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In Her Eyes (Jacob Frye X Reader)

AN: Hello Everyone! I’m back with a request for the Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate which was requested anonymously and it was for a Jacob Frye X Reader story. It was requested that the reader finds out she’s pregnant but she knows that Jacob is an assassin and worries that his job is too dangerous so she decides to move to Paris. It was also requested that Evie finds out about the reader’s pregnancy and argues that the reader should tell Jacob, to which the reader agrees but she ends up slipping away and moving to Paris without telling Jacob anything. And finally, a time jump was requested where Jacob goes to Paris, finds the reader, and ends up meeting his daughter (five years later). The title for this piece is from a song, also titled ‘In Her Eyes’ by Joshua Radin. So if you really want to get a feel for this story I would definitely recommend giving it a listen. Disclaimer: I do not own the Assassin’s Creed franchise. As always I hope I did the prompt justice and I hope you all enjoy the story (especially the lovely Anon who requested this piece).

               You slowly opened your eyes when you heard the familiar sound of Jacob softly cursing as he walked into the side of your desk. You smiled to yourself before opening your eyes and watching Jacob trying to quietly shrug on his clothing. It was still very dark outside, the street lamps had yet to be extinguished, you groaned, “What time is it? And are you alright? You were cursing…”

               Jacob turned to you and smiled, “It’s very early. Go back to sleep, love, I didn’t mean to wake you; I just walked into this bloody desk again.”

               You smiled playfully, “The Master Assassin, Jacob Frye, is once again foiled by a mahogany desk?”

               He sighed and walked closer to the bed, “Hush, this bloody thing is always in the way, I swear the thing is out to get me. But never mind that… go back to sleep.”

               You propped yourself up on your elbow, “Oh yes, I’m certain that the desk was crafted by the Templars in their dastardly plan to bruise your knees.”

               In the blink of an eye Jacob was perched on the edge of the bed and he captured your lips in a kiss. You sighed into the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck; he pulled back slightly, “Hush you… its early and you should be sleeping not sassing me.”

               You giggled and ran your fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck, “Yes, it is early… so where are you are you going, Mr. Frye?”

               He answered you between feather-light kisses, “I have a mission that I need to get started on. So I need to be on my way. But I promise I will back before you know it.” You gave a wicked grin as you deepened the kiss and ran your hands underneath his shirt; quickly untucking it from his trousers. Jacob groaned and pulled away only slightly as you moved to his neck and peppered kisses there, “Y/N, I know what you’re doing…” He let out a low moan at your ministrations before continuing half-heartedly, “I told you I have a mission.”

               It was your turn to groan, you gave him a chaste kiss on the lips and looked him directly in the eyes, mischief clearly evident in your grin, “Sod your bloody mission… it can wait a little while longer, love.”

               Jacob caved easily after that, “You’ll be the death of me, I swear.” You smiled into his lips as you reached up grabbing his top hat and tossing it across the room and then wrapping your legs tightly around his waist.


               When you next awoke the sun was only just starting to rise and Jacob was once again getting dressed but you knew that you couldn’t stop him this time. You stared at him lovingly, “You had better come back to me, Mr. Frye.”

               He shrugged his jacket on and turned towards you, a look of utter adoration in his eyes, “I will always come back to you, Y/N.”

As he opened your window, which he insisted was better than using the front door, you called out to him again, “I love you, Jacob.”

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Dorian and Pelle Banters: History and Culture
  • Pelle: So Dorian, I noticed you seem to be well versed on history from all over Thedas.
  • Dorian: Yes, I am rather ‘well versed’ in Thedas’ history. Such was the demand for the rigorous curriculum that my father established while I was a boy.
  • Pelle: I see. I suppose I was wondering if the stories you’re taught in your ‘rigorous curriculum’ are as sad as the ones told among the Dalish?
  • Dorian: I suppose that depends just how sad they are.
  • Pelle: Oh you know your typical tragedy. Woman curses man for harming innocent wildlife, man hunts her down and claws out her eyes and leaves her for dead.
  • Dorian: Ah! Sounds like a typical day in your average slum.
  • Pelle: I’ll take that as a yes then.
  • Solas: Actually, the story you have heard Inquisitor is not told to it’s fullest of truth.
  • Pelle: What happened doesn’t matter, I still had to tell very disheartening tales of death and sadness to children.
  • Solas: ...I suppose that is true.
  • Dorian: You told your children a man clawed out a woman’s eyes? Suppose it is better to desensitize them to violence isn’t it.
  • Pelle: Let’s not get too insensitive now Dorian.
  • Dorian: I suppose you’re right. Perhaps you may further educate me on these stories at a later date? This way I can better attune to these tragic tales you speak of.
  • Pelle: Would you care for a little wine with your tragedy Dorian?
  • Dorian: Always, my dear Inquisitor.