oh no. he lives

The Earth and the Sun

Can the Earth live without its sun?

No, it cannot.

The answer is so agonizingly simple. Straightfoward. Direct.

There was no need for immense theorizing, no need to dwell on said question for hours on end.

And just like the Earth, Agni could never live without his own sun.

Oh, he couldn’t fathom the possibility of a reality without Soma. It would be impossible to bear.

Just like the answer to that first question, his choice had been exceedingly simple.

Through labored breathing and clouded eyes, a pain-dulled mind swept through thousands of memories of sunshine-filled days, as Agni revelled in the simple fact that while the Earth indeed could not survive without the Sun, the same did not happen the other way around.

Soma would keep on living. That alone, brought peace to Agni’s soul.

And so, blood ran cold. Breathing stopped. Chest heaved no more.

The Earth stilled.

But the sun…Oh, the sun…

It shall rise and set, forevermore.

My dearest Agni,


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