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“You never visited me in the Silent City. The others all came. Tessa and Jem, Henry and Charlotte. But not you. You are not forgiving, Will.”

“No.” He said it because it was true, and because part of the reason he had never liked Jessamine was that in some ways she reminded him of himself. “Jem is the forgiving one.”

And yet I always liked you better.” Her eyes darted over his face thoughtfully. “Oh, no, not like that. Don’t think it. But the way you hated yourself … I understood that. Jem always wanted to give me a chance, as Charlotte did. But I do not want the gifts of generous hearts. I want to be seen as I am. And because you do not pity me, I know if I ask you to do something, you will do it.”

the other day me and my friend were doing a freelance job painting a mural at this sports facility when this dad came up and asked for a card for the place. and we were like “oh we dont work here” and he was like “oh doing your homework then? yous guys in high school?” and i legit dropped my pen and stopped what i was doing and he said “college then?” and i was like “youre not going to believe this one buddy but i’m twenty five” but THE MORAL of the story is that this actually explains why teenage girls are always give me dirty looks??? like im not tryna steal yo mans??? or be judged about my fashion choices????? i am 2 old and 2 tired tiny teens. leave me be. 


Part 7!!
Holy cow i didnt think id get this far(even though, compared to a lot of comics this amount of parts is very smol… ^-^’)
I always wondered what it would be like if Boris and Bendy “switched roles”.. ive never saw an angry/melty/floofy Boris yet.. so i believe im the first? Im pretty sure im wrong on that but its still neat to think about.

(((Dark thought i guess.. what if in game it wasn’t that Joey killed Boris, but was creating him? And making him alive? I mean, there is two coffins at the end of the chapter so…..)))

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of course you wouldn't refute anything. just stick to your guns, am i right? whenever someone genuinely dislikes manorian it's all "oh you're this and that blah blah blah". nonsense.

of course you wouldn’t understand a refute of your own hypocrisy, am i right? whenever someone genuinely likes manorian it’s all “oh you think this and that blah blah blah”. Anonsense indeed.

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Okay, so I've been trying for an hour now and I'm starting to get annoyed. Tell me, oh wise Atomi-Cat, how do we draw faces from the side? -Karmen

I was hoping to find a tutorial that goes in depth a bit better, since I don’t feel like I’m the best at explaining stuff like this. Can’t seem any that I was looking for, so I’ll do my best.

First part is the general proportions. The cranial mass (the circle part of the head), takes up about 2/3ds of the head, while the jaw only takes up 1/3. When laying down your guides, first start with a “t”. this will help you lay down where the brow line should be on the face. Next is the lay down the rest of the guides, starting with the base of the base of the nose and hairline. Understanding where the base of the nose is will make is easier to figure out where the mouth and top of the chin need to be, as well as the right position for the eyes. The hairline tends to be about halfway between the top of the head and the brow line, while the base of the nose is either on or a little above the base of the circle. For the ears, the top of the ears tend to be on the same level as the eyes, while the bottom of the ears are on the same level as the base of the nose. Both the lips and the chin usually don’t extend past the tip of the nose.

. Something that I was taught in college was to understand that anatomy always follows a pattern, and for the face, it’s no different. Both the body and facial structure sort of mimic this zigzaggy motion, as if someone was stacking a bunch of blocks on the edges of one another, if that makes any sense. At least when designing more realistic-looking faces, it might help to keep that in mind.

I guess lastly, is how the look of a portrait may vary between men and women. Men tend to have more sharper features (square jaw, more chiseled-looking brow and nose, etc. ), while woman tend to have more softer features. Thankfully for this part, I did find a good link, and I think this person explains the differences better than me.

I did also find a tutorial that goes over some of the things I talked about, though most of what it says is things I already said here. But, it does show some different ways of how the same guides can be used for different character faces - both realistic and cartoony.

Anyways, that’s all I got for now. I hope this helps. ^^

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as a dark skinned slavic woman, sharp cheek bones and wide faces are totally normal features especially for people with middle eastern or slavic ancestry AND that people of any race have them AND it's an amazing artistic style

!! Oh gosh thank you! I try to avoid drawing generic faces as much as I can

CYOSTODA - Y/N Picks Truth

Characters: Dean, Leah, Sam and Reader
Location: Motel room, Crappsville, USA.
Word Count: 
2200ish (wordy4lyfe! It goes quick)

Summary:  Sam hits you with an easy truth, but Leah wants to know more, and Y/N ends up daring Dean 

Warnings: None really, sexual innuendos, and being in Dean’s lap ;)

See @littlegreenplasticsoldier‘s Master Mess

The road so far..

@littlegreenplasticsoldierPart 1

@gemini75eeyorePart 2

@deandoesthingstomePart 3

@rizlowwritessortof​  Part 4

You’re blushing, and you’re all getting giggly, and this suddenly seems like the best idea anyone’s ever had. “So, whose turn is it? Is it my turn?”

Sam gets that evil, seductive smirk on his face again as he nods. “Oh, yeah, Y/N. It’s your turn. So, what’s it gonna be? Truth or dare?”

With the whiskey making a nice, warm run through your body, combined with the revelation you’ve been a possible source of a few Winchester wet dreams, you hold tightly to the extra courage it’s given you and mirror his evil, seductive smirk back at him as you mull it over. “Well, as tempted as I am to want your dare, after those barefaced admissions, I’m gonna bet you…” pausing briefly, you glance at Dean making sure you’ve got his full attention before looking back to Sam, “…are curious to know, do I give the two finger salute to you? Or do I think of Dean over there when I need to check my oil?” Looking over to Dean again, his eyebrows lift in interest, lips pulling into a smirk when you throw him a playful little wink for your play on words. “Or maybe, I’m finger dippin’ to the two of you at the same time? So hit me with it, truth. What do ya wanna to know?” You internally high five yourself for the choice of words and slide the smirk back into place.

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Oh, glad you like Yuri’s tie! :D
Ties are kinda interesting, and, I last minute decided a striped one looked good on him, good to know I was right ^^
Victor’s face in the first panel might just be my favorite thing XD