your fear. He’s promised not to use it on me, but your fair game. You-why are you frowning?”

Malia spoke to the bedspread trying to conceal her facial expression as much as possible. She had to ask. And if Stiles had no idea what she meant, that was an answer in itself wasn’t it? She prayed for the latter, tracing a stitch pattern with a finger. “Stiles… I’m going to ask you this once. And I want you to think carefully about what you are going to say and answer me truthfully, okay?” Stiles nodded. “Are you a member of a pack?”

When Sheriff Stilinski came home that evening, the house was quiet but the lights were on which meant Stiles and his friend had arrived. He made his way to the living room and stopped short. Stiles and Malia were sitting on the couch eating in silence, their back to him.

The Sheriff observed them noting the tensed posture and diverted gazes. This had to be Stiles’ new girlfriend that he’d failed mention. Not that he was surprised. Sometimes Stiles was an over sharer and sometimes he was good at keeping a secret. Like how he learned about Scott being a werewolf almost a year or so after getting the bite.

“Okay what’s going on?” He said out loud, alarming the two of them.

“Dad!” Stiles leaped up off the couch followed by Malia who gave him a tentative smile. Stiles came over and gave him a warm hug. “Good to see you!“

“You too, son” Sheriff clapped Stiles on the back and waited for the introduction.

Stiles grinned turning to her, so she saw the slight nervousness on his face,“This is Malia… My girlfriend.”

“Nice to meet you,” Sheriff shook hands with Malia exchanging friendly smiles.  Malia usually an outgoing person, turned shy when meeting Stiles’ dad for the first time.  

“Well hope you kids got something to eat. And don’t stay up too late.” Stiles and Malia nodded in unison. As Sheriff made his way up the stairs he said over his shoulder, “and make up already.”

“Well that wasn’t embarrassing at all.” Malia grumbled breaking the silence.

Stiles turned sharply towards her. “How could you have not mentioned to me that you’re a coyote?”

“Werecoyote,” Malia corrected automatically. “and you never smelt like pack at uni. How was I supposed to know I was rooming with a Mccall Pack member?”

“Are we famous?” Stiles asked.

“Stiles! That’s not the point… Scott will know I’m an omega.”

“Right.” Stiles began pacing back and forth. Malia sank back on the couch and waited. “So..so we can it to our advantage!”

“Use what?”

Stiles started grinning and continued his thought, “that’s why I haven’t mentioned you to the pack. Right? Cause intermingling between packs is not allowed? Frankly I’m still more concerned with us being believable. And not just for Scott, but Lydia too.”

“Well I think he’ll believe we’re together.” Stiles looked at her questioningly. “We smell the same, Stiles.”

“We do?”

“Well I don’t have high levels of anxiety around me all the time,” Stiles made a face at her, “but yeah, we do.”  Malia smiled at him fondly. “Anyways, you heard your dad, we should probably get to bed.” She took Stiles plate and hers to the kitchen sink.

“Mal! We’re on holiday! Let’s stay up late and watch a movie.”

“Not Star Wars!” Malia said automatically.

“Oh come on! As my girlfriend you’re expected to have watched Star Wars with me by now!” Stiles shot back. Malia’s heart started beating erratically. Stiles dropped the word girlfriend with so much ease, like it was natural.

Malia crossed her arms and stayed her ground. She looked at his movie collection to find something to compromise with. “Okay, how about Back to the Future? I’ll watch the entire series with you over the course of my stay.” Malia tried sweetening the deal. On occasion when Stiles wasn’t trying to force her into watching Star Wars, he was trying to get her to watch Back to the Future. Predictably, his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree at the mention of the latter movie, and he leaped to put the movie on, before Malia changed her mind.  

Malia shook her head amused and followed him. She was fake dating a child. A very cute and excited child.

A/N: Hey guys! I hope you liked it! I was looking for a Teen Wolf ff about Fake/Pretend Stalia and couldn’t find one so I wrote it. All mistakes are my own. This is my first ever Teen Wolf fanfiction so please be gentle ;) 

anonymous asked:

Hello there. I am a nurse with 2+ years of experience on a post-surgical floor at a small community hospital and about to start a new job at a very large academic/teaching hospital. I have never worked with interns/residents so I am curious to know how to have a good working relationship with you guys. What can nurses do to be helpful to you?

First: congrats on the new job!! I hope you have an awesome time :)

I think interns and residents have more to learn from nurses, if anything. Especially interns, like myself. We’re still learning how to navigate hospitals and take on the role of the provider. 

As an intern, the nurses that I have really felt not only taught me things and helped me are just patient. They understand that I’m an intern. I’m stupid, for all intensive purposes. I’m going to make mistakes placing orders, I’m going to need to be corrected, you as the nurse have more experience with patient care and the day to day nuances of care than I do. It’s stuff I don’t really get taught in med school, and it helps me (and most importantly the patient), when nurses share their experience, knowledge, and wisdom. I’ll give two examples. 

One of my favorite nurses to work with is also a palliative care nurse. She taught me so much about the variety of pain medications, regimens, and signs/symptoms of a patient in pain that our seniors may not know and our attendings may not necessarily bring up. My better understanding of pain management, I credit to her. She was willing to take the time to teach me and show me things I would otherwise never have been taught by MDs. 

Another one of my favorite nurses is a night shift ICU nurse. He has been a great resource, not only as my eyes and ears (he’d let me know what family members arrived to see my patient, how a patient’s secretions were looking, what the sedation and pressor drips were at when we talked) but also as an effective communicator and educator with regards to nursing management of patients. He lets me know when Q6H breathing treatments are cutting it, when the orders for Q2H lactulose are getting a little too exuberant. This is not only important for me to know as the physician, who orders these things, but a good learning experience. Information is what we all trade in. These details make the patient’s care better, make nursing care organized, reasonable, and efficient, and keep my priorities straight when it comes to the patient’s medical issues.

What other things would people recommend?

OH OH. While I have you!! NURSES, how can interns/residents be more helpful to you all?

The Road Trip

Word Count: 2,883
Characters: Danny Fenton and Tucker Foley
Chapter: 1/?? of Amity Legacy 

Why aren’t there more bromantic road-trip fics out there? Like, a stressed Danny and Tucker just hit the road early with a really weird playlist and junk food and awkward catching up stories. Well I broke down and (sort of) made one, here you go:

Tucker and Danny had a longstanding tradition of blowing off everything in favor of impromptu road-trips when they were stressed out, and the first week of December after they turned twenty-one was no exception.

“Danny,” Tuck said, breathing heavily on the phone as he paced around his room, “I need a road-trip, like…now.

“Tuck? It’s like five in the morning, is everything okay?”

“Yes…no…maybe…rahh, just be ready when I come over in ten minutes.”

Hanging up, Tucker packed his bags and threw them in the trunk of his car, the technology he’d been working on for the past few months rattling around in the back as he took off for Fenton Works. “C’mon, Fenton,” he muttered as he pulled up to the familiar multi-story building for the millionth time, “get your ghostly butt in gear.”

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