oh not his *bits* you perv

All My Friends Are Wasted

Warnings: fluff, drinking 

A/N: this is my first Peter Quill imagine so be nice 

 You have had a week, let me tell you. All you wanted to do was go to your local bar and just have fun with your friends, and that’s what you planned to do. You got some friends together and put you went. You started drinking, but you were never much of one. You could have just as much fun without it. But you still found yourself a few beers in. Your friends, on the other hand, were completely wasted. You sighed watching your drunken work friends and left them to go to the dance floor, bottle in hand. You were walking with your hands up, already beginning to dance. Nothing sexual, just grooving. You were having a ball all by yourself. 

Your friends eventually came out and danced (if that’s what you want to call it) with you. Suddenly, something red catches your eye. You glance up to see a very nice looking man in a red leather jacket. You smile at him as your eyes connect and he smiles back. He begins to dance with your group, but then you somehow become more you and him, rather than him, you, and everyone else. His dance moves were ridiculous and had you bent over laughing. One minute he is rocking an air guitar solo and the next he’s humping the air. Then, he will grab your hands and spin you around. You couldn’t stop your smile with this one. “So, where’s your friends?” He asked. 

“I don’t know. All my friends are wasted.” I say with a shrug. 

He laughs. “You aren’t?” 

“No sir.” I say. 

“Well, I’ll get you there.” He said with a wink. 

You laugh and say, “I’m Y/N, by the way.” 

“I’m Peter.” He said. “But you can call me Star Lord, if you want.” 

You chuckle, but then realize he was completely serious. You immediately try to hide your smile as he groaned. “Okay,” you said. “Star Lord.” But you bust into laughter, leaning into his shoulder. He just sits there nodding like he should have known this was the response he would get. And he should have. “I’m sorry,” you finally say trying to stop your laughter. 

“You look it,” he says. 

“No, really, I like the name.” You say, somehow holding in your smile. 

“You do?” He says, not believing a word. 

You nod and say, “It fits you.” He rolls his eyes and then grabs your hand and turns you around. When you complete the turn he stops you by grabbing your waist. You lock eyes and you continue dancing. 

Your bottle was now empty, but you were still waving it around. Suddenly Peter leaned down and asked, “Can I get you another drink?” Without ever stopping dancing, you nod. He smiles and leaves to go retrieve a drink. You continue to dance until he brings you back another beer. You each pop the tops. He holds his drink up to you. “Cheers?” He says. 

“To what?” You reply. 

He thinks for a minute. “To new friends.” He states, holding his bottle up higher.  

“To new friends.” You smile and clink your bottles. 

Thirty minutes later, you and Peter were really feeling the buzz and a song came on that you each loved. “All my friends are wasted… and I hate this club. Man, I drink too much!” You each yelled as you danced around each other. “Another Friday night I’ve wasted… my eyes are black and red. I’m crawling back to your bed.” The two of you almost toppled over and Peter grabbed you and stopped it. You turn to look at him and just fall into laughter. He follows suit and the two of you are just laughing over nothing. 

You stop laughing and you just look at each other for a moment. “Y/N…” he started. 

“Star Lord…” you say with a mocking smile. 

He smirks at you. “Wanna crawl back to my bed?” 

You raise your eyebrows. “Oh? What kinda girl do you take me for, Star Lord?” 

“The kind that likes to cuddle.” He said. 

You just laugh and smack his arm and start walking away, but he doesn’t follow. You turn back and raise your arms. “You coming?” You ask. 

Peter, looking like he had forgot he asked, said, “Oh!” And ran to catch up with you. “I really didn’t think you would say yes.” 

“You come off so cocky though,” you say with a smirk. 

“All fake.” He said. “Completely and utterly fake.” 

You just laugh at him and say, “So, where are we headed, Star Lord?” He smiled at the name and pointed. You turn to look and see a… ship? “You have a ship?” You asked, excited. 

“Wanna see?” He asked. 

“Um, yes!” You said, clearly excited. You grab his hand and run up to the ship, pulling him along with you. He shows you all around the ship as you look in awe. It was so nice and it was all his. You come into the cockpit and sit down in one of the chairs, propping your feet up. 

He leans against a chair and looks down at you. “You hungry?” 

“Starved.” You reply. 

He makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and you just sit in the cockpit talking for hours. He tells you about his mom. You tell him everything that’s ever happened to you. He tells you about the guardians and their adventures. He tells you all his favorite songs and lets you listen to the Awesome Mixes. There was tons of laughing and knee touching throughout the night. 

Before you know it, it’s 3 am. You look up from your watch at Peter. “You got somewhere to go?” He asks. 

“Not necessarily, but it is getting late.” You stand up and he grabs your arm. 

“You can stay if you want. No one else is staying on the ship tonight.” You think for a moment before nodding. “Are you tired?” He asked. 

“Kind of.” 

He stands up and grabs your hand. “Come on.” 

You pull him back with a smile and say, “Wait.” He turns back with his eyebrows raised, but you face him the other way. He was confused, but stayed put. You back up a little and then jump onto his back. He makes a noise and you say, “Hey! I’m not that heavy.” 

“Are you sure?” He joked and you just smiled and hit his chest before you nuzzled into his neck. 

When you get to his room, he backs up to the bed and falls backwards. You grunt with his weight on top of you. “Peter!” You yell. 

“That’s not my name.” He said. 

“Oh my gosh, Star Lord! Get up!” You say, pushing him up. 

He laughs as he walks to the dresser. He grabs a gray t-shirt and throws it at you without ever looking over at you. Soon enough a pair of boxers were thrown as well. “The bathroom is right there for you to change,” he says pointing to the bathroom, but as he turns back you already have your shirt off, facing the other way. “Or that. That works too.” He says walking over to the other side of the bed. 

You quickly slip his shirt over your head. “Hey, no peeping.” You say, sternly. 

He rolled his eyes. “Like you weren’t begging me to look. You didn’t even warn me.” He said as he climbed under the covers. 

You removed your shorts, but it didn’t really matter because his shirt was so big that you couldn’t see anything anyways. “It was a perv test. You failed. So, good job.” 

He deadpans you as you slide his boxers on. You smile and climb under the covers. You lay on your right side as you face him. He turns and faces you. There is a good bit of space between the two of you. “Don’t be shy.” He whispers. 

“You failed the perv test, so no cuddling for you, Star Lord.” You whisper back with a smile. 

“Oh, come on. No bonus questions? No redemptions?” 

“No second chances.” You say with a shrug and roll over. You reach up and turn the lamp off next to the bed. You smile as you feel a hand snake around your waist. 

“Positive?” He whispers in your ear.

“Okay, maybe just this one time.” You say. 

He laughs and nuzzles into your neck, pulling you closer to him. He kisses your temple and you smile to yourself. 

What a night.

3 weeks is way too long

Summary: Dan and Phil are bestfriends and they can’t spend three weeks apart from each other so they decide to go up north together. When they get there, Phil’s grandma insinuates something, and Dan has something to confess.

Word count: 3.3k

Genre: fluff

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Just Trust Me

Summary: Dan, 18, a transgender boy has enclosed himself from his roommate, Phil, until one day Phil really realizes what’s wrong. Phil helps Dan explore not only his sexuality but he teaches Dan how to handle his arousal, due to him never having any form of sex-ed in his life ever. So the first time Phil ever helped Dan and had held him in his warm arms, Dan’s life was forever changed.

“Are you hurt? Should I not of plopped you onto the bed, oh my god,” Phil was silent.

“No,” Dan said.

“I feel weird again, in my boxers and it keeps happening when you touch me and I wan’ to do something about it but I don’t know if I just have some disease that only happens to me and when you touched me that night it happened and I felt squirmy,”

Word Count: 4526

Warnings: hurt/comfort, so much fluff, little bit of angst, fluffy smut, detailed af for all you pervs

A/N: hope you enjoy!! this took me a while but I absolutely loved writing it omgh

EXO Reaction when their girlfriend is complaining about her chest

Like.. almost all girls do this xD Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Trying to hide he’s turned on* “Oh they are good good jagi… on the point!”


“Hmm… come closer… let me have a better look…” *Naughty naughty*


“Yeah jagi.. you should try another bra… yes…”


“Aish… this girl.. she seriously thinks they aren’t perfect… how?” *stares at the pic you sent him, every five minutes*


“You know… they say they grow if you eat chicken…” *His solution to everything*


“I don’t know jagi… for me they…you are perfect” *So lovely*


*Can’t stop staring at you* “Babe… what’s your worry. For me you are beautiful, flawless… now let’s get going. We have a date remember?”


*You start doing weird things on the mirror while he watches* “Baobei… I don’t know about you… but I like those two!” *Such a perv*


*A little bit nervous* “Are we… really talking about boobs?I just… I like them jagi… I don’t see a problem… yeah”


*Really embarrassed* “Oh no jagi… don’t grab them like that.. I just…please” *Maybe he’s imagining things too…*


“I don’t want to hear you say those things! Not until you accept you are perfect!”


“Maybe… I can make you change your mind…” *Oh so daddy-like…*

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anonymous asked:

How would the 2p react if their crush came in on them changing

2P!America: “Ayyyeee, what a nice surprise.~” He cooed. Of course, he wasn’t bothered in the slightest, and struck a pose showing off his six-pack and tattoos. “Ahaha, you could totally chill there for as long as you like babe!” He laughed and would totally go full on male-stripper if you wanted him to.

2P!China: “Hm?” Calmly, he turned, and once he saw you, a pleased smile eased onto his lips. “Oh hey cutie!~ What’s up?” He’d continue changing as if you weren’t even there. “…Heh, you can come in if you want?”

2P!England: He instantly hid his body with anything nearby. “P-Pardon!” He squeaked, mortified. Several minutes after the encounter, he would still be blushing uncontrollably.

2P!France: “Oh,” He’s not one to show emotion, but this caused him to chuckle a bit. “Sorry ’bout that.” He’d casually keep changing whether you left the room or not.

2P!Russia: “…” He wouldn’t say much, unless you counted the annoyed look he got on his face. “…Get out, you perv.”

2P!Italy: He sniggered, “Your expression is so amusing. Do you wish to stay?” He looked smug and entirely comfortable with being half-naked in your presence.

2P!Germany: He tilted his head at you. “…’Sup?” A few second later, he lost his cool. “Ahahaha, you should see your face right now! Don’t move!~” He snapped a picture of you on his phone before you got the chance to regain composure.

2P!Japan: He pouted irritably. “Excuse you. This is my changing room.”

2P!Canada: “Uh?” He paused what he was doing and narrowed his eyes at you. If you apologized, he’d reply with “It’s cool,” and continue changing, but not without a tsundere blush on his cheeks.

2P!Romano: He’d scream like a girl. And then laugh. The end.

2P!Austria: “…You did this on purpose, didn’t you, my sweet?” He’d do every sexy pose imaginable within the span of your presence, laughing softly at your reactions. “Feel free to draw me or photograph me whenever you like; my body is quite the work of art, ohohoho!~”

2P!Prussia: He’d blush like crazy and this would probably go down as one of his most embarrassing moments ever…. and the next few times he saw you he’d get red and flustered all over again

The Right Armour

A/N: ReaderxSherlock One-shot :D (For those who submitted requests, I promise I’ll try working on them tomorrow. I haven’t written anything in a while. Will be needing a little time to get back into the swing of things. :) Thanks for understanding. Apologies for the delay.)

Warning/s: Implied smut.

Word Count: 600+

You woke up to the sound of the bedroom door closing.

“Hmm?” You whimpered as you opened your eyes. You saw Sherlock half-naked and fresh from the shower. A towel hung at his hips as he ruffled his hair with a smaller one. You ogled him like a perv for a few more moments. With a sight like that, who could blame you?

“You’re up early.” You said as you slowly sat up.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Sherlock walked to you, giving you a kiss on the mouth. His moist lips made the kiss sweeter, although in all honesty it tasted minty. “Lestrade just sent me a case. Too interesting to pass up.” He whispered into the kiss.

“Oh. I was thinking maybe we could have a part two of last night’s show?” You bit your lip.

“We will. Later.” He grinned. “But for now, why don’t you help me find the right armour.” He said, removing the towel and letting it pool at his feet. Your expectant eyes were disappointed upon seeing that he already had his pants on. You didn’t get a good look last night, it was too dark.

“Did you really think I would let you see all of me?” He smirked. “I’ll leave some to your imagination.” He winked. Sherlock grabbed a pair of trousers and started putting on a police uniform.

“What do you think?” He turned to you.

“Mmm. No.” You shook your head.

“Okay…” He took of the police hat and started undressing in front of you. You smirked to yourself. It was like Sherlock was giving you a Magic Mike moment. You approved of the turn of events.

“How about this?” Sherlock put on a fireman’s uniform.

“No. No.” You shook your head for the second time, trying to act as nonchalant as possible.

“Yeah, I don’t think so either.” He said, giving himself a once over at the mirror. He took off the striped coat, allowing you to see the soft definitions of his muscles flex as he moved. He bent forward as he took his trousers off. The garter of his pants hugged his firm round arse quite justly. You let out a hush groan only you can hear.

“Well?” Sherlock stood wearing a suit but he tweaked it a bit. He wore a pair of glasses, carried a brown leather satchel, and clutched a decent stack of books and papers.

“You look like a history professor.”

“That’s what I was going for.” Sherlock replied. You scrunched your nose, pretending to not like it. “No?” He mimicked your expression.

“No.” You shook your head.

“Fine…” He turned around, settling his props. Sherlock started the glorious process of removing his clothes once more. You unconsciously bit your lip and tilted your head to get a better view.

“Hey…” Sherlock said suspiciously. He caught you through your reflection on the mirror. “Wait a second…” He turned around after successfully removing all his upper body garments. You stood straight to attention. “You just want me to take my clothes off again…” He deduced you quite correctly.

“What? Of course not!” You denied his accusation.

“Oh, don’t lie to me, Y/N. I can see right through you.” Sherlock laughed.

“Okay, fine. So what if I was?“ You raised your eyebrow.

“You cheeky…” He walked over to where you were sitting. Forcing both of his knees in between yours, Sherlock’s lap touched your inner thighs. His half-naked body now stood dangerously close to you. His slightly cool skin clashed with the warmth of yours. You looked up to see him smirking devilishly down at you. The glasses on his eyes instilled the professor vibe.

Reaching for his riding crop, he grumbled, “Well, now. I guess I’ll just have to teach you a lesson.” Audibly swatting it a few times on his palm.

NCT Reaction(older members) - “You play with the lie shock detector(on a gather together with other NCT members) and they find out you are a pervert

Note: The anon did not specify which members she wanted the reaction for, so I choose the older members because I wanted to do it naughtily again (that’s how all this started and I can’t change it sorry :D) Have fun reading! xoxoxo

Taeil: He gets taken aback when you just answer you are not a pervert, but instead you get a literal shock which makes you scream out loud! “Oh gosh, I wish I could knew that earlier, cause you know…hm hmm” he clears his throat, realizing he’s been thinking out loud about the whole situation and his members stare at him instead of you, because he just assumed he liked perverted girls??

Hansol: He looks at you in disbelief “Eiiiii, I know these things can lie too!” but he still can’t get off his mind the fact you presumably might be an actual pervert. “So tell me more about it? Do you have any specific thing you’d like to try with me? I’m all ears and…body for you!” 

Johnny: Does this thing says the truth? Oh my god! Are you really a perv..girl?” He’s a bit surprised by the fact you answered confidently “no” but then you screamed like someone beat you when you got shocked. In a matter of distraction he approaches you and says “To tell you the truth, I am bit perv too…should I tell you more about it?” 

Taeyong:  “It’s okay girl, that thing only prickles a bit, you are not a pervert for sure!” but be prepared to be teased a lot later when he’ll throw you sexy glances and hints about it. He loves playing with your heart and make you embarrassed of this situation…

Yuta: No one can stop his laughing, the whole situation is just too funny. He thinks “When did a shy girl like her become pervert? This machine is lying for sure…” but then he remembers the well famous quote “Never judge a book by its cover!” and starts to visualize you in ways…you better not imagine!

Kun: He’s quick to react and change the truth into a lie “I heard her saying yes, guys, you misheard no! She’s obviously not a pervert…” While his plan succeeds in fooling his members, he won’t leave you rest assured “Looks like someone will have to give me an explanation later…and repay me for saving you out of this! You…know…how…” 

Doyoung: “Oh guys, why do you have to ask her this stupid question? It’s not like it’s true…” but well it looks like the lie detector proves it otherwise. He can’t defend you anymore, now he is troubled because everyone will joke about how “not innocent” you both are (he’s been talking often about 18+ movies too) - stop trying making it so obvious!

Ten: He gets worried because you just got exposed in front of his members…and who is going to be teased later it’s actually him, not you! He did well lying, how could you get caught like that? Now he wonders what kind of pervert you are, because he’s never seen that side of you before…but he’s eager to find it later!

Jaehyun: When you answer “no” at the question “Are you a pervert?” followed by out an “auch!” reaction, he immediately bites on his lip, murmuring: “I knew it!” His teasing won’t stop, when other members will get distracted with their own truth-time game, he’ll approach you and whisper ”I’d like to know more about your pervert mind. My place or your place? Guess it’ll have to be yours since mine is always pretty crowded!

WinWin: Deep inside he feels shy, because he found out for the first time in his life he’s been around a pervert girl, but he fakes it and says he did not understand what kind of question did you answer. He’s going to fool everyone, except you, because licking his lips every time he locks his gaze with yours is one clear sign - he understood everything about it!

Anon said: Please maybe a scenario where Iwaizumi and kenma (separate) cuddle with there girlfriends for the first time? Like it’s really awkward and they accidentally bump heads but in the end it’s the best experience they’ve ever had with her? thank you!

This is so pure oh my goodness

Iwaizumi Hajime 

It was still the beginning of yours and Hajime’s relationship. Only dating about three weeks so far and going on dates whatever days you both were free. Today was a different, you both had went out on your normal date setting it to have a small lunch in the park but it ended up pouring down rain. Neither of you knew about the rain storm because of how sunny it was supposed to be that day. Iwaizumi’s house was only a little walk away so you both ended up going to his house to shelter from the storm. 

“I’m sorry.” Were the first words that left his mouth when you got inside. 

“Neither of us knew it was going to rain, you know you don’t have to apologize. We can still eat here, I don’t want the food you made to go to waste you know.” You smile holding up the basket, a smile forming on your face. 

“But we are both all wet and I don’t want you to catch a cold, then it’ll be all my fault.” He says putting a hand to his head. 

“Hajime, it’s fine.” You say, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “How about you go and get us both a change of clothes and some towels, then we can eat and watch a movie or something okay?” You ask and he nods taking off his shoes and walks away. 

You take off your shoes as well and start place the basket down on the carpet in front of you. Was it appropriate to get out of your wet clothes before he came back? You two hadn’t really seen each other like that before so you were a little hesitant. Yet the shiver that overtook you was enough to push you to do so. 

Pulling the shirt from your body feeling more cold once you do so. You unbuttoned your pants as Hajime walked back with a towel, sweatpants and a t-shirt. “I got, oh.” He said turning around holding the clothes behind him. “I didn’t know you were going to change right here.” He said as you took the clothes from him. “I can dry your clothes for you, if you want.” He says a huge blush spreading across his face. 

“That would be awesome Hajime thank you.” You say as you roll up the sides of the sweatpants so that they weren’t dragging on the ground. “You can turn around now.” You add stepping on the carpet and picking up the basket. Iwaizumi took your clothes and went to the drying machine where his wet clothes were as well. 

You were drying your hair off with the towel with one hand and with the other you unpacked the basket. He made a lot of simple foods, ones that were good for picnics but then you saw what he had made for desert. Creampuffs were by far your favorite sweet and out of all the food that laid in front of you, you just wanted to eat them.

“Not yet.” Hajime said taking the plate away from your hands and you looked up at him, a small pout playing on your lips. “Don’t look at me like that, they are for dessert okay?” He says and you sigh but nod as he sits down next to you. 

“You know I love creampuffs.” You say and he nods

“Yes I do, but that doesn’t mean you get to eat them right away just because I made them.” He says sliding over your box of food. 

“Thank you for making this Hajime.” You say and he rubs the back of his neck a small blush on his cheeks again. 

“Yeah well, it’s nothing.” He says, beginning to eat, mainly because he didn’t want to talk. You smiled lightly and did the same looking outside seeing that it was still raining really hard outside, and getting darker by the minute. “You know, maybe you should stay the night.” He says and your eyes widen.

“But, I’ve never.” You say but he cuts you off as a huge clap of thunder stops both of your talking. 

“I know but you’re crazy if you think I’m going to let you walk home in this kind of weather.” He says and you nod continuing to eat. “Just make sure to call your parents and let them know. If the rain lightens up by then you can go but, I really don’t want you to walk in this.” He adds.

“Okay, I’ll stay.” You say and he nods. 

“Good.” He says and you but down your empty container of food. “Well you ate that fast.” He says and you chuckle. “No (Y/N), you have to wait till I’m done eating to get the creampuffs.” He says, a sternness to his voice. 

“But Hajime.” You whine and he shakes his head.

“Nope, you are going to wait.” He adds and you huff. 

“Fine, I’m going to give my parents a call.” You say standing and taking your phone from the table. You unlock it and press the phone icon, scrolling to your mother’s number, pressing it and putting your phone to your ear. 

“Hello?” You heard your mother’s voice ring out.

“Hey it’s me.” You say biting at your nails.

“Yes I know, where are you, are you still on your date even though it’s raining?” She asks and you nod, knowing she cant see you.

“I am yeah, we are at Iwaizumi’s house.” You say. “Mother I was wondering if I could stay at his house for the night. I don’t think the rain is going to lighten up at all, and I don’t have an umbrella with me, because I didn’t think it was going to rain. I just, please.” You say.

“I think that would be for the best. I don’t want you walking in this at all so staying at his house seems like the best option. Tomorrow just come straight home after okay?” She asks and you nod yet again. 

“Yes alright I will.” You say and she hangs up the phone. 

“You can stay?” Hajime asks.

“Yep!” You say happily and he gives you a thumbs up. “Hey Hajime.” You say, sitting down and pushing the plate of creampuffs your way. “That wasn’t what I was going to ask but awesome, I was going to ask if we could cuddle.” You say softly and his eyes widen. 

“We havent really dont that before.” He says and you nod. 

“Yeah I know but it’s cold and I kind of want to, I mean if you don’t I’m not going to force you to cuddle with me but I’m just saying, it seems like a pretty good time to do it.” You say, shoving the pastry in your mouth to keep from embarrassing yourself. 

He chuckles and wipes some of the cream that was on your face and kissed you softly. “We can.” He says a smile forming on his face as you both moved to the sofa that was behind you. It was kind of awkward seeing that you both couldn’t lay next to each other and you ended up bumping your heads together. “Ouch.” 

“Sorry.” You muttered looking at him and figuring it would just be easier to lay ontop of him. His arms wrapped around your waist as your head was in his chest, listening to his heartbeat. He was warm and smelled clean and you were happy that you both could do something intimate like this. “I like this.” You said and he nodded.

“Me too.”

Kozume Kenma

“Kozume-kun, I want to go home.” You whined pulling on your boyfriend’s arm as he continued to walk through the game story. 

“How many times do I have to tell you that you don’t have to continue to call me by my last name, we’ve been dating for over a month now.” He mumbles standing at a shelf and you put your head on his back. 

“I know I’m just so used to it.” You say softly your voice slightly muffled. 

“I’m almost done in the store then we can go and I can take you home.” He says.

“Acutally I was thinking maybe you could stay at my house. If you don’t want to that’s fine but-.” You say and he cuts you off.

“I know we’ve been dating for a month but isn’t that a bit soon to doing that?” He asks and you pout. You just wanted him to come over, you were thinking that maybe you two could play his new game together or something. Yet Kenma had a totally different thought.

“I was just thinking we could maybe play your game together or something. I could make dinner if you want.” You said and he eyes widened as a blush painted his cheeks.

“Oh god I’m such a perv.” He said and you raised an eyebrow. 

“What do you mean?” You asked and at that moment he didn’t even want to look at you that’s how embarrassed he was. “Kenma-kun?” You asked, moving so that you could look at his face. He turned away the game held in his hands tightly. 

“I thought you meant something else when you said you wanted me to stay at your house, something that we probably shouldn’t be talking about in public.” He mutters and you were still a bit confused. Then it hit you, he was talking about having sex.

“No! I don’t want to do that yet!” You exclaimed, a bit too loudly for his liking. “That isn’t what I meant at all Kenma!” You said and an even larger blush came on his face.

“Okay I get it you don’t have to be so loud.” He says and you nod following him to the register. He payed for his game and you didn’t say a word, just silently pouted and fiddled with your fingers. You left the shop and were still walking behind him. 

“Are you mad at me?” You asked and he sighed but shook his head no. 

“Of course I’m not mad, I just misunderstood you is all.” He said taking out his phone. 

“But I got loud in the store because I was flustered. I didn’t mean to.” You said softly stopping in your tracks as tears filled your eyes. Kenma could no longer feel your tug at his jacket so he stopped, turning around to see your tearful figure. 

He rushed over to you, putting his phone in his pocket and had his hands wipe at the tears that were on your cheeks. You were both too new at the dating thing, you still had to get used to each other in a much more romantic way. “Please stop crying.” He said, continuously dragging his fingers across your cheeks. “Please.” He repeated as you blinked more tears fell from your eyes. 

“Do you want to break up with me, I don’t care you can.” You said your voice a soft whisper.

“I don’t want to break up with you, why would I?” He asks completely serious. 

“Because I’m loud and annoying.” You say and he sighs. “If you don’t want to be together anymore I unders-.” He cuts you off pressing his lips on yours. He didn’t want to have the trope of, getting the crying person to shut up by kissing them, to be your first kiss together but it is what it is. 

Kenma didn’t like this in anyway, you two were too public and he would much rather be kissing you in the comforts of either his or your home. You, on the other hand, kissed him back with an immense amount of passion. His hands were still on your cheeks and you couldn’t help but feel such a warm feeling inside of you when you two kissed. 

He was the one to pull away first, his face completely red. “Let’s just go to your house.” He muttered pulling you along the sidewalk as a permanent smile was on your face. 

That’s how it normally was with you two, him doing something but then getting embarrassed about it while you were just too happy to even see his embarrassment. “So what do you want to do?” You asked as the two of you were in your house. 

“I don’t know.” He said and you bit the inside of your cheek. 

“Kenma-kun can we cuddle?” You asked and he rubbed the back of his neck. You two hadn’t done that either, to say the least your relationship moved very slowly. 

“I guess we can. I mean, I don’t care.” He muttered, not looking at you again. You took his hand in yours and lead him to your bedroom. You slid your door closed as he was already lying on the bed looking at his phone. 

“Move over.” You said and he looked up at you, your hands were on your hips but a light smile was on your lips, which then made him smile in return. He moved over and you layed down on your bed as well. “So.” You started and he held out his arms. You giggled and moved to lay on top of him, but not without some complications. He had dropped his phone on his face, and you went to kiss him but your head ended up bumping into his chin at a much harder rate. 

“Ouch.” He said rubbing at his chin as yoru eyes widened. 

“I’m so sorry Kenma-kun I didn’t mean to!” You said sitting up in reaction. 

“Just Kenma.” He said pulling you so that you were laying down. He was warm and you could hear his heartbeat. “I, really like you.” He said softly and you smiled. 

“Yeah I really like you too.” 

What’s your name? | Ethan Dolan imagine

characters: Ethan Dolan x y/n 

Writer: Nicole 

prompt: you meet him for the first time 

Originally posted by thewritingbranch

you stand in front of a dainty coffee shop in LA.your face is scrunched up in worry..

you were doing your hours to get your licenses, your older sister told you to drive by this coffee shop to get her some coffee. But after you purchased the coffee, the car and your sister is no where to be found.

‘thank god this is a nice neighborhood’ you thought to yourself.  

Your small stature would not make it in the ghetto, you struggle to take out your phone and hold two cups of coffee at the same time.

As you pathetically struggle, two attractive young boys approach the same coffee shop.

“ohfuckmyasshole” you say to yourself, your cup of coffee spilled all over your leg as you helplessly attempted to reach your phone. 

you catch the attention of one of the boys, he tilts his head a bit smiling. He takes in your small cuteness from afar. He rushes over.

“ Hey are you alright?” he asks, helping you hold one of the coffee cups.

“ oh yeah i’m fine, tha- holy shitballs” you yell-ish, your mouth gaping a little. 

‘IT’S ETHAN FUCKING DOLAN ‘ you think to yourself.

“ That’s an interesting word” he laughs, you stand in utter awe, he’s so beatiful.

“fuckme” you whisper.

“excuse me?” he chuckles a bit, giving you a weird look.

“ what?” you act dumbfounded.

‘you shit stick why’d you say that for? you perv’ mentally slapping yourself with  brick.

“you just sai-” you cut him off, not wanting repeating your spurt of words.

“ thank you for helping me! imlikeatotalmesspleaseforgivemetodayisnotmydaybutitwouldbegreatifigotapicturewithyou” you smile after quickly saying that sentence. 

His face goes blank for a few seconds, then he breaks into a cute laugh. he re positions his hat, and places the coffee cup onto the table.

“ yes of course you can get a picture! only if you give me your name and phone number” he shines a grin.

you bite your smile, shaking a bit considering Ethan Dolan just asked for your number.

“How do i know if you’re not a pervert or a rapist or something” you jokingly narrow your eyes at him.

he spreads his arms, signaling for you to look at him.

“ Do i seriously look like a rapist to you?” he asks

“ I mean i guess” you said, titling your head to look at him. He rolls his eyes.

“ So what’s your name?”

“y/n” you smile, giving Gray your phone to take the photo. you both smile greatly at the camera.

“ y/n… that’s a beautiful name” he whispers, looking down at you.

you smile…

this is gonna be good 

it’s currently 1:20 AM i apologize for the quality of this imagine 

Preference #17 You Wear His Clothes



You woke up with your head on Liam’s bare chest and the sound of the soft rain outside. You could his steady heartbeat on his chest and his breathing soft. He was probably still tired from your night together. You lifted yourself off his chest and got out of bed. You slipped on your underwear off the floor and put on Liam’s flannel. You saw you had to go to work in a couple hours so went down stairs to make breakfast. You made yourself coffee first and started making the batter for the pancakes. After making the batter, you put the it by the stove.

“Good morning, babe,” Liam said in your ear, hugging you from behind.

“Hey,” you said turning around to give me a quick kiss.

“You look so sexy in my clothes,” he smirked, lifting you up and putting you on the counter.

“I think I look better than you,” you joked, wrapping your legs around his waist, bringing him closer.

He chuckled. “Do you have to work today?” Liam asked, messing with the selves of the blue flannel.

“If I don’t want to get fired, and I’m really trying to get this promotion so I have to be really focused there for the next couple weeks,” you reminded him. “I’m really close to getting this.”

“Just call in sick and stay here, just for today. We don’t have many days when it’s just us,” he sighed.

“I’m almost out of sick days and we’ll make this work; we always do. I promise,” you smiled, trying to cheer him up a bit.

“Fine but can you finish making breakfast in my flannel?” He asked, rolling up the sleeves. “As long as you help me.” You said before giving him a quick kiss.


You had successfully finished a date with Niall. Since you had just started dating a couple months ago, you went on small dates or just hung out at your apartment or his house because he didn’t want pressure from the media or fans on your relationship so soon.

“Please remind me to bring a jacket everywhere I go since the weather likes to change like crazy,” you sighed, rubbing your hands up and down your arms.  

“Yeah, one minute you think it’s gonna be a perfect day and then the temperature drops ten degrees,” he chuckled.

“Usually I would have a jacket with me, but since we decided to walk today,” you laughed.

“Well here, borrow my jacket then,” he said taking it off.

“Oh no, Niall. I don’t want you to be cold at the expense of me,” you said pushing it away. It was rather chilly out. You knew Niall had on less than you. He could afford to lose his jacket.

“I rather be cold and you warm than the other way around,” he shrugged, putting it around your shoulder.

You smiled and put your arms through the sleeves. “It’s nice to know that shivery isn’t completely dead,” you smiled, leaning in to him more.

He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and kissed your forehead. You felt warmer already. “You know if someone catches us and gets a photo, this can’t be a secret anymore,” you reminded him.

“Yeah but I don’t care anymore. You’re my girl. Let them take their pictures,” he decided.

“Are you sure?”

“Y/N Y/L/S, I’m crazy about you, and I want the world to know it. If that’s okay with you.” he told you.

You smiled, “That’s perfect.”


You were currently on tour with Zayn. They had just finished a concert the other night and had one the following day so you stayed in a hotel. You woke up to the sound of Zayn running the shower. You could faintly hear him singing too which make you smile. You rolled out of bed to soon find out how cold it was in your room. You slipped on your pants and Zayn’s red hoodie that was on lying on top of his clothes in his suitcase. It still smelled like him from when he wore it a week ago.

“Good morning,” Zayn whispered in your ear and wrapping his arms around your waist. You could tell he was still only wearing a towel and a little wet.

“Hey babe,” you smiled.

“You know, you’re wearing the hoodie I was going to wear today,” he said.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s just a bit cold in here,” you said beginning to take it off.

“No, I got it,” He assured you.

He started lifting up his hoodie, taking your tank top underneath with it.“Hey!” you yelled, pulling your tank-top down. “Don’t be a perv,” you laughed, shoving him.

“How can I be a perv if I’m your boyfriend?” he asked.

“You know I’m not wearing a bra,” you said, taking off the hoodie and throwing it at him.

“Fine but I’m your perv,” he smirked before pulling you in and softly kissing you.

His hand quickly went to your stomach, rubbing his thumb over it. He tried backing you up into your bed.

“Zayn Malik, if you don’t stop and get dressed,” you mumbled against his lips, breaking the kiss.

“Fine, I’m going.”


You were feeling under the weather while on tour with Harry. You were just going to cancel but you missed him dearly and wanted to see him. After a concert, the boys wanted to watch a movie. You decided to watch it with them, but you kept feeling your sickness over come you, making you tired.

“You okay?” Harry asked you realizing that your head was barely staying up, hitting his chest each time.

“Yeah, I’m just a little tired,” you mumbled rubbing your eyes. “I think I’m gonna go to bed. Good night,” you said standing up from your spot.

You heard the boys ask where you were going and Harry answer for you. You walked into the back and lazily stripped your clothes off. It was freezing. You quickly put on some joggers and your sweater on his bunk. You laid down in Harry’s bunk feeling uneasy. You’re head was pounding and your nose running.

“Y/N?” Harry called out. “Are you still awake,” he asked tapping your shoulder.

“Yeah,” you groaned turning around meeting his gaze. “I didn’t want to leave my sick girlfriend back here,” Harry said making you move over so he could fit.

“Harry, I’m fine,” you reassured him. “Go finish your movie with the rest of the guys. You’re going to miss the best part,” you said, laying back down.

“Fine, but put this on,” he said, taking off his hoodie and giving it to you.

“Aren’t you going to be cold?” you sniffled, slipping the hoodie on.

“I’ll get another one. Just get some rest babe,” he said before kissing your forehead.

“Thank you, but go any enjoy your movie,” you smiled, waving him off.

“I’m going, I’m going.”


“Come on Y/N, you’re going to make the both of us late,” Louis whined from the kitchen.

“Louis, you don’t have to take me to work. I can catch a ride from a friend,” you assured him.

“I know, but you’re on my way to work, and I wanna pick you up later and take you out for dinner,” he reminded you.

You were ready, it was just your hair. It wasn’t acting right and you were running out of time. You sighed in frustration before walking out the bathroom and into your bedroom. You looked in the drawers, hoping to find one of Louis’s beanies that would match your outfit. You gave up your hope in finding one before you ran down stairs. Louis was sitting at the table on his phone with the beanie you were looking for.

“Louis, babe, can I borrow that beanie?” you asked sweetly.

“No, I’m wearing it,” he said, holding it down.

“Please, babe. My hair looks a mess and your other beanies don’t match and you never have bad hair days,” you begged.

He sighed and slid it his head. “Fine and it’s only because I love you,” he said handing it to you.

“And that’s why I love you,” you smiled, kissing his cheek.

“You look better in it anyway,” He chuckled, fixing his hair.

“See, your hair always looks good even when you wake up or take a beanie off,” you said fixing it for him.

“Thanks but we should leave because we are both late,” he said checking his phone.

‘Then I guess we should get going.“


Dallas Winston

“Why will you not leave me alone”  You sighed, leaning your head against the wall as Dallas sat beside you, taking out his last cigarette.
“Y'should be glad to have a pretty face like mine around, doll.”
He leaned over you, his eyes holding yours as he lit his cigarette with your already flaming one.
“Yeah, you do brighten up a room dally, by leaving it,” You scoffed, rolling your eyes at his arrogance.
“That hurt doll,right…” He shifted closer to you, whispering the last bit against the shell of your ear.
“About” he mumbled, running his finger up your side, searching for your heart.
“Oh shit…I forgot you didn’t have one” He laughed, pulling his hand off your chest.
“You’re such a perv that was just an excuse to grope me.”
You shoved him off you, whilst puffing on your cigarette with the other hand.
He winked before throwing the butt of his cigarette to the floor and walking away.

Sodapop Curtis;

“Do we have to go in here?” You whined, holding the door handle reluctantly.
“Yes, It’s the only place in town that sells pinot” Your friend argued, fluffing up her hair as you walked in, the smell of sweat hitting you instantly.
“Only because Soda and Steve are too young to know what good wine is.”
Your friend rolled her eyes and began to pick out her favourite bottle of wine.
“Long time no see, I thought I was beginning to get lucky” Soda remarked as he scanned the wine, his mouth set into a frown.
“Don’t lie Popsicle, you know you love me, you’re just salty cos’ I wont suck you off.”
“You don’t look 18 to me” He smirked, using this time to look you up and down.
“I have a baby face.”
Your friend laughed at your sassiness before tossing Soda her age and credit card, for once basking in the victory.
Neither of you could see the appeal or hype over the Curtis brother, he was too “american dreamy” for either of you.
“Have a nice day babypop” Your friend called as you both walked out.

before you piss on me, in the 1960s many states lowered the drinking age to 18 so suck it



Imagine waiting in Roman’s locker room, he walks in and sees you. He wraps his arms around your waist, leans in and kisses you, then he seduces you!

I’m pacing back and forth in the locker room. Joe’s match was beyond amazing, but incredibly brutal on his body. He had his match with Bray at Hell in a Cell. He wrestled Kofi. And then the fatal four-way match. I don’t think I’ve seen him put this much strain on his body since the Fastlane PPV. No! Wrestlemania. I cringe as I spin on my heel to continue my pacing. That is not something I want to relive. Honestly. None of us do. His body was so beat up I think I shed a tear just watching him grunt and groan as he took his shirt off for a shower. Joe is stubborn. He’s the true definition of a big baby. But he’s my big baby, and I will baby him as much as he needs me too because truth is, I’m a little needy. As in I need him to be okay. I need him to be happy. I need him.

The door swings open and I immediately turn in its direction. My feet rev up like an engine, speeding off to run into his arms. He makes a low grunt as my body hits his, but throws his arms around me anyway.

“You were amazing, baby!” My excitement is muffled by his chest. “I’m very, very proud of you.”
He kisses me softly, wrapping his arms tighter around me. “Thank you, sweetheart. Have you just been sitting in here this whole time?”
“Does my gear suggest that I’ve been anywhere but?”
He chuckles, landing another soft kiss to my forehead before releasing me. He shuffles over to the small couch in the middle of the room and pats the cushion beside him. “Why didn’t you sit out there with everyone else? There are plenty of TVs out there too.”
“Because I wanted to sit in here and wait for you.” I sidle up to him. He groans faintly. My poor big baby. He’s probably hurting. I ease off of him a bit instead just staring up at him. The question he always asks me after a match dances around in my head. “Are you injured or are you hurt?”
“A little bit of both.”
“Anything I can do to make you feel better?”
“How about one of your amazing massages?” He playfully pouts, leaning over and running his lower lip against mine.
I lean up and steal a kiss. “Coming right up. Let me get the oil. You take off your vest.”
“That sounds like a good time.”
“Oh, get real you perv!” I push him away and make my way to his suitcase. I dig out the oils and trot back over to the couch.

My breath abandons me completely. I sometimes forget how utterly beautiful Joe’s back is. I plop down behind him and start pouring the oil into my hand to warm it up. I also see the thick, fading pink welts across his back. Not my favorite part of his job, but they go away eventually. I get my greedy little fingers to work, feeling the tensing and releasing of his muscles under my touch. Just as I begin to think I may be doing more harm than good, he speaks.

“That feels so, so good. I am so lucky to have a girlfriend with magical little fingers.”
I smile even though he can’t see me. “I’m glad you realize this.”
He flexes his muscles again. “Do I suspect a hint of sarcasm in your tone?”
“Quite possibly.” I laugh, digging into his lower back. He lets out a drawn out groan. “Ah. Your weak spot.”
Joe turns his head so he can get a tiny glimpse of me. “You’re my weak spot.”
“Oh, stop being Mr. Smooth Talker. I’m already massaging your back. There’s no need to kiss ass.”
“Have you ever known me to be anything but honest?”
“I’ve known you to be an ass kisser when you need to be.”
“Switch,” he mumbles, insinuating he’s going to massage me now. Though I’m perfectly fine. We both spin in our seats until I’m facing the door and can no longer see my man. I unclasp my top, keeping a firm hold of my front in case someone comes in. “Are you upset about tonight?”
“What do you mean?” I know exactly what he means.
His fingers glide freely across my skin, and it feels so damn good. “I mean… your match getting bumped. That really sucked.”
I shrug under his touch. “I’m not that upset. It wasn’t a titles sort of thing.”
“It still sucks.”
“You’re right. It still sucks, but I’m good. It’s still a great night.”
Joe leans forward, kissing my shoulder repeatedly. “You’re right. We should celebrate.”
My mood picks up at the mention of celebration. “There are plenty of things we can do.”
“Like?” I pant as his kisses begin to move north. Up my shoulder, to my neck, stopping right at my jaw.
“We could go for some beers.” Kiss. “We could go back to our hotel room.” Kiss. “We could lock the door.”
My head falls back much too willingly. “Are you trying to seduce me?”
“That depends,” he says softly in my ear, moving down to my neck and to my throat. A soft nibble and lick and the pull between my legs almost catapults me back. “Is it working?”

Oh, God. I am weak. Weak. Weak. Weak! I have absolutely no self control when it comes to Joe. So I spin around, abandoning my top and press myself into him. He fixes my legs, wrapping tight around him as my lips meet his. I kiss him hungrily, savoring the taste of his lips. His tongue breaks past my lips, dancing with mine. He licks at me like his life depends on it. If I didn’t know any different, I’d testify to it.

Joe reaches between us, feeling my breasts, smearing the oil all over them. I let out a moan that I most likely shouldn’t have let slip. But it goes with the no self control. This is far from control. We’re half naked, at work, and neither of us has locked the door. He slips a nipple between his teeth and tugs, coaxing another lengthy moan out of me.

“I want you to ride me,” he whispers moving to my right breast. “Can you do that for me?”
I have to literally, physically refrain from shouting out, hell yes, by biting my lip. I simply nod.

His hands travel down my thighs, and underneath me. He raises his hips, showcasing his yummy abs, and lowers his pants. His erection bobs freely between us. It’s just begging for attention. My attention. I take him in my hands, and from root to tip I massage him. He twitches and his hips buckle into me. So I know he’s getting antsy.

“You wanted me to ride you. You have to be a good boy and remember that.”
Joe throws his head back to the couch. “I’m really trying ‘cause you look so fucking delectable with your hair all around you and your perky breasts just inches from my chest. You’re making it really, really hard to remember that.”
“Then let’s even out the playing field.” I release him to stand, only to be firmly planted back onto his lap.
“No need for that.” He hooks his thumbs into the waistband of my thin, leather mini shorts and pulls. The sides snap open like nothing. He removes the scraps of what’s left, and tears through my pantyhose. He’s so focused on what he’s doing, my mouth is watering from the anticipation. Now I’m getting antsy.
“You just love ripping my gear to shreds.”
“It’s easy. It’s convenient.”

I rotate my hips forward, sliding my pussy over his erection. His eyes roll. So who seduced who? He tilts his hips up, effectively sliding himself into me. My eyes roll. He definitely seduced me. Because this is so, so bad. And so, so good. I rise up a little, and slam back down. My whole body vibrates as he hits new depth. Nothing in the world feels as good as Joe feels. He fills me completely, leaving no inch undiscovered.

I lean forward, bracing my hands on the back of the couch to gain some control of my movements. And like this, I find my rhythm. I rise slowly, and slam down harder. Over and over again. Joe’s hands easily glide all over my quickly heated skin.

“Don’t stop,” he reminds me, taking a hold of the tops of my thighs.
I grind down on him, gasping for air. “I’m close. Baby, I’m so so so close!” I moan.
“Keep riding, sweetheart.” He tightens his grip, pulling me back down after I raise my hips. “I’m right behind you.”
“Holy shit, yes!” I cry out. Rise. Slam.

The orgasm building inside me is strong, ravenous. It doesn’t even matter that we’re at work anymore. It doesn’t matter that anyone can walk in and catch us. If anything, that makes me even more excited. All I see is Joe’s lips forming a small o, his jaw ticking. All I hear is the smack of my thighs against his. All I feel are his hands on my hips. Him growing inside me. Every perfect inch of him.

“I’m coming,” I groan in warning. Rise. Slam.
“I’m coming with you.” Rise. Slam. Rise. Slam.
I swivel my hips at the perfect moment. I fall apart, coming all around him as he pumps his release in me, dragging out my orgasm.
“Fuck!” We moan in unison.

Finally, I allow my body to sag into his. My thighs are shaking. My lungs are dragging in air like never before. Im just a hot, broken mess. Joe will do that to you. I trace the lines in his tattoo as we wind down. It’s one of my favorite post sex pass times.

I look up at Joe. He looks so at peace, my heart swells. “Yeah?”
“I really am sorry about your match getting bumped.”
Is he trying to kill my buzz? “Like I said, it’s cool. It’s no big deal.”
“It was a big deal to you, sweetheart. Regardless of everything I have going on, I know it was important to you.”
My finger roams to his chest piece. “It was important. Past tense. There’s nothing that can be done about it and I accept that about my job, but we’re not going to sit here and wallow in self pity. We’re going to… celebrate.”
His thick brows almost join as one. “Again?”
“Not here,” I say, sliding off of him, giggling. “Otherwise being risky at work is going to become a regular.”
“We can’t have that, now can we?”
“The sarcasm is seeping out of your pores, baby.”
Glistening like the beauty he is, he holds his hands out to me. I pull him up, or attempt to, until we’re skin on skin again. “I learned from the very best.”

A Separate Peace

His lab is a mess.

Truth be told, his workspace is never the tidiest, but for the first time in a while, it’s an undeniable disaster zone by even his loose standards of organization.

Nearly every inch of his desk is covered: stacks of file folders that he’s given up arranging in chronological order, piles of clipped papers that still need to be read and sorted on a case-by-case basis, his battered copy of Forensic Pathology open to a reference page. If he turns around, the lab bench adjacent to the desk hosts an arrangement of DNA samples that await centrifugation and extraction, in addition to trays of fibers from several crime scenes requiring analysis. Any potential free space is occupied by dirty test tubes and littered with empty Jitters coffee cups. The caffeine is useless, with his exceptional metabolism, but at least it gives him the illusion of stamina.

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Anonymous: AUTHOR CHAAAN!!! Could you do a scenario were the guys are playing with s/o truth or dare ?? THANXS *\(^o^)/*

(Yahoo~! I’m back! Hope you guys like this! So sorry it’s feels so rushed! It was really late at night and I couldn’t sleep when I wrote it! Anyway, enjoy!)



You and Kanato were lying down in his room. He craned his neck at you curiously. “(Y/N)? Laito told me about this slumber party he went to yesterday. I would like to try one of the activities they had there.”

“Really?” You asked suspiciously. You wondered what kind of games Laito told to the innocent boy. “Okay. What do you suggest?” He thought over his options. When he picked his favorite, he smiled softly. “I’d like to try strip poker. Laito says that even if you lose, you get a strip of candy!”

You frantically shook your head. “Let’s try something simpler,” you gently told him, “what about Truth or Dare? Would you like to do that instead?”

“Tsk,” he looked annoyed but he relented eventually, “okay. But it’s only because I don’t know how to play poker!”

You smiled at him. “Great! You’ll go first,” you told him, “truth or dare?”

“Truth,” the purple haired boy said, “Teddy says that we don’t want to do anything stupid. So please ask a sensible question from us.”

Your eyes moved heavenwards in thought. Kanato was very unpredictable, you didn’t want him to get angry over what you asked but you also didn’t want this to be boring. Suddenly, you remembered the question that you’ve been dying to ask for a while.

You grinned at him. “Kanato, who do you love more,” you looked serious, “Teddy or me?”

He stared at you weirdly. “(Y/N) wants to make me choose?” He mumbled to himself. “Of course, I love Teddy.” Though the bear was an inanimate object, you’re heart still clenched at his words. “But,” he put his finger under your chin to make you look into his eyes, “if (Y/N) really wants me to make a real decision… (Y/N) is the only person I have ever loved.”

You blushed and turned away. Coughing, you told him, “I’d like to have a dare, please.” You didn’t want him to see you flustered. “Oh? My (Y/N) is so brave!” He exclaimed like a child, “if so, Teddy and I want you to sneak into Reiji’s lab and drink a potion.”

He giggled as you expressed your horror. “Eh?!” You retorted, “I can’t do that! What if I get killed, or worse, punished?!” It seems that he would have none of your excuses.

“(Y/N),” he gently held your hand and kissed your fingers, while doing so, he was innocently gazing into your eyes, “please do it for me!” He gave you a puppy dog face. You almost died from the cuteness. “Fine! As long as you go to my funeral!” You winked and walked towards the lab with Kanato not far behind.

Quietly, you peeked inside the room. No one was there. Gingerly, you grabbed the nearest bottle with purple fluids and left without missing a heartbeat. “I got it,” you showed Kanato your findings. Worriedly, you played with the flask. You sighed resolutely, “well, a dare is a dare!” You drank the whole bottle in one shot.

Thankfully, there wasn’t any pain. You bit your lip in relief. However, after just standing there for a while, you felt that your chest was lighter and something weird was in your pants. Loudly, you heard Kanato screech. You looked down at him, immediately noticing that your were several inches taller than him.

You examined inside your shirt. “Where are my…?” You jumped in shock when you peeked in your pants. “What the hell is that?!” You were hyperventilating at this point. “Am I…” You looked at Kanato desperately, “a boy?”




“Bitch-chan~!” Laito wailed, “why don’t you stop working and play with me for a second, nfu~”

“Why don’t you stop being a perv for a second, hmm?” You pushed his groping figure off of you and bit the tip of your pencil. Actually, you were all done with your homework. You just wanted to see him beg for your attention.

The fedora wearing boy pouted. “Playing hard to get, are we?” He hugged you from the back. “Ne, Bitch-chan! Let’s play a simple game! What about we play the classic Truth or Dare?” You were somewhat surprised. When he said ‘play’, you expected something dirty.

“Oh,” you remarked, “well, if that’s the case, then why not?” You shrugged and agreed to join him. “If you do anything rated SPG, I swear I’ll castrate you!” You warned him. “Ah~, now why would I do that?” He smirked.

Laito asked you, “what do you choose? A saucy truth or a juicy dare?” You gave an unladylike snort. “Gimme the best dare you’ve got, perv!” You proclaimed bravely. “This will be fun!” He giggled.

“I dare Bitch-chan to lace Ayato-kun’s Takoyaki with laxatives!” Laito smiled and your mouth opened. “Hah?! You’re evil,” you told him, “wasn’t he throwing up earlier? You have no pity.”

He handed you the concoction. “Here you go,” he pushed you to the kitchen and shoved you some hot pieces of Takoyaki. You were sure he planned all of this beforehand. You neatly placed the laxatives in the food. He turned to you, “No, no, no, Bitch-chan!” He tutted, “don’t put too much! It will end up looking like semen on root beer!”

“And you know this how…?”

“Don’t question my wisdom.”

You both finished up and proceeded to find the eldest of the triplets. Finally, you saw him. “Hey, Ayato!” He looked over to you haughtily. “Aha! If it isn’t Laito’s breastless girl. What do you want?

"I brought you Takoyaki!” You shrugged off his insult and kindly handed his favorite meal. “I hope you like it!” He greedily devoured the dish without even scrutinizing what you gave him. You deviously smirked as you watched him clutch his stomach.

He held onto the wall for support. “Da hell?!” He ran away to his room. You found it gross that you smelled something weird when he sprinted off so quickly.

“I did it!” You jumped. “Now you gotta do my dare, perv? Or do you wanna do a truth like the little pussy you are?” You taunted him. He giggled. “Of course I’ll do a dare~! What harm can my Bitch-chan do, anyway?”

“You will rue the day you patronized me, perv!” You laughed maniacally. “I dare you…” You made him anticipate what you’ll make him do. “To let me burn fedora-chan!”

He stared at you. “Um, Bitch-chan, let’s talk about this-” you hopped and tore off the hat from his head. “Too late!” You turned and looked through the manor, trying to find his childish brother.

“Kanato!” You cried. “It’s terrible! It’s terrible!” He glared at you as you crashed into him. “Teddy thinks you’re irritating. What do you want?” You dramatically told him, “It was your fiendish perverted brother! He called you, and I quote, 'an annoying little virgin who can’t sing!’.” You nodded. When he didn’t look convinced, you whispered in his ear, “he even called Teddy your convenient sex toy!”

“That pervert,” he spat, “I’ll kill him!” Before he ran, you tapped his shoulder. “Yeah, you go do that. But do you know what will kill him on the inside?” He replied in negative. You smirked and showed him Laito’s fedora. “Burn it.” The two of you shared knowing grins.

Laito finally caught up with you. It was too late. You were sadistically laughing as purple flames engulfed his precious hat. The embers burnt your lover as he tried to rescue it. He knelt before it, tears running down his face. You patted his naked head.

“It’s alright,” you placated, “I’m sure we can find another one at the dump. You never know! Anything looks better,” you looked at the burning fedora in blatant disgust, “than that thing.”



“Can we please play Truth or Dare?” You begged. “No,” he hastily replied. “C'mon! Please? It won’t be for long!” You pouted adorably and he blushed. “Fine,” he huffed, “let’s play this stupid game. Truth or Dare?”

You squealed. “Yay! I’ll go with a Truth today! Make sure you ask something dirty, hm?” You winked simply to make him uncomfortable. It worked, he was getting red in the face again.

“Truth?” He averted his eyes. “Um, w-what’s your favorite color?” He pathetically asked. “Lame,” you raised your eyebrow, “you can do a lot better, Subaru!” You cheered him on like a child.

“Okay, okay!” The albino thought frantically. Subaru didn’t want you to think that he sucked at these kinds of things. He said the first wild thing that came into his mind. “I got one!” He yelled excitedly. “(Y/N), what’s the color of your underwear?” After he asked, he went dead silent. He couldn’t believe he said that to you.

You gave a fake gasp. “Subaru! You pervert!” You shook your head in disappointment. “You and Laito really are siblings after all!” When he looked ready to apologize, you giggled. “Don’t be embarrassed, silly! I told you I wanted something dirty, right?”

With one last grin at him, you looked down and pulled on your pants. Slowly, as though to tease your lover, you peeked inside. You didn’t answer immediately. Seductively, you leaned in on his ear. You purred in a sultry voice, “what if I’m not wearing panties? Do I lose the game?” You asked innocently.

“Hah?!” Subaru jumped away. You laughed at his crimson face. “Jesus, Subaru! Relax! I’m wearing something, don’t worry.” You pulled him back to you. After a moment of silence, you decided to fluster him more. Once again, you whispered wantonly, “it’s colored red, by the way.” You bit his ear teasingly.

“Alright, alright! I get it!” He turned away. “I wanna do a dare, got it?” The albino wanted to get away as soon as possible.

You rolled your eyes. “At least you’re eager,” you laughed. You contemplated a dare. You snapped your fingers in triumph.

Grinning wickedly, you grabbed your phone and texted someone. When you got a reply, you told Subaru what you wanted him to do. “I want you to use these pick up lines on the nearest girl we can find! Understood?” You shoved your mobile into his face.

He read what he was going to say. “W-what?! I can’t say those things! You’re my girlfriend! Aren’t you supposed to stop me from saying stuff like that?” Subaru stared at you incredulously. “Stop stereotyping and get on with wooing!” You tutted.

You pushed him to a blond haired girl around your age. You gave him your phone and hid behind a tree to watch.

Subaru looked like he was on the verge of passing out. He tapped the girl’s shoulder. “Damn girl! Your ass is bigger than my future!” He nauseatingly smirked. The girl gasped and slapped him before turning away. He turned to you. You didn’t let him go until he told all the lick up lines you had.

The albino approached another girl. “My mom thinks I’m gay, can you help me prove her wrong?” You laughed loudly along with the girl he was talking to. The girl got a pen from her purse and wrote her number on his arm.

You gave him a thumbs up in support as he reached the final girl. He scowled at you before telling the girl, “I like your butt. Can I wear it as a hat?” What the two of you didn’t expect though, was a really big man confronting Subaru in his dare.

“Excuse me,” the deep baritone voice of the man growled, “but that’s my girl you’re talking to,” he menacingly spat.

You laughed as Subaru gulped. You immediately sprinted to him and grabbed his clenched fist. “Run!” You shouted and the two of you quickly escaped from the intimidatingly huge man.

likeliterallyno  asked:

Thank you Louise but I accidentally sent a text to my best friend talking about how I could handle his willy and i'm hanging out with him this week and i don't know what to do I don't know why I even texted that I don't even liker him that much I tried sending it to my other friend

Oh wow. That’s awks.

If I’d have done it I would just be really honest and be like, ‘errr so I meant to send that to a friend because I was just kinda perving on you a bit. I’m really sorry. I don’t actually want to touch your willy (unless you do in which case you might wanna have a different conversation entirely) annnnndddd let’s never speak of this ever again or I’ll die of embarrassment’. 

Good luck! Stop sending texts about willys! xxx

A Rose by Any Other Name...
Woops cheesy title award..Soul Eater/SoMa Tattoo Parlor/Flower Shop AU (based off of this post) is HERE! . I hope you guys like it! This is part one of…like….three or four. We’ll see how it goes. . Enjoy! . *Note: formatting is evil. periods where paragraph breaks should stand alone.* . “Let’s see…we have 5 dozen red, 2 dozen white, 1 dozen yellow…a couple of Gypsy and a few Circus….alright, we can definitely do that! We’ll figure out the price after we wrap them, but they shouldn’t top $50. Yes, of course. Thank you so much! See you then.” Maka Albarn placed the cordless phone back in its cradle with a smile. This was definitely the right job choice. 

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Fic: Go, Fight, Win!


This is based off of zero actual experience and also kind of a cheesy YA novel I read when I was like 14. Kurt and Blaine are the drum majors at McKinley and Dalton, respectively, and things really heat up when they’re forced to combine bands in order to save their programs.

PG-13, 2500 words exactly.

Kurt didn’t know what was going to happen when he was called into Figgins’ office for a meeting with Mr. Schue, the Dalton band director, and Blaine Fucking Anderson, but it sure as hell wasn’t this.


“Are you kidding me?”

“I’m sorry, boys, but my hands are tied!” Figgins tried to placate. “We don’t have the room in our budget for a full marching band, and the enrollment in Dalton’s band has dropped significantly. Our best option is to combine both bands for the competition season, or else neither school will have a band program anymore.”

“But they’re our biggest rivals!” Kurt said, not knowing whether he should glare at Figgins or Blaine. “They’ve tried to belittle us for years, and now you want us to work together?”

“We haven’t just tried to belittle you, we’ve succeeded,” Blaine cut in. “Or have you forgotten that we’ve gotten first place at the Buckeye Invitational for three years running now?”

“Oh, can it, Anderson, you weren’t even a team member the first year that happened-”

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