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ipre sleeping headcanons
  • taako: stays on his back, one leg out from under the blanket and one arm up under his pillow. tends to fall asleep listening to asmr videos and wakes up with earbuds tangled around his neck. coffee first or death will come swiftly
  • lup: no blankets. never. this girl's a goddamn furnace keep that shit OFF her. tosses and turns throughout the night but sleeps like a log. has drooled into her pillow once or twice but the only person who knows that is taako and she has enough dirt on him to know he will never. tell. a soul
  • magnus: will spoon anything within a five-foot radius. pillows? stuffed animals? merle? doesn't matter. you fall asleep next to this man and you will be cuddled mercilessly. snores, but in an endearing way. likes mid-afternoon naps in sunny places
  • davenport: the perfectionist. needs an inordinate amount of space, strict sleepytime schedule, certain mattress firmness parameters, etc etc. needs. SO MUCH space for such a small man. like a king-sized bed all to himself
  • lucretia: able to function on ridiculously low amounts of sleep and can do so just about anywhere. nights when she encourages herself to follow normal sleep hours are like a special treat: lavender linen spray, soft music,chamomile tea before turning in. little bit of a blanket hog, but looks so cozy you can't stay angry at her
  • merle: snores in a less endearing manner than magnus. feels comfiest on his stomach but almost suffocated in his pillow once by mistake. able to carry on intelligible conversations while asleep, which is both hugely convenient and has gotten him into a LOT of trouble before
  • barry: gets into bed with the intention of reading or doing something semi-productive, then falls asleep within five minutes. always forgets to take his glasses off and wakes up with bumps on his nose. his hands and feet inflict Icy Death on any near him. has trained himself to pee at 5 am sharp because he doesn't like waiting for the bathroom in the morning

The making of a 1870s - 80s style stock saddle (with some contemporary modifications)


6:00 PM CrossFit, check! I’m glad that I texted my friend and we committed to going to class, because otherwise, I’d still be on the couch! 😬

We tested our 1 RM bench press. I got stuck at 105 lbs, my current PR. Oh, well. Gotta keep working on this! 💪

WOD, 15:00 time cap:
800 m run (I rowed because it was kinda raining)
10 wall walks
20 DB Snatch + OH reverse lunge each leg (20 lbs dumbbell)
40 toes to bar (hanging knee raises)
800 m run
Score: In the time cap, I got through 31/40 hanging knee raises.

P.S. Hello, twin bruises on my quads. Sigh…😑

🎉Happy Friday Eve! 🎉

Gym Tales—Episode 1

May 25th, 2017

A few days ago, my mother gifted me with a new pair of gym shorts—a short legged bicycle style short. I think the last time I wore something like that was in the ‘80s. Are they back in style now? Do I care? No. I wore them. 

Early into my workout, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and what I saw shocked me. My legs looked freaking amazing! I was totally crushing on myself! I was only able to break my gaze because I was afraid of looking like a self absorbed freak. I really did want to stare at them longer, and for a brief moment, I had urge to scream, “Oh my God! Check out my legs!”

Fast forward to a few minutes later. Another patron walks in. I hear—over my music—the dude yelling, “WOOHOO! AMY IS WEARING SHORTS TODAY!” 

I probably should have felt objectified and/or offended, but I didn’t. My legs really did look THAT good. If anything, I was a bit envious of the guy’s lack of filter. It must be nice to not give a damn what anyone thinks. 

This is Fantasia! She’s the champion of my region Mikado. She should have a Mega Audino but I didn’t feel like drawing it xDD She trains fairy type, and is my first trainer to do so since my earlier leagues all predate fairy type XDD 

I didn’t mean to outline her in blue, the lighting in this room is bad dx i didnt even know she was outlined blue til i scanned omg. oh and my scanner doesnt seem to like orange, her leggings are supposed to be more orangey xD

day 145/365

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #33
  • Phil: ChiCKEn



A messy little comic where Yuri finds out he’s really dumb.

Part 1/Part 7/Part 9

Guys… I said this was the last part but i was so wrong… get ready for the gay in part 9 (aka the end)

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good