oh okay then finn

I can’t wait for Finn and Rey to kiss onscreen - to grab each other passionately before breaking apart and grinning goofily and pressing their foreheads together

I can’t wait for Jedi Finn and Jedi Rey to kick First Order butt together and take down Snoke

I can’t wait for Finn and Rey to get married, both of them adorned in their robes, Finn grinning (and crying) like an idiot, Rey absolutely beaming

I can’t wait for Finn and Rey to have beautiful biracial babies who are also Force-sensitive - I can’t wait for Finn to be an enormous, loving, caring goofball around his kids, and Rey to be supportive and caring and encouraging and also just as goofy and playful

I can’t wait for Finn and Rey to grow old together, silver streaking through their hair, wrinkles adorning their faces, watching their children grow up and get married and start lives of their own and just look at each other with complete and utter contentment and love

I am so here for Finn and Poe being absolutely head-over-heels in love, but also completely oblivious about it.

Like, Finn doesn’t recognize his feelings because people just don’t date in the First Order. Have you ever seen two storm troopers holding hands? Yeah, I thought not. Romance gets in the way of things, so it’s harshly discouraged.

And Poe is just plain oblivious. Like, he’s affectionate with everyone. He’s the kinda guy who goes around cuddling his friends just because he wants to. So it’s hard for him to parse out romantic feelings from platonic ones.

So of course, shit like this happens all the time:

Finn: (internal monologue) Hey that’s weird I have a sudden urge to hold Poe’s hand and never let go, well I did it with Rey so I guess it’s probably okay *holds Poe’s hand*

Poe: (internal monologue) Oh hey Finn is holding my hand, this is really nice, his hand is super soft and wonderful and I never wanna let go! Wow we’re such good friends!

Poe: (internal monologue) Hey Finn looks really huggable let’s test that theory *climbs into bed with Finn and drapes himself all over him like an octopus*

Finn: (internal monologue) Poe is cuddling with me he’s so soft he smells so good this is the best day of my life! I’m so glad he’s my friend

Finn: *lost in Poe’s eyes*

Poe: *lost in Finn’s eyes*



Finn: You’re my best friend

Poe: And you’re my best friend!

Bonus round:

Finn: So, Rey… what’s it called when someone is your friend, but you also want to cuddle them and hold hands with them and be with them for the rest of your life and also kiss them?

Rey: *facepalm*

What kind of thing is happening here? Jake is asleep, PB is making a coffee in her lab coat, Ice King can’t stop thinking about her and there’s MARCELINE IN THE CORNER PLAYING A GUITAR. TO THE WALL.

And… now Ice King wants to go to bed. Why did we invite you over, then? Oh, and now he’s up again…just sitting on the bed.

[looks back over at Marceline and PB who are standing chest to chest] Those two are very close… what is happening?

Where is Ice King going????

Ice King has collapsed. Oh, he’s okay. And Marceline’s just… back in the corner. Okay.

—  Finn, trying to figure out what is going on with his life
I just want a StormPilot version of the Han/Leia convo in RotJ
  • Poe: So you love Rey, don't you?
  • Finn: Yes, of course!
  • Poe: Oh, okay. Well, when she gets back, I won't get in the way, I'll-
  • Finn: No, no! It's not like that! She's my Platonic Jedi Life Partner!
  • Finn & Poe: *MAKES OUT*