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Greenwals worker here! (Not that it matters, this story is just as embaressing at any store) so I like to get to work at least 15 minutes early, it gives me time to use the restroom and relax and just not be in such a rush. I went to the break room on this particular day, to put my lunch in the freezer. Cue my coworker running out crying, straight to the bathroom. So Im like “oh okay, Ill just wait till shes done before I go to bathroom before my shift” so I wait. And it gets closer to my clock in time. So eventually Im like screw it, Ill just go really quick. So I go in and I can still hear her sniffling and crying, but in my rush to pee, I accidently fart too. I wanted to die of embaressment. I dont know if she knew it was me or not but Ohhh man Im still embaressed

French Kiss (Skam - Chris x OC) - Part 2

Synopsis : Life is a show and Nissen was Christoffer’s stage. He owned the place, people cheered for him, he brought life to the parties and good looks to his group of friends. But after high school he wasn’t so much of a star boy anymore and he found himself being terribly alone. Who really knew the real him? Only the people who got a backstage pass to his life could claim to do. But amidst all the turmoil of his young years, a strange girl is going to stumbled in his life - neither of them will be prepared for this.

Word Count: 1.9k

Part 1 <<< >>> Part 3


Rule number two: Attack is the best defense.

Chris had always felt like he was above the law – maybe not when it comes with committing a crime like robbing a bank, but the law as in the rules. He scarcely ever had to face the consequences of his actions which led to his believing that he was untouchable. That’s what he got for being the only child of parents who didn’t really care much for him when he was a child and spent most of his time with nice au pair girls who were too scared to even think about mishandling little Christoffer.

It wasn’t necessarily the big things, he didn’t deal drugs, steal from stores or throw bricks into windows, but the small everyday things. Chris could leave his empty paper cup of coffee on the table and there was always another Penetrator to pick it up, one that was lower on the totem pole. Chris could forget to hand in an assignment and charm the teacher into giving him more time. Chris could park his car wherever he wanted and his dad always took care of the ticket if he got one. Chris could date three, four girls at the same time without them throwing a tantrum.

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Have a silly little Lilo ficlet, kinda enemies to lovers (but pre-date) about this post, because while everyone tagged it “Lilo” as in the penguins are Louis and Liam, I still see it as Lilo are the handlers in charge of the penguins.

When Liam comes in that morning, Louis’s up on a stool in front of the fire escape doors, taping something to the Penguin of the Month board that hangs there. Or rather, the Name and Shame board, as it has become under Louis’s supervision.

Liam doesn’t even look up to see who’s the naughty penguin of the month. He knows full well who it’s going to be, because it’s been the same one for the past six months and the little menace has shown no sign of being dethroned anytime soon.

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Okay here’s something that’s annoying me. Yes, Caleb cheated on Spencer and that was wrong. But Hanna also cheated on her fiancé which people aren’t paying much attention too. People are just bitter that it betrayed Spencer.

But like…some Ezria fans are bitter toward Haleb too but ARIA CHEATED ON HER BOYFRIEND TOO!!!! Hanna and Caleb kissed. That was wrong. But Aria and Ezra had sex. But apparently that’s okay??? Three people cheated in this episode but I’m just seeing so much hate primarily toward Caleb and Hanna.

What the hell is the sense in this?!

Things I heard in the light/sound booth

“I want to kill myself”

“Can’t you not go because of your vampire and mirror fetish?”

“What the fuck, we’re at scene ten?! Where’d 8 and 9 go?”

“She got us icees and I bet there’s probably razor blades inside…”

“I have seven knives on me at any given time.”

“Dab for harambe.”

“Goddamnit, you put her in a good mood.”

The one with a button up, jeans, long brown hair and converse!
[Simultaneously:] WHICH ONE?”

“Are we going to do the summoning satan circle before show tonight?”

“Cheesy nipples.”

“If I just jumped out of the booth window, taking the board with me, would that be fucked up or what?”

“Blackout on my que. Ready? Go- oh wait shit, she was done. Okay, now go.”

“i’m so done. I’m just going to blow my brains onto the projector screen, but it’s just add to the effect.”

“we’re going to eat glass, okay?”

“Did you see that table fly, damn Treavor.”

“I’m going to murder the freshmen sound tech, who the flying fuck arm coils cables?!”

“We all know you lost your virginity to a water bottle.”

“Making it rain notes.”

“A rubber chicken is an important light tool.”

“Was that a journalism reference?
… Yes madam President.
OMG *groans*.”

“Welcome to the light side, we hate sound.”

“She just walked into the middle of a shit storm with icees…”

“literally everyone is crying backstage, even the cast.”

“you turned Lucifer into an angel.”

“Damn T! That table was NOT meant to go across stage.”

The extent of reposting

You’ve been warned

This will be a really long post, and I’ll be addressing one account in particular, but will be referring to multiple accounts along the way. This is just a small, tiny part of the reposting community, and if you’re an artist who wants to protect their art, please continue reading as I will be showing proof that, reposters do not win. This is your art, your creation. Not theirs. 

Let’s say hello to this person:

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Renee is really a natural beauty ... oh wait, she has false hair, wearing false eyelashes, she has microblading done, she uses Botox, she has cheeks and chin implants ... Deano must be a very very veeeeery happy man 🤣🤙🏼



Sequal to “Your Authority”.

            “This is crazy. This is crazy! This is driving me crazy!

            Anna rolled over in bed and sighed in aggravation. Her body was on fire, and she could feel a familiar itch permeating from her throbbing nether regions as perverse scenarios flashed through her mind. Actually, they weren’t so much as scenarios as much as they were memories. Such wonderful memories of what she and her beloved sister turned lover, Queen Elsa of Arendelle, had done two months ago.

            “Fuck!” She exclaimed in frustration as she ran her hands down her sweat slicked body. She and Elsa hadn’t been physically intimate since that absolutely blissful night in the throne room when she had finally succumbed to her secret fetish of hearing the Queen’s authoritative tone, and that was two months ago! God, she had never been so sexually tense in her life!

            Of course, it would be her luck that after experiencing one of the best orgasms of her life her lover would be thrown into a diplomatic “emergency” that kept her locked away in her office all day, every day. The day after their little romp in the throne room, a messenger had delivered a letter to the Queen. The Southern Isles had demanded council in order to “mend the broken bond caused by Prince Hans.”

            Yeah, that was believable. The fact that the letter had also ended with “or be prepared to go to war” only solidified her belief that they really wanted to make amends. Elsa had agreed with her, but explained that the last thing the kingdom needed right now was a war.

            So now here she was, sexually frustrated out of her mind and aggravated with herself because her goddamn hands and fingers just weren’t cutting it for her anymore. A weak, pitiful whimper escaped Anna’s throat as she slammed her sweat and vaginal fluid covered hand against the mattress of her and Elsa’s shared bed. No one in the castle ever gave it a second thought that the two of them decided to share a bedroom and even the same bed. They had simply assumed that they had wanted to spend as much time together as possible after thirteen years of separation.

            God, she needed Elsa, and she needed her now!

            The red head rolled onto her stomach and screamed into her pillow. She could feel the soft blankets brush against her bare, heated skin. Tantalizing ripples of pleasure coursed through her body at the gentle caress of the slightly cooler sheets. If there was anything she could do, it was work herself up to the point where everything caused her to melt into a sex crazed mess.

            Anna sobbed into her pillow as she rubbed her thighs together. “Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Why does this have to be so fucking irritating?”

            She rolled onto her back again. “Alright, we’ll try this one more time! If this doesn’t work, I’m marching down to Elsa’s study and forcing her to come to bed whether she wants to or not!”

            This time she decided she was going to use a more tactical approach. She scooted closer to the edge of the bed and let one leg dangle of the ledge as she hiked her other leg so her foot was planted firmly on the mattress. The cool breeze that wafted over her exposed womanhood caused a sweet shiver of pleasure to tingle up her spine. It wasn’t exactly like the sensation she felt when Elsa pleasured her, but it was closer than her own blazing heat, so it would have to do.

            Instead of completely ravaging her body, which had failed miserably so far, she decided to slowly ease into things this time around. She slowly trailed her fingertips deftly over the skin of her neck, shoulders, and breasts; causing the flesh to pebble as small shocks of pleasure itched just underneath her skin. She carefully cupped one of her breasts with one hand and tweaked her hardened nipple tenderly, slowly increasing in pressure on and off in order to tease herself, while her other hand trailed further down.

            A fresh blush colored her cheeks as she pictured Elsa touching her instead of her own hands. The way those brilliant blue eyes would stare at her, dark with lust and adoration, as her cool hands completely worshiped her body and her plump, rosy lips would kiss her passionately. Everything that was her beloved sister enveloped her senses. She could smell, feel, and even taste the older girl as she fondled her breasts and swirled her index finger around her swollen clit teasingly.

            “O-Oh, Elsa…” she moaned heatedly as she finally penetrated herself with two fingers. She never went past the first digit as she rocked them back and forth. The gorgeous woman in her mind smiled at her tenderly as she suddenly rammed her fingers into her core to the knuckle.

            Anna started pumping her fingers in and out of her soaking wet core faster and faster. Each time driving her digits in to the knuckle as she writhed and moaned in pleasure. “Oh, E-Elsa! Take me harder! Elsa! Elsa!”

            The Elsa in her mind smirked at her mischievously.


            Anna’s eyes snapped open. That voice was too clear for her to have imagined it. She tilted her head up and gasped.

            Elsa was right in front of her. Her gorgeous eyes were dark with desire as they stared at her in shock. She had her index finger pressed against her lips as she flushed bright pink and nibbled on the skin.

            Elsa had practically skipped to her bedroom. After two months of debate and professional council with The Southern Isles, they had finally come to an agreement over what to do about the whole situation that had come about because of Prince Hans. She was completely beside herself with joy as she walked briskly to her and Anna’s room, eager to spend the first night since this whole fiasco started curled up with her beloved sister.

            She didn’t even care about the fact that she was so sexually tense that even the thought of just seeing Anna caused her to nearly soak through her undergarments. She just wanted to change into her nightgown and finally spend a night with her beloved. She had figured that her little sister would be fast asleep by now, so she hadn’t expected to stumble upon the young strawberry blonde pleasuring herself in their bed when she entered the bedroom.

            The whole world seemed to shatter around her when she entered the room. Anna was lying on the bed with her glistening core facing the door. She could see the beads of sweat rolling off the Princess’s body as she writhed and moaned from the pleasure she was receiving from her fingers stirring her womanhood vigorously. It was only after she had heard her sister plead for her to take her that she had even said anything.

            Now, here she was, standing in a state of aroused shock as she gazed into her sister’s lust filled eyes. Anna’s fingers hadn’t stopped their punishing pace as she gawked at her. In fact, they seemed to increase in speed.

            “Elsa,” Anna panted heavily. Her head fell back as a heated moan sounded from her lips. “Oh, God, Elsa, I need you so badly right now.”

            What little self-control Elsa had completely snapped at that moment. Before she even had time to think, she was kneeling between Anna’s legs and staring at her soaking wet core. Her mouth began to water as the scent of her sister’s arousal.

            She grabbed Anna’s wrist and eased her fingers from her core, causing her to whimper at the sudden loss of contact. “What do you want, Anna?” Elsa inquired, her voice automatically taking on her authoritative tone. “Tell me what you want. I want to hear you say it.”

            Anna thrashed her head back and forth in frustration. “I want you, Elsa! I don’t care how! I just need you so badly right now!

            That was all she needed to hear. With a soft growl, Elsa drove her cool tongue into her sister’s sopping wet core. The glorious taste of Anna’s juices spread over her taste buds and dripped steadily down her chin as she lapped at the girl vigorously. Each and every moan, sigh, gasp, and buck of the Princess’s hips spurred her on.

            A small piece of ice manifested on Elsa’s tongue, capping off the very tip, and she swirled the bit around Anna’s hot, swollen clit. The cold sensation caused the younger girl to scream in ecstasy as spots exploded across her vision. She tangled her hands in the Queen’s soft, silky hair and ground herself against her face desperately. The heated spring in her abdomen was winding itself irritably tight, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

            “O-Oh…God! Elsa! Fuck! I-I can’t! Elsa!”

            Elsa scrapped her teeth over her sister’s sensitive clit and sucked on it as hard as she could. Anna’s back arched almost painfully as she shoved more of herself into her and screamed. Her juices completely coated the Queen’s face as she came.

            A wolfish grin spread across Elsa’s lips as she licked her dear sister clean and moved herself up so she was staring into Anna’s glazed, teal eyes. She kissed the Princess roughly and smirked against her lips. “Oh, I’m not done with you yet.”

            Anna’s eyes widened. “Wait. What?”

            She barely even got to finish her question when she suddenly felt Elsa’s icy digits slam into her quivering womanhood. An airy shriek filled the room as she clung to her older sister desperately. The heat of arousal instantly ignited again as the knot in her stomach rewound itself with a vengeance. God, this felt so much better than her own fingers!

            Elsa watched her sister writhe in pleasure beneath her like a dangerous snow leopard stalking a vulnerable snowshoe hare. The gorgeous flush of her cheeks, the way her eyes pinched closed as she hit all the right spots in her tight core, how she bit her lip in order to keep her noises quiet; it was all so beautiful, and it fed the dark creature growling contently deep within her soul. She licked the sweat soaked skin of the Princess’s cheek and purred in her ear.

            “God, Anna, you naughty girl, you missed me didn’t you? You were so desperate for me that you had to try and do this yourself. You’re so wet; I can actually feel just how badly you need this.”

            She increased the speed of her fingers and bit down on Anna’s exposed neck; sucking at the skin until a bright red, almost purple, bruise formed. She trailed over the younger girl’s shoulders, chest, and breasts; leaving dark love bites along the way. With each nip of the skin, she would hear the most erotic moans shatter the air. She finally latched onto the bright pink, pert nipple and marveled in the sharp gasp that filled her ears.

            A fierce wetness was beginning to trickle down her thigh. God, she wouldn’t be able to take much more of this. She desperately needed Anna, but she wasn’t going to cave into her own desires until she had thoroughly ravaged her beloved “baby sister.”

            Elsa released Anna’s, now red, nipple and moved back up so she was gazing into her eyes. A soft purr that transformed into an authoritative growl mingled with her voice as she licked her lips like the predator she was. “Tell me how much you missed me. Tell me how badly you want this.”

            Anna’s whole body tightened at the absolutely dominating tone of voice the Queen purred at her. God, she was so close! So close!

            “I missed you so much, Elsa!” She screamed. Her noise filter was completely gone. “I love you, and I missed you so much you have no idea! I need this so badly! I need you!

            Elsa smirked and spun her fingers around with a flick of her wrist. A small tremor of frost pummeled against Anna’s tight walls, and she screamed as she experienced an even more intense orgasm than the first. Her back plopped back against the mattress as she panted heavily in order to catch her breath.

            “God…Elsa…that was. That was…I can’t even think of any words to describe how that was….”

            Elsa smirked deviously at her sister as she started unbuttoning the collar of her dress. “And you think we’re done; how cute?”

            Anna stared wide eyed at Elsa. She watched with bated breath as her sister shimmied out of her dress and discarded the interfering piece of clothing. The Queen had even managed to strip out of her bra and panties in the process.

Now that Elsa was standing in the dull glow of the single candle completely exposed, Anna could see just how aroused her sister was. She could see how slick the Queen’s thighs were as she stared at her dangerously. Her mouth suddenly went dry at the look in those eyes.

With a small flick of Elsa’s wrist, the candle was extinguished. Anna’s eyes had barely adjusted to the darkness when she suddenly felt her older sister’s body on top of hers. Their teeth clashed together almost painfully as she was completely dominated by the Queen.

She felt the familiar feeling of Elsa’s slick entrance rub against her thigh and was about to grind her thigh against the swollen flesh when she felt teeth bite into her shoulder hard. A small whimper escaped her lips, at both the pain and the denial of pleasuring her beloved. “E-Elsa, t-that’s not fair,” she moaned.

“I never said I was going to be fair tonight, now, did I?” Elsa teased huskily as she licked the bite mark she had left and kissed the skin tenderly. “Trust me. You’re going to enjoy what I have in mind.”

Anna was about to respond when her leg was hiked up straight into the air. She felt her knee hook over Elsa’s shoulder while one of the blonde’s hands held her thigh firmly in place against her torso, and the other snaked between them. The cool, yet oddly warm, slick feeling of her sister’s sex pressing firmly into hers caused the Princess to mewl with pleasure as her head tilted back in pleasure.

Elsa felt her own pleasure begin to build up in her stomach as she started to thrust against Anna’s womanhood. Their sexes fit together perfectly as they slid back and forth against one another; sending wave after wave of bone crushing ecstasy through both of them. She felt Anna’s nails dig into the skin of her thigh and pull her closer as they both climbed their peak of sexual desire.

“Oh…Anna! Good God!”

Anna was so deep into the utter euphoric high that she couldn’t speak. The most that would come out of her mouth were heavy pants, small squeaks, and moans of pleasure as she bucked her hips against her sister’s desperately. She would definitely have to remember this position for later when Elsa wasn’t feeling so dominant, but fuck was she loving how wild the Queen was being!

Heavy pants filled the room as the two sisters ground against each other. A light snowfall was beginning to cover the furniture in the bedroom in a dusting of snow as Elsa climbed closer to her release. She and Anna rubbed their sexes together faster, and faster, until they both screamed each other’s names in pure ecstasy as they came fiercely.

Elsa fell to the mattress, taking extra care not to land on her sister still trying to regain her senses beneath her. Her body was completely spent, and the dark creature in her soul had been quelled enough for it to crawl back into the hole it came from. God, that beast was insatiable at times.

She felt Anna immediately snuggle up to her. The younger girl’s hair tickled her neck and chin as she rested her head on her shoulder. A small shiver shook the Princess’s frame and she pulled the large quilt over their sweat slicked, naked bodies.

“W-Wow…”Anna panted as she nuzzled the Queen’s neck dreamily. “You were right. That was amazing.”

An amused chuckle escaped Elsa’s lips and she kissed her sister’s hair. “Oh? You can still talk? I thought I had finally pleasured you into a catatonic state.”

Anna smacked her hand against Elsa’s tight stomach and huffed. “Shut up!”

Elsa flinched slightly and kissed Anna softly on the lips. “I love you.”

An eager smile stole Anna’s lips and she kissed Elsa back. “I love you too; even if you are mean.”

“You still love it,” Elsa teased.

“Oh, very much so,” Anna sighed as she snuggled closer to her lover. Before too long, she had fallen fast asleep, and Elsa had followed suit right behind her. Who would have thought finally releasing two months of sexual tension would be so draining?


I work at a Create-Your-Own pizza station in a larger supermarket. We normally get people ordering one or two, maybe three and each pizza takes about 5 minutes to make. We do everything, getting the base, spreading the sauce, spreading the cheese and then putting the toppings on. 4 per pizza. After that we have to wrap and sticker it. It takes a while, each one is hand made. 

So cue today. We’re down one person, I have a co-worker who’s an absolutely useless arsehole. So this lady comes over and I snap to action with a cheery ‘Hey how can I help you?‘ 

“Can we have 8 pizzas? All exactly the same, small, deep pan, tomato sauce, vegetarian. I’m going to go and do my shopping.”

So she walks off. Leaves me juggling a queue and now apparently 8 pizzas. I call out a colleague to serve while I crack on. 

Half an hour or so later she comes back, I’m on pizza 6. She goes: 

“Aren’t you done?“ 
"No, I’m on number 6, two more to go” *awkward customer service laugh*
“Oh, I’ll wait, and can I have 2 more?”

She asks if I’m done after every single pizza. When I finally am done she’s met someone she knows and is talking to them. I go and hand them off to her. She turns and leaves. Not even a thank you. Every single other person says thank you. She just turns and walks off. 

Fuck her. 

  • David: Guys! Help! I think Emma's officially gone dark, she's done something really bad!
  • Snow: oh no!
  • Regina: wait wait how bad are we talking here? "Throwing fireballs" bad or "slaughtering an entire village" bad?
  • Hook: "ransack the Crocodile's shop" bad or "shoot an innocent woman" bad?
  • Regina: has she started cackling?
  • Hook: how heavy is her eyeliner?
  • David: no no, nothing like that
  • David: but she swapped out the salt and sugar in our kitchen
  • David: and when I confronted her she said I was bad at my job and no one likes me!
  • Regina:
  • Hook:
  • Hook: I never thought I'd say that I'm glad she takes after you, mate, but consider it said.

This scene is placed the night before they head outside of the fence, where all the remaining dauntless have been called to a meeting to create something that binds them together, forever. By tattooing their arms with the amount of fears they have.


Tori, who is carrying a small cardboard box, sets it down and climbs onto one of the tables. Then she holds up a hand for silence. It comes in bits and pieces.

“I called this meeting partly to stick it to Evelyn Johnson—”


“—and partly for another reason.”

She reaches into the box at her feet and takes out a tattoo needle.

“To create something that binds us all together.” She holds the needle in both hands, as gently as she would hold a child.


The Dauntless cycle through the lines quickly. Time wears on, and as it does, I become more and more aware of what we are going to do tonight. Leave the city. Break the law. Maybe never return. Find the world outside. Hear the answers to all our questions.

Are we really just an experiment? How long have you been out there? Have you been watching us? What do you want from us?

And for me, the most important one: Who is Edith Prior?

Christina returns from the tattoo line with a number 13 on her arm. I notice a few tiny shapes floating over the 3, and she gives me a wicked smile.

“Moths,” she explains. “Tough as cotton balls, right?”

I laugh, and then I wonder if it’s all right to laugh, because that’s what Will said to her when he found out she was afraid of moths. But I guess that, after someone dies, what’s all right to feel is whatever you do feel. And Christina is still smiling.

“Feels good to think about it,” she says as she sits on my other side. “You know?”

I nod, and even thought I’m a Stiff and I don’t do this sort of thing, I grab her hand and squeeze it.

Tobias and I stand in Bud’s line, and Shauna maneuvers her wheelchair to Tori’s line, ahead of Zeke. I check my watch. We only have a few hours until we set our escape plan in motion—I didn’t intend to spend those hours waiting for a tattoo, but maybe that’s just the way it’s going to be.

“I’m really going to miss this place,” I say.

“Really?” He shrugs. “My thoughts are more like, ‘Good riddance.”

“There’s nothing you’ll miss? No good memories?” I elbow him.

“Fine. There are a few.” He smiles.

“Any that don’t involve me?” I say. “That sounds really self-centered. You know what I mean.”

“Sure. I guess.” Tobias shrugs. “I mean, I got to have a different life here, a different name, even. Here I was always Four, thanks to my initiate instructor. He came up with the nickname.”

“The legendary Four,” I say with a flourish of my hand.

“Indeed.” He spreads his arms wide. “And how fortunate you are to bask in my presence.”

I jab him in the ribs with my elbow.

“Why haven’t I met this initiation instructor?”

“Because he’s dead.” Tobias says “dead” like it’s just another word, but his eyes find mine and I can tell this is anything but a casual topic. “Amar was Divergent.”

I touch his arm, lightly, but there isn’t much to say. He shifts like he’s uncomfortable.

“See?” he says. “Too many bad memories here. I’m ready to leave.”

We are quiet for a while, and it feels comfortable, which is a strange thing for me. Usually silence is charged with all the words a person isn’t saying, or can’t find a way to say, but with him, I feel like my presence is enough, like his presence is enough.

We move closer and closer to the tattoo needles, and when we’re a few feet away, Tori says without lifting her head, “You two, get in my line instead.”

I feel nervous, but I don’t want her to know that I’m afraid of her, so I do what she says.

I go before Tobias, and when Tori finishes up with the Dauntless woman in front of me, she curls her fingers at me. “You’re up.”

She is switching out the old needle for a new one and preparing a new batch of ink. Her hands are bare and small, steadier than any hands I’ve ever seen. They almost seems to rest on top of the air like it’s a table, motionless.

I sit in front of her.

“You can come closer, you know,” she says. “I won’t bite.” She tilts her head. “Oh, wait. I have done that, haven’t I?”

I scoot closer.

“I know your upper arm is already taken, so you can choose a different place,” she says, and her voice is unexpectedly soft. Her eyes, which curve gently down at the edges, find mine.

“Okay,” I say.

“You number?” she says. “Or your best approximation of it?”

My fear number, when I went though my fear landscape during initiation, was seven. But am I afraid f the same things now that I was when I was an initiate? Am I still afraid of being responsible for my family’s deaths when they’re already gone? Am I still afraid of being with Tobias, in that way?

“If you’re having trouble, think of the tattoo as a memory of your fears as a Dauntless initiate,” Tori says. “The number can change, but the memory will always be the same, and that’s what you’re recording, not your fear count.

That makes it easier. “My number was seven.”

I offer my arm to her, and she cleans my forearm with antiseptic, then touches the needle to my skin. I am used to the prick of the needle and the stinging pain that makes my eyes water. I don’t even have to look away this time. I just watch the needle move, and her hand wiping the excess ink, and my skin turning red around it. I still don’t like the buzzing sound it makes—it’s like a swarm of bees.

"Apparently you didn’t need Jeanine to be alive after all,” Tori says quietly. “You didn’t need her to be alive in order to get that video shown.”

“I didn’t know that at the time.”

“Or a part of you didn’t want to know. Wanted to keep her alive.”

“I’m glad she’s dead.”


“Hey,” I say harshly, so she pauses, lifts the needle. “I hated her. I’m glad she’s dead. You’re not the only one she stole people from, so stop acting like it.”

She doesn’t answer. Instead she goes back to the tattoo, tracing each line, filling in the space between them. When she finishes, the skin around the number 7 is bright red, but it doesn’t hurt that much. She bandages it, and I realize that the room has gone quiet. Bud is putting away his supplies, and Tobias, standing behind me, is the last one in line. The silence is for him.


“We all know your number, Tobias Eaton, “Tori says.

I still feel a prickle of fear whenever someone says my name out loud, like it’s a forbidden word. for a long time it belonged to only me, until I gave it to tris,but then the candor wrenched it from me with their truth serum, and now it belongs to everyone.

My shirt has long sleeves that are tight around the wrist, so I pull one up as far as it will go—to my elbow—and sit, offering my blank skin for her to mark. I am already warm with embarrassment, standing in this room that shouldn’t be silent but is. She raises an eyebrow at me.

“I don’t remember putting a tattoo on your arm“she says, slapping my upper arm lightly. “Come on, let them see all the fine work I did on your back“

She asked me,once,why I got so many tattoos if I was always going to keep them covered, even in the heat of summer when most dauntless wear as little clothing as Possible. I didn’t give her a reason, but I still remember it—I wanted the tattoos to cover all the places he hurt me, the back that bore the belt and the side that bore the fist.

A lot of people hate scars, but before I joined dauntless, I had always wished that I had some. I wanted to have some kind of reminder that while wounds heal, they don’t disappear forever—we carry them everywhere, always, and that is the way of things, the Way of scars. So I got the tattoos instead.

And I hid them, because I didn’t want these people to see those wounds, even if they wouldn’t know what they were looking at .

I curl my fingers around the hem of my t-shirt and pull it over my head. I sit up straight ,my back to the room, the flames on my side expanding and contracting with my hurried breaths .Tori cleans the skin on my arm, and I feel like their stares are the flames, and my skin heats up more for every second they spend looking at me.

They are silent while she draws the number, and at first I feel like their silence is cruel, like it scrutinizes me. But as she draws the last lines on me, I realize that the dauntless Shout when they feel camaraderie, and they are silent when they are respectful. To them I am still the man with only four fears.

I stare down at the 4 as she covers it with a bandage, and I realize that this, unlike the other tattoos, is something I am proud to carry everywhere, proud even to carry outside the fence, to whatever will come next.


Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min will be reunited in the upcoming SBS’s romantic comedy “Hyde, Jekyll, Me/Jekyll and I” (working titles). The show will premiere in January 2015.


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Subjectivity of Happy Endings

Prince Dean Winchester is on a quest to find and rescue a princess and/or Damsel in Distress. He has few (angry) choice words when it comes to practicing outdated traditions, but Sam agrees this is a good idea, and everyone knows the youngest child in the family is Always the Right One. (See: Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Diamonds and Toads, The Princess on the Glass Hill, The Golden Goose… we could be here all day)

As if Dean’s life isn’t complicated enough in that he has to seek out a complete stranger to rescue and marry (seriously), he almost literally stumbles upon a hurt dragon, who ends up travelling with Dean after few, uh… bonding moments. Despite everything, Dean is set on completing the quest to find his potential partner, and being accompanied by a dragon along the way (who’s a little weird, by the way, but Dean’s been with worse company) surely can’t hurt.

A DCBB 2014 fic with art by grandle, coming Oct 24!!


This isn’t a sacrifice you should have to make. We can figure this out. If it makes you happy, that will benefit our kid - kids! - more than anything.

…so this is something that started out as crack and ended up not so crack. based on jackie’s post and her asking for a fic with ghost hook, here we go. idek, man.


Emma sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose in exasperation. “Did you really have to do that?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Turning her head to look at the supposedly unoccupied seat, she glared at the smirky pirate lounging on the chair. 

Well, correction: the dead pirate who apparently only she could see.

“Don’t feed me that crap. You know what I’m talking about.”

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