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jikook college au: au where jeongguk is an upcoming photographer in college, his final pictures get ruined but he doesn’t seem to care when he finds a new muse; park jimin.


you know

after 9 seasons, 9 years, of sam and dean constantly going through hell because of their father and being given every bit of evidence to prove that it’s alright for them not to like john winchester

you’d think

that we’d already

have stopped this

that isn’t two sons acknowledging their father’s rights & wrongs and still respecting him in spite of it, that’s two victims defending their abuser because that’s what they’ve been brought up to do.

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Companions react to finding Sole in an alley all beat up to the point where they're just barely alive and with all their stuff missing?


Cait - “Holy shite, who did this to you? Nevermind, let’s get you someplace where we can patch you up.” She  throws SoSu gently over her shoulder like a sack of tatos and runs to the nearest place they had just cleared. Whoever had done this to her SoSu was going to have a hard price to pay.

Piper - “Oh my god, Blue!” Piper rushed over to SoSu’s side shooting down whatever hostile creatures were near by, then put SoSu’s arms over her shoulder. “Hang in there, Blue, we’re going to get you fixed up, get you some new equipment, then pay the asshole who did this to you. I promise.”

Curie - “Zut alors!” Curie quickly pulled out as many stimpaks as she could, rushing to SoSu’s side and sticking them in accordingly. “We wil get you out of here. Are you well enough to walk?” SoSu nodded, using the wall to balance themselves. Curie put her hands gently on them, occasionally looking up to make sure nothing was attacking. “Everything will be okay, we will get your things back.”

Haylen - Haylen was on her way back to the Prydwen after exploring some ruins with Rhys and Danse, but something caught the corner of her. “SoSu!” She quickly rushed into the alley, paying no mind to the dangers that could be lurking in the darkness as she quickly started to treat SoSu of their injuries. With the help of Rhys, she brought SoSu back to the Prydwen, not leaving their side until they were better.

Magnolia - Magnolia had decided to take a walk before turning in, enjoying the sight of Goodneighbor at night, but it was quickly disturbed when the sounds of someone moaning drew the singer’s attention. Following the sound, she gasped at the sight of SoSu’s battered and broken body. “Somebody, help! Someone needs medical attention!” She cried out, cupping SoSu’s face with both of her hands. “It’s going to be okay, sweetheart, I’m here. I’m here now.”

Glory - It had been a week since Glory had last seen SoSu and it was secretly driving her mad. She was more snappy, more aggressive and distant the long SoSu was gone. “I’m going to look for them,” She exclaimed, walking out of the base before anyone could stop her. Glory didn’t wander to far from the Church when she looked down an alley way and saw a familiar figure looking broken. “SoSu!” She didn’t hesitate as she rushed to her comrade and picked them up, running back to the base. “Just hang on, you’re going to be okay.”


Codsworth - “Oh, Sir/Mum!” He rushes over to SoSu, helping them up and stayed by their side as they stumbled towards Sanctuary which wasn’t far from where they were. “I swear, I will not allow this incident to repeat itself, you have my word.” SoSu smiled at their robotic butler letting out a hoarse thank you, appreciating Codsworth’s care.

MacCready - MacCready had been looking all over for SoSu, regretting ever agreeing to split up to cover more ground. “Dam- Darn it, SoSu. Where are you? This isn’t funny.” From a distance, he heard a chuckle along with a muffled voice that he could barely make out. Jogging towards the source, he felt he heart fell at the sight of SoSu bruised body, their gear nowhere t be seen. “Holy crap, SoSu, who did this to you.” SoSu told him everything as he helped them up. “Well, don’t worry cause from now on I’m not letting you out of my sight.”

Danse - The moment he realized it was SoSu’s broken body in the alley, he rushed towards them. “Everything is going to be okay, soldier, just hang on.” He calls for a vertiberd, picking SoSu up gently in his arms, minding the power suit as they both boarded the vertiberd. For the rest of the night, he watched over them, only leaving to deal with the people responsible for doing this to them returning to their bedside when he was done.

Hancock - Hancock carried the unconscious SoSu to his room, resting them on his bed and giving them the best first aid he could manage before having Fahrenheit take over looking over them while he did a quick errand. When he returned, Fahrenheit paid no mind to the blood on his clothes and left the two alone. Taking SoSu’s hand, Hancock brushed a few loose locks from their face. “It’s okay, sunshine, I fixed those bastards up real good. You’re safe.”

Preston - “General!” The moment Preston’s eyes landed on SoSu tattered body, he rushed to their side, wrapping up any major wounds they had gained before helping them up. “Don’t worry, General, we’re going to get you fixed up nice and new.” Preston’s words made SoSu smile as the leaned on his body, limping towards the Castle. From the corner of his eye Preston watched his General wince with each step. Vowing silently that he would never allow this to happen again.

Nick - “Kid, what happened to you?” SoSu gives Nick a sheepish smile, not really sure how they ended up half dead in an alleyway with all their equipment gone. Nick shook his head, putting their arm over his shoulder, helping them walk towards Diamond City. “First, let’s get a doctor to look at you, then we can figure out who did this to you.” When they eventually got help and fell asleep, Nick watched over them, feeling slightly guilty for the state they were in. “I swear, kid, I’m never going to let this happen to you ever again.”

Dogmeat - He nuzzled his master, helping them stand up and get to shelter safely where Dogmeat watched SoSu patch themselves up. Resting his head on his master’s lap, Dogmeat kept a vigilant eye, making sure that no more harm would come to them.

Deacon - When SoSu had been gone for around three days, Deacon arrived to the last place people saw them and made it his mission to find them. Heading towards what was believed to be their next destination, he listened for any signs of them, looking down every alley he passed. Eventually, he found them, rushing to their aid. When he had applied a few stimpaks, he held them up and dragged them to the closest settlement, waiting by their side until they were well.

Strong -  “Human, did brother do this to you?” He picked SoSu up, seeing them shake their head weakly. “Strong will get you somewhere safe. Human should have stayed near Strong, Human should not go far from Strong’s side.”

Maxson - His heart nearly shattered as he saw SoSu completely beaten up, their pride shattered. “It’s okay, soldier, we’re going to get you fixed up and once you’re all better, were going to show those assholes what the Brotherhood of Steel is made of.” As he spoke, Maxson picked SoSu up, taking most of their weight onto him. His rage growing with every wince on their face and every time they nearly stumbled. Whoever did this was going to pay for hurting his SoSu.

Sorry this took so long. I’ll try to update more often. :) Hope you like it!

  • Me: *buys smth slightly more expensive in the market*
  • Mum: oh my god Su..you know we have no money rn..you should be more considerate
  • Me: oh..okay..ill pay then :)
  • Mum: W H A T??? Uh??? n o ? ov er my Dead body! OH GOD why must you insult me LİKE THİS CHİLD? Ohmygod put that purse away!!!!! İD RATHER STAR ve NOnoooonopenope..oh god what did i dk to to be insulted like this İn MY OWn..-
  • Me: OkAY OKAY sheesh...

“And the words just flowed out her fingertips like water in a river, flawlessly and clear, as if it were her own story to cherish and protect, her own story to tell the world.”

hEY HEY @jilliancares UNDERCOVER ANONYMOUS HERE. Well not anonymous anymore *wiggles eyebrows*. I ended up making a quote for you, it wasn’t difficult at all, those were the words that first came when i thought of you.
I’m also that annoying girl that sent you an ask about how much im dying because i want to read TBB (and now that I accidentally read that they kissed the temptation is strong) but that im saving it until is complete, lel.
After you answered my ask i felt the sudden urge to make you something because you always give us and i just wanted to show you my gratefulness (is that a word?) by giving you something and when inspiration comes, you better take it gurl.
Even if I already said it, thank you for your stories, I know it takes time to make them, and I find so unfair that fanfiction writers are so underrated so I wanted to show you that all your effort doesn’t go to waste, that we love every tiny little bit of it. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH<3
And before I lose my confidence to post this here we go~

it’s better to burn than to fade away

beta; @celestialhowell ((who also found the title)) 
word count; 7.7k
summary; When the new boy Dan moves in across the street, Phil isn’t quite sure what to think.
warnings; swearing, food, internalized homophobia, alcohol, intimacy
a/n; this was written for @kanyes-double-doubles for the @phanficexchange using one of their prompts! i hope you enjoy x

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He's Your Brother

Michael (Luke is your brother)

“So who do you like Y/N” My brother Luke asked me with a smirk.

 "Why would I tell you, you’re just gonna tell him.“ you said

"Oh so I know him?” Luke asked, you just rolled your eyes, you were never gonna tell your brother you liked Michael. Yeah you told the other two but to your twin brother its weird. The next night you went over to Luke’s room cause you needed to talk to him about something. You heard your brother in shower but since he takes 10 days in the shower you went back to your room waiting another 20 minutes until going back into his room. You walked into his room with no warning and there was shirtless Michael with wet hair. 

“Michael? Oh my god I’m so sorry.” You said as you were leaving Luke’s room. 

“No no, it’s fine stay.” Michael said putting on his shirt. 

“What are you doing here? Wait where’s Luke.” You asked. 

“I came here like a few hours ago and he’s downstairs talking with your mum." 

"Oh, okay I’ll go find him then.” You said trying to avoid awkward situations. 

“No stay with me Y/N.” He said. I was walking towards the door when he grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to him. “You know you’re really beautiful Y/N.” Michael said looking into your eyes. You stared at each other for awhile and your eyes flickered from his eyes to his lips. Out of nowhere Michael just leaned in and kissed you. You were kissing and then Luke walked in. 

“Hey Michael I go- OH MY GOD EW YOU LIKE MICHAEL EWWWWW YOU GUYS ARE DISGUSTING, THE LEAST YOU COULD DO YOU DO IT IN YOUR ROOM!” Luke complained and left the room. You laughed with Michael of how stupid your brother is.

Calum (Michael is your brother)

For about 2 weeks now you and Calum have been having a thing, but behind your brother’s back. Since your older brother was Michael and his best friend you didn’t want to tell him because you knew he’d get mad since he’s really protective. Either he’s really stupid or he just doesn’t car but you and Calum having been ‘hanging out’ a lot more now and you too are always around each other. You two aren’t together, its just kinda a thing. Of course Ashton and Luke knew about it and you were really surprised how they haven’t told Michael yet. Currently the 5 of you were watching a movie. 

“I’m getting some crisp (chips), does anyone want anything?” Calum asked while getting up from the couch. 

“Get me those barbecue ones.” Luke said

“I want pizza shapes.” Michael said

“Can I come with?” You asked getting up from the couch as well. Calum nodded and you both headed to the kitchen. Once you got there Calum immediately slammed his lip into yours. You responded quickly and kissed back, this resulted in a heated make out session. You both tried not to take to long or Michael would wonder where you are. You guys were making out then Michael walked into the kitchen and you immediately pulled away

“you guys are gross, get a room.” He said casually opening the fridge door. 

“Wait why aren’t you freaking out?” I asked 

“Are you kidding me you guys are so obvious I’ve seen you guys ale out so many times I just walk away from it, plus I trust Calum he’s my best friend.” Michael explained

“Oh well this is weird, normally you hate all the guys I’ve dated or even kissed.”

“Well whatever, the worst Calum could do is give to too many love bites I mean he’s so weak.” Michael said carelessly

“Heyyyyyy!” Calum whined

“Okay whatever, I still want those pizza shapes.” Michael said and left.

Ashton (Calum is your brother)

You’ve always had a small liking to your brothers best friend Ashton. Yeah he was older than you and yeah his best friend was your brother Calum but you couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was. I mean it’d probably be totally fine to date him cause your Calum’s older sister but 1, it would be weird and 2, Ashton probably doesn’t even like you. You and the band were currently staying at a hotel in Brisbane because the management gratefully let you tour with them in Australia. About 15 minutes ago Calum and Ashton said they were both going down to the gym, but since your brother is an idiot he forgot his earphones so he texted you.

'hey Y/N I left my earphones in your room when I was there earlier today can you bring them down to the gym for me.’ you groaned looking at the clock, it was almost midnight and you didn’t feel like getting out of bed. You were legitimately just wearing a black tank top with grey sweatpants and your hair was tied up in a messy bun, but you didn’t give a shit. You looked around, found his earphones on the desk and made your way down stairs to the gym in your sweatpants and tank top, I mean it was basically 12am so who was gonna even see you. You got down to the gym to find sweaty shirtless ashton on the treadmill with one earphone in, you had suddenly regret coming down wearing what you were wearing. You opened the gym door and Ashton turned his head and noticed you, he lowered the speed of the treadmill to talk to you. 

“Where’s Calum?” You asked 

“He went upstairs to get his earphones.” He explained and you held up the earphones in your hand. “Oh.” He said in realization completely stopping the treadmill to get the earphones from you. You couldn’t help but stare at his body, he was so hot. “Like what you see?” He cockily said with a smirk noticing you were staring. 

“Oh shut up, you’re the one who’s shirtless, you were asking for it.” You said in confession. 

“Oh so its my fault that I’m so hot.” He said jokingly but he was right. He walked up really close to you and looked into your eyes. You were getting nervous and your eyes kept flickering from his eyes to his lips. He leaned in and kissed you, you were surprised at first but you just went with it. You too were kissing when Calum came back without earphones in his hands. The gym door was glass so he could clearly see what was happening, you heard the door open and pulled away. You turned around to see Calum’s face he looked so horrified where as your face was red and ashton was just smirking. 

“Please don’t ever do that again in front of me that is a sight I will never unsee.” He said trying to say calm. You just giggled with ashton, gave him a peck on the cheek and left.

Luke (Ashton is your brother)

You always knew that your big brother Ashton was over protective on the types of guys you date, he didn’t want you to get hurt. He also put off limits on the boys in the band but you have been liking someone for awhile now. It was Luke. Lucky for you the next night Ashton asked the boys if they wanted to have dinner out and you and Luke both said no. Since it was already dark outside when they left you two decided to watch a movie. 

“What movie do you wanna watch?” Luke asked.

“I don’t know, I’m a girl, girls can’t make decisions. You choose.” You said and went to go get the finished popcorn from the microwave. When you came back, obviously Luke chose mean girls. 

“Again?” You asked Him since you both have watched it countless number of times. 

“Yes again.” He stated. You mentally rolled your eyes and found a place to sit. When watching movies you and the boys always cuddled, normally not together but it was just a normal thing now. Out of the band you and Luke probably cuddle the most together probably because you always sit next to him or he sits next to you. Luke was sprawled along the couch with his knees up and back against the edge on the couch. You decide to lay in-between his legs with your head on his chest. Again, this was very normal, but for you it just felt like you two were dating. About ¼ into the movie (at the halloween party scene) you looked up at Luke and saw that he was staring at you. You knew from the moment the movie started you felt his eyes burning on yours. 

“Why are you staring at me?” You asked

“Cause you look really pretty.” He said and immediately covered his mouth in embarrassment. You reached up to grab his arm and pulled it down.

“It’s fine Luke I think you’re cute too.” You suddenly got the confidence to say. Luke oddly got way more confident too and smirked.

“You know whats my favorite part about you?” He asked rhetorically. “Your lips.” You felt a shiver down your spine as he said that. He lean down to your face until you were inches apart. 

“Kiss me.” You whispered and he softly placed his lips against yours giving you soft sweet kisses. 

“Hey guys I’m-” Ashton cut himself off as he walked through the door. Luke immediately pulled away from me and I got off of his chest making no contact with him at all. “Lucas Fucking Hemmings you are a dead man.” Ashton said in a harsh tone and walked quite quickly towards Luke. I ran off to my room and Luke followed me right behind. He shut the door a locked it, you could here Ashton yelling from the outside. You hugged luke and he stroked your head in comfort. You let go of him and got the courage to go outside and talk to your brother. 

“Ashton, please calm down.” You said stepping out of your room. 

“I will not calm down you two were kissing. You know how I feel about you dating and kissing guys. Ashton said on the verge of yelling

"You know Luke is a good person Ashton, he would never hurt me.” Ashton stared at you for the longest time until finally he said.

“Fine, just don’t do any shit in front of me.” You grinned and went back into your room to finish what you started with Luke.