oh patricia

  • Me: *showing a Spike/Buffy fan video to my sweet 70-year-old neighbor Patricia*
  • Video: *Spike hits Buffy*
  • Patricia: *gasp* "Spike hit Buffy!"
  • Video: *Buffy hits Spike*
  • Patricia: "And then Buffy hit him back!"
  • Video: *Spike and Buffy have sex in a building that's falling apart around them*
  • Patricia: "Oh this is fascinating."

Baby Daniel aww

perfect family lol

Hamlet is so confused omg

Patricia is forever young

“yes, Iam drinking to make look you less ugly”

Beau’s Oh my god lmaoo

But seriously it’s so cute that fans were involved

“my mom’s just fucked”

Oh my gawd


  • I am disgusted by the media posting 'Oh these white tourist had to leave Mexico because of Patricia' OH BOO HOO WHAT ABOUT THE MILLIONS OF MEXICAN CITIZENS THAT ARE GONNA LOSE EVERYTHING? THEIR HOMES? HOPEFULLY NOT THEIR FAMILIES! So media stop being dumb & actually post about important stuff not stupid stories about tourist being devastated about their short vacation.My family in Mexico are near the area its gonna hit.I'm praying for them & EVERYONE in mexico.❤🙏