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Request: Hey I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and could use some serious fluffy steve x reader. I don’t really have anything specific to request so if there’s anything you’ve been thinking of hit me with it, thanks ❤️

Oh I’m so sorry!!! Wisdom teeth are the absolute worst! Hope this helps!

Steve gets his wisdom teeth taken out and has a lot to tell the reader.

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I wish americans knew that nobody outside of america learns the states like... these are the states I know off the top of my head. Texas, Oregon, Florida, California, Ohio, Idaho, Illinois (only because you mentioned it),Washington?, uh..tennesee, alabama? and new hampshire (only because i live in regular hampshire). Oh and alaska and hawaii.

I only know Illinois, Texas, Virginia, Florida, California, Maryland and,….and…that’s it? My worst nightmare is everything in the middle, IT’S ALL SQUARES 

honest to god part of the reason i quit overwatch was the fact that they added a big elaborate competitive mode, because modes like that always attract the absolute worst assholes imaginable and i’d just rather not deal with that

the competitive mode also made it hard to get a good match in quick play, too, because as soon as comp got added people started fucking around because “oh it’s just quick play who cares” 

i’d like a mode where people play seriously but also aren’t dickheads about it, at least. like c’mon. 

what i’m saying is bring back 2009 tf2. 

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Oh, oh! I wanna send an ask to Stretch! What soul trait draws you to a human? (Nyyyyxxx, I hope you're having a good day! ♡ )

stretch: “oh, heya honey - i was wondering if you were gonna show up. and ah… i dunno, never really thought ‘bout that.”

“i guess.. perseverance souls are always ones i find interesting. to be able to get through even the worst of things, while stil staying true to yourself? that takes guts, and honestly i admire people who can get up again when they’re knocked down. it might take a while, but they still get up.”

“while we’re on the subject, i guess i should mention that kindness souls are always a go-to, as well. i mean, everyone deserves a little kindness, right, hon?”

(( i was a quite down earlier, but i’m feeling better now <3 i hope you’re having a good day too!! ))

worst topic to ever discuss on the internet is smash bros characters. theres literally no middle ground for people on that subject and everyones choices are individual, biased and egotistical. whenever someone suggests a character, folks would jump in and tell them how much their choice sucks big baulls. “Oh, you want ridley to be playable? Heres a list of reasons why that isnt a plausible desire and a picture of my bare ass. i hope you die shit ears”

can we…. can we discuss That Line in 4x07? the “all of yours” line? the “We had a deal. How about a new one? Give me my vengeance on Eli - settle my score, and I’ll settle yours. All of yours.”


Robbie doesn’t even know Mack


Robbie is finally rid of this thing he hates so much


This has been his mission for so long, to live without the Rider, so much so that he explicitly told Daisy as much in an earlier episode


Robbie confronts his worst fear to save a man he’s just met


Robbie damns himself - literally! damns himself! forever! - in exchange for Mack’s freedom


oh my god, listen, Robbie didn’t even hesitate - when the Rider wouldn’t accept one deal he made another, every chance he had to back out he resisted, every single time he could have taken the easy way out he didn’t! instead bringing a lot of pain on himself! sacrificing himself to actual literal hell! Robbie Reyes!

bring him back to us, our sweet boy. my GOD.


“Kat, you are freaking crazy if you think I’m going to hang out with my brother all summer long,” Dahlia said, emphasizing the word ‘brother’ as if it were a dirty word.

“Come on, he’s not that bad…”

“Oh yes, he is. He’s disgusting. All he does is fart and make dick jokes,” Dahlia said with a shudder while Sydney laughed. “You are both so lucky that you don’t have any siblings. They’re the worst.”

“I think you might be exaggerating a little,” Kat said softly, but Dahlia had already gone back to complaining about her boring summer. 

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I can't help thinking that the line "You know what happens when you disobey me" sounds like something that Billy is repeating because he keeps hearing it from his dad.

Oh yeah, I think the “I break things” line is straight from his dad word for word. Like the way Billy talks to Max about how they’re family now so he has to look out for her and she should stay away from ‘those kind of people’ is def his dad. HIs dad is making him look after her and after we hear Billy calling girls ‘bitches’ and ‘cows’ we were his dad say ‘he’s going to call up whatever whore he’s seeing.” And this isn’t “apologia” or anything, but yeah, I think the worst of what Billy does is part what coming direct from his dad and part his own rage…because of how his dad treats him So. Yep. His dad definitely “breaks things.”

Story Time

So when I was like 12-13 y.o. I had about the ugliest crush on this guy at my school.  Like he lived across the street and we rode the bus together, but if he wasn’t on the bus it was the Worst Thing, and immediately meant that the day was going to be a Bad Day, and I would spend the rest of it looking at his empty seat in the classes we had together like “What if he’s just coming to school late?”  Also he was dating my friend (well, middle-school “dating”) for most of the time that we knew each other so that was awkward.

Well, I was going to get his attention somehow, and fortunately, I had A Plan.  Which consisted of two parts:

  1. Talk to him ad nauseam about Lord of the Rings, which I had just discovered.
  2. Punch him.  Yeah, you read that correctly.

Okay.  To be completely clear, it wasn’t like this was actually Thought Out.  Really my plan consisted of “get bae’s attention in whatever way possible” and one day I saw him walking and I guess it clicked in a part of my brain that if I hit the poor kid he’d have to look at me and so I got up a good run and clobbered him over the shoulder.  And then abruptly ran away giggling, like an idiot.  No, we never went out.  But in defiance of all odds, he did continue talking to me after that.

So it turned out that Andreth’s Foolproof Ploy for Attracting the Menfolk needed to be revised.  I cut out the second item, bringing my strategy down to only one point: talk to him ad nauseam about LotR.  And actually, that’s how I started dating my current boyfriend.  We started bonding over our shared love of fantasy novels.  We’ve been together nearly 5 years now.

So that’s the point of my story, I guess.  Whoever you are, whatever gender(s) you’re interested in, there is someone out there for you.  And the old saying about “be yourself” gets thrown around all the time, but for real: if you can’t be yourself around the person you’re interested in, how can you expect them to care about you?  Do you want them to fall in love with a shallow mask that you put on over your true self?  Because keeping up that mask will be exhausting, and some day it’s gonna slip so…why not be honest from the get-go?

Don’t try to force a relationship, kids.  If it’s meant to happen, it will happen.

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I have a theory that as soon as you run out of frames and screensots with Shinsou new one will finally appear in manga. Cuz this blog must continue to exist.

oh please i hope this happens…

worst comes to worst tho i do have other character blogs in the works.. you guys can move over there for new content and i can still reblog fanart and stuff here until he does show up again

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how is cassie, my absolute fav, problematic??

oh wow here we go…

  • breaks the law at least once a day
  • no such thing as a bad plan
  • will literally jump off a cliff if she thinks it looks fun
  • says yes to almost everything
  • #daddyissues
  • can’t acknowledge her mom’s dead
  • self-destructive behavior central
  • heavy smoker&drinker
  • #cantstopwontstop#YOLO#neversaynever
  • both ptsd and survivor’s remorse
  • so much baggage
  • was closer to her stepdad than her real dad
  • worst babysitter in history
  • keeps babysitting anyways
  • dates the badboys
  • only avoids arrest b/c her dad’s the police chief
  • refuses to use her inheritance money
  • reckless driver
  • hates Hawkins with a passion
  • won’t admit she loves her dad or the little telekinetic girl
  • can’t accept people’s love
  • rarely opens up to people
  • will fight and kill anyone who hurts the people she loves
  • prefers to hang out with a group of kids more than ppl her own age
  • popular but only has a couple of close friends
  • weapon of choice: crossbow
  • will only call her dad “Jim”

send me an oc and I’ll tell you why they’re problematic

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Ey,, can I get some Headcanons for how Thomas helps when his lover is sick/ not feeling good?

Thomas is very comforting to people he’s close to

  • He brings you anything you need
  • From soup to medication to that ice pop you’ve been craving for a while, he brings it all
  • The doctor’s insisted that he didn’t follow your every whim, but he wants you to feel good, and this is what he thinks is the best way

And he’s the worst cook in the world

  • He’s convinced he could make a mean soup; topping it off with bay leaves and this strange spice he’d insisted was from france
  • Right when you taste it, oh my, what is this disgusting flavor on your tongue
  • You try to give him a smile, but you feel even more queasy than before
  • He makes sure to actually get someone else to make it for you, preferably the packaged kind

Cuddles? Thomas is the number one at giving them

  • You don’t want to get him sick, but he ignores your pleas, kissing your cheeks and pulling you into his arms
  • Head on yours, fingers entangled, legs brushing against one another
  • Small whispers of how much he loves and cares for you, no matter what

Once you get better

  • Thomas is glad and brings up the soup again, saying it was, and you quote “his magic touch”
  • He ends up getting sick

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Oh, christ. Wasn't that the same girl who was, like, really weird with her sister? She's the fucking worst, and gives actual feminist a bad name smh.


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french class anon: this guy is interested in her and won't stop, so she's gonna fake date the other bi girl, and she has a crush on the other bi girl last year slash maybe still does, idk, and so that's maybe like definitely not good

Oh wow what a mess! I hope it’s all gonna be fine in the end, I’m sending all of you good thoughts.
Ughhhh guys can be the worst. No further comments.
I don’t really know how to help you here since you can’t do much/shouldn’t intervene if she is still into her other friend. Maybe talking will resolve the situation somehow? Or idk, maybe you’ll at least find out who she’s into because one sided expectations never end well.
I wish you all the best as well, if you ever wanna talk, I’m here :) you got this!!

Black men are so fucking fake, when black girls want to date outside of their race then here they come with their fake concern “oh white men only want to fuck y’all” And? What do black men want? Black women have the worst statistics because Black men only want to fuck us and treat us like shit. PISS OFF