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Adrien and Marinette get closer as friends (thanks in part by wingpeople Nino and Alya, though rather than dating…  They become super awesome platonic buddies).  They get really close, getting to know each other a lot, and Marinette is just all the more in love with Adrien but perfectly happy with him as a friend.

And Adrien is slowly having this revelation of “oh crap I like-like her…!”

But he doesn’t wanna give up on Ladybug, of course.

But like, both of them are really touchy-feely, and they’re cuddly, and it’s like.  All the platonic cuddles.  It’s cold?  They’ll be cuddling somewhere.  One of them had a bad day?  They’re cuddling.  Bored?  They’ll just curl up somewhere and cuddle because they just are.  Ridiculously cuddly.

Sometimes they manage to drag Nino and Alya in and they have group cuddles and it’s v therapeutic for them all and it’s a good time.

And this sort of bleeds over into their hero behavior–the Ladyblog is blowing up with ladynoir cuddle pictures even though both insist that it’s strictly platonic “c’mon, can’t a pair of best friends just cuddle when it’s cold and they have to watch out to make sure somebody doesn’t turn into a monster for stubbing their toe?  Can’t we just have this?”

And Chat is slowly feeling more platonic towards Ladybug as his feelings for Marinette grow, meanwhile Mari is starting to find her crush on Adrien is shifting towards Chat.

And it gets slowly harder to separate their hero and civilian lives when they’re sleepy and cuddling because it’s just so familiar and without even realizing it one time Marinette is just scritching Adrien’s head where she usually scritches Chat’s and is like “Love you, minou.”

And he sleepily nuzzles her and mumbles “love you too, princess.”

And neither of them actually realize it at first.

Because they’re both half asleep and the cuddles as civilians and heroes blur together so neither of them realizes they’re not transformed and forget about it when they wake up.

Until one time they’re curled up together after a patrol under a blanket and cuddling and have hot chocolate LB brought and some sweets from her bakery and Chat just sleepily mumbles “Your parents make the best cookies, Mari.”

And she just sleepily responds “You always say that, Adrien…”

And that’s when it clicks.

And…  Instead of freaking out, they’re both like “Oh.  Okay.  Yeah.  Yeah that makes sense.  I’m glad it’s you.”  And go back to cuddling and they’re even more cuddly later.

(And Nino and Alya are like “We KNEW it wasn’t platonic!” when they end up kissing a few days later during group cuddles)

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Can you explain the River is half timeship thing? Because I like that a lot better than her being "half Time Lord" tbh.

oh boy okay

this is a theory i came up with for this fic [x] and then sort of… adopted,,, because ngl it makes more sense than the original (i like s6, i really do, but time lady!rivs never quite fit for me.) she isn’t half-Gallifreyan, is the thing - of course she’s not, how could she be, there was no Gallifreyan biodata involved. she’s the TARDIS’s daughter. she’s made very much made in the same mold as Compassion. created from theoretically pure-human stock, molded by experience and by context and by the TARDIS herself to become something else; someone who could keep up with the dr, who could understand them, as well as anyone ever can. (the TARDIS is…. a bit of a matchmaker; she’s basically the old lady who slams open the window in the middle of the night to yell ‘just kiss already!’ at the young couple dithering on the sidewalk and nobody will convince me otherwise)

as for why everyone calls her a time lady - the thing is of course that ‘time lord’ is a rank, and not (technically) a biological thing. it’s the closest term for what’s been done to her; she was conceived in the vortex, it must have much the same effect as the Untempered Schism used to. biologically speaking, she’s still human, but there’s an extra time-active line to her biodata, a certain stylish flair to her already fucked-up timeline; she has a human heart, but she thinks non-linear enough to be able to speak Gallifreyan, to manipulate the probabilities as well as the dr ever could; no block-transfer shell, her body is as physically real as any human’s, but enough vortex energy stored in her bones and caught on the sharp edges of her biodata to replicate regeneration fairly well

and she is so much bigger on the inside.

queenzabrak replied to your photoset “Original Fiction Series: Paper Boats  The dead are restless in the…”

oh my gosh, this is so beautiful and striking, I’d love to hear more about the story!!

THANK YOU <3 also funny story, i named my mc erin then was sat in class one day like ‘wait…why does erin sound familiar…OH SHIT ERIN.’ but it had sort of stuck by then aha

but okay! paper boats is a 40 minute short film, it’s set in a fictional welsh town and follows a group of five friends: erin, amelia, tomos, nathan and myra. in 2015 they’re all about to leave town for uni, so with their other friends they go to the beach and have a party. amelia and erin go drunk swimming and they get swept up with the tide - amelia disappears. 

cut to a year later and erin has totally fallen apart with grief. she ignores all her friends, but reunites with them to go hold a memorial for amelia at the same beach. they drive out to the campsite the beach is attached to but erin starts to see amelia in the woods. she tries to make contact with her - even as everyone else tells her not to - and a bunch of angry ghosts that have been trapped in the area for hundreds of years target them, pulling them all into this strange space between life and death and then erin has to save them all!

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hiii!! lately i've been listening to korean indie music because i feel it really captures the light, bubbly feel of summer that i'll miss haha

  2. your tags are easy to access 
  3. I LOVE the designs on your Bujo and it’s really aesthetic I love it
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  5. I like the content you reblog, and how you organize your feed


I love your account Okay, I followed n everything. my one thing for you is to put yourself more out there! If you can’t post, you can find ways to make helpful printables, or organizers, or anything really! If you have anything to share, SHARE IT OKAY YOU AND YOUR ACCOUNT ARE TOO PRETTY. 


omg I’ve never heard of Korean indie music? I listen to kpop like bts, but I also listen to other Korean music that’s softer(?) idk how to explain it;  but omg that’s so cool and aw i feel sad cause summer is gr8!!,, and summer is barely starting for me;; anyways,, have a nice day!! 


Why Being a Toddler is the World's Toughest Job

I pity toddlers. I feel so sorry for those little Pillsbury Doughboy lookalikes. I do. When I see one, I don’t think, “Oh, how adorable.” I think, “Oh, you poor dear.” Because being a toddler is not all fun and games. I mean, yes, some of being a toddler is – literally – fun and games. But a lot of it is hard work. Scratch that. MOST of it is hard work. Being a toddler may, in fact, be the world’s toughest job.


Infants get to do pretty much whatever they want, whenever they want. The same cannot be said for toddlers. When you’re a toddler, you’re expected to follow the rules. But there’s just one problem: you don’t know what most of the rules are. Most rules are discovered only AFTER they’ve been broken. You can’t draw on the sofa. Not even in a pretty color?! You shouldn’t throw sand. But it’s so lightweight?! You’re not supposed to bathe your doll in it the toilet.  Ok. Got it. You will never again wash your doll in the potty. (Next time, you’ll bathe the cat instead.)


Last month I went to the DMV to renew my driver’s license and, a few hours later, was told that I wouldn’t be seen. I was instructed to go home and come back another day. I wanted to throw a temper tantrum. I almost threw a temper tantrum. Okay. I sort of threw a temper tantrum. Toddlers don’t have to go to the DMV to have no control over their own schedules. And it must be maddening. Really enjoying playing with your train? Well, it’s time to stop. Having fun at the park? We’re leaving in five minutes. (Whatever five minutes is.)


Mealtime for toddlers is a lot like eating in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language and can’t read the menu. Most food is new and, therefore, strange. And some food – new or not – is downright scary. But with toddlers there’s an added twist, you get strapped into your chair when you eat. It’s not surprising that toddlers are picky eaters. It would only be surprising if they weren’t.


Adults know they can’t get sucked down the bathtub drain, but toddlers do not. If you did think it was a possibility, you would probably hate baths. If you believed a Golden Retriever wanted to eat you, you would probably be scared of dogs. And if you were worried that the dinosaurs on your pillowcase might come to life while you slept, you might be terrified of linens. True. Only some toddlers are scared of baths. Only some toddlers are scared of dogs. And very few are scared of pillows. But most toddlers have some fears. And, to them, they’re not irrational ones.

It’s only life experience – and an understanding of the most basic scientific concepts – that turns the world into a place that makes some sense. Okay. That’s not true. No matter how old you get, the world doesn’t make sense. But, at least most of us aren’t afraid of baths.


If you knew so few words that they could easily be recorded within a few lines of a baby book, you’d probably resort to crying every now and then too. Your shirt is bothering you but you can’t figure out how to say, “Oh my God! The tag in this shirt is so scratchy! I’d like to change into something more comfortable! Preferably in organic cotton!” But you can’t. So you get upset. And what’s the reaction from mom or dad? They tell you to use your words. Use your words! If you could, you would!