oh no she's talking about politics

Vimes straightened up and walked back to Lady Sybil, who stood like an island in a sea of dwarfs. She was talking animatedly to several of them who Vimes vaguely recognized as performers in the opera.
“What have you been up to, Sam?” she said.
“Politics, I’m afraid,” said Vimes. “And… trusting my instincts. Can you tell me who’s watching us?”
“Oh, it’s that game, is it?” said Sybil. She smiled happily, and in the tones of someone chatting about inconsequential things, said, “Practically everyone. But if I was handing out prizes, I’d choose the rather sad lady in the little group just off to your left. She’s got fangs, Sam. And pearls, too. They don’t exactly accessorize.”
“Can you see Wolfgang?”
“Er… no, not now you come to mention it. That’s odd. He was around a moment ago. Have you been upsetting people?”
“I think I may let people upset themselves,” said Vimes.
“Good for you. You do that so well.”

– they’re a team | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

Victor: *does something extremely romantic and intimate with Yuri, kisses him, helps him become more confident, treats him like a prince and Yuri says that he loves him several times included on a live broadcast*

Random people: Woah, no, Victor is clearly just a friend and is totally straight for Yuri! iT’S BROMANCE! IT’S NOT EVEN LABELED AS YAOI! ALL OF IT IS PURE FANSERVICE CAN’T YOU SEE? THey didn’t even show the kiss!

Sara: *compliments Yuri like a normal polite human being*



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Can we talk about how Kubo-sensei already said that she’s done with heterosexual romance stories because there’s a lot of it? How Yuri just says that he isn’t familiar with any of the skaters there? Or how Sara is worried of her brother being too clingy to her and not skating properly without her presence? Can we?  Thanks.

Meh.  I can’t help but to roll my eyes every time somebody talks about how the lyrics of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” are “dated” or something like that.  We all know that the one people refer to with that is the “Say, what’s in this drink?” bit.

Guys, c’mon.  The guy didn’t slip her a roofie.  The whole song is about the woman actually wanting to stick around but, per societal conventions stating that it’s taboo for a woman to stay at a man’s house after too late, is slyly going through all the reasons why she can’t/shouldn’t stay.  Again, she actually DOES want to stay, hence her agreement at the end of each verse that “oh but it’s cold outside.”  She’s just going through the motions of polite refusal and letting him talk her into sticking around.

The song is from a movie, in fact–“Neptune’s Daughter”–and at one point the roles are reversed: the man, nervous about what might happen after dark, starts singing “I really can’t stay” and the woman starts cooing back to him “but baby, it’s cold outside.”  The lyrics, save for just a few, where the pronouns are reversed (from “I” and “you” to “you” and “I”), are pretty much the same… including the “what’s in this drink” line.

The “I simply must go” line, often cited as evidence that the second part to the duet actually does want to leave, might be a fair point if not for the other line, “I ought to say no no no, sir.”  She/he OUGHT to.  She/he doesn’t actually WANT to.

Basically, guys: it’s not a creeper song, seriously.  Chill.  Is it from a different time with different societal conventions?  Absolutely.  If you don’t know the context, could it sound kinda suspicious?  You bet.  But now you know the context, so please, don’t go harping on this song again.  It’s not the creepy thing everybody makes it out to be.

still really want lesbian Love Square, just, yes please. Ladybug being like “stay safe, pretty girl” at Adrienne Agreste while internally SCREAMING at herself and Marinette fucking SWOONING every time Adrienne does another ad wearing some glitzed-to-fuck gown that she would a) kill to wear herself, b) kill to have designed, c) kill to get to take OFF her AHHHHH SHE DIDN’T MEAN TO THINK THAT PART OH GOD ALYA HEEEELP 

Alya’s like “omg my precious bb I have no idea why you think I am going to be any help here at ALL but ok let’s go talk to Rose and Juleka, THEY’LL know how to hit on girls” 

Rose and Juleka do not know how to hit on girls. Rose is politely confused as to why they think they would? (Juleka is silently dyyyyyyying) 


literally everyone else: NOT THE INTERNET 

Alya: the internet was the wrong choice 


also if her father asks Nino is definitely her very supportive boyfriend with excellent grades and a promising future in the music industry who does not say “dude” every two words, okay, PLEASE NINO PLEASE GO ALONG WITH THIS FOR ME, SIS CODE ME HERE 

ISTJ: We just breathe and yet you’re questioning that…?

INFJ: The trick is to question everything. Just sit in silence and think about how we and the universe function in every minuscule detail.

ISTJ: Oh really.

Other friend: What…are you guys talking about?

INFJ: I’m teaching ISTJ how to have an existential crisis.

ISTJ: and I’m politely declining the lesson

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Oh I have a interesting question for y'all!!! In the funeral of his father, a woman sees a man pretty handsome. She goes to him, they talk about life and their interests, about space and politics and eventually she falls in love with him. But in a moment he leaves without any warning, not even leaving his phone number... Two week after that, the mother of the girl dies, who's the culprit and why?

Oh I know about this one !

Eh, who doesn’t?


I don’t know either…

Here is a hint ; some people consider that this riddle is some sort of a test for psychopaths.

Hmm…The woman was in love with the man she saw at her father’s funeral but she didn’t know anything about him…Then her mother dies shortly later…

And this test can be used to know if you could be a psychopath…

Ah !

I know !

It was the girl !

She believed that the only way to see that man again was to have another funeral so she killed her own mother !


Congratulations Hajime ! You are truly smart!


A quick cup of coffee ended up turning into hours of conversation. Eliana found Rory so easy going and friendly, it was very easy talking to him.

‘So you’re a school teacher Rory. What grade do you teach?’

‘I am, yes. I teach at a English/Simmish immersion, it’s a small school so I float around K to four teaching English. What about you Eliana? I see you take care of Darin’s girl Isabel.’

‘Oh. I also work in politics… um a charity organization… for the people.’ She hesitated at first since people always seem to have an opinion about her job.

‘No way! My classroom raises money for that organization.’
He laughs. ‘We love helping them out since they’re really patient with the young ones. When we do fundraisers.’

‘Wow. I’ll have to keep your school in mind the next time i’m in work. Maybe we’ll be working together for a bit one day.’

‘Ha that would be something else, I’d love that.
Rory looked down at his watch briefly, looked back up and quickly looked down again. ‘Oh shoot! I didn’t realize the time, I have to go back and finish marking homework. Can I see you again sometime?’

Eliana blushes. ‘Um… yes of course. My friend and I were going out to a new club this weekend. Maybe i’ll see you there?’

‘Sure! Here’s my number, let me know if you end up going and i’ll try to make an appearance. See you later Eliana, it was nice chatting with you.’

‘Ok! Bye Rory!’

so i work at the store whose name was used as a harambe meme. but okay, so my old high school apparently had a walk-out today. and there are kids with flags and signs with the “not my president” slogan and honestly, i’m glad they’re doing this. most may not be eligible to vote, but they will be soon and it’s nice to see that they’re already invested in politics. only negative was that i had a customer who complained about it. literally said “yeah, he’s bad but who cares? what’s done is done. i didn’t want him either but oh well”….had to give her the Customer Service Employee Fake Laugh™ as she left but honestly, what an ass. you are in one of the /most/ diverse cities in california right now. talking to a cashier who is mexican, gay, and female. i suggest you take a step back and realize your “i have priviledge so neither candidate reeaally affects me” mindset is not welcome here.

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Yo I'm like 99% sure that girl was hitting on you

oh, the one in the library? Nah.

I’m the captain of that class, she was just there to pass/ask me how to pass.

I talk way too much and am the senior that’s been through every inch of American History and American political science. The hegemon.

God, this sounds arrogant, but I don’t know how else to phrase it. I got a perfect score on my last two tests and I only studied an hour or so for each.

I mean, I’m not like ‘smart smart,’ but I am uniquely good at American history/politics and expressing myself about them. For very very complicated reasons I won’t go into, I cried when I read the declaration of independence when I was 16 and have been knee deep in the stuff since then.

Anyway, that would be cute, but she was just like ‘I want to pass,’ and ‘this is the girl that the teacher compliments whenever she talks,’ ect.

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I have so many sleepover headcanons so what about Mob and Ritsu invite Teru over? Their mom is so happy that Mob has such a handsome and polite friend so she goes all out and makes a home cooked meal. Teru practically cries because he hasn't had anybody cook for him in years(it's so good!) Shou crashes the party and after a psychic pillow fight Mob's mom tells them bedtime. But they still end up talking and being dorks. Teru's the last one awake. Happy and content with his new adopted family

Oh bbooyyy i could imagine teruki kinda going through the motions, having a whale of a time at the kageyama household, eating all their snacks, arguing with shou over which movie to watch.

But when everyone’s asleep, he just.. lays there for a moment, staring up at the ceiling and unable to sleep because he realized at this is Literally his damily now.

Fred Weasley Imagine: “Saving you from Umbridge”

So I was thinking maybe a Fred imagine where y/n has detention with Umbridge & she denies that Dumbledore’s army exists, so Umbridge uses the cruciatis curse to get her to confess, but Fred senses something’s wrong &comes to the rescue? Thanks again!

Requested by @empty-tea-cans

“I always thought you were a clever girl/boy, y/l/n. So, tell me, what are you hiding from me?” Umbridge asked with her annoying voice.

You kept quiet with a passive expression on your face.

“You and your friends go somewhere together every now and then… What do you do?” she insisted, trying to sound polite and sweet. It only made you find her even more irritating, just like her toad face and her pink clothes. You didn’t show it though, and opted for replying: “I don’t know what you are talking about, Professor”

“Oh y/l/n. You and I both know that you are lying. That’s not something nice to do. I’ll forget about this little incident if you confess everything. It’s a good deal, don’t you think?”

You were dying to scream at her face to go to hell, but restrained yourself from doing so. Instead, you tried again: “I’m sorry, Professor. I really cannot help you”

She smirked at you evilly and murmured: “You sure can, y/l/n.”

She took her wand before you could react and said: “Cruci-“

“Expelliarmus!” a familiar masculine voice cried out before the witch could curse you.

“You!” she screamed with fury.

Fred smirked and said: “Yes, me”

“You’ll get detention for-“

“Petrificus Totalus!” he yelled, stopping her dead in her tracks.

“Are you ok?” he asked cupping your face a second later.

You nodded quickly and enfolded him in your arms, bringing him closer to you. He seemed shocked at first, but he eventually put his arms around you and hugged you back. Some tears were streaming down your face, and Fred cursed the woman who did this to you.

“I was so scared…” you managed to let out.

“I know. You are safe with me now” he told you with a gentle voice. And it was true. Being in his arms made you feel like home, like nothing or nobody could ever hurt you.

“How did you know?” you wondered. “Not that I’m complaining or anything…” you added fast.

He shrugged and admitted: “It was a feeling…”

He pulled away softly and caressed your cheek before saying: “We have to tell Dumbledore before the spell turns off…”

You nodded again and kissed his cheek after muttering a thank you. He turned as red as his hair and it made you giggle.

“Come on, Fred”

Together, you told everything to the headmaster.

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Story time: my anxious ass asked out a girl I worked with once. She (very kindly, very politely) turned me down. I ended the night by getting OUTRAGEOUSLY drunk, PEEING MY PANTS IN PUBLIC (kinda? I was in a bathroom, too drunk to handle pissing by myself apparently and it just got fucking everywhere), and passing out in a hotel room after having apparently talked to the poor girl on the phone for 30 minutes at 2 am. So. Like if you're ever nervous about girls, know that I did THAT and lived.

oh babe

this made me laugh. i sympathize but this did make me laugh.

i just want a hansy fanfic with jily on the side. 

you know where she has to meet the family. imagine pansy trying to be polite and proper, and failing miserably. imagine james being like, “alright love, drop the act tell me the good shit.” 

and can we talk about an untrusting lily, that’s wary of pansy for her past and harry’s sitting there thinking, “mum pls, don’t do this. do not ruin this for me”

and of course, she would. saying something like

  • “oh, do you still talk to your…parents?”
  • “mum!”
  • “no, it’s fine. i don’t. they don’t, well, agree with my lifestyle.”

then imagine lily getting to know her better and realizing she’s not a bad person. they’ll start to have lunch occasionally, without harry, and chat about life. lily would obviously want updates on how her son is doing, she’s still a mother, after all. 

her and james would have a weird sort of relationship. she’s his son’s girlfriend and treats her like a father would a daughter, but to others it looks like he’s being a flirt. which is what harry thought.

  • “dad, what the hell are you doing?”
  • “calm down, kiddo. it’s a joke.”
  • “well your jokes aren’t funny.”
  • “…what did you just say to me?”

imagine sirius and remus trying to figure what harry’s like when they aren’t around. they’d be constantly asking invasive questions and pansy would have no problem answering. 

and this is where i realize i could write this, and how i probably should. but you see, i’m lazy. also this only took 15 minutes to write and fics take hours.

More Raven/Abby + Clarke goodness
  • Raven calling Clarke champ/sport/buddy/kiddo
  • Raven asking Clarke if she wants to play baseball
  • Raven inviting Clarke fishing (”Raven there’s a man-eating beast in the nearest lake” “It’ll be fun!”)
  • Raven asking Clarke to work on a car with her (”I heard it’s a good bonding exercise” ”Raven we’re already friends and also we don’t have cars???”)
  • Raven making Clarke breakfast every morning for like a week and one day Clarke snaps like, “oh my god why are you being so weird and why are you even here this early-you didn’t go home last night did you”
  • “we should do something. what do girls your age like?” “yOU ARE MY AGE”
  • Clarke talking about Grounder/Ark politics and Raven telling her that she’s too young to understand.
  • Abby rolling her eyes at both of them

So you all were so kind about my new glasses, that I decided to share some more pics that I took that day :) I was feeling particularly upbeat and I think it showed because random people were talking with me and striking up polite conversations. I went out for coffee with my friends Dan and Krystyna and she asked if I changed makeup or something because I was glowing. 

I think I was just feeling confident and very “me” with my new glasses and being able to enjoy the beautiful weather in this short dress.

Oh, by the way, I also got new sunglasses..

These were all from Thursday. I have a bunch of new photos from some stuff I did today to post as well, but I think I will save those to post tomorrow night. 


My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.

AZ FINALE: character ends and plot resolutions
  • Lemrina's fate: ??? implied in a hospital bed
  • Lemrina's issues about being a subsitutte and wanting a home: lol nope
  • Harklight: ???
  • Dr Troyards research: never explained, never delved into
  • Political and racism issues between mars and earth: forgotten, we best buds now. Oh except for those martians still occupying land but who cares about that im sure
  • Asseylum: learns nothing, develops nothing, continues to childishly demand peace and gets it handed to her on a platter while others suffer protecting her. Marries first decent guy she meets.
  • Asseylum regarding Slaine: was 'nice'enough to ask someone else to save him...then lets him rot in prison, doesnt bother talking to him despite hearing her maid defend him then ALLOWS HIM TO BE USED A SCAPEGOAT FOR HER PEACE as he rots in jail
  • Slaine: gets blamed for the attempt on asseylums life, despite suffering and comitting every crime precisely to protect her
  • Rayet and her issue with martians, as well as her crimes: lol nope
  • Inaho: is fine, no issue with eye overuse

>Three year ago, while protesting a men’s rights activist (MRA) talk, Chanty Binx was accosted by a group of MRA’s who proceeded to record her without her permission. 

She voluntarily went to the talk with a Jezebel article that she had printed out to read from. And she was recorded, in public, by people who she should’ve known had recorded things like this before.

Oddly enough, this “accosting” was not caught on video. All we have is her butting in to someone else’s conversation, and someone trying to politely talk to her about male suicide.

Which made her laugh and sing that she didn’t care.

Oh, and later she was caught on video cheering after someone pulled the fire alarm. That’s right. Not only does she say she doesn’t care about suicide very loudly, but she actually supports breaking the law.

>She believed that would be the end of things, but Chanty was wrong; the horrific nightmare was just beginning.

>Within 12 hours of the video’s upload she received 500 hateful abusive and threatening messages in her blog inbox alone,

Notice how they don’t really talk about what she did at the talk. Or that >she bragged about being hated and admitted she was there to troll<. Which probably helped the doxxers find her faster.

>Just when she believed the constant, traumatic harassment had died down and she could go on with her life, a man who is both a neo-Nazi and an MRA with access to assault weapons like the AR-15 used in the attack in Orlando, posted a screenshot of her from a security camera of the store he works in.

What exactly is she going to sue for? Being recorded in public? The second she tries anything, the videos are just going to be mirrored all over Youtube, Liveleak, Vid.me, probably even frigging DailyMotion.

Binx, if you’re reading this, your best option would be to let your hair go back to its normal color, get off the Internet, and lose weight. It wouldn’t stop the harassment, but might keep you from being recognised. I’d suggest an apology, but we both know you don’t have that much humility or self-awareness.

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Send “💭” for my characters thoughts on yours. (Oh, hello! For if they met! Or their first meeting?)

“While I’m no stranger to seeing miss Ty'lanae out and about, I’m not sure we’ve ever wandered within thirty feet of one another.” Leah hums and kicks her foot out in idle thought. “…She’s a darling girl, for sure, but she and I stand on very different sides of the harbor if you now what I mean.”

The woman shrugs and sifts through her brief and hazy memories of the priestess. “We both talk quite politely, but I suspect for very different reasons. Not that I dislike her. On the contrary, she’s quite adorable. But the likelihood that we will have some overlapping hobbies is slim.”

“Still, I don’t think I’d mind chatting with her if we did find something in common.”

Thanks, @cleric-rosesworn !

Imagine thinking you're a muggle, getting adopted by the Weasleys as a baby and you getting your letter from Hogwarts as a surprise to everyone.

You sleepily walked down the stairs after Ginny. You stepped to the side as she raced back up the stairs. You and Ginny may be the same age, but that didn’t mean you understood your sister. Rubbing your eyes as you entered the kitchen you saw Harry Potter talking to your brothers. That explained Ginny.
“Hiya, Harry,” you greeted as you sat down next to Ron.
“That’s y/n,” Ron explained. “He/she is the same age as Ginny.”
“Are you excited about Hogwarts.” Harry asked, trying to make polite conversation.
“Oh, I’m a muggle,” you told him. “I was adopted as a baby. Dad found me abandoned on the job.” Harry nodded in understanding, but he seemed embarrassed that he asked. Mom came over and set a couple of plates down.
“That’s alright, Sweetheart. Everything will work out,” she comforted before she walked away.
“Morning, Weasleys,"Dad greeted as he came in. You and your siblings shouted our greetings. Dad started talking about his night while Ron explained it to Harry. You heard your father ask Harry who he was, and you had to keep yourself from giggling.
"Well, Ron’s told us all about you of course. When did he get here?”
“This morning,” Mom informed him with her lips pressed into a frown. “Your sons flew that enchanted car of yours to Surrey and back last night.” Your father’s eyes grew wide in excitement.
“Did you really? How’d it go?” Mom was apparently not expecting that as she lapped Dad on his chest. “I mean, that was very wrong indeed. Very wrong of you,” Dad scolded half-hearted.
“More importantly, why wasn’t I invited?” you asked the twins with mock anger. You were always their partner in crime. All four boys shared looks between them. You heard your father ask Harry the function of a rubber duck, but Harry was interrupted by Errol. You rolled your eyes and shook your head as he crashed into the window. Percy got up and retrieved the post from the stupid, old owl.
“It’s our Hogwarts letters,"Percy announced. "He sent us Harry’s as well.” Percy then stopped before he reached the table. “There’s one for y/n.” You sprung up from the table and snatched the letter from Percy’s hands before reading it out loud.
“Dear Mr./Ms. Weasley,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” you cried.
“Oh, that’s wonderful news, Love,” Mom said as she wrapped you in a hug.
“I’m going to Hogwarts,” you mumbled as you looked over the smiling faces of your family.