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↳anon asked jihan or jicheol [cr. 1]

q: jisoo do you have something you want to say to jeonghan?
joshua: i love you ♡ (trans)


Sneak peek for the last chapter of Home. 

(Also you should totally click for full res to see all the detail that took me two weeks to paint *weeps on the floor*)


Kdrama kisses


Icing has Bittynapped them All TwT whelp, finally posted it:Part 3.1 This was supposed to be the last part but i didn’t anticipate that part 3 of the comic would be long hahah😂 so now there’ll be like 2 more? huhu & it might be awhile for me to post them(I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m making this up as I go) Credits, Disclaimers belowww:
fell!Palette(Icing) & Palette @angexci
Goth @nekophy
wolf!Goth @echoiart
library!Goth @bunabelldraws
Gloom Pibby& ct!Goth @blogthegreatrouge
sadly, Cupcake aint in any of the panels TwT he’ll come later.

Comic Art & Pot!Eve by Me @butterflypea


Peaceful mornings at the Skywalker residence. Sorry I was too lazy to google a more legit prosthetic.  EDIT: This is way too late and probably futile, but for the record, this comic takes place in a domestic Earth AU.


I was still trying to doodle him and then I started playing around with the color adjustment. 

… well, @underfellfangame had a really exciting hour or so where there was hype regarding some halloween-themed X & error shenanigans, so of course i got randomly inspired and immediately started making something. and then it was done and the evidence deleted, heh. so, y’know, this looks random as hell, but hey. it’s either arriving fashionably? late or just consider it the halloween content i didn’t think i’d get to post.

design of the uf cuties to the UNDERFELL fangame team, particularly including @its-captain-senpai and @ilexdamenshi~. go give them so much love, guys.

Some lazy Sunday afternoon sketchy Ten/Rose smooches for you all. :)

coloring tutorial

heyyy someone asked me to make a coloring tutorial but brace urself i can’t explain anything at all okay here we go 

this is basically the way i color most of my gifs, but every scene is different so 

we’ll be turning this

into this

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I learned a new thing on PS so ofc I have to make something dumb like this.

But hey heY HEY BOKUTO CAN FLY!! ୧( ‘̀ ᗩ ‘́ )୨ 

I’ve spent the greater portion of my days praying to my Heavenly Father.
For deliverance, for strength, for peace
And He bolsters me up against the whirlwind.
In my heart, He whispers,
Be strong. You have weathered worse storms than this.
I feel Him wrap my arm around His shoulder,
He lets me lean against His side until my legs have strength again.

But in the night, it is upon my Mother’s breast that I petition comfort.

The soldier on the battlefield may be emboldened by a Father’s praise,
But for whom does he search in the inky stretch of night,
Who will chase away the fears of the day that linger in his mind
When the battle has been won?

Oh, Father, Thou hast given my feet thunder and my hands fire,
But Mother stills the tempest in my heart.
I accept Thy strength to carry on,
But let Her tears and sighs keep me safe in the dark.

—  Psalm For Mother

People freak out about shipping kids
But you know
Kids do have romantic relationships
They even have their own sexuality of some sort
It’s different from adults
But it is the thing that exists
So by saying “you should not ship children” you actually say “I neglect the fact that children are people”
You forgot your first crushes? Or what? Or you are teens/adults now and you consider children’s romanticism as “innocent”, “childish” and “not serious”?
I remember all of my childhood crushes well and, you know what? It was not a joke for me. You can freaking consider it as “aw so cute and innocent”, but for me as a child it was REALLY IMPORTANT.
Children are not as innocent as you think. And not as cute and you think either.
They are people. Little persons. They are not wise nor mature, but they CAN fall in love with eachother and they DO THAT IN REAL LIFE. (even in kindergarten. So no need to say anything about elementary school. For me it was a heartbreaking time when I first lost a loved one and I still remember them with a smile. I loved them so much)
They even touch themselves sometimes which is (PLOT TWIST!) absolutely NATURAL AND NORMAL.
You guys know nothing about children.

like for a thing from dmitri? he’s a hunter in his mainverse, but he’s also got tw/d, pac/ific ri/m (omg i forgot he had one?), fbi, and m/arvel verses. they can be found on his old blog if you want to pick one and hmu. otherwise, it’ll be in the main!