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The Set Up

Characters: Bones x Reader

Summary: Bones and Uncle Jim take Joanna to her favorite candy store, and Jim and Jo decide to set Bones up with the reader, the owner of the store.  requested by @yourtropegirl

A/N: okay guys, this one was SUPER fun to write, and ended up being super cute <3 so joanna’s like 7 here, but i really don’t know anything about her…and i know that in AOS, Bones doesn’t have a daughter, but we’re gonna pretend he does…

A/A/N: okay, i just realized the request said AU…and i didn’t write this specifically as an au, but i guess it could be read as one? Sorry!

Warnings: none, just an incredible amount of fluff

Words: 2363

tags: @yourtropegirl @outside-the-government @feelmyroarrrr @jimtkirkisabitch @malindacath

You huff and stand with your hands on your hips, taking in the mess in front of your small candy shop.  The wind was vicious this morning, and just after you’d opened it had knocked down your chalkboard easel sign and the trash can.  Wrappers fluttered in the small breeze, and you contemplated leaving the mess, but your conscience threatened to strangle you if you did.  You sighed and straighten the trash can, then hurry to gather the candy wrappers and parchment paper sticky from candied apples.  You try to shove the paper back into the trash, but just succeed in frustrating yourself when the sticky sugary mess clings to your fingers.  You hold back a cry of frustration and finally shove the mess into the can and stalk over to the fallen easel sign and violently set it back up.

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anonymous asked:

The Cave of Two Lovers was written by Joshua Hamilton, and that episode definitely foreshadowed Zutara, and in a very clever way. Two lovers, divided by war, build a path to be together, and find common ground in a cave with glowing green crystals. That ep was Kataang-centric, but then in the finale, Zuko and Katara find common ground in a place with green crystals. That's enough proof for me that Zutara was originally canon and that The Cave episode was meant to be more than just a filler.

Oh yeah, definitely. Both The Avatar State and The Cave of Two Lovers were supposed to tie into the Book 2 finale. The last two episodes of Book 2 were supposed to be a reversal of the first two episodes, in order to teach a very important lesson about love and attachment. They were definitely originally supposed to lead to Zutara, too. It’s quite brilliant writing, actually. It really is too bad that things got so badly distorted.

The two songs do a good job of highlighting the original message:

“Even if you’re lost you can’t lose the love because it’s in your heart.”

Aang: Well, I met with this guru who was supposed to help me master the Avatar State and control this great power, but to do it, I had to let go of someone I love. And I just couldn’t.

Iroh: Perfection and power are overrated. I think you were very wise to choose happiness and love.

Aang misunderstands Guru Pathik. He thinks he has to give up loving Katara. This is because he equates “love” with his infatuation. Kissing Katara and wanting to be with her equals love to Aang. All of this was supposed to eventually lead to Aang learning very important spiritual lessons.

Iroh: I don’t know the answer. Sometimes, life is like this dark tunnel. You can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving, you will come to a better place.

Even Iroh’s words about the tunnel allude to The Cave of Two Lovers.

Katara: That’s how the two lovers found each other. They just put out their lights and followed the crystals.

It definitely was not a coincidence to have both episodes be about love, and involve crystals and tunnels.

Zuko’s portion of The Cave of Two Lovers also ties in to The Crossroads of Destiny. He is not ready to accept love or care from Song in that episode, but he finally is ready to open his heart to Katara. He lets her touch his scar after that, unlike with Song.

What Aang has is an attachment to Katara. Ehasz wanted to contrast the “love” that Aang had for Katara in The Cave of Two Lovers to the eventual love and trust that Zuko and Katara were supposed to have starting with The Crossroads of Destiny.

“Two lovers, forbidden from one another, a war divides their people, and a mountain divides them apart. Built a path to be together. Secret tunnel! Through the mountain! Secret, secret, secret, secret tunnel! Yeah!”

Katara: The villages were enemies, so they could not be together…but their love was strong and they found a way.

This song was definitely meant as a reference to Zuko and Katara. It fits perfectly. Zuko’s alter ego has a blue color scheme, and Katara’s alter ego has a red color scheme. This was also done intentionally and The Painted Lady was also written by Joshua Hamilton.

Katara received the Spirit Water in The Avatar State. This object represents her connection to Zuko. It was supposed to be symbolic of Aang needing to let her go in the finale. Katara is positioned behind Aang during this scene. The scene with Aang and Katara occurs right after the one with Zuko and Azula, and they mirror each other. Azula is positioned behind Zuko, symbolizing his attachment to what she represents; his honor. The knife that Zuko has at the end to cut his ponytail was supposed to be the symbol for him to cut his ties with his family, finally letting go of his old life during the finale. “Never give up without a fight.”

In The Avatar State, Aang is put into a situation where he feels that he needs to choose between Katara and mastering the Avatar State. He chooses Katara. In The Crossroads of Destiny, Aang is once again put into a tough spot, and he tries to “let her go”. But he doesn’t understand, and he is struck down by Azula’s lightning before he finishes opening his chakras. This was supposed to set up the main conflict in Book 3 for Aang; learning to really let her go.

In The Avatar State, Zuko is put into a situation where he feels he has to trust either his uncle or Azula. He trusts Azula. In The Crossroads of Destiny, Zuko is once again put into a tough spot, and he was supposed to let his old life go and fight Azula. But he would have been defeated and captured and taken back home to be used as a scapegoat because Azula suspects Aang survived in the Avatar State. This was supposed to set up the main conflict for Zuko in Book 3; managing to really let go of his old life.

This would have made his character arc run parallel to Aang’s in Book 3, starting with The Awakening. That’s why Aang was talking about losing his honor, and why Zuko was going to keep the Spirit Water hidden from Azula. This is also why I’ve been saying over and over and over why Zuko’s betrayal was NOT originally supposed to happen and is absolutely terrible writing. It messes everything up and makes NO sense! No good writer would plan that from the start with all of the buildup indicating otherwise! And it’s no coincidence that The Headband signals a profound paradigm shift for the storytelling. It was definitely Bryke who butchered this excellent story, NOT Ehasz!

A Man Lost to The Dark Side

Ahsoka Tano has been living in seclusion, training her Padawan on her home world Shili. Here, she teaches her young female student the ways of the Gray jedi, as well as sharing stories from her days serving the Republic through the Jedi order. All is peaceful, until the First Order arrive during the Padawan’s quest to retrieve her own Kyber crystal, and she must face its Commander, Kylo Ren.

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1622

Originally posted by kylos

“He was a good man. There was still good in him. He cared so deeply, and that was his eventual downfall. I remember meeting him, in that war-torn city on Christophsis. He was so naive, as much as I was, but we made a hell of a team. And I remember the day I broke his heart. The day I left the Jedi Order… He was there for me when the council mistrusted me. He believed in me, he stood by me. And I left, I pushed him further to the dark side.”

“Oh Ahsoka, I’m sure it wasn’t your fault.”

“… my young Padawan. I know that his actions were of his own choosing, but this memory serves as an anchor for my power. To know that pain is a part of growing… but also that you need hope to bring the balance. That is why we are not Jedi, nor Sith; it is the only true way to serve the Force.”

“Tell me more about Anakin. What did he look like?”

“He always wore a smug grin. Long wavy hair that was always styled. Tall, very tall. And he had a scar on the right side of his face. He was a good man.”

“Please!” You shouted, tugging harder. “Oh Stars, just come with me, will you!”

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((Past M!A: 60/??))

“Careful, the rocks here can be a bit slippery.”

Lynrise didn’t hear Vesper over the roaring of the massive waterfall beside them. It was so loud and gargantuan that it intimidated her. Looking up, she tried to see the top. She was unsuccessful. The waterfall was too tall. She carefully followed Vesper, trying not to let the roaring shake her very core.

Valorien had no trouble with the wet ground. He was more concerned about how high up they were. He looked down only to see jagged rocks poking out of the darkness. He lowered his ears and frowned. This stone bridge made him uncomfortable. What if it broke? He was glad once they finally crossed the bridge and exited the cave they had entered hours before. They had been on the move all day.

“ Oh look, it’s about high noon!” Vesper exclaimed, looking at the sun’s position in the clear sky.

“…..It feels like we’ve been walking for longer.” Lynrise grunted.

“ We’re making great time. We  should be there by nightfall, at this rate.” Vesper replied.

“That sounds… A little off. Isn’t the mountain bigger? Wouldn’t it take longer?” Valorien asked.

“There’s a tunnel that will lead us straight up the mountain halfway. The land above is too hazardous for those not accustomed to the land to travel, so a tunnel was built.” Vesper said.

Lynrise noticed she could see her breath, now. It was getting colder. She was getting anxious. She hadn’t planned on meeting with the king of Icefall, but it had struck her as a good idea. She couldn’t just hide in his lands without him knowing, especially considering her status. She could be held for ransom or executed, otherwise.

“I hope you kids don’t mind the cold. It’s gonna get really cold from here on out.” Vesper said to them as they followed a rocky path hugged by pine trees at it’s sides.

“We’ll uh. manage.” Lynrise said, looking back at Valorien.

“I’ll be fine.” He said, trying to sound reassuring. But he wasn’t so sure himself.


The votes are in and Tiny Jason has been requested so teeny bitty Jason being a precious cinnamon roll is what you get. This was initially a response to a hc ask that ended up 3,000 words. Jason is a mix of cutie Pre-death Robin Jason with that good ole street smartass-ness we have come appreciate in our little bird. Warning: Jason is so tiny and I made little squawking noises writing this.

Twelve year old Jason Todd, newly minted Wayne son, knew this was a bad idea but he just couldn’t stop himself. He knows that this would get him in trouble one day in the not too distant future but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He could feel the desire coursing through his veins, compelling him into Bruce’s study, past the grandfather clock and down into the Batcave for the prize he sought. It kept him up at night, this fantasy that he let himself live out occasionally, and he could never rest properly until he did it just for a little bit. Ok yeah so he had a bit on an addiction, it’s not like it was all that unusual in this place. And besides, what Bruce didn’t know couldn’t hurt him and it’s not like Dick was using the old Robin suit anymore. And it was practically a crime to let that iconic costume get dusty behind glass.

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Heya! Can you analyze the land of galaxies and amethysts for a Lord of Doom? :3

oh Lordy! 
hhHHHAAH i am the comedy master…

the Land of Galaxies and Amethysts is a gorgeous and shiny Land, with purple gems covering most of the ground. Caves filled to the brim with amethyst can be found nearly everywhere, and it’s where most of your consorts live. The consorts have created a long series of tunnels and such to connect to each other and communicate easily. The tunnels are even more beautiful than the Land above it. However, something different has begun to occur…the tunnels are caving in! And you, the Lord of Doom, are now trapped inside! Use the reflectons of the amethysts to find your way out; they seem to create some kind of star map that will allow you to escape. After you get outta there, you can enact some revenge on your Denizen for trapping you in there in the first place! Next time, it should invite you (to the above ground).

Beneath the darkness

Note: So I finished up rewatching the Hobbit: Battle of Five armies again XD and there is lying @empiresofwater prompt along with the new one “You’re supposed to be dead.” which oh man oh man you seen the crazy side of Rasmus which I was thinking of those creepy ass ghost kings in The Hobbit where they are all confronted by that. And ohhhh gratuitous foreshadowing of a baby Drago and his buddy Bellini XD

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Deep in the mines

(this is what happens when it’s late. i’m bored, and i’ve played too much legend of the brofist, so enjoy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ)

Felix and Mark navigated through the cave, anything was better than freezing their asses off on the glaciers outside. As they made their way past the bats that occupied the cave, they overheard a conversation between two of the barrels. “Hey boss, we’ve contained him!” “Yeah, he’s ours!”

The two stopped in their tracks, hiding around the corner but still close enough to listen in. They heard what sounded like a third voice, but it had a static tone to it, like it was over a phone, and it sounded nothing like the other barrels they had come across. “Perfect! This should lure Pewdiepie into our trap!”

Felix and Mark exchanged a worried glance, both realizing that whoever the barrels had was someone they knew.  “He’s done for now!”

At this, the two knew they couldn’t wait any longer, they ran around the corner to see two barrels, and what looked like someone slumped over and tied up with rope. “Hey! There he is! Get him!” the barrels started after Felix. 

“I’ll take care of these two, help him…” Felix said, motioning Mark towards the tied up figure. He then ran at the barrels, luring them away so Mark could get to the man. Mark took off towards the man, but felt his heart stop when he saw a familiar grey cap lying on the ground next to him. “Oh god….It’s Jack.”

Mark felt panic rise in his chest as he knelt on the ground next to Jack, he was tied up so tightly that Mark couldn’t see if he was breathing or not. He reached into his pockets, searching for a knife to cut Jack loose. He felt tears beginning to form in his eyes, the thought of him never being able to tell Jack how he felt was consuming him, as he hacked desperately at the ropes. He finally cut him free, and held him up by his shoulders. He propped Jack against the cave wall, holding his head in his hands. “Jack….Jack please….wake up, please wake up.”

Mark leaned his head into Jack’s chest, at this point tears were streaming down his face as he tried to gently rock his friend awake. “Please Jack…I love you…please come back to me…” 

Jack’s breath hitched with a shaky inhale, and he began to wake up. Mark jolted up, seeing Jack’s sapphire eyes full of confusion. “M-Mark?” 

“Jack!” Mark pulled his friend into a tight embrace “Oh thank god you’re okay….I thought…I thought I lost you” Jack wrapped his arms around Mark, he felt safe, he could tell Mark had been crying, but he felt like nothing could hurt him as long as Mark was here. He was so afraid that he’d never see Mark again, that he’d never get a chance to tell Mark that he loved him.

Mark pulled himself away, cupping Jack’s face in his hands and before Jack could respond to his touch, he felt Mark’s lips crash into his. Jack froze, his cheeks turning bright pink, but he didn’t hesitate to return the kiss. They slowly parted, and Mark’s dark eyes looked at Jack with hope and affection. “Jack…I love you so much…I didn’t think I’d ever see you again and I just-”

He was cut off by Jack’s finger over his mouth. Jack wiped Mark’s tears with his thumb, though he could feel his own eyes beginning to swell. He then took Mark’s face into his hands and pulled him back in, closing the space between their lips once more. The kiss ended and Mark pressed his forehead against Jack’s. “I love yeh too Mark.” 

They sat like this for what seemed to them like mere seconds, but they were interrupted by the sound of Felix approaching them. “Well, I showed those assholes what’s u-” He stopped when he saw the two, still wrapped in each other’s arms. “Oh come on guys, you’ll have plenty of make up time when we get the hell out of this damn cave.” The two still on the ground laughed, helping each other up. Mark picked up Jack’s cap and carefully placed it on his love’s head. This earned him a forced sigh from Felix, who rolled his eyes at them. “Oh shut up and let’s go.” Mark groaned.

Felix turned and began walking towards the cave’s exit while Mark took Jack’s hand in his and lead him forward.

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Oh look mistletoe in the cave. What happens next go.

Barbara and Dick 

Damian and Steph

Over my dead body, fatgirl.

 Absolutely no 

Jason and Bruce 


“No more Christmas cheer or any other kind of cheer allowed in this household, Alfred, Dick and Barbara, you’re all grounded” 

Cass and Tim 

The Signs As Dads With Babies

Aries: *baby stands up for the first time on his own* Okay seems like he’s ready for football, Becky. Let’s sign him up for-

Taurus: *baby says no* Don’t you start with me young lady. I know best and you will not change my opinions on this chocolate milk, nope.  

Gemini: *baby says first words* *stares at baby in wonder for a moment* Oh MY GOD, I DIDN’T KNOW IT COULD TALK!!!! ME AND YOU GON’ HAVE SOME COOL ASS CONVERSATIONS WE’RE GONNA BE BESTIES!!!!!!! *loses interest a moment later* Oh hey, Becky, I think the baby just spoke her first words.

Cancer: *baby bumps his head on side of crib* BECKY WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL THE AMBULANCE!!!!!!!!

Leo: *baby touches dad’s face* That’s right, I’m the best dad ever. Becky! Look! She’s touching my face! She obviously likes me the best.

Virgo: *baby breathes* Interesting, now why don’t you try that again more like this- *demonstrates breathing*

Libra: *baby’s first birthday party* Okay so I was thinking chocolate fountain over here- 

Scorpio: *baby comes home from hospital* Okay so I think it’s time to set the ground rules. This *point to man cave* is daddy’s domain. You think you can come in here? Think again-

Sagittarius: *baby falls on the ground* *makes 80 jokes to try to make them feel better*

Capricorn: *baby comes home from hospital* Okay so here are some easy word puzzles I picked up for you and here is an extremely easy-

Aquarius: *baby sits on lap* Okay, so sing it with me- I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T I AM AN I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T BITCH! okay don’t tell your mother I am teaching you this-

Pisces: *baby cries because he wants candy* Nope- not giving in this time. Do you remember how much trouble I got in with- *baby pouts more* UgHHH FiNE *gives in*

Roar of Thunder, Lullaby of Home

So, yeah - School Started and now I’m short on time. I’m pretty sure I’ll only be able to write 2-5k long one-shots during the weekend; Only drabbles like this one for weekdays. though I guess these aren’t that short, this one is 1k. Anyways, I’ll be starting a series of Galra!Keith drabbles, and this one is the first!

Rated: T

Pairing: Klance

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1002

Drabble series: Galra Klance Drabble Collection

Summary: Galra ears are sensitive to blaring sounds, such as the lightning storms of this planet. Lance’s lullaby is just soothing. (Galra!Keith. Cuddles. Lullaby. Home.)

Keith groans in dismay as he tosses to the other side of his bedroll. He avoids glancing at the mouth of the cavern they repose within, the deafening roars of the mighty claws of lightning already serving as enough torture. He attempts closing his eyes, even bringing his pillow to cover his Galran ears, but nothing works. The thunderstorm still rages ruthlessly outside.

Discovering he is a Galra came as an immense surprise to Keith, but it didn’t take as long as he thought it would have for him to come to terms with it. Now, it even serves as an asset during various precarious situations. His sensitive hearing aids him greatly in battle, his eagle-like eyes spotting the stealthiest of enemies, and his new strength fueled by fury crumbling all who stand in his path.

It’s not shocking there are some downfalls.

A sound of pure displeasure leaving his lips, Keith tries once again to adjust his position. He wanted nothing more than silence, really. Keith opens his eyes to glare at the ceiling or wall, but comes face to face with Lance, who, no more than a few feet away, is now snoring softly, limbs splayed from his bedroll and mouth hanging open.

Keith somewhat envies just how easily the other paladin can succumb to unconsciousness.

Lance and Keith have landed on this planet to repose from the mission they were given. It wasn’t anything difficult, but the trip is long. They both must fly for over three days straight; they can’t accomplish this without a pause to rest.

That was how they decided this presumably peaceful planet is ideal. They arrived during the day, and it was smooth. They quickly found a cave to rest and accommodated within. Soon, however, sounds began brewing, distant in the north.

They both paid it no mind as they began dozing off. Until that is, it approached their location, and thunder descended from the heavens. There was no rain, and there still isn’t, but the storm only grows stronger by the minute.

No matter how much he wishes it all away, the thunder does not seize. Keith moans pathetically, bringing his hands to envelop his ear. He closes his eyes and tries forcing himself to sleep, but peace does not come, and Keith founds himself stuck in the loud reality.


The red paladin’s eyes shoot open, adjusting to the fire-lit cave. He stares at Lance’s frowning face for a moment, before he opens his mouth to speak.

“Lance?” He asks. “Weren’t you sleeping?”

“Yeah, I was,” Lance rolls his eyes. “But you woke me up with all that moaning of yours. If it wasn’t you we’re talking about, would have thought someone snuck a lover in here.”

Keith’s blank stare is enough for Lance to know he does not even vaguely understand.

“Nevermind,” Lance doesn’t bother to explain, sighing as he looks at Keith. “Why are you awake, anyway?”

Keith blinks a few times, not expecting the question. He soon regains his posture, though.

“There’s a storm going on outside.”

“And?” Lance arches an eyebrow.

“It’s too loud,” Keith explains, stiffening at the echoing clap of electricity beyond the cave.

“Can’t you, y’know, ignore it?” Lance suggests, and Keith shakes his head.

“No,” Keith frowns. “Galra ears, remember? They’re more sensitive than normal.”

“Oh yeah,” Lance grumbles under his breath. He scrunches his eyebrows and glares at the ground, deep in thought. Keith wants to ask what he is thinking of, but catches himself as he sees Lance open the bed roll, throwing the cover aside.

Keith furrows at him in questioning, but Lance does not answer as he comes to stand in front of Keith, arms crossed and nose scrunched to sideways.

“Move aside,” Lance commands.


“I said,” Lance brings his eyes to Keith’s, the blue paladin’s stern gaze contradicting the light, red dusting on his cheeks. “Move aside.”

It takes a moment for the information to sink in with dawning realization. Immediately, Keith reddens but argues not as he scoots back, providing space in his sleeping roll for the other.

Lance scoffs as he slides beside Keith, the red paladin turning to the other side. A mistake, for it immediately reminds Keith of the disaster taking place outside. Keith then bites his lips and turns back towards Lance, avoiding eye contact and hoping his new skin tone would at least conceal his blush.

Lance, too, seems to be flustered, but Keith ignores it as he closes his eyes and concentrates on his friend’s breathing. He seeks to place his focus on something else, expecting his diverted attention to grant him sleep.

It fails, pathetically.

He still shifts uncomfortably and whines at every strike of power against the earth, the vibrations ringing in his head twice and thrice. He can feel a buzzing coming after each impact, and a migraine forming.

Suddenly, there is another sound.

“Lance, what are you doing,” Keith hisses under his breath, fighting against his own eyelids to force them closed.

“I can tell you’re still bothered by the sound,” Lance tells him. “So I’m humming a lullaby.”

Lance goes back to humming the calm tune with pleasure, letting his eyes flutter closed. Keith open’s his mouth to speak, likely a snark comment as to how ridiculous lance is. However, before Keith has the chance to speak, he finds himself entranced by the rhythm.

It almost feels as though he sings it with his heart, not mouth and lips.

“See?” Lance whispers once he sees Keith doze off. He lifts his hand and runs it through Keith’s hair. “I knew it would work, mullet alien.”

With a soft chuckle to himself, Lance inclines his head and rests it against Keith’s chest. 

  “But the best lullaby I know is home,” Lance says, dozing off with a serene smile, listening to his favorite tune - Keith’s heartbeat.

[Wind Walker]


“Eh, like eighteen-nineteen percent? Somewhere around there? Honestly, I make most of this crap up as I go.” 

   “Oh! Oh great! Wonderful and here we are in a fine predicament with … what? Nineteen percent of a plan to get us out of it?” She sighs and her pacing becomes more urgent.

   “And the day started out so well. But I knew, I knew the moment I saw that cave mouth. I should have stayed outside. Out in the fresh air. But you and your damn smooth words. Now here I am, trapped in a hole in the ground. AGAIN!”

   Her agitated gait stops. She moves to a wall and slides down into a crouch. She tries to breathe deep but there is a hitch as the air enters her lungs.

  “Are the walls closing in? No, they can’t be. The shaking stopped, right? No no. Don’t close your eyes. It’ll only make it worse.” She mutters into her knees.


Random gen is taking on a whole new look. We have curving roads on hills now, nicer road trimming and just overall much more natural looking terrain.  I’ve seen lakes near roads, and lakes look more natural now too. The hills and bluffs just look more natural the way they flow. We also got some new aviator goggles to wear which look pretty cool. And the last two shots you can see our new hands, hand skeleton, etc. We’re redoing every first person hand animation to make the game feel much more immersive. Oh and that big ass hole in the ground is a CAVE! Oh and one last little detail, the shotgun you see has a flashlight mod on it, so weapons will have attachable mods. A11 is shaping up nice. More to come!