oh no why they upset

teru and mob going shopping for the first time after he loses his sight and it kinda hits teru that he wont be able to see what outfits he picks so hes just like “oh hey what do you think about this one- oh,,” n mob offers a solution instead of getting upset like “why dont you just describe it to me” and he gets happy again n goes into all kind of detail and mob the sweetheart he is is just saying it all sounds nice when honestly its a mess



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Bucky Barnes x Reader: “If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.” 

Warnings: Fluff. Asshole boyfriend. Food mention.

Word count: 1,107

“Hey, Y/N,” Bucky says, stepping into your kitchen, his arms laden with groceries; even though your cold has been letting up the last few days, he had offered up his help in any way he could, assuring you that he was by your side until you made a full recovery. He settles the bags onto the table in front of you before he starts unpacking them.

“Hey, Buck,” you reply with a sigh.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, pausing in his endeavor. “Why do you look so upset?”

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  • what my fp says: i'm going over to (insert family member here)'s house tonight.
  • what i hear: i am lying to you to make you feel better and im actually hanging out with friends tonight because they are clearly more important to me than you are and you should kill yourself lmao.
  • Over the Bats' Comms
  • Jason: *talking in fast, angry, slightly grieved-sounding Spanish*
  • Tim: *soothing voice* Calm down, Hood, it's okay.
  • Dick: What happened? Why is Jaybird upset?
  • Jason: *gets slightly louder, still speaking in fast Spanish*
  • Tim: Hood.
  • Dick: Why is Hood upset?
  • Tim: Oh, uhh.
  • Tim: ...One of his favourite chilidog vendors isn't on the streets anymore.
  • Damian: THAT'S why he's breaking radio silence??! Tt!
BTS Reaction to you beating them at a game


Suga (Yoongi): UGH WHATEVER I’m still a better rapper than you

J-Hope (Hoseok): *judging you* are you sure you didn’t cheat somehow? HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO GOOD AT JUST DANCE?! I’M THE LEAD DANCER IN THE GROUP AND YOU BEAT ME?! *done with everything*

Rap Monster (Namjoon): *frustrated* HOW? WHY? WHAT DID I DO WRONG TO DESERVE LOSING AGAINST YOU? *starts questioning his whole existence*

Jimin: *pretends to be upset about it* OH MY GOD WHYYYYY, WHY MEEEEE *internally giggling* 

V (Taehyung): REVENGE! AND THIS TIME I WILL WIN AGAINST YOUR LAME ASS *slightly judging you for beating him*

Jungkook: *gives you the cold shoulder until you ask him what’s wrong* what’s wrong you ask? I’M THE GOLDEN MAKNAE AND I LOST AT WII SPORTS that’s what’s wrong

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  • Ash: (pouting)
  • Misty: What's with you?
  • Ash: (Hands her a Valentine's Day box of chocolates the size of her head)
  • Misty: Oh wow Ash! You're so nice! Thank you! ...So why're you so upset?
  • Ash: (Shows her an empty wallet)
  • Misty: Aw! You didn't have to get me the most expensive box. But I do appreciate it.
  • Ash: That wasn't.
  • Misty: Say what?
  • Clemont: (Walks by with the exact same box) Thanks again Ash!
  • Iris: (At another table going to town on chocolates)
  • Drew & May: (Sharing their chocolates from the boxes Ash gave).
  • Misty: ...You dunsparce.
psychoticriminal replied to your post: “Also like, about the rob Glenn thing and Glenn being weirdly intense,…”:

its tru!! and now correct me if im wrong but the messy thing w the ex gf that was going to play dee happen before this? because it could also be why glenn was super upset??

oh yeah!! i had totally forgotten about that but… u right

for anyone who doesn’t know what this is referring to, when the original 2003 sunny pilot was shot, dee was played by rob’s then-girlfriend. they broke up between the pilot and the show getting greenlit, which is why dee had to be recast
  • Draco: *sigh*
  • Draco: *sigh*
  • Draco:
  • Draco: *sigh*
  • Narcissa: *gives Lucius a pointed look and nods toward their son*
  • Lucius: *looking helpless* But it's your turn--!
  • Narcissa: Go!
  • Lucius: *sigh*
  • Lucius: Draco. You seem to be rather... quiet today.
  • Draco: *sigh* I suppose, Father...
  • Lucius, pinching the bridge of his nose as he begins to lose his patience: And is there any particular reason for your incessant sighing?
  • Narcissa: >:(
  • Lucius: All right all right; WHAT is the matter?
  • Draco:
  • Draco: Granger called me a twitchy little ferret, Father
  • Draco: A twitchy
  • Draco: little
  • Draco: ferret
  • Lucius and Narcissa:
  • Lucius: How dare that Mudblood speak to you
  • Draco: ...?
  • Draco: Oh. Yeah that's why I'm upset yes that's definitely why I'm upset. How... dare she? talk to me? She... she tALKED TO ME
  • Lucius and Narcissa:
  • Narcissa: Oh Merlin

oh my god… why are people actually upset that the picture of that one dude who looks like Reyes isnt Reyes… who GIVES a shit its like one drawing it doesnt even have any like important information in it other than “overwatch agents wore blue” why are you people so fucking desperate to be angry it literally does not matter at all

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This moment when you discover a whole new side of your parents. Lowkey suspecting my mom and step father if being unknowingly homophobic (is it a thing ?) my mom thinks that gay marriage should be called something else than marriage because marriage is between a man and a woman...wut ? My mom's very tolerant and open minded but sometimes I discover that she has an opinion totally opposed to the one I thought she had. Kinda disappointed ? Yup. -✨ (imma sign my anon now because why not ?)

Oh my goodddd that’s so upsetting 😭😭😭 I kinda had a similar experience recently with my granny oops, but I think the best thing you can do is like,,, if the topic comes up again, try to educate your mum/parents?? Like tell them all the good things 😭💕

neurodivergent and neuroatypical headcanons are my jam! lets make some!!!!

freddie has anxiety!!! that’s why she hates being on camera, she hates that she doesn’t have control over how she’s being perceived because that’s something she obsesses over a lot.

balth has adhd!!! he got into music because he could never sit still but music is something he can focus on. but he is still always hyperaware of whenever anyone is displeased and feels the need to soothe such situations because they stress him out.

ben is autistic! he has trouble coping with change and often fails to recognize social boundaries. but still he has super rad special interests that he can talk about for days.