oh no she was so cute

Mina: Hey so I’ve been attracted to someone 

Momo: Oh

Mina: So sh– I mean he is cute, funny, silly, dances well, has a charming smile, I find myself smiling whenever she laughs

Momo: Wait “she”?

Jihyo: Doesn’t that sound like Momo

Mina: [Pretends to be drugged] Guys did I say something it wasn’t me it must’ve been the sleeping pills

INTP and crushes
  • ENFP: Oh my God! You like her, don't you?
  • INTP: I don't even know her. So it's a mere carnal desire.
  • ENFP: Go talk to her.
  • INTP: Yeah, right. My burning sarcasm will drive her off. Or my awkardness.
  • ENFP: You're so cute when you're logical.
  • INTP: ???
  • *ENFP hugs INTP*
  • INTP: Why did you hug me?
  • ENFP: I had the urge to do so.
  • INTP: Oh, ok.
  • *INTP hugs ENFP*
  • ENFP: Besties?
  • INTP: For life.

Request: Can I get exo reaction to you laughing at nothing because you laugh a lot

admin k: thanks for the request!



is slightly flustered but laughs because he thinks it’s cute

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“you’re so cute.”

always laughs along without fail

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“ahh jagiya, why are you always like this?!”

half frustrated half amused by her behaviour

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“what’s so funny?”

mostly disappointed that he’s not the reason she’s laughing

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“are you… okay?”

judges her

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“oh, here we go again.”

rolls his eyes because he knows what he’s in for

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exasperated after your random spouts of laughter give him a mini heart attack every time

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“ah, you keep scaring me!”

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“go laugh over there.”

avoids her at all costs in case he catches the laughing bug

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quietly judges her and wonders why she’s always like that

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“i love it when you’re like this.”

falls in love with her bright and bubbly personality every time

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“whatever. you do you.”

has accepted that this is just how she is

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Supergirl 2x19

This episode was good and i loved lena’s and kara’s friendship but i think the writers are beginning to write her evil arc story because losing jack was so hard on her that she will follow in the luthor path. I loved karamel per usual looking all cute while investigating. Can i point out that WINN DESERVES BETTER THAN LYRA WHO JUST SNAPS AT HIM IN A SCARY WAY, BUT NO ONE IS GONNA CALL THAT ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR OUT, ONLY WHEN MON-EL AND KARA ARGUE IT’S CONSIDERD ABUSE RIGHT? . Queen rhea’s outfit was stunning i was like yess you look good. Lena gives me this uneasy feeling like she knows kara is supergirl but won’t act on it yet. It was so sweet when kara said she will protect her because she’ll always be her friend which mean the writers are forshadowing them going head to head. Oh and james kicked ass! His heart to heart with winn was so cute. I can’t even .

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I made a Princess and the Pauper AU for Mari and Bridgette. This is definitely not based on the Barbie film I swear 

Some Deets:

  • Bridgette is Princess n Mari is the Pauper
  • Felix is Bridgettes friend who also became her tutor at some point??? (Barbie film memories okay)
  • Adrien is the Prince Bridgettes originally supposed to marry
  • Bridgette meets Mari at some point with Felix and is like aw sick twinsies
  • Bridgette gets kidnapped but everyone thinks shes ran away so they’re like oh shit
  • Felix is like I’m not fucking stupid she didnt run away lmao and gets Mari to pretend to be her
  • Mari has a different fringe n shit and is also taller than Bridgette who wears heels n shit but its okay bc Adriens never met her and the King n Queen r like oh u got a hair cut cute
  • She n Adrien fall in love like aw yeah and Felix goes and saves Bridgette and they get married
  • Aw yeah sick

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Although the elgang view Ciel and Lu's relationship like "Caring big brother Ciel and childish little sister Lu", what if their 'roles' are actually often reversed?


Ciel,” Lu sighs in utter exasperation, stopping for the fifteenth time today as her servant is utterly incapacitated by the sight of a baby bunny.  “We can’t stop for every cute little thing you see.”

“But Lu, it’s so cute and it’s all alone,” Ciel whines.  Lu tries to stop him, she really does, but Ciel easily breaks away from her grip and runs over to the baby bunny.

“Hi little one,” he coos, reaching out for the fluffball.  “You wanna come home wi- AAAAAGH!”

The last scream was elicited by the mother bunny, who, seeing her child be reached out for by a strange man, came out of nowhere and clawed Ciel in the face.  One brief tussle later, the baby bunny and the mother bunny were both far away, Ciel had his hand to his bleeding face, and Lu was seriously considering knocking her head against a tree.

“I told you so,” she grumbled, walking over to Ciel.  Ciel looked up at her through the blood covering his face.

“But it was so cuuuuuuute-”

Sometimes, Lu honestly wondered why she’d contracted with this man.

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Imagine if Nick had the missus send in one of those question videos. What would he do?

Aww! That  would be SO CUTE. Can you imagine the surprised little ‘Oh!’ when she pops up on screen, followed by a big, glowy smile and he gets too distracted to even remember her question fully. 

“We need to get her  a Radio 1 gig. She can come cohost the show with me.”  

“She did really good there, I’m impressed. She’d sound nice on the radio.”  

“Did you know that I had asked her to do that?”

“No, I had no idea.” 

“She was hidin’ from ya.” 

“Yeah, that looks like our utility room.” 

“Well when she sent it, she sent it in at like, 2′o clock in the mornin’ and was like: ‘I hope this is alright. I had to sneak it.’ 

*both burst into laughter*   

“Do you like that your fiancee and I converse? That we’re on the text?” 

*breathy laugh and smile twitching at his lips* “ I mean…it’s…it’s the worst.” 

*Nick laughs* “I just like to make you blush, really.” 



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I just realized that sparrow is Spatz in german. "Mein Spatz" (my sparrow) is a pretty common german pet name. It's mostly used for children, but I still love the idea of Angela using it for genji or maybe their children.

Oh my gosh I never knew that, I love it!

I imagine she tried it a few times with Genji, but know its more of a pet name that reminds him of his father. She does however, use it often with their children, and Genji loves that. 

He blushed again. She was so pretty and he wanted to be able to keep playing but he was way too distracted by her cute little smile to be able to remember what keys to press. 

“I hope you don’t mind me sneaking in on you.”

“Oh no,” he started awkwardly. “I just don’t usually have an audience.” He motioned a little to the empty room. 

“Yeah.” She glanced around thoughtfully. “This room is much nicer when it’s empty. And perfectly quiet.”

He smiled up at her. He liked the way she talked. And the way her smile made it up to her eyes so easily.

He looked back down at the piano. “Do you want to…?”

“Oh, no, I don’t want to intrude.”

“No, please.” He scooted off the bench, nodding at her.

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Headcanons for Link showing off the Tunic of the Wild, he got from the Shiekah monks, to Zelda?

oh man. 

☛  first off, she’s laughing really hard because he has these short shorts and bare knees and these little booties and she kinda snorts and plays with the end of his cap like “you’re so cute!!” and he’s kinda huffy

☛ when he tells her it was a prize for completing all the shrines, she looks at him with a mixture of awe and anger, because “You did all of the shrines!? This came from the monks themselves?” as well as, “You didn’t have to do all the shrines, you could have come earlier to fight Ganon!!” 

☛ she’s super intrigued about the Forbidden Temple so they end up taking a day trip there one day, and Link tells her all about the ridiculous number of Guardians guarding the shrine there and the big statue of Hylia that you can stand on, etc. In the end she’s really happy and impressed that she can write a full report on the shrines and their usage in reference to the Chosen Hero!! 

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there's this super cute girl in my class and she has started talking a lot to me and in chemistry (aye) a while ago she sat close enough to me for our legs to touch under the desks AAAAAAAAAAAA i just don´t know if she's gay or being nice how do i get to know that? like i dont wanna just ask

This is adorable, thanks for sharing!
Oh my god, chemistry - so many opportunities for puns and cheesy pick up lines, “Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re CuTe!”
For finding out if she’s into girls … just talk about lgbtq+ topics. Celebrities, tv shows, web series, movies, books, music artists (Hayley Kiyoko, Tegan and Sara, etc.), things like that. If she’s familiar with them, chances are good. Get to know her better, built trust, be genuine, honest, funny. And maybe you’ll get the courage to ask her some day, that’s still the best way to know for sure :)

Good luck! Keep me posted how it’s going!

Send me your crush stories!

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Hi! I'm Bee, and I just found out that my girlfriend wants to transition! I love her very very much and I know she'll do great, even if she's a little scared of needles... anyways, how can I help her know how beautiful and wonderful she is? I do my best... but I wanna be able to do more then just call her beautiful you know? I tell her she's the love of my life and I'd never leave her, but I kind of want suggestions for cute, feminine things to call her, you know? Thanks in advance! -Bee

bee!!!! hello!!!!!!! i’m so proud of ur gf!!!! oh my god i feel u, you gotta love her sweetly. i love to call pretty girls flowers (bc there r all kinds of flowers, each one so beautiful r.i.p :’’’))))) like when u tell them ur as pretty as a ____  (insert flower they remind u of) it’s so wonderful. but i love love to call em things like sweetbird, canary, angel, rose/rosebud, birb, i love love love to call them the name of a crystal/gem/stone they remind me of!!!!!! 

So I’m kind of idk pissed off I guess. So everyone is dying over Persona 5 the new game and yeah sure I can understand that but what pisses me off is that this character

is apparently a shut in?????? You do NOT look like that if you’re a shut in. They make it like it’s cute and that she’s shy, correct me if I’m wrong I haven’t played the game but that’s what I’ve read and heard about this character. It’s not cute to be a shut in. You would most definitely have bags under your eyes, be pale af, maybe a bit chubby, since you don’t go much out unless it’s in your own house. I hate to see when people make it like it’s cute and oh she’s just shy. She hides behind the main character because she’s so shyyy sdfghjkl ughhhhh. I’ve had my problems with the persona games before and so far it’s not giving me any reasons to start liking them any time soon.

I decided to sit on the bus and ride it aimlessly. Which is great cus just met this cute girl on the bus and i told her i liked her make up and she said she liked my hair annnd i sat by her and had a whole convo and now i think we buddies cus she said “see you later” AND I GOT HER INSTAGRAM AND SHE’S SO COOL WE SHARE A BIRTHDAY MONTH AND SHE’S MY AGE AND WE LAUGHED AT EACHOTHER’S JOKES AND MAYBE SHE’LL WANNA HANG OUT ONE DAY OH MY GOD😭🙌🏽

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so I totally headcanon stiles as bi too but I also headcanon his daughter as bi and she literally can't take him anywhere in public bc he's always like "what about her? she's cute, right? oh wait, wait, no, him. you should ask him for his number."


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what did she do when you spilled coffee all over you? did she giggle? if my crush spilled coffee all over herself id think it was so cute and probably make lil jokes about it

oh she laughed pretty hard

she was like ‘how did that even happen’ and then continued 2 laugh

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So I'm watching one of the critmas episode periscope things and Marisha was playing with Dagon when Matt turns the camera back to him and goes "She's a good one, both of them. Pretty rad!" LIKE OH MY GOD COUPLE GOALS THEYRE SO CUTE

AHHH they make my heart feel so warm and fuzzy they are the CUTEST