oh no this is rlly cutee

here are some university hc’s !! 

- keith is a dance major

- lance is an art major

- they meet bc lance visits allura one day at her studio and he sees keith doing some rlly cool contemporary dance ?? and ever since he’s been like oO H BOY MY BI IS SHOWING

- keith normally hates dancing in front of people bc it makes him nervous but he doesn’t mind lance watching

- lance comes in to do anatomy studies and he generally uses keith as his model

- when he sees the sketches he’s so gay and happy like ?? oh shit the cute artist drew me im dying shiro help

- allura never hears the end of lance’s pining, shiro has the same fate with keith

- when keith gets a new outfit to dance in [ one similar to blade of marmora ] he wears it when he knows lance will be there and he just smirks when he sees how red he is

- lance finally gets the courage to ask keith out and they’re both v blushy and shy despite being in college


Happy birthday !!! @dreamy-94

(honestly, it’s like 2am and i apologize for this terrible excuse for a birthday present I promise ill draw something better later

Haechan having a short s/o

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Request: Can you please do a like a donghyuck version of the dating a short s/o CAUSE THE OTHERS WERE SO CUTE AND I LOVE THIS BLOG AND ALL ITS ADMINS XXX

A/N: i hope u enjoy this<333

  • haha
  • good luck
  • no rlly good luck w being short while dating hae
  • he’s gonna use your shortness against u
  • forever
  • trying to reach something from the highest shelf??
  • rip he’s going to put it a shelve higher
  • and he’d just laugh as your eyes widen when u see what he just did
  • “i h8″
  • and he’s only gonna give the thing he wants if u give him a kiss
  • when u kiss him he’s gonna be all like
  • “oh wow didn’t kno u love me that much”
  • and he’s gonna give u the thing u wanted
  • not before stealing a quick kiss tho
  • “what no i didn’t kiss u lol wys”-hae
  • back hugs
  • he loves giving you back hugs
  • especially when he’s tired!!
  • he’d nuzzle his face into your neck
  • and your hair would cover his face
  • ur like a teddy bear to him tbh
  • he also loves it when u give him backhugs tho!!!
  • he loves how your arms are so smol that u can barely wrap them around him
  • ok but
  • sometimes he’d suddenly give u piggy back rides when u give him back hugs
  • and you’d fucking scream bcs
  • and he’d just laugh and continue running around
  • the fact that he has to lean down to kiss u
  • is so funny to him???
  • like??
  • ‘how can a person be so smol’
  • which is why he always laughs before he kisses you
  • cutie
  • he’d have you saved as ‘smol idiot’ in his contacts
  • don’t forget the hearts
  • in other words!!!
  • he’d be a cute but sometimes !!! bf about your height
  • it’s another part of u that he loves w his whole heart
  • but shhh don’t tell him u know now
  • <3

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I made yet another Frisk x Sans comic… ;w; And I haven’t even finished the other one OTL 

Oh well, this one is just a short little one-parter comic. So yeah. I thought Frisk trying to sneak a smooch on Sans while he was sleeping would be rlly cute. So I did this. ;v; 

If you uh.. Have any undertale ship requests, just feel free to ask I guess? I need something besides Sans x Frisk to draw lmao (I mean I’m still gonna draw Sans x Frisk… But I also wanna draw other stuff. So yeah help a fam out?) 

yoyoyo guess who couldnt control her money spending ass and attended another MAMAMOO FANSIGNING ?????? yes its fucking me and this time it was in jamsil. no regrets tho!
first of all i asked if i can get my melting album signed instead of the memory one bc i rlly dont need a third lmao and the fan manager allowed it for me (in english while smiling and looking me right in the eyes and no im totally not crushing at mamamoos fan manager ahahhahah byeee) yeah SO i got to byul first like always. she was surprised to see a melting photobook and said “oh 넌 is 뭔들 ???” also bc my name tag somehow disappeared she added “name?” and it was totally cute… anyways i started to spell my name out for her and it ended up her writing GTALE instead of TALE lmaooo i told her the G is wrong and she X’d it out and said “oh my goood” so now i have GTALE with an X’d out G and i love it ! hehe~ after all this mess i gave her a hamster plush and pointed out that it also looks like the hamster i got tattooed and she was whining smth like aww ottoke so cuuute thank youu!! (everything in korean i just dont know how to write it 8D..)
miss yongsun greeted me with a warm hellooo and i handed her a german-korean language book and she was immediately looking in it searching for hello in german but she couldnt find it that quick so she asked me “anyeonghaseo?” i answered “guten tag!” so she repeated that and said wow! haha i also got her those pin thingies for her crocs DONT HATE ME YALL ahahaha i rlly hope to see them in the future on her precious crocs okkk. then she wanted to know again what thank you means in german but my brain was like way off and she was asking me like 4 times until i said “Ah! danke schön!” and she took my hands and said danke schön danke schön danke schön so often like last time lmao i swear she’s so cute i canttttt~
now to wheein! i got her like a big ass plush bear who’s so cuddly i actually would have liked to keep it for myself haha but yeah i got that thing out of my bag and gave it to her and she was like “waaah cuuute!!!” and wasnt rlly paying attention to me anymore but idc bc she’s too adorable ;0; she was slapping that bears butt and also showed it to hyejin i’m so satisfied with that lmao (she still thanked me tho, my cutiepie) soo for hwasa i bought like a can of german beer and she was laughing at it and pretended to drink it and then i also gave her a package of these ring chips, u kno the ones from the last mmmtv ep she had on her face?? i told her i thought it was so funny bc i actually have a golden septum and golden ear piercings and showed her my ears and stuff. she laughed again while also making weird noises idk loool i managed to say “i love you” and like wheein last time, she said “me too” ahaha anyways our hands were touching a lot and i said bye and went on my way off the stage but… i forgot my photobook and hyejin was like oh! and i was like oh! and i ran back and got it from her 8D
yoooooo this was like unnecessary detailed but you can tell i’m a happy moo. also the time after signing was especially great! i got to hear hyejins zootopia gazelle aka shakira imitation and also byuls famous BA BA BONAAAANAAAA~ ahahhaa (and they called their fanmanager cute and she was so embarrased and i was dying inside bc it was so ADORBSS and i really am trash for her)

summed up bom songs
  • hello!: you get jesus and you get jesus and you get jesus
  • two by two: getting paired with some annoying kid in middle school
  • hasa digi eebowai: lmao y'all are clueless
  • turn it off: the no homo jam that every musical has ft. not so repressed ginger
  • sal tlay ka siti: requiem from dear evan hansen
  • man up: please don't cry my sweet innocent baby oh wOAH THIS GUITAR RIFF
  • spooky mormon hell dream: sUch a good song oh my god do you have any idea i love it so much oh and homosexuals in hell
  • i believe: actually a little serious and when taken out of context is a pretty good song really it's quite nice and rlly the ending is so cute
  • baptize me: blue from heathers the musical
  • tomorrow is a latter day: the beginning tbh take my tears, i believe is reprised, group songs in high school rehearsal once everyone has memorized the song and the actually good singers are belting, aww the hello! reprise is cute too, hey did i mention that mckinley let's his feelings out (btw that means he's gay)

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“Wait, wait, wait-what did you just call me?”

“Chocolate Bunny?”


“Do you not like it?”

“I didn’t say- I’m not- Hush up.”

“Aw, did I embarrass you?”



“What’s the matter Pretty boy, did I ruin your fun?”

“…… Please, my heart can’t take it.”

**Come in my inbox and scream about something you like, and I will write a ten sentence pure dialogue chat for Prinxiety reacting to your interest** 

  • guy on date calls me cute: haha cool nice
  • platonic friend calls me cute: o!!!!!!!!❤❤☄😗😗😗u shouldnt hav.........😚😚😍😍😚❤❤💖u r also..cute.....👀💫💫💕💕😍