oh no why they upset

When you find an anime/manga really great at the start, but, the romance they added later on completely ruins it.

okay, this is just pure fluff and cute shit for the sake of being cute

but i bet eggsy and harry would, like, give jb a “voice”. you know how people do when they have pets? give their pet a voiceover? but eggsy makes jb sound like a gruff tough guy while harry makes jb sound like something out of “pride and prejudice” lol.

like, a scenario. eggsy is in a bad mood and is kinda sulking. harry picks up jb and kinda hovers the pug by eggsy’s face and goes, “oh, my dearest father. why are you so upset? won’t you tell me, your most faithful and lovable son?” and jb’s licking eggsy’s face. eggsy cracks a smile and is like, “you know that’s not jb’s voice.”  and harry’s like, “nonsense, we all know he is a little gentleman.”

and if you switch it around, it’s eggsy’s holding jb by a sulking harry’s face and going, “oi mate, what’s with the long face, eh? you wanna tell jb all about it? want me to go bite someone for ya? i’ll do it mate, swear down.” and jb’s happily panting on harry’s face. harry cracks a smile and takes jb from eggsy to give him a good scratch behind the ears. and harry being like, “that’s not how he sounds like.” and eggsy’s like “nah, he’s my tough little guy.”

Lance: Hey man…

Keith: I’m not upset? Why are you saying that??

Lance: Oh, uh…

Keith: Are you upset? What’s wrong? Who upset you? I’ll murder them.

Lance: No! No! Don’t murder anyone!

Keith: *eyes narrowed suspiciously at everyone*

Lance: *silently* I just wanted to ask for my jacket back.

Touch | Shawn Mendes Imagine

A/N: I feel like all my spent up ideas over the past 3 months are pouring out because writing two in one day is unheard of in my world. BUT I LOVE THIS. IDK I HOPE YOU DO TOO. 

Word Count: 1,917

I was frustrated.

Shawn was gone to visit his parents and I had to stay home from the visit, unfortunately. He had only been gone for maybe five hours but I missed him already, however, my body missed him more.

I sat down on the end of the bed and checked my phone. I had asked when Shawn would be home hoping I could hold off. But when he said he wasn’t sure when he’d be back I told him to hurry home, hoping he’d understand what I wanted. But Shawn still hadn’t checked his messages yet.

I knew he needed time with his family, but I also needed time with him.

Sitting on the end of the bed I was unsure of what do. Or well I wasn’t unsure, I was very acquainted with what I could do, but I wasn’t sure if I should.

Does it matter? I finally asked myself. No.

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anonymous asked:

How would RFA and Saeran react if MC is the one not paying attention to them, because she's too preoccupied or upset that they were too busy for her? If this is accepted????

How can anyone not pay attention to these precious beans(for extended period of time, at least). Hope you like these ^_^


  • He had an important tournament in LOLOL
  • Which lasted a whole week, resulting in him completely ignoring MC
  • Needless to say, they are not pleased
  • They just want to cuddle ffs
  • Well, if he likes this damn game so much, he can date it
  • MC is not going to deal with this
  • Well, at least Yoosung’s team won
  • So he finally leaves his gaming area to share this news with MC
  • Yeah, MC is not really impressed
  • Gives him the silent treatment
  • Yoosung starts tearing up 
  • “MC, did I do something wrong?” – no answer
  • Try to guess, you game junkie
  • It took him some time to figure out why MC is upset
  • -“Oh.. honey, I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll limit my gaming! D-don’t be angry with me, please?
  • MC is determined to keep their composure but he has this irresistible puppy look his face
  • It’s impossible to stay mad at him
  • Yoosung actually doesn’t game for a whole week after that
  • Instead he does little things for MC, like cooking them dinner or giving them flowers


  • MC was drowning in work for their finals 
  • They completely shut themselves away so nothing would bother them
  • So Zen was feeling a bit lonely
  • His text messages were left unanswered, and even the selfies he sent them didn’t get any reaction
  • He knew that MC was using one of those social media blocking apps but he was still upset
  • Then he started to worry
  • “But what if something happened to them? Even if it didn’t, they still should take breaks from time to time, I should go check up on them”
  • So he goes to their house
  • MC is glad to see him but too busy to entertain guests right now
  • “Help yourself to something from the fridge, but please don’t distract me, I have an essay due tomorrow and I need to focus”
  • Zen is very understanding
  • Turns out MC’s fridge is even emptier than Zen’s so he goes out to buy groceries and he also tidies up the apartment a little bit
  • All while giving MC space to study
  • Doesn’t stay the night, otherwise the beast will come out (and distract MC from their essay)
  • He made sure that MC is fine so he’s not very upset now
  • He will definitely catch up on their attention as soon as their finals are over


  • She has a gazillion of cat projects to work on
  • The poor girl runs solely on coffee and energy drinks
  • Naturally, she has no time for MC
  • They don’t even see her: she leaves for work when they’re still sleeping and comes home when they’ve already gone to bed
  • So MC thinks she doesn’t care about them anymore
  • Until one day she somehow gets home from work early
  • But MC completely ignores her
  • She sighs: “I know you must be upset that I have been very busy lately but you know that I have a lot of work”
  • Well, quit your job then – snaps MC
  • Jaehee is taken aback for a moment
  • “I can’t just.. do that… or can I?”
  • Why the hell not?
  • And that’s how jealous MC made Jaehee quit the job she didn’t enjoy and use her abilities for something more rewarding


  • He’s a very busy workaholic, and MC is quite used to that
  • But lately it’s been too much; all these business trips, countless meetings, staying late at the office late far too often
  • MC was actually starting to suspect he was having an affair
  • So MC did the most logical thing imaginable – start being distant
  • Which puzzled Jumin a great deal because to him it seemed they were being irrational
  • “Go cuddle with your cat. Or with that girl you go to see when you claim you do extra paperwork late at the office..”
  • “MC, I’m not interested in women. Except for you, I mean. Things just have been hectic at the company. I’ll make it up to you”
  • Takes a couple of unplanned days off to spend them solely with MC


  • He was having one of his “I don’t deserve to be with them. I’ll ignore them until they lose interest and leave me” episodes
  • Well, two can play that game
  • If he doesn’t want that, MC is not going to bother him
  • Seeing them grow distant, Luciel starts to regret his choices
  • Suddenly completely changes his attitude and starts being super clingy
  • Which annoys MC
  • Until he opens up about how he really feels
  • That he doesn’t deserve them and that’s why he was ignoring them but would like to be with them, if they want it too
  • How could anyone be cross with him after this sentiment?
  • MC forgives him and they make up


  • MC was busy with work and didn’t have much to pay attention to him
  • He claims he doesn’t care
  • He does
  • Saeran needs his daily dose of MC’s attention
  • Makes sure to be in the same room with them while completely avoiding contact
  • Just like a cat
  • A lot of hugs happen after MC is done
  • He craves that bodily contact even if he says he doesn’t need it
Never Will I Ever

Summary: You’d waited years to get your soulmark, and when you finally did you realized that you’d never get to meet him.

Word count: 2284

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Genre: Angst with a happy ending

Warnings: Angsty

Author’s Note: So this was an idea that I’d had anyway BUT it wasn’t in the plans to be out anytime soon. However, yesterday I found myself on the receiving end of some hate, telling me to give up on writing because I wasn’t good and that I should delete my blog. Instead it fueled me to write this. So, to that anon, thanks for the motivation! And a big thank you to all of you who have been very supportive, it means a lot. Now, I feel like this started out strong but got a little weak near the end, for that I apologize, its 5am and I’m tired…If anyone wants a part 2 let me know and I can absolutely do it.

Tags: @emilyevanston, @goody2shoessmut

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Chance Sutton imagine

“hii!! i really like your writing so i was wondering if you would do 9,53,88 and 110 from the promt list with chance or anthony. and like your a part of team 10 and we like flirt all the time but each one is oblivious that the other person act’s had feelings”
 9. “your hair is so soft”
53. “i think i’m in love with you and i’m terrified”
88. “i know how to settle this. DANCE OFF”
110. “bring that pretty little butt over here”
I chose to do chance hope that’s okay! ❤
It was a casual Saturday morning and you were half dead having just woken up

Walking out of your room you shared with tessa you sighed when you bumped into someone

“Morning Y/N” you heard jake say

Yeah you were apart of team 10 and you loved it

“Morning jake” you replied walking into his open arm’s

“Your still tired huh?” He asked you

You just nodded and sighed

Jake was like your big brother and you loved it because he always defended you

“Wanna help me prank the boy’s?” He asked

You moved back and nodded

“Were gonna do nerf darts today” he said handing you a nerf gun wich was already loaded

“Ready?” He asked as you stood at the door to their room

You nodded like you were in a movie

“On 3” he said

“1” you said

“2” he said

“3” you yelled walking in and shooting them all but mostly chance

You had a massive crush on chance ever since he came here

“Morning mother fuckers!” You and jake yelled

“It’s every day bro!” Jake yelled towards kade who was holding his camera

As you were standing on chance’s bed looking at jake you were suddenly pulled into someone’s arms

“Bring that pretty little butt over here” he said grabbing your hips and pulling you down

You laughed and squirmed trying to get out of his grip

“Morning” he groaned ina sexy deep and husky voice

“Morning dork” you said looking at him

“Alright love bird’s lets go” jake said interupting your stare off with chance

“Just a minute more” chance whined as he wrapped his arms around your waist and put himself on top of you

“Ahhh get off you fat hippo” you laughed

“Never!” He replied rolling you both over so you were now on top of him with his arm’s still wrapped around you

You felt one of his hand’s reach up and start playing with your hair

“Your hair is so soft” he whispered as his fingers still danced through your hair

“Were gonna leave but you have to tell her chance.” Anthony suddenly said

“Way to put me on the spot guy’s” chance said Sighing 

You sat up next to him and looked at the boy’s confused

“What? Tell me what?” You asked the boy’s

“He has to tell you hun” jake said as him and the rest walked out of the door including the martinez brother’s

Looking towards chance you saw that he was now sitting up and putting a top on

“What do you need to tell me chance?” You asked softly

He sighed and looked at you and smiled softly

“Well i like somone. A lot. And i dont know how to tell them i do” he said smiling

Your heart broke a little then as he said he liked someone and the thought of him liking another upset you

“Oh? Why don’t you just call her up or something?” You asked now sitting cross-legged

“She’s already sitting in front of me right now….” he said

You being the isiot turned and looked behind you and then beside you causing him to laugh softly

“Ohhhh! You mean me?” You asled pointing to your self He nodded

“In fact i think im in love with you and im absolutely terrified” he saod smiling

You smiled as a few tears fell

He frowned and raised his hand to your cheek and whiped the tears away and then kept his hand there rubbing his thumb on your cheek

“Why are you crying? If you don’t like me back that’s fine, i just needed to te-”

You cut him off by grabbing his shirt coller and crashing your lips to his

He was shocked at first you could tell but then he started kissing back

After a few more seconds you pulled away to get some air

“I think im in love you too dork” you whispered

He smiled and kissed you again

“Be my girlfriend?” He asked

“Yes” you said smiling softly

“Let’s tell the other’s” he said Standing up and holding his hand out helping you up

As you walked down you heard a rukus and people throwing thing’s

“What’s going on?” You yelled Gasping when you saw that there was food and oaper everywhere

“Tessa wont let us eat at maccas” jake siad

“But i want to go to subway” tessa argued back

“I want to go to the new cafe down the street” nick said

And soon they were all arguing about where to go again

Looking up at chance he looked down at you and grabbed your hand

“I know how to settle this. DANCE OFF!” you yelled putting on some music

And soon you were all just being stupid and eventually you and chance told them the news and then you got to pick where to go.

BTS reaction to you, their s/o, having self-harm scars.

I know this is a rather delicate subject so I want to let every single one of you that’s reading this know that if you’re struggling with anything, going through hard times or if you simply need someone to talk to, you can always send me a message and I’ll be more than happy to listen to you and try to help in any way that I can. I’ve been there and self-harm is no way for anyone to cope with their feelings. I love you

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  • Suho: //pouts//
  • Chanyeol:
  • Jongin: //pouts//
  • Chanyeol:
  • Kyungsoo: //pouts//
  • Chanyeol:
  • Yixing: //pouts//
  • Chanyeol:
  • Xiumin: //pouts//
  • Chanyeol:
  • Jongdae: //pouts//
  • Chanyeol:
  • Sehun: //pouts//
  • Chanyeol:
  • Baekhyun: //pouts//
  • Chanyeol: oh my gosh, what's wrong? Did something happen? Why do you look upset? Do I have to beat someone up for you? Because I'll do it. I'll do it all.

Getting told that having a tattoo will lower my chance of getting hired places gave me equal feelings of “im going to get 50 more” and “ :( ”

Klance Headcanons

As promised to Anon :)

  • I LIVE for Keith trying to make a move and Lance just Not Getting It 
    • “Lance, what would you do if you had a serious crush on someone?” “Well, I think I’d just be straight up about it. Just say, ‘hey, I have a crush on you. Do you think we could make this work?’” “Hey, I have a crush on you. Do you think we can make this work?” *slapping Keith on the back* “Yeah, exactly like that! So who do you have a crush on, dude?” “I can’t with you right now”
  • Trying to be Lowkey about them dating and failing miserably
    • “Lance, do you know why Keith upset?” “Why would you ask me? It’s not like he’s my boyfriend or anything! We’re not even friends! He’s my rival! He’s-” “I asked you because we’re going around the table and asking everyone if they know why Keith is upset.” “Oh.”
    • *Keith and Lance emerge from Lance’s room, hair and clothes mussed* “What were you two-” “WE WERE BAKING BROWNIES” “…..in Lance’s bedroom” “…….yes”
  • One day they’re doing their whole “we hate each other no really we do” routine and Pidge is Done and just goes “we saw you two kissing. You’re really gay. We get it. We don’t give a shit, but you should know, just for the record, that you aren’t slick and frankly I had bet that you two would make out about a week earlier than you did, so now I owe Hunk twenty bucks and I’m upset about it”
  • Horrible flirting during battle
    • “Keith, use out your sword!” “Oh I’d let Keith use his sword on me any day” *collective groaning and gagging*
  • Teaching each other little bits and phrases in their native language, and them repeating it back to each other over and over again until Lance can say “I love you” perfectly in Korean and Keith can say it perfectly in Spanish
  • “Pidge, let me tell you a thing or two about relationships” “Lance you have been dating Keith for about two weeks and he has threatened to dump you twelve times so literally shut the fuck up”
  • The entire team acts like they hate how lovey dovey they are, but really Hunk and Coran help Keith make cakes for Lance on anniversaries and Allura and Pidge always offer to help Lance make Keith little gifts and Shiro is a full time couples counselor and would do anything to keep the lovebirds relationship thriving
  • Fighting over stupid ass things
    • “You asked me if I was team Instinct, Keith. Instinct.” “So?” “So? So??? CLEARLY I am team VALOR jesus christ I can’t even look at you right now”
  • Lance endlessly comparing them to couples in pop culture
    • “He’s the Jay Z to my Beyonce, the Juliet O’Hara to my Shawn Spencer, the Aang to my Katara, the Miranda Lambert to my Blake Shelton-” “Wait, didn’t they get a divorce?” “Pidge I swear to fucking god”
  • Lance loves making Keith blush. Loves. It. Will do it as much as possible. It is his main source of joy in life.
  • “My type is a man who could kick my ass” -Lance probably

Alright this is getting long so I’m gonna end it here! I hope this is what you were looking for, Anon!

terra-terrible  asked:

What methods do you use to make your art look so animated anyway? :0 It seriously looks great!!

Well there’s the obvious, of course. Line of Action, all that

use of weight and gravity to energize a pose, that helps show that it’s mid-motion

utilizing angles for just a lil’ extra spice

but also, there’s a sort of mentality. 

In drawings, you’ll have to get a little creative with animated expression. After all,

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