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At a slumber party
  • Girl: OMG! so guys who are your crushes
  • Me: well....
  • Close friends: uh oh
  • Me: so i have four.
  • Girl: oh really!
  • Me: number 1, really intelligent guy, he's British, he has a flat mate. He solves crimes for a living.
  • Girl: what..?
  • Close friends: oh god
  • Me: number two, he's a frost giant, comes from Jotunheim. He has dad issues and wants to become ruler of this place called Asgard. He's good really good hair.
  • Girl: ....
  • Close friends: this is not good
  • Me: three and four are Japanese guys. Ones this really rich dude, his dad owns hospitals. He's kind of an asshole, but he cares about people. Oh and number four, he's smart. But he can't swim any other stroke then Butterfly. But still, he is really smart.
  • Girl: .................
  • Close friends: *face palms*

I really hope that when Louis woke up this morning he saw that BTY was top 10 in the UK and at #21 in the US (when it’s not even midngiht on the west coast) he just smiled real big!!! i hope it made him happy!!

3. “It’s about damn time!”

A/N: HEYOOOO. Numbers 1. “Oh my god, you’re in love with her” and 2. “You’re too good for this world” are here. I’m going off of zis list here. Finals suck, but here I am not studying for them. That being said, this one is a tad shorter than my usual. Enjoy xx

You’d think, after four years of being together after being together for two in college, that Beca and Chloe would’ve tied the knot by now. Nope. They haven’t. The idiots weren’t even engaged yet. 

Everyone had always assumed Beca would’ve been the one to pop the question first, and Beca assumed Chloe was the one who was gonna pop the question first. So really, the last six years have just been a mess of confusion. But, regardless, they had each other and that’s all they really cared about.

Aubrey and Jesse’s wedding had rolled around and it gave everyone an excuse to get back together for a weekend. There would be an unhealthy amount of booze, what Beca had hoped a jacuzzi tub in their hotel room, and copious amounts of talking shit about how high strung Aubrey was until she started banging Jesse. Ahh family bonding.

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this is just an incredibly self indulgent ask, but could you talk about autistic hunk? -heavenlyhunk

oh hell yea!!!

- his number 1 stim is just Screaming. it sends nice vibrations up his throat and it’s a good audio stim too!!

- he loves bright neon colors. colors that would usually cause eye strain?? hunk is in sensory heaven

- he’s the “hey, that’s breaking the rules, don’t do that” autistic

- he infodumps to lance a lot. sometimes he forgets what he was talking about halfway through the sentence

- when he’s panicking he’s hyperverbal!!

- probably the most sarcastic autistic to ever autism tbh… he’s so great…

- he gets understimulated really, really, easily. he has tons of shut downs

- he’s very, very, touchy-feely. it took him forever to learn that not everyone wants to be touched. he’s still learning, tbh

- one time he tried to read a book by an author known for their metaphors. he read two and a half paragraphs, processed absolutely none of it, couldn’t understand it once he did process it, and then cried. he didn’t give up. he read all the way through, crying. again, he processed none of it. he still has no idea what even happened in that book

The Office

2 teams of 6 good looking men, 1 intern, 1 receptionist and an overwhelming amount of tension and flirting.

Part Four - The Dawn Of Efficiency

Genre: CRACK | Fluff | Angst
Members:  OT7
Word count: 2,506

A/N: I’d like to throw in a small DISCLAIMER right here, right now. Some of the content in this chapter - not to give spoilers but mainly the prank - are based off scenes from the US Tv show the office. So those of you who’ve seen the show will know and you will be dying along with me. - Amelia 

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Sydney babe so seeing as two ghosts is going to be a single can we do like a project? So we can get that to debut at number 1? Also I was gonna ask what number did sott debut at? Thank you lovely xxx

i don’t think the goal is necessarily a high debut for a second single from an album already out as like the huGE boost from die hard harry fans isn’t gonna be a boost because we all already have the song and sales are the biggest piece. so i think that first week i’ll probably focus on radio & streaming and do a lot of requesting on the radio so more people hear it and thus buy it but like i don’t necessarily think this next one is about debuting high if that makes sense?? we’ll have to see what hshq does like if they release a different version for sales or drop a music video but right now it seems like it’ll be a radio push to capitalize on dunkirk and get him more exposure to people who haven’t heard much of his music if that makes sense!!