oh no they're adorable


To the left is 
Nagao Shizune, who will play our new Kiyoko!

To the right is 
Saitou Ami, who will play our new Yachi!

The two are actually the same age, both born in 1995, and actually, Yachi’s actress is older by 5 months!




So here’s a dramatic re-enactment of what happened last night:

Apparently I respond to Phil torturing me (YEAH, @philsterman01​, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID) by drawing for hours, so here are some of the sketches to accompany part of his Adrinette scene. Go listen if you haven’t yet because THESE ARE ADORABLE (and all his stuff, really?? pretty sure I’ve said this a million times now lol)

The Marin AU is @yaushie‘s and the voice clips (HNNNG) are @philsterman01‘s (the sketches and total lack of self-control are mine TTATT)


blackrazorbill submitted:
And then, all the swaps the fandom makes were a thing! It cannot be an Undertale AU otherwise.

The Cutie List!!

Apologies if I can’t remember how adorable you are (^-^)/ I’m only listing the people I’m talking to or seeing this exact second so yeah o.o

@angstphilosophy look at this complete cutie!! They’re trying to escape but it’s too late!! Their adorableness has been discovered!!! And there’s so much of it!!! They’re SO CUTE!!!!

@atomiktaco okay go look at their icon alone and tell me they’re not the most adorable person EVER!!! Cause you can’t!! They’re so nice and amazing and CUTE!!!! It can never be hidden cause everyone automatically goes awwww when they see them!!!!

@jiminy-krispies *smoochies* they’re going to sleep but they’re super cute too!!! And they make me smile and wanna cuddle ‘em cause they got so much adorableness in their cute lil smile and fluffy hair!! They is so super adorable!!

@thatonegirrl16 they’re so talented!!! Like super duper talented!! And so nice!!  It makes them even CUTER. AND OH MY GOSH THEY JUST SENT ME AN ASK AND AAAAAAAAAA I CAN’T STOP SMILING THEY’RE SO NICE OKAY THEY’RE SO NICE

@http-jack I just found them but!!!! They’re so nice!! And super talented!!! And so adorable!!!!!! They deserve SO MANY HUGS!!!!!

@tintas-galhadas don’t think I forgot you!!! This person is working super hard to do stuff right now but they still deserve all the loves!!!! CAUSE THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!!!! AND TALENTED AND AMAZING AND SWEET!!!!!

@teacup-satan psst they are so super cute like oh my gosh they are the visual representation of a kitten yawn I swear 

@pandapopplay is super talented!! And really really nice!!! And aaaaa THEY’RE SO ADORABLE!!!

and um um that’s all I can think of right now!!! But all of these people!!! Are SO CUTE!!! THEY BELONG ON THE CUTIE LIST!!!! And if you’re still reading you do too :)