oh no she's hot

useless fact about David Bowie
  • he had Celiac’s disease
  • u know the thing where you get tummy ache after eating gluten-containing flours etc.
  • good
  • it gets better
  • because he knew that it hurt him and Iman kept an eye on him so he would not eat stuff with it
  • and everytime Iman would go away or something David STRAIGHT UP went to their chef and said “pls make normal brownies” because, I quote, the pain would be “worth it”
  • he’s a grown ass man and his wife tries so hard to keep his diet in line (bless her)
  • but he is simultaneously 69 and, like, NINE and wants real brownies
  • can u imagine, maybe he got a really bad stomach ache this time and does not recover in time so he lies on the couch when Iman returns and she’s like oh bby and makes him a hot-water bottle
  • and she sits by him and lets him whine a bit and strokes his hair and then says very stern “DAVID I TOLD U”
  • bless this child

i can’t believe god is a woman

  • simon: mom this isn't a normal person problem
  • elaine: [montage of coffee with raphael and inviting him to their house anytime]
  • dramatic voiceover flashback: mom there's something i need to tell you about who i am and where i've been
  • elaine: I'm your mother, I'll love you no matter what. you're gay I get it, that doesn't make you not normal
  • simon: i'm a vampire
  • elaine: lmao funniest shit i've heard all week, i love my gay son

…because Johnny totally needs to sing some Bruno Mars.

His voice would be perfect for any of those songs and I just happen to love “Uptown Funk”, (even I think Johnny is way too shy and humble to be singing some of those lyrics :-p) so here we are. Also, I didn’t want to give him the hat because why hide that beautiful hair from the world?

Johnny is a total hottie.*fans self* Who knew an animated gorilla could be so attractive?

If Johnny was human, he’d totally be Bruno….

coffeepath  asked:

Sherlolly arranged marriage victorianlock

“I thought I made it quite clear, I have no need for a wife!”

Mycroft merely smiled, nodding at the door of their lavish library, “Miss Hooper, how nice of you to join us.”

Sherlock turned, taking one look at his future bride - dressed in a dazzling emerald gown, hair loose and falling down her back, smiling shyly - before frowning at his brother, “well played.”

send a ship, an au and I’ll write a three sentence fic

*bursts through the door wearing a cape* THEY SAY WE’RE LOSERS AND WE’RE ALRIGHT WITH THAT *punches clock* WE ARE THE LEADERS OF THE NOT COMING BACKS *plays air guitar on the roof* BUT WE’RE ALRIGHT THOUGH *swings on chandelier* YEAH WE’RE ALRIGHT THOUGH *flips table*

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