oh no why they upset

Never Will I Ever

Summary: You’d waited years to get your soulmark, and when you finally did you realized that you’d never get to meet him.

Word count: 2284

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Genre: Angst with a happy ending

Warnings: Angsty

Author’s Note: So this was an idea that I’d had anyway BUT it wasn’t in the plans to be out anytime soon. However, yesterday I found myself on the receiving end of some hate, telling me to give up on writing because I wasn’t good and that I should delete my blog. Instead it fueled me to write this. So, to that anon, thanks for the motivation! And a big thank you to all of you who have been very supportive, it means a lot. Now, I feel like this started out strong but got a little weak near the end, for that I apologize, its 5am and I’m tired…If anyone wants a part 2 let me know and I can absolutely do it.

Tags: @emilyevanston, @goody2shoessmut

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HVFF Chicago 2017 Wrap Up

What an amazing weekend! First, I got to spend it with my dear friend @triciaolicity​. She generously let me stay at her house, which gave us ample more time to talk about Arrow and our lives as wives & mothers. We are two Irish ladies who love to sit around a kitchen table and share stories. She is such a blessing in my life. I love you!

Second, HVFF Chicago was AWESOME. Seriously great. I tweeted out as much information as I could, but I do have a few more details that cannot fit in a 144 character limit.

This was my third convention, not including SDCC. I realize there are so many of you who would love to go, but may never get the chance to for a variety of reasons. So, all the goodies I picked up at the convention I will be giving away.  It’s just my small way of trying to bring HVFF to you. The giveaways will start the week before 5x20 airs. I’ll give away something each week (5x20-5x23). I thought it’d be a fun way to wrap up the season together.

Back to HVFF though. Let’s dig in!

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anonymous asked:

How would RFA and Saeran react if MC is the one not paying attention to them, because she's too preoccupied or upset that they were too busy for her? If this is accepted????

How can anyone not pay attention to these precious beans(for extended period of time, at least). Hope you like these ^_^


  • He had an important tournament in LOLOL
  • Which lasted a whole week, resulting in him completely ignoring MC
  • Needless to say, they are not pleased
  • They just want to cuddle ffs
  • Well, if he likes this damn game so much, he can date it
  • MC is not going to deal with this
  • Well, at least Yoosung’s team won
  • So he finally leaves his gaming area to share this news with MC
  • Yeah, MC is not really impressed
  • Gives him the silent treatment
  • Yoosung starts tearing up 
  • “MC, did I do something wrong?” – no answer
  • Try to guess, you game junkie
  • It took him some time to figure out why MC is upset
  • -“Oh.. honey, I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll limit my gaming! D-don’t be angry with me, please?
  • MC is determined to keep their composure but he has this irresistible puppy look his face
  • It’s impossible to stay mad at him
  • Yoosung actually doesn’t game for a whole week after that
  • Instead he does little things for MC, like cooking them dinner or giving them flowers


  • MC was drowning in work for their finals 
  • They completely shut themselves away so nothing would bother them
  • So Zen was feeling a bit lonely
  • His text messages were left unanswered, and even the selfies he sent them didn’t get any reaction
  • He knew that MC was using one of those social media blocking apps but he was still upset
  • Then he started to worry
  • “But what if something happened to them? Even if it didn’t, they still should take breaks from time to time, I should go check up on them”
  • So he goes to their house
  • MC is glad to see him but too busy to entertain guests right now
  • “Help yourself to something from the fridge, but please don’t distract me, I have an essay due tomorrow and I need to focus”
  • Zen is very understanding
  • Turns out MC’s fridge is even emptier than Zen’s so he goes out to buy groceries and he also tidies up the apartment a little bit
  • All while giving MC space to study
  • Doesn’t stay the night, otherwise the beast will come out (and distract MC from their essay)
  • He made sure that MC is fine so he’s not very upset now
  • He will definitely catch up on their attention as soon as their finals are over


  • She has a gazillion of cat projects to work on
  • The poor girl runs solely on coffee and energy drinks
  • Naturally, she has no time for MC
  • They don’t even see her: she leaves for work when they’re still sleeping and comes home when they’ve already gone to bed
  • So MC thinks she doesn’t care about them anymore
  • Until one day she somehow gets home from work early
  • But MC completely ignores her
  • She sighs: “I know you must be upset that I have been very busy lately but you know that I have a lot of work”
  • Well, quit your job then – snaps MC
  • Jaehee is taken aback for a moment
  • “I can’t just.. do that… or can I?”
  • Why the hell not?
  • And that’s how jealous MC made Jaehee quit the job she didn’t enjoy and use her abilities for something more rewarding


  • He’s a very busy workaholic, and MC is quite used to that
  • But lately it’s been too much; all these business trips, countless meetings, staying late at the office late far too often
  • MC was actually starting to suspect he was having an affair
  • So MC did the most logical thing imaginable – start being distant
  • Which puzzled Jumin a great deal because to him it seemed they were being irrational
  • “Go cuddle with your cat. Or with that girl you go to see when you claim you do extra paperwork late at the office..”
  • “MC, I’m not interested in women. Except for you, I mean. Things just have been hectic at the company. I’ll make it up to you”
  • Takes a couple of unplanned days off to spend them solely with MC


  • He was having one of his “I don’t deserve to be with them. I’ll ignore them until they lose interest and leave me” episodes
  • Well, two can play that game
  • If he doesn’t want that, MC is not going to bother him
  • Seeing them grow distant, Luciel starts to regret his choices
  • Suddenly completely changes his attitude and starts being super clingy
  • Which annoys MC
  • Until he opens up about how he really feels
  • That he doesn’t deserve them and that’s why he was ignoring them but would like to be with them, if they want it too
  • How could anyone be cross with him after this sentiment?
  • MC forgives him and they make up


  • MC was busy with work and didn’t have much to pay attention to him
  • He claims he doesn’t care
  • He does
  • Saeran needs his daily dose of MC’s attention
  • Makes sure to be in the same room with them while completely avoiding contact
  • Just like a cat
  • A lot of hugs happen after MC is done
  • He craves that bodily contact even if he says he doesn’t need it
Oh, Sweetheart

This is my fic for @deancas-sweetheart, enjoy!

Summary: Castiel is upset, and Dean has to figure out why.

warnings: Destiel fluff

word count: ~1000

Dean was in the library, flipping through a new lore book that they had gotten from the British Men of Letters, feet thrown up on the table in front of him.  While he would never admit it, there were some obvious perks to being on the same side as those funny-speaking d-bags, including tons of new information.

Sam had gone to help Mary with a case out in Montana, and Dean and Cas had been flitting around the bunker ever since Sam left.  In fact, Dean wasn’t exactly sure where Castiel had gotten to, but he was content to sit and read.  Maybe he’d find Cas later to hang out.

Things were nice and quiet, until –

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anonymous asked:

(To young Gaster) Hi!

“Greetings! It’s very nice to see you as well human!” - Lil!Gaster

“D-Dad! I-I mean, Gaster. We need your help. Senkiller is gone because Mel upsetted him about him being weird” - Sensy

“What? Senkiller? Upset? Why would Mel do that? Oh dear. We REALLY don’t want an upset killer on the loose so we have to find him very quickly” - Gaster

Klance Headcanons

As promised to Anon :)

  • I LIVE for Keith trying to make a move and Lance just Not Getting It 
    • “Lance, what would you do if you had a serious crush on someone?” “Well, I think I’d just be straight up about it. Just say, ‘hey, I have a crush on you. Do you think we could make this work?’” “Hey, I have a crush on you. Do you think we can make this work?” *slapping Keith on the back* “Yeah, exactly like that! So who do you have a crush on, dude?” “I can’t with you right now”
  • Trying to be Lowkey about them dating and failing miserably
    • “Lance, do you know why Keith upset?” “Why would you ask me? It’s not like he’s my boyfriend or anything! We’re not even friends! He’s my rival! He’s-” “I asked you because we’re going around the table and asking everyone if they know why Keith is upset.” “Oh.”
    • *Keith and Lance emerge from Lance’s room, hair and clothes mussed* “What were you two-” “WE WERE BAKING BROWNIES” “…..in Lance’s bedroom” “…….yes”
  • One day they’re doing their whole “we hate each other no really we do” routine and Pidge is Done and just goes “we saw you two kissing. You’re really gay. We get it. We don’t give a shit, but you should know, just for the record, that you aren’t slick and frankly I had bet that you two would make out about a week earlier than you did, so now I owe Hunk twenty bucks and I’m upset about it”
  • Horrible flirting during battle
    • “Keith, use out your sword!” “Oh I’d let Keith use his sword on me any day” *collective groaning and gagging*
  • Teaching each other little bits and phrases in their native language, and them repeating it back to each other over and over again until Lance can say “I love you” perfectly in Korean and Keith can say it perfectly in Spanish
  • “Pidge, let me tell you a thing or two about relationships” “Lance you have been dating Keith for about two weeks and he has threatened to dump you twelve times so literally shut the fuck up”
  • The entire team acts like they hate how lovey dovey they are, but really Hunk and Coran help Keith make cakes for Lance on anniversaries and Allura and Pidge always offer to help Lance make Keith little gifts and Shiro is a full time couples counselor and would do anything to keep the lovebirds relationship thriving
  • Fighting over stupid ass things
    • “You asked me if I was team Instinct, Keith. Instinct.” “So?” “So? So??? CLEARLY I am team VALOR jesus christ I can’t even look at you right now”
  • Lance endlessly comparing them to couples in pop culture
    • “He’s the Jay Z to my Beyonce, the Juliet O’Hara to my Shawn Spencer, the Aang to my Katara, the Miranda Lambert to my Blake Shelton-” “Wait, didn’t they get a divorce?” “Pidge I swear to fucking god”
  • Lance loves making Keith blush. Loves. It. Will do it as much as possible. It is his main source of joy in life.
  • “My type is a man who could kick my ass” -Lance probably

Alright this is getting long so I’m gonna end it here! I hope this is what you were looking for, Anon!

Taehyung Scenario: Paper Hearts

Summary: There may have been or not a misunderstanding in the past, you and Taehyung were riven by an unprecedented and unexpected occurrence. After meeting a year later, the wounds are still fresh and open. With Taehyung’s friend trying to catch your attention and hatred and love for your former lover clouding your mind, you wonder… which one is going to win the hopeless heart of yours?

Genre: Angst / Fluff.

Word Count: 2.2k

Originally posted by cmtae

You were sitting wiggly on the bench, waiting for your boyfriend to arrive. Uneasiness hang onto the pit of your stomach. It was difficult to say whether he was going to make a huge surprise or simply do something quiet, yet meaningful and thoughtful, for your first anniversary. Assuming he would have to be very careful about you, he was a k-idol after all, you bit your lower lip. You knew Taehyung and how free-spirited he was. That’s what attracted him to you.  

“Taehyung, what’s taking you so long,” you rumbled, anxiously awaiting to see his box shaped smile.

It wasn’t until you felt big soft hands upon your eyes, taking away your sight.

“Guess who is,” an unique and incomparable voice sang close to your ear, giving you goosebumps.

“Yah, oppa,” you gasped, sliding his hands off your face, “I was waiting for you,” you whisper, turning to face the most beautiful being that has ever lived.

He was holding a small bouquet of your favorite flowers, lilac hyacinths, the scenery of the park matching the entire situation. You sighed, everything looked perfect and reminded you of the mornings you had spent together on that same park that had now become a major symbol of your relationship. He wore no mask, or anything to conceal his true identity, instead he wore his biggest smile — nothing but happiness oozing out of him.

“I know,” he uttered, gently tucking a stray of your hair on place, “I was watching you while I soothed my nerves,” Taehyung admitted, chuckling at his silliness.

You stood up, swiftly wrapping an arm around your boyfriend’s waist, the other grabbing two hyacinths and placing one of them on top of your ear and the other on top of Taehyung’s. The act made him sheepishly smile, although he had spent a year beside you, sometimes you still managed to surprise him with your spontaneity.

“Y/N, you’re so cute,” he wobbled, pinching your right cheek, “now, let’s hurry, jagi. We have places to go.”

Mesmerised by his choice, the first place you went was where you had your first ‘date’. Both wanting to know each other, you met on your favourite café in Seoul, as you told Taehyung when he asked you out. It had been the best thing that had happened to you in a while and you became eager to see more of the boy who made you laugh enough for a lifetime in few hours. He sang sweet melodies while holding your hands, and how deep was his voice – you couldn’t get enough of Taehyung. Such a gentleman, you thought. You fell so ardently for him without notice and each day, you awoke to the thought of him.

“Remember when we came here for the first time?” He murmured.  

“How could I ever forget, you even serenaded me,” you jokingly said, poking his jaw.

“Do you want me to do it again?” He asked and did his typical aegyo.  

“Maybe, – are you making it a tradition?”

He hummed, his head tilted toward you as he held it between his hands, “I don’t know? I think that, for now, I just want to make you.”

With the unwarned hard blow on his forehead, he only pouted, ”Yah, Taehyung! Shut up, pabo.” You shout whispered, your cheeks heated up from the intensity of your blush.

By the time you finished your drinks, Taehyung held your hand and said the anniversary adventure would continue. You squealed here and there, but you were pleased that the love of your life had been so lovingly thoughtful. Walking through cobblestone streets – those you once admitted to him to be so charming – hand in hand, you were taken to an amusement park. You went to diverse rides and carousels, ate cotton candy and kissed passionately on the love tunnel. After running from side to side and waiting in line for hours, sweat ran in rivulets down your forehead and you couldn’t stop the act of restlessly fanning your face. Taehyung chuckled as he plaited your hair and blew on the nape of your neck.


You shivered. The pink ting catching up on your cheeks.

“Better,” you sighed dreamily.  

The day passed in a blink of an eye and the couple enjoyed every second of it, now under the moonlight – that lit up the path you walked through – the Han river glistened with its silvery glow. You were attached to each other, slowly a sinking feeling downing in both of you, it was almost midnight.

“I can’t believe it’s almost over,” Taehyung cried out.

“Yes, but not quite, jagi,” you cooed, hugging him tightly, “it’s my turn to surprise you.”

His demeanor became livelier, as you stood on the tip of your toes to fold his eyes, “you prepared such a great gift that you can’t even let me see it? So when can I, – jagi, stop hitting me!” He squeaked.

“So, do me a favour and shut up, thank you so much,” you grumpily mumbled and lead him to the first clue, untying the fold off of him.

“A card? How impressive of you,” he said.

“Yah, Taehyung! Just read the damn thing or else I’ll beat you,” you uttered in response.

“Alright, alright.”

The card itself was tiny and wrapped around a silky ribbon, the inside guardedly held a creamy-coloured paper with an impeccable handwriting.

Follow the instructions;

The rose you once gave me dawned on me the realization I was consumed by your love.

Go find it.

Taehyung snapped, his eyes hunting your figure, but you were nowhere to be seen. His grasp on the card tightened and he panted, his chest now filled with disquiet.

“Y/N? Y/N, where are you?” He screamed, the ache on his heart subduing as he decidedly hustled himself to find where the rose mallow was.

As he strode straight ahead, he glimpsed morsels of the silky ribbon you had used on the card attached to the trees’ trunks and followed the track it lead to. Other card was in a trunk not so far away from the first one he had picked up. There was another flower.

This flower means you should think of me.

Taehyung was growing impatient with his slowness, running for the next card that he rapidly reached for, snatching it from the harmless tree. He could already hear the cicadas making their loud shrill droning noises and observe the lampposts providing illumination around the river shimmering. Although your surprise was thrilling, his fear of your safety being jeopardised was tremendous. A forget-me-not hang out with the words:

Please, remember me (forget me not).

Please, dream of me.

He was on the verge of collapsing, he just needed you – tightly secured with him. He sprang, moving faster than before, following the path of ribbons. His ultimate aim being the white tulip and the last card.

Promise to never stop loving me – this white (tulip) love of ours shall never end.

Promise to never leave.

Come to me.

Let me come to you, he inwardly grunted, yearning for you. There were paper lamp lights that flickered, faintly faltering its already dim prospect of light, but it built the atmosphere of love that daintily made it worth the running and panicking Taehyung had experienced minutes ago. You stood at the centre of the circle garden, and had changed since the last few minutes he had seen you. His mouth agape with elation as you gave him an intent look, your white dress stopped right above your knees and the night chill slipped underneath it, but it was so worth it after all. Shoving the cards into his jacket’s compartment pocket, Taehyung stumbled across the path that lead to you, his lips crushing on to yours, his hands fumblingly traveling around your body.

“Tae…” you sighed, your arms folding him and you snuggled up on the crook of his neck.

“I think you irreversibly turn me into a hopeless romantic, I can’t ever leave you. I love you. I love you. I love you,” Taehyung confessed repeatedly, his eyes blazing with adoration and his hands firmly pressed to your waistline.

You moaned, your lips springing to his, “I love you, too. So, so much.”

The pang of electricity shot down his spine.

“Christmas is coming up and guess what?”

“What?” Namjoon asked, not really paying attention to his dongsaeng as he typed away anxiously on his phone.

“I’m spending it with my girlfriend’s family,” Taehyung blurted out happily while waving his phone to show off your text.

“What?!” Jin and the other boys uttered in disbelief.

Such reaction wasn’t what Taehyung had in mind, for he was pretty much aware of the bound between them and how much the holidays they spent together was sacred, but on the bottom of his heart; he expected to be encouraged to dodge their tradition this year – not to feel bad. Maybe if he asked you to spend Christmas with Bangtan instead…

Whatever plan that was being created in Taehyung’s mind crumbled down before it could be put in action because the bell rang. Grimacing, he dragged his feet to door to answer.

“Hey!” You greeted your boyfriend excitedly, hugging him and walking inside altogether.

Under the heavy atmosphere, your excitement faltered and suddenly, you felt yourself frowning too.

“Did someone die?” You whispered in a baritone voice, lowering your gaze to the corner of the living room.

“Jagi, about the Christmas…” Taehyung started speaking, but you beat him to it.

“Oh, that’s why you’re upset?” You questioned, enlightened with the new understanding of the situation, “you guys can’t go?”

“What?” Namjoon was the first to utter something.

“I kind of wanted to invite all of you to spend Christmas with my family?” You mumbled, feeling embarrassed as you were about to reason why you had invited them on the first place.

“Usually, my sisters come from America with their families to celebrate with us, but this is year they won’t be coming and it’s going to be only my parents and I… I mean, there will be plenty of food and space, but you don’t need to go, of course. I don’t want to feel like I’m imposing–”

“Y/N, as the leader of the group, I can speak for all of us that it would be a pleasure to celebrate with you for that matter,” Namjoon cut you off with his eye smile and dimples popping.

Cute, you thought as you sighed in relief.

Christmas had been two weeks ago and you had the time of your life. You could say that even your parents had had a blast and loved having those energetic boys over – your mother asked when they would come again which drew a giggle out of you. At the moment, you had Taehyung over and he wouldn’t stop tickling you and groping your tights. You enjoyed the feeling, but feared for the both of you if you were caught amidst the playful banter and touching.

“Well, babe, I love your legs. Like very much. I love your legs enough for the both of us, so you might as well as love them, too.” You blush as Taehyung leans toward you, his head resting on your shoulder.

“Stop blabbering, Tae,” you said, amused.

“Nope. I mean, look at those legs,” Your boyfriend said in a playful tone of voice, gripping your tights and then making up and down motions upon your flesh.

Pouting, you whined, “Play nice with me, Tae.”

“Why would I, huh, Y/N?” The smirk causing all of his features to glow in the most devilish fashion.

The teasing died down, though. Because before a heated make-out session could begin right then and there, the dangling on the knob was heard and your father entered the house to face you and your boyfriend embracing each other intimately. Taehyung stood up at light speed, bowing to your father and leaving quickly as if his life depended on it – that’s how you demanded him to act whenever your parents caught you, even if he didn’t agree to it.

Bidding your parents good night after dinner, you went upstairs to sleep for you had school the following morning. Meanwhile, you were brushing your teeth, your phone beeped. You thought it was Taehyung; how wrong you were.

Instead, it was the last thing you believed you’d see during your lifetime. It was Taehyung and another girl – kissing.

‘Seems like your baby daddy was spotted with another girl this Monday, xx.’

It was night already, you sit by his side; he expects a greeting or a kiss, but you ignore him. Your outfit was fitting — the baby blue oversized sweater and a white skirt, — you looked so cute that he thought he would combust. Why didn’t you say something? You stayed shushed, writing haphazardly.

“Jagi, did I do something wrong?” His euphoria ceased.

“Are you mute or something?”

You gave him a beautiful smile, that seemed wistful. Unbeknownst to Taehyung, you had spent the last couple of days crying over their pictures, putting their memories in your drawer and reminiscing them. You were incredulous at the first moment, but your incredulity became sadness and an unknown sense of self-loathing. Weren’t you enough? Weren’t your love satisfying?

“I think you overdid that, thank you so much,” you spat out.

He didn’t understand anything at all, everything was fine. Why was his love mad? “What have I done? You’re making me nervous.”

“I… I don’t think our relationship is working anymore,” the girl Taehyung adored so fervently uttered, “I want it over.”

And that’s when hell broke loose.

terra-terrible  asked:

What methods do you use to make your art look so animated anyway? :0 It seriously looks great!!

Well there’s the obvious, of course. Line of Action, all that

use of weight and gravity to energize a pose, that helps show that it’s mid-motion

utilizing angles for just a lil’ extra spice

but also, there’s a sort of mentality. 

In drawings, you’ll have to get a little creative with animated expression. After all,

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I would like something funny xD how about headcanons where Gardienne/Candy draws silly stuff on the boys faces while they're taking a nap, then they wake up and continue with their daily routines and everybody just stares at them but don't say anything xd extra points if Gardi also messes with Ezarel's hairstyle ;D

Ahahah, okay ^^


Nathaniel: He will definitely be disappointed with your performance. You are not children, what is it? Will also be upset that no one told him nothing. But in the end it is still a weak smile.

Castiel: Will be quite angry. Not seriously, of course, but his evil grin will scare you. It is possible that he will try to repeat this “trick”, or something more devious. Watch out.

Lysander: His care more about not his strange look, and your reaction. No, seriously, he will enjoy your laughter and the way are you sure that he suspects nothing. It’s cute.

Kentin: He won’t stay mad at you. But it is such a touchy sad face, your heart melts. Why you’ve upset the poor boy?

Armin: Oh, dear, I can only wish you luck. Make fun of Armin - a straight road to hell retaliatory prank.


Ezarel: No, you just die. Why. In General, it is hard to pull off something like this, because his “detector_touching_strangers" will immediately make him wake up and kick your ass. He’ll just “hurt” you the wildest way, god, you stupid poor child.

Nevra: llike Kentin. Why would you spoil such a pretty face, you know he loves you. :c

Valkyon: He just silently erase the paint from the face and try to scrape the sticky clips from the hair. No, he would not retaliate, he just quietly-quietly WILL  PRANK YOU JUST RUN THIS MAN ACTUALLY FUCKING EVIL SENSE OF HUMOUR. 

Talk to Me [2]

part 1

Featuring: Yoongi, You

Warnings: slight dd/lg themes

Written by: Admin V

He never would have imagined you would like him. You never would have imagined he would like you. And yet somehow, he became Daddy, and you became his most beautiful, most precious Babygirl.

Originally posted by notjustaphase

Yoongi doesn’t hate grocery shopping.

He just “highly dislikes” it.

It’s Sunday and he’s at the supermarket, pushing his cart along amidst the rest of the various other shoppers. In front of him the fruit and vegetable displays are a hodge-podge of colors, but Yoongi can’t help but feel absolutely nothing.

All he’s thinking about is you.

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anonymous asked:

Platonic hug between Keith and Pidge? Maybe Pidge needs comforting after an anxiety attack or a battle and Keith helps her. Love your work, thank you!

I definitely remembered this wrong and did during an anxiety attack?  Anyway, two hugs for the price of one!  Awkward sidehug AND long-lasting hold-a-person hug!

They all knew Pidge took it rough when they encountered Galra slaves and her father wasn’t among them, but usually Shiro went to talk to her afterward, so Keith hadn’t thought about it much.  He hadn’t felt like he had a right to talk to her about it, anyway, not since that time he told her her family wasn’t more important than the whole universe.  That had been a bad play, and while he’d realized that at the time based on how the others had reacted, it hadn’t really sunk in until the Blades’ test.

He almost went and got Shiro, now.  But Pidge wasn’t just crying, she was shaking, so hard he could see it from the door to Green’s hangar.  That seemed like a whole different kind of bad, and he wasn’t sure getting Shiro was the right thing.  He tentatively stepped into the room, but she was too wrapped up in her head to notice, and he suddenly knew he’d made the right choice.

“Hey, Pidge, are you ok?” he asked.

Pidge looked up at him from where she was sitting against the wall, eyes wide.  Her face was flushed and her breathing was a little fast, like she’d been running.  She shook her head, frantically, and his mouth went dry.  No.  She wasn’t.  Of course she wasn’t.

He walked over her, searching for more words and not finding any.  Finally, he slid down the wall to sit next to her, laying an arm tentatively around her shoulders.  She reached up with the hand next to him and grabbed at his shirt.  "I can’t breathe,“ she said.  "I can’t breathe.  I’m gonna pass out.  I’m gonna die.”

“You’re not gonna die,” he said, tightening the arm around her a little.  "I promise.  I won’t let you.“

"I can’t breathe.”

“You can breathe.  You’re talking, and you can’t talk without breathing.”  As soon as he said it, he knew it was wrong.  It was too logical.  Not the kind of thing you said to someone when they were upset.  But then -

“Oh.  Yeah.  Then why am I dizzy?”

“You’re maybe breathing too fast.  That’s not good, either.”

“I think something’s crushing my chest.”

He blushed a little as he stared down at her, looking just long enough that she would know he’d checked, but trying not to stare too long.  "I’m pretty sure it’s not.  You look ok.  Normal clothes and all.“

"I think I’m dying.  Is my heart supposed to be going this fast?”

He checked her pulse, feeling the wrist of the hand that was tangled in his shirt.  "No.  But I think it’ll slow down if you can just breathe more deeply.“

”‘Just breathe more deeply’“ she parroted back sarcastically.  The flush that had been across her face when he walked up was gone, replaced by an eerie paleness.

Keith bit his lip, then moved on impulse, pulling her almost all the way into his lap so that her side was snuggled up against his chest, his arm still around her shoulders.  "Look, just lean into me and breathe when I do, ok?  We can do it together.”

He could feel her trying to take slower, deeper breaths, but when he reached for her wrist again, her heart was still racing.  She let go of his shirt, rearranging herself to recline more fully against his chest, and he kept one arm wrapped around her and the other hand on her wrist, feeling her pulse.

Her breaths gradually slowed and eased, and her heartbeat got steadier and more normal.  He felt a knot of tension relaxing in his stomach and half wondered if Pidge could tell.  He figured probably not, given how freaked out she still was.

Finally, Pidge relaxed completely, sagging into him and leaning her head back against his chest.  "I’m such a mess,“ she said.

Keith shrugged. "I think we all are, sometimes.  I used to sleep with my shoes on, in case we got attacked.”

“That seems like a rational response to being Voltron.”

“I used to sleep with my shoes on when I lived by myself.”

“Maybe less rational.”

Keith figured he probably should move.  But Pidge seemed content to stay here, and she’d always been kind of huggy with Shiro sometimes, and maybe she still needed this, so he stayed put, trying not to move too much so that he didn’t ruin her fragile new calm.

“Anyway, thanks, Keith.” Pidge said after a moment.  "For … whatever.“  She leaned forward, starting to get up, and Keith tried not to show how much of a relief that was as he scrambled to his feet behind her.

Before he could figure out what to say, she’d turned a bright smile on him and added, "You’re pretty great, you know that?”

He panicked.  "You’re pretty … sweaty.“

Pidge laughed.  "I take it back.  You’re a jerk.  But thanks anyway.  I mean it.”

Keith blushed, looking down at his feet.  "No problem.“

She didn’t say anything when he grabbed the socket wrench he’d come in here to borrow in the first place and then bolted, but later he overheard her telling Shiro that she was ok and he’d been "a big help,” and he could let himself feel proud, just for a minute, that he’d done something right.

anonymous asked:

What if the NDRV3 guys had an S/O who's​normally quiet and shy. And likes video games. And one day she gets a new game in her favorite series and is telling them all about it. And then they notice the next few days that she seems to be avoiding them. How would they react when they ask her about it and she admits that she was afraid that they were annoyed about her "inability to shut up" (her words) and she didn't want to bother them?

… This is actually me?… I never know when to shut up about video games >_> I honestly just went to look at all my games for inspiration haha

NDRV3 Boys with a video game loving S/O who thinks she’s bothering them

Shuuichi Saihara:

- He was quiet and shy too so he was honestly glad that you were the same

- But he did find out your little secret

- “Saihara - kun, Saihara - kun! Look at this! There’s going to be a Tekken 7!!! I love this series…. I mean it may not be the nest fighting game out there but I grew up with it so it means a lot to me you know?”

- You loved video games

- “Oh… That’s good S/O - san”

- You give him a small smile before telling him you had to leave

- He noticed you were… Absent over the next few days. When he’d see you in the hall you’d make brief eye contact before you’d quickly turn and walk away

- Did I do something wrong?

- He was worried so he waited for you outside your classroom

- “S… Saihara - kun?…”

- “Can we talk?”

- You bite your lip but nod

- “Are you avoiding me?”

- “I… Uh… It’s just I… Thought you wanted that…”

- “Huh?”

- “Well… I can never… Shut my mouth when it comes to games so I thought… I’d be annoying you with all my talking… I’m really sorry…”

- You thought you annoyed him? Awh S/O - san…

- He takes your hand before smiling at you

- “Hey… You have that game at home right?”

- You give a small nod

- “Let’s go play together, but you’ll have to tell me all about the characters okay?”

- You instantly light up and squeeze his hand gently

Kaito Momota:

- He noticed that you love games

- And by that I mean he had to literally move you or carry you seeing as you were constantly playing on a portable console

- “What are you even playing S/O”

- “Oh um, Ratchet and Clank Size Matters… It’s a good game for the PSP but Ratchet and Clank had a long history now… Oh but but but! They’re making one for the PS4!”

- You basically tell him the whole history of that game series making sure not to miss any details

- “Jesus man, you have a lot to say about it huh?”

- “Haha…”

- He makes sure you safely get to your class before quick walking to his own

- The next couple of days seem… Quiet

- It takes him a while to realise why, you’re not actually there to cause potential collisions in the halls

- “Huh?”

- He tries asking around for a bit but it seems that no one has seen you

- Alright, time to investigate all the rooms

- It takes him most of the lunch hour but he finally finds you sitting by a desk console in hand

- “S/O?… Hey… I’ve been worried about you?”

- “You… Were? Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you..”

- Your voice sounds… Sad

- “What’s up?”

- “It’s nothing..”

- “Don’t lie to me”

- He walks over and takes the console from your hands

- “Hey!… Okay fine… I’ll tell you. I thought I was annoying you with all my game talk”

- It takes him a minute to process what you just said but then he just starts laughing

- “Hahaha! If you think you annoyed me then I must’ve annoyed you a thousand times with all my space talk!” He then ruffles your hair and continues laughing


- Of course he played video games before

- But he could see that you had a certain passion for them

- He was tinkering with something whilst you were telling him about your favourite game series

- “And you see, Tomb Raider is just such a good series! There’s a PS4 version now to celebrate the 20th anniversary of it!”

- “Oh really?”

- “Yeah!”

- “That’s good”


- Ever since that conversation he noticed that you weren’t around him as much as before

- Is it because I’m a robot?

- But he thought you weren’t racist against robots!

- He must investigate this matter at once

- He found you after lessons standing by your locker

- “S/O - san!”

- You make a little jump and turn around to face him

- “Oh… Hi Kiibo - kun”

- “Do you hate me because I’m a robot?”

- He looked like he was about to cry

- “Wh- Who told you that Kiibo - kun?!”

- You place a hand on his shoulder and look at his face 

- “Well… It would explain why you’re avoiding me…”

- “Did I upset you? Oh no! I’m so sorry Kiibo - kun! I thought I was annoying you and you wanted a break so…”

- “That’s wrong S/O - san! I actually love listening to you speak, you’re so passionate about this it… It makes me feel warm inside…” 

- You giggle and wrap your arms around him

Rantaro Amami:

- Whenever you asked him to play video games with you he’d always agree

- “Ah Amami - kun guess what! Persona 5 is coming out! I really want to get it but it’s so expensive! (This is me in reality)”

- “Persona?”

- “Yeah! I remember playing it but this one looks sooooo good!”

- “Oh okay, I haven’t heard of it”

- “Oh… I see”

- Over the next couple days he notices that you’re quieter than usual and that you tend to exit the class as soon as you can

- “Okay class, pick a project partner”

- He’s instantly by your side taking hold of your hands and flashing you a warm smile

- “Huh?..”

- “Are you going to tell me what’s up S/O - san?

- “So you are annoyed…”

- “Huh? What no I’m not”

- “You’re not?”

- “Why would I be?”

- “Because I talk about games too much and I can never shut up… I mean, if I were you I’d find me annoying…”

- “S/O - san are you serious?”

- “Wh- Of course I am!”

- He just starts to laugh then causing you to start blushing

- “S/O - san if I found you annoying I’d tell you haha… Oh I can’t believe you actually thought you annoyed me haha”

- He pulls you gently causing you to fall into a quick kiss

- When you part he just winks at you

- Oh Amami - kun

Kokichi Ouma:

- When he walked into the classroom he found you bouncing in your chair

- “Hmmm? What is S/O - chan up t-”


- You’re literally like !!!

- “The Last of Us?”

- “Yes!!!”

- “Nishishi~ You’re such a nerd S/O - chan”

- “Uh… Thank you…”


- For some reason, he has been seeing you a lot less over these past few days

- Were you sick?

- No wait, there you are!

- “S/O - chan is so meannnnn”

- You turn and find him with tears in his eyes

- They’re just crocodile tears… Right?

- You feel really bad now

- “What did I… Do?”

- “You’re avoiding meeeee”

- “Well…”

- He grabs your wrists and pulls you towards him so that your foreheads are pressing together

- “Did I offend you?”

- “What?”

- His voice is serious for once

- “Um… No it’s just… I thought I annoyed you… With my game talk”

- “Nishishi~ You’re so funny S/O - chan, I would never get annoyed at you!”

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He’s not gonna lie

- He has no idea what video games are

- So he will listen to you with a smile on his face but not really know what you’re saying

- “So so so there’s going to be a DLC for Uncharted now! I’m so excited!”

- “Oh… Gonta is happy then! But um… Gonta will go for a discovery walk”


- He wasn’t much into using technology so he would often visit your house

- But for the past few days no one opened the door

- He got kind of worried so he stayed longer than usual one day

- He was a gentleman so he didn’t want to knock non - stop but he just wanted to know you were okay

- “S/O - san… Please open the door, it’s just Gonta!”

- Eventually, after some time the door slowly creaked open

- “Hey hey… Gonta - kun”

- “Gonta was worried about you!”

- “Worried?”

- “Yes! You haven’t opened the door for Gonta in a while so Gonta thought something happened to you!”

- “That’s… So sweet”

- You give him a nice smile before continuing

- “No I… I just thought I annoyed you with my game talk”

- “Well, the way Gonta sees it is… S/O - san likes games as much as Gonta likes insects! And seeing as S/O - san always listens and likes Gonta’s findings, Gonta also loves listening to S/O - san’s game achievements!”

- “Awh…!”

- You hug him tightly and thank him for quite a while

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- Just like Gonta, he’s not too keen on the gaming world

- He never told you this of course, he didn’t want to upset you in any way

- “See, Resident Evil expanded to PS4 now… As in Resident Evil 7 just came out!”

- “7? That’s quite a lot”

- “Yes! Although the gaming style changed, for example the perspective…”


- The two of you usually spend your free time in the library but this is the 3rd day in a row when you haven’t turned up

- He doesn’t really want to bombard you with questions but he’s slightly concerned that you haven’t been appearing lately

- She mentioned something about a game right?

- He grabs some books on his way out and then quick walks over to your house

- He rings the doorbell and waits, tapping his foot impatiently

- 5 minutes pass… Then 10….

- He rings the doorbell again and this time adds a little knock at the end

- After another 5 minutes the door slowly creaks over at him and he’s met with a pair of e/c coloured eyes staring at him

- “Hello beautiful”

- “Hello Shinguji - kun”

- “Did you forget where the library is?”

- “… Wait what? What day is it?”

- “It’s Friday”

- “Oh…”

- “Well I don’t fully believe that you were gaming non - stop for 3 days so… Tell me the truth. Why didn’t you come?”

- “Because I thought you’d tell me to shut up”

- Harsh

- “Why would I?”

- “Because I talk too much..”

- “Kukuku~ You’re the quietest person I know S/O - san! Besides… It’s quite a beautiful sight to see you passionately talk about something you love… I’d love to listen to more things”

- “Really?…Ah well… I’m playing right now so…”

- He just nods and you let him inside

Ryoma Hoshi:

- “HOSHI - KUN! Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is out now!”

- Mario what now

- The only game he heard of was Wii Sports but that’s mainly because it had tennis in it

- “That’s.. Great?”

- “You don’t sound… Happy”

- “Uh”

- “No.. It’s okay”

- You make up a quick excuse and leave


- You always came to his practice

- But you didn’t turn up for 5 days now

- Were you avoiding him?

- He grit his teeth and quickly replaced his piece of licorice

- Time to investigate

- As soon as he was done, he quickly made his way over to your house

- He banged his small fist on your door and patiently waited for you to open it

- “Hello?”

- “Down here.”

- You let out a little chuckle before turning your attention to him

- “What’s up with you? You never miss my practices”

- “.. Yeah… But I thought I annoyed you last time”

- You lean against the door frame and give him a somewhat sad look

- “Is that about that Markio thing?”

- “Mario. Yeah”

- “Ehhh… I never meant to offend you S/O… I just have no idea about it… I only ever played Wii Sports you know”

- “Wait… Really?”

- “Yeah”

- You scratch your head

- “Would you like to… Gain some game knowledge?”

- “Uh.. Sure but I will probably be ter-”

- You don’t even let him finish his sentence, you just pull him inside and happily show him your collection

ok cool he changed his username now let’s just move on ok, he’s literally been changing his branding for months

I’m beginning to notice a pattern here.

TV Show or Another Piece of Media: *is violently fatphobic and makes fat people overwhelming uncomfortable, depressed, or angry*

Us, Calmly and Casually: Well, that’s disappointing-

About 20 Anonymous Thin People in Our Inbox: OH MY GOD, why are you getting so upset over a TV Show? LOL you’re pathetic. I can’t believe you are crying and throwing a fit over a show. You’re embarrassing yourselves. I can’t believe what a big deal you’re making out of this. You’re getting so emotional over nothing. LOL you’re so ridiculous. *insert trigger joke here* LOL you fat people are so amusing, getting all up in arms over a show. LOL. Why do you care so much? Why must you make a big deal out of everything? Why are you so offended? Oh my god what is it with fat people going on and on about ridiculous stuff like a TV show??? I can’t believe you are literally crying and screaming. It is just a show. Why are you making such a big deal out of it? It’s a joke. Calm down. Let people have their own opinion oh my god. Just calm down? Like? The fuck? *goes on for another 20 minutes about how we are making too big a deal out of this* I just can’t believe anyone would cry over a show, my god-

I mean, we really don’t make that big a deal out of anything. We just tell people that we are less than happy with something and why. 

But you sure love making a big deal out of us not agreeing with your opinion…

-Mod Bella