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let the flames of your passion grow.

he really is so so soo soft and cute and pretty 😭💛

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Q. about the reincarnation!AU: Are people (okay, mostly Brian) generally aware that Bill's 'arrangement' with his chosen human involves a big 'ol sexual component? I can't quite make out whether Brian was down for a demonic marriage, or just completely in the dark about that part of the deal.

It’s not common knowledge that this is, in fact, a Relationship, so Brian was completely in the dark at the, ah, other implications of being tied to Bill. 

In Bill’s opinion, its flattering! And it’s totally reasonable for people to want to throw themselves at him! But he doesn’t want them, just this one feisty number he’s been going steady with for a few lifetimes, it’s a good deal!

Mason, meanwhile, is just beginning to realize that maybe Bill’s interesting display on arrival wasn’t some elaborate joke.

below the cut are 177 oh sangwoo rp icons from koogiโ€™s killing stalking, chapters 1 - 13 + a little bit of 14. all art was taken directly from the manga, cropped & resized ( 100 x 100 ) by me.

free for use ; crediting is appreciated. (ยดฯ‰๏ฝ€) stay tuned for more icons as new chapters are released!!

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((Welcome back!)) Oh my, how did you lose your horn?

D–> In the literal sense, sometimes things are too heavy 
D–> And you sh001d avoid f001ishly attempting to lift them over your head to impress your peers 
D–> On another level 
D–> Learning one’s failings is good 
D–> Limitations, and so forth


As the old Gravity Falls legend goes…

 whether you’re naughty OR nice, a jolly little triangle will break into your house and eat all your food (and leave you spiders and nightmares if you’re lucky)

sbs gayo daejun: EXO x NCT Special Stage, GD x CL x BewhY x Okasian Collab, 10cm x Chanyeol x Rosé x Jihyo collab stage (+Chanyeol and Rosé playing the guitar), Taemin x Jinyoung x Yugyeom x Ten x Lisa x Seulgi x YooA x Eunjin Street Dance collab stage, Jimin x Mina x Momo x N x Cheng Xiao x Yein Ballet & Modern Dance collab stage, T.O.P x Uhm Jung Hwa collab stage, Special Collab of 91 idols, and literally EVERY ARTIST WHO HAD A COMEBACK/DEBUT THIS YEAR WILL ATTEND AND PERFORM and way more to come