oh no they are cute

Gemma’s current loadout for ME:A is Throw/Singularity/Pull, and her current Best Thing is to lay down a Singularity in the middle of a bunch of mooks, Pull another mook who had the dumbshit idea to try and flank her, and then perform the “I’m gonna hit a motherfucker with another motherfucker” maneuver.

She likes to grab a volatile canister at the same time. 

Honestly, she doesn’t even need weapons at this point. 

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Ainbo is an animated film by José Zelada at Tunche Film (Peru). Ainbo is a girl born in the Amazon rain forest. She is protected by Motelo Mama, a gigantic turtle and the most powerful spirit of the forest. Her life changes when Yacurunu, an ancient demon, threatens her home. The project will be presented in Berlin for international sales, but the delivery date is still unknown.

Oh my gosh, it looks SO cute! 

Check it out!

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did you see any northern lights? and what on earth is a sky fox?

Well accordingly to the ancient myth there’s an arctic fox that leaps across the sky at night and as it runs it’s big bushy tail whips up the snow from either nearby mountains or from the snowbanks and the snow creates the northern lights. The other version is that the tail itself paints the sparks on the sky as the fox runs. That’s where the Finnish language gets the name for the northern lights, as they’re called revontulet meaning fox fire.

And I did see some faint ones. I really want to travel north to see them in all their glory as even the faint ones are breathtaking! I guess the fox was too tired today to make ones strong enough to light up the sky even for us southerners.

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i want to get back into grumps after about 5 months, what are the best series they've done in that kinda time frame?


I’M DEFINITELY GOING TO RECOMMEND SNIPPERCLIPS. It is so damn pure and cute and it is a feel good playthrough for sure!! 

The 2017 Steam Train because my child Jack Walsh worked super hard on it and it’s damn good content. 

Breath of the Wild has been pretty good if that’s your jam

The guest grumps with Finn Wolfhard (they did 2 but I am only linking the first one) 

Pokemon Sun even though they are taking a break on it 

Paper Mario: TTYD (I personally really love this play through) 

Dan’s solo spacequest playthrough

Game Grumps VS: Tennis 

Spooky Halloween Live Action Video 

Resident Evil HD Remake 

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I honestly don't think they're gonna seed their coming out with them dating other people. I think it's gonna be them as a couple. I just saw an interview where they mentioned Larry out of the blue while talking about Harry's ad. I don't think that's what Harry's team meant to happen right now but it's a weird timing specially when he hasn't prompted anything to make them do that. Idk. I'm just taking a step at the time and waiting to see what's happening next.

Oh, I’ve seen that on my dash, it was..weird but cute? I agree that it’ll be them coiming out as a couple, when the day comes!

I’m just taking a step at the time and waiting to see what’s happening next, I know that i’m boring and repetetive, but, yes, this, it’s the smartest and most productive thing to do imo (and also, realistically, the only one)!

  • i can totally see him BECOMING giant rather than being born giant
  • suddenly hes TALL and he utterly loves it hes just BIG and its all EXCITING so he yell
  • he definitely doesn’t mean to break stuff but lets be real here, he totally accidentally destroys a ton of stuff because look at how much this dude flails around currently, that wouldn't stop if he was a giant. he doesn’t mean to break shit, but he does
  • he’d probably wind up moving someplace kinda isolated so he doesn’t hurt anyone on accident
  • although don’t think he’d be a ~secret~ giant, because he’s so excitable he’d definitely tell all his friends and everyone he knows “LOOK AT HOW TALL I GOT ISN’T THIS AWESOME”
  • because he left pretty quickly to make sure he didn’t hurt anyone, he hasn’t really interacted with normal sized people much
  • so of course if he meets one he’d flip
  • “oh my gosh!!! yer so little!!! can i hold you yer so cute oh my gooood”
  • *scoops up smol without warning and fidgets with their arms nd generally coos over them bc “holy shit you’re so small”*
  • he probably gets lonely so if a smol does come across them he’d try all he can (nicely) to get them to hang around longer
  • he’d be p careful when handling normal sized people, but he’d also occasionally get excited and move too fast/pick em up without warning/ drop them into pockets before asking/etc
  • “In today’s news, there has been a suspicious robbery at a nearby hair dye factory. The only type of hair dye taken is neon green, and there are reports that more dye was stolen from similar factories across the country. Why someone needs this many tons of hair dye, we don’t know, but they probably look fabulous.”