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Identity (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1542

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: Believe me I know I haven’t posted in the longest time. It’s my final year of school and I just finished exams a week ago and I’ve been busy but i’m back :) I couldn’t not post when Spider-man homecoming is being released this week which i’m super excited for by the way I can’t contain my excitement I went out and brought a thwip! shirt i’m that excited for this movie. You can read part two , three , four and five here 

The web slinging crime fighting hero had been occupying most of your thoughts recently, ever since you came to the conclusion that he attended your high school. Your were convinced New York’s newest hero walked the same crowded halls you did every day since the time you saw Spider-man crawling out of an empty classroom window wearing a backpack and holding a math textbook in his hand. After that encounter your stubborn and determined attitude had to know the truth about the hero’s real identity and it was still eating away at you to this day. You’d always wanted to be a detective when you grew up and it was easy to see why as you weren’t ever happy unless you had all the answers. And recently the question “Who is Spider-man?” was swirling around in your mind.

“What makes you so sure he even goes here Y/N?” Your best friend Liz Allan questioned from beside you on the bench. Her words distracted you from your deep analysis of the class in front of you doing PE, your eyes searching the room for someone that could possibly be the masked vigilante. Turning towards your friend you slumped back in your seat already feeling bored of this free period. “I have proof, believe me Liz. I just can’t figure out exactly who it is yet.”

The dark haired girl seemed lost in her thoughts as she placed her chin in the palm of her hand, a small lovestruck smile gracing her lips. “Spider-man would have to be dark and mysterious…and incredibly handsome.” Rolling your eyes at Liz romanticising the super hero you playfully nudged her shoulder to snap her out of her thoughts. "Whoa someones got the hots for Spider-man.“ You playfully teased as a deep red coated your friends cheeks in embarrassment. It seems someone else was listening to your conversation as you notice your classmate Peter Parker look over at you and Liz with wide eyes, looking like he just paused mid sit up at the words that just left your mouth. However when he catches your gaze on him he abruptly goes back to what he was doing.

His actions left you confused, mostly to how the boy even heard what you were saying when he was on the other side of the room and as to why he would react in such a way. "Strange…” You muttered out as you focused your attention on the boy for a minute until you were rudely interrupted by your friend snapping her fingers in front of your face. “Hello? Are you even listening to me?" 

Shaking your head from your thoughts you turned your attention back to Liz. "Oh sorry what?” Letting out a sigh in annoyance at her friend, Liz crossed her arms in front of her showing her irritation. "I was saying I don’t have a crush on Spider-man.“ A snort accidentally escaped you at her blatant lies, she should know you can’t lie about such things to your best friend because they always know the truth. "Liz he saved you from dying one day and ever since you get all flustered when his name is brought up in conversation. Who are you trying to fool here? Come on i’m your best friend I notice everything." 

She appeared at a loss for words as she stared back at you, mouth slightly agape."Flash asked me to homecoming.” Her words were rushed out forcefully as she tried to change the subject from her feelings towards Spider-man. “Okay first off stop changing the subject and secondly please tell me you declined.” A groan passed your lips as she nervously looked away from you, already giving you the answer. You had the urge to pull out your hair in frustration at the situation, there was no one you despised more than Flash Thompson. “Seriously Liz?!" 

"I didn’t know how to reject him. I felt bad.” Her bottom lip stuck out expressing her unhappiness with the situation. You gently grabbed your friends hands in your own, your motherly instincts coming out as you were 97 days older than her and you would never let her forget it. "Sweetie you do not owe that guy anything.“ A sigh escaped her as she leaned into your shoulder for comfort. "I know I just…can we just not talk about it." 

A thought popped into your mind as she uttered those words causing another groan to leave your mouth. "Well who am I supposed to go with now?! We were gonna go together remember, since I’m forever single and all that.” You felt her mumble an apology into your shoulder but you didn’t need one, you’d already forgiven her. An idea popped into Liz’s head as she pulled apart from you all of a sudden. “Hey, if you found out Spider-man’s true identity then maybe you could go with him?” She spoke excitedly trying to make you feel better about the situation. But it failed to work as you doubt you’d find out who he really was in time for the dance, let alone the fact that a guy would never ask you to the dance. 

“Looks like i’m going with me, myself and I." 

Later that day you were planning to go to the library to study but didn’t make it far as someone sprinted around a corner and rushed straight into you. Immediately losing your balance you began to fall backwards, but before you could hit the ground you felt a pair of strong arms encircle your waist. Looking up your eyes met with those of Peter Parker. How did he catch you so fast? You never pictured Parker having such fast reflexes, they were almost unnatural. And his eyes are so much darker up close-

“Are you okay Y/N?” The sound of his voice breaks you out of your trance as you stand back up properly, feeling a blush forming on your cheeks which was surprising to you. Not once had a boy made you feel that way; fictional characters didn’t count. “I’m okay but uh thank you for catching me and all that Peter. So…where are you off to in a hurry?”

The boy seemed unprepared for the question as he fumbled over his words and providing a lame and non believable excuse. “Oh just uh-a thing." 

You couldn’t help the giggle that left your body at his words. "Sounds important.” Giggling? Since when did you giggle at a boy?! What on earth was going on with you right now.

Clearing his throat a little Peter appeared nervous at his next question. “Yeah, hey you’re best friends with Liz right?“ And there it was, the line that you’d been asked by countless boys already today and every day since the homecoming was announced. But for some reason when Peter asked the same question it caused your heart to drop a little and your throat to close up momentarily; you weren’t sure as to why you were feeling this way. Pushing away those feelings you put on a brave face and nodded in response. Oh god here it comes. He definitely wasn’t the first guy to ask her the same question today. 

"Do you…do you know if she has a date yet to homecoming?” Thinking back to Liz’s confession earlier that day your felt almost guilty that you had to crush this boys hopes of going with your friend. "I’m…i’m really sorry Peter. Tragically she’s going with Flash.“ His face noticeably dropped at this information and he switched his gaze down to his shoes trying to hide his emotions from you. "Oh. Well I gotta go, but it was nice talking to you Y/N." 

As she started running down the hallway again a sudden thought entered your mind. Peter was always running away and skipping classes this past year and it was strange to say the least. What could he possibly be doing that causes him to be absent half the time unless… 

"Parker wait!” He halted his movements at the sound of your voice and you quickly caught up to him with interrogation on your mind. Reaching for his arm you held onto it to keep him from running away from your questions, trying to ignore the strange feeling you got from touching him. “Where do you go every day Peter?" 

That one question made the boy visibly gulp, obviously he was trying to hide something and didn’t want anyone finding out. Your eyebrows furrowed as you observed the boys behaviour and another thought entered your mind. "And come to think of it, you’ve been acting awfully strange ever since that school trip to Oscorp last year.”  At those words he became even more nervous as he broke away from your grip and began running away from your questions. “I really gotta go. I’ll see you around Y/N." 

You watched as his body disappeared around the corner, could Peter possibly be the guy you’ve been looking for? It would make sense since he’s always running off and coming back with cuts and bruises, not to mention the new discovery of his advanced reflexes. And earlier today when he somehow heard what I said, it all makes sense now. "Holy shit, I think I found him." 

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Autistic Life Hack:

Whenever someone says “That’s so autistic” in a negative way, offhandedly say: “I’m autistic and even I’M not that stupid” and watch the neurotypical slowly die on the inside.





As winter settled in, the town was draped in a white quilt of snow, sparkling snowflakes fluttering down and engulfing everything it touched with cold. The girl held on to Kai Parker’s hand as she dragged him through the snow, boots sinking into the ground as a the heretic grumbled from behind her. He was wrapped in a big fluffy coat, similar to hers, and they both wore chunky boots with thick woolen socks. 

“I don’t understand the point,” Kai said for the millionth time.

“It’s beautiful,” the girl insisted, stopping in the middle of the snowy forest and turning to face Kai, “and isolated enough that nobody could catch us.”

“From doing what?” Kai gulped nervously.

“Magic,” the girl laughed in response, seeing that look melt off Kai’s face.

“Oh,” he chuckled, his head dipping down, snowflakes catching in his brown locks. He raised his head again, full lips split into that grin she loved.

The girl instantly smiled back, happy to see him happy.

“Show me,” she begged, bouncing on her tip toes with excitement.

Kai beamed with confidence, finally sure of something he couldn’t mess up. He took the girls hands in his and closed his eyes, an incantation tumbling off his lips as a shimmering orange globe engulfed their bodies. The orb that surrounded them seemed to make the snow bounce off of it, like they were wrapped in a warm little enclosure in the middle of the forest. Then, just for fun, Kai raised a clump of snow from the ground, making it float up to the girl’s head and fall in a halo shape around her hair, kind of like a crown of snowflakes, which suited her wonderfully.

“A crown for my princess,” Kai smiled with pride, letting her hands fall as they sat in their protective hideaway.

She laughed with glee, picking up on his ‘my.’

“I love it!” she said, wrapping Kai in one of her bear hugs. He sunk into her body, safe in her arms as he pulled himself tightly around her, her face buried in the crook of his neck. 

“I’m happy,” Kai said out of nowhere.

“And why’s that, Malachai?” the girl said as she pulled back.


Her cheeks flushed red, heart going into overdrive as it always did when Kai spilled out sweet statements like that.

“I just, I’ve never really been happy before. I didn’t even know that was a feeling that could be felt so-so strongly,” he babbled. “And I’m really just, grateful to have you as my…friend.” he finished quietly, his lips bending downwards.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, picking up on the way his blue eyes now failed to meet her own.

“So I’m selfish,” Kai whispered to the ground.

She sat frozen, unblinking as Kai talked more to himself than her.

“I’m selfish because, even after everything you’ve given me it’s not enough.”

“Malachai-” she began softly.

“Wait,” Kai said, closing his eyes, blinking them back open to look at her. “I just need you to know it, even if it makes me an awful person for feeling the way I do. Because by some miracle, this kind, brave, and beautiful girl was let into my life, and as much as I tell myself not to feel, I can’t, not with you,” he said, his eyes glistening. “I tell myself there’s nothing more there, that I have it all, but I don’t, and I can’t stop hating myself for it. And it’s selfish because all this while I was trying to push you away, saying it was for you, but it was also for me, because I couldn’t let myself…” he trailed off.

“Let yourself what?” she murmured, raising a hand to Kai’s cheek, her eyes searching his, fingers spread over his skin.

“I couldn’t let myself love,” he finished.

A single tear rolled down his cheek, and he let it slide right off his face, his eyes steely as he stared at her, waiting for her to say anything, to do anything. So she did. She took in a shaky breath, and then she kissed him. And in that kiss, she didn’t have to say anything for Kai to understand how she felt just through the way her lips moved against his own. It was cautious, soft, and short. Her hands cupped his face as she held him there, the taste of Kai Parker being one that was unforgettable. And he was scared he didn’t know how to respond, making him freeze up for a moment, but soon he relaxed comfortably against her body as his lips hungrily fought back against her own, hating when she pulled away after only a second. She still held him like that, hand on either side of his face as she stared into those blue eyes, heart racing.

“I love you,” she said, “I need you to know that.”

“I do,” he responded, but said it with utter disbelief.

“Malachai, you’re so scared to let yourself feel, but you don’t have to put up those walls anymore, not with me,” she promised. “You’re not selfish,” she continued, “you’re human.”

His lips twitched as he looked her over in awe, “I love you.”

She placed her lips to his forehead, pulling back with a smile.

“And how does it feel?”

“Different,” he admitted. “There’s happy, and then there’s my heart is going to implode out of my chest happy.”

The girl burst out into a fit of giggles, to which Kai followed. When she was done, she lifted Kai up to stand beside her, turning her head to the side and instantly freezing over. Her throat closed up as she tapped frantically on Kai’s arm, not sure how to speak as she signalled to the ground. There, not far from them, was a set of footprints stomping through the snow, but no visible body to match it.

“Oh my god,” Kai breathed, “you need to run.”

“What? No!” she protested.

Kai clenched his jaw, hands grabbing at her shoulders as the girl turned invisible, her throat closing up as she was suddenly unable to speak.

“I’m doing it to keep you safe,” he whispered as the figure in the snow suddenly became visible.

“Father,” Kai growled, glaring daggers at Joshua Parker.

“Who are you here with?” Joshua responded flatly.

“Nobody,” Kai lied.

Joshua Parker grabbed at his sons wrists, pushing him back into the snow so that he went tumbling onto the ground, back flat as his father towered over him.

“I saw her, the girl,” he said quietly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking ab-”

Joshua brought his hand up and slapped Kai right across the face, unable to hear the cries of the girl who collapsed by his side but was unable to touch him.

“You can tell me where the girl who’s life you plan on ruining is, or I can find her myself,” he said, Kai shaking beneath him as he held his palm to his sore cheek.

“And then what?!” Kai spat, “you’ll take her out of my life so I can spend the rest of my life continuing to be outcast by my own family?!”

His father drew a slit in the air, a red gash drawing itself upon Kai’s neck, weakening him so he was unable to hold the spell around her. The invisibility charm that cloaked her vanished, and she was suddenly there, beside Kai, who’s fresh blood spilled off his neck and down into the snow, staining it ruby red. nothing on her side but the element of surprise, the girl aimed a fist at Joshua Parker and hit him square in the jaw. He collapsed onto the snow, and in the moment before he recovered, Kai’s arm seized the girl, and they were both gone.


fandom: sistar
member/reader: Bora, female
genre/warning(s): smut, CEO!Bora
length: 3K+
summary: [request] girl group smut with an idol of your choice!! for the plot, can it be the idol is your boss and you do it on their desk or something lol thank you!! your writing is amazing

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Perks Of Being In A Gang - Chapter 13

Info: Dan has a boyfriend, a punk boyfriend, named Phil. Which would probably be odd since he’s a pastel boy. A pastel boy that dresses in cute sweaters and floral crowns, who fell in love with another boy who has piercings, tattoos and a gang.Yep it really is quiet a confusing relationship.

Warnings for this chapter: suggestions to violence

A/n: I’ll be uploading these monthly til it’s finished now :)

MasterlistRead it on wattpad_xx

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Pretty Little Pet {Reader Insert}

Imagine: A girl is trying a new scene, a club scene. Though she never thought it possible, she caught the eye of a crazed criminal. But it’s not him that wants her, instead, it’s his girlfriend.

Summary: The ‘Ace of Spades’ is notoriously known as the Joker’s club, but {Y/N} never believed she’d ever come in contact with the green-haired devil. One night, on yet another visit to her favourite bartender, {Y/N} is approached by the famous figure and practically forced upon the woman that’s wanted her all night.

Request?: Yes, one little nonny asked for a Harley imagine with a female reader. Whilst a second gave a request for the storyline. It is a little different to what was requested by the latter. But, it follows the gist of of the reader being innocent, the Joker being arrested, and Harley being interested.

Word Count: 1882

Taglist: @fandom-planet-lover

Disclaimer: I do not own the gif, credits to the user that made it. The DC characters mentioned are not mine, credits to the writers and producers. 

A/N: Well it has been a rather long time since we’ve met like this, and my most humblest apologies and gratitude’s for all your patience. A lot has been filling up the last couple of weeks, and I am so sorry that this has taken so long to upload. I am hoping to get into a better routine of imagine postings quickly. With just a couple more requests on my list, and then one or two more in my inbox, I will be open to more soon! Thank you again for all your support and patience! Enjoy, my little bookworms 🖤  

Music blasted from the club on Atlantic Avenue, neon lights creeping through the darkened windows onto the street outside. The entrance line ran the length of the pavement and round the block, leaving the wait time at a good hour or so. When {Y/N} finally passed those doors, she realised that nightclubs were an acquired taste. All the other girls had skin tight cocktail dresses and nine-inch heels, making her stick out in the crowd with her converse and loose tank top labelled with her favourite band. Shuffling across the heat packed dancefloor, she found an empty stool at the end of the bar. She decided then and there that this would be her place for the night, unless someone changed those plans. Glancing back from the sweat covered bodies around her, {Y/N} came face-to-face with a bright eyed male.

Evening Miss, what can I get you?

For a short moment, her mouth simply opened and closed without a single word following through with the movements. Her mind ran through all of the alcoholic drinks that she’d ever had in the past, and she realised that they were few and far between. Above her, the bartender let out a small laugh as he rested his elbows on the counter top.

You seem to be new here, how about I surprise you?

Flashing a dazzling smile her way, the barely-reaching-twenty figure turned back to the spirits and liquors that sat at his command. {Y/N} watched patiently, curiously, as he chose different bottles from the display. He was tossing and twisting them, drawing in a small crowd with his performance. It wasn’t long before he set a glass in front of her, he’d decorated the rim of the cylinder with an orange slice and a small cherry. Inspecting the drink closely, she was interested to know what the blue liquid was. Turning back to the male before her, who stood drying a glass with the cloth that had hung from his back pocket previously, she raised an eyebrow in question.

It’s a Blue Lagoon, my speciality. One part blue curacao, one part vodka, and four parts lemon juice.

With a small nod, {Y/N} brought the highball glass to her lips. Smiling around its rim, she hummed softly as the concoction ran down her throat and settled with a warm sensation. Setting the drinkware down once again, she looked up to the grinning bartender.

What do you think?

It’s really good.

Crossing his arms on the countertop, the slim figure leant down with his shining teeth showing behind his smile.

Well there’s more where that came from, Miss…

When his words trailed off, she realised that the encouraging look on his face was awaiting a response.

“Oh, {Y/N}. I’m {Y/N}.

Nice to meet you, {Y/N}. I do hope you’re appearance will become a more often occurrence here.

A subtle pink tinge rose to her cheeks at the sight of his flirtatious smirk, her gaze falling slightly to hide the blush.

I’m sure it will, um…


Flashing what seemed to be his signature smirk once again, the young bartender gave a small wink before turning to awaiting customers. {Y/N} watched him from her seat, sipping her Blue Lagoon slowly. He was flipping bottles and spinning shakers, and she was somewhat mesmerised. Her voice came out soft, quiet, behind the rim of her glass as she smiled.

Nice to meet you too, Bobby.


Night after night, {Y/N} found herself waiting in line for the Ace of Spades.

Night after night, she sat herself down on the stool at the end of the bar.

Night after night, {Y/N} tried the new drink that Bobby had prepared for her.

Night after night, she talked away the outside world with the bartender that got in trouble for neglecting customers.

Night after night, {Y/N} missed the eyes that watched her from across the room.

It had been three weeks since her first visit to the notorious club. She never got up to dance, or mingle with the fellow young people that crowded through the doors. Instead she stayed perched on her, practically labelled, seat and made easy conversation with her new friend. But that night, she’d caught the obsession of the man across the room. A man that had watched her every night since she waltzed over the threshold in her skinny jeans and plaid shirt jacket. The crowd of dancing guests parted with stumbling feet when he made a beeline for the bar. His dark stare had Bobby turning pale, fleeing from where he leant on the countertop to carry out incoming orders. Confused, and even a little sad, {Y/N} sipped her latest cocktail as she watched the young bartender work with shaky hands. Her body tensed when a hand curled over her shoulder, warm breath brushing past her ear when the figure behind her leant down.

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty…

A shiver ran down her spine when he spoke, slowly setting her glass down on the sticky counter. The grip on her shoulder tightened slightly as he turned her, spinning {Y/N} on the stool until she faced him. Shocked gasp caught in her throat when she met his gaze, a pair of sea green eyes that seemed to glitter brighter than the dye of his matching hair. Silver grill shined in the stream lights that flew around the room, defined by red stained lips that spread wide in a crazed smile. Pale skin seemed almost translucent, decorated in black ink in no particular organisation.

Y-you… you’re the Joker…

Gold star for the lady.

His voice was deep and husky, the sound causing goosebumps to rise over her skin with every word. Swallowing the lump that threatened to grow in her throat, {Y/N} inhaled a shaky breath.

H-how can I help you, sir?

Hands resting on her thighs, his spine bent back as he laughed at her terminology. She looked around the club with a slight tremble to her shoulders, hoping to catch the eye of someone who could help her from her predicament. Nobody dared to glance their way, it was obvious with the way people had turned their backs and drifted away that disturbing the maniac that trapped her was a dangerous affair. When his gaze returned to her fearful profile, his head tilted in an inquisitive expression. Lifting his left hand, cool fingertips lightly grasped the skin of her cheeks. A smile brightened his curious eyes as he looked over the ink on the back of his hand and how it made the girl in his captive seem happy.

I’d like to see you with a smile, can you smile for me?

Removing his hand from her face slowly, he watched the muscles of her lips twitch upward upon his request.

Such a pretty girl.

Th-thank you…

Her body tensed when his frame pressed closer, the counter’s edge probing at her spine as she leant back. When his hands found their way to her upper thighs, {Y/N} closed her eyes tightly in hope that submitting to his will would keep her alive. The grasp he held on the slight pudge of her legs moved them until she was encasing his hips.

Open your eyes sweetheart, Daddy wants to talk.

Holding back a whimper of fear, she let her eyelashes flutter open until he was overwhelming her vision. The grin on his face seemed to reach across from ear to ear, crinkling the shadows of his eyes until he was merely squinting at the girl under his hold.

You see, my girl over there, she’s been watching you for a while. She likes you… She wants you…

Though his voice trailed off to a quiet whisper in her ear, the demand laced in his tone caused that familiar tremble to return to her shoulders.

So what d’ya say, princess? Wanna come meet my girl?

Mind racing with a thousand responses a second, she knew what her only choice could be.


A low growl vibrated up his throat, the metal casing his teeth pinching her soft earlobe for a split second.

Yes, what?

Chest jumping in shock, {Y/N}’s breathing stopped for a short moment.

Yes… Daddy.

His excitable laugh filled the room, once again bending backwards with the stretch of his spinal cord. Letting her legs fall from around him, Joker pulled her from the stool with his grip tight around the curve of her hips. Stepping aside, he pushed her forward through the crowd of tangled and sweating limbs. With a stumble of her feet, {Y/N} moved amongst the fearful clubbers as they stepped aside to form a pathway once again. Eyes kept on the ground, she stopped when gold beads entered the upper peripheral of her vision. Warmth spread through her back when a hard chest pressed against her. His breath easily found her ear, breathing staggered as he watched the figure that danced behind the beaded curtain.

Time to meet Daddy’s girl.

Slender limbs stopped in their tracks, sky blue irises darting across the VIP clearing to eye up the small figure that cowered in Joker’s arms.

Aw, Puddin’! You got me a cutie!

You know I’d do anything for y-

Suddenly the whole club was filled with smoke, voices echoing off the walls amidst repetitive rounds of gunshots. Joker’s hands pressed firmly into the shoulder blades of the figure in front of him, pushing her across the VIP threshold. Unsturdy legs stumbled beneath her, wobbly knees leaving her falling forward with the momentum of what shoved her. High pitched giggling obstructed her hearing, rough sequins scratching over the bare of her stomach revealed under her lifted shirt. Shaking arms lifted her slightly from the pale figure beneath her.

I… I’m…

Nimble finger pressed against {Y/N}’s lips, keeping her quiet as the scantily dressed female beneath her found ease in rolling them a short way across the floor. Harley’s slim frame settled over the jittery girl.

Quiet, sugar. Looks like the filth want another shot at caging my Puddin’.

Nodding slightly, {Y/N} tried to relax her breathing against the smooth skin of the palm resting over her mouth. Harley made herself comfy between jean clad legs, listening to the fisticuffs that occurred beyond the shadows of their hiding spot. She focused on the familiar voices of her partner and his men, making mental notes of the plans they were conjuring through code.

And then… things went quiet.

Cautious and slow, Harley helped her fearful captive from the darkness under the table. Looking around, the two women saw the wasteland that was now the ‘Ace of Spades’. {Y/N} turned to the girl with tri-tone hair, vocals shaky as she tried to speak.

So… what do we do now?

Bright eyes burning into her, {Y/N} tried to fight the urge bubbling within her to flee.

Well sugar, you’re coming home with me. And until my Puddin’ gets out, you’re mine.

Wh-what…? Why?

Stepping closer, the insane figure held {Y/N}’s chin between thumb and forefinger so that their eyes locked easily.

I want a pet. Someone to play with me. And my Puddin’ is letting me have you. My. Pretty. Little. Pet.

Here is a continuation of this little snippet from awhile back. I’ve had it in my drafts like almost right after, but I just can’t get it to go the way I wanted. So I figured I’d just finish it off and post it anyways. Hope you enjoy it!

Word Count: 2143

Fandom: gt jacksepticeye fanclub, gtjsefanclub

Content: Fluffy fluff stuffs. 

Notes: Hitting alt + 0233 will produce the é if you wanna spell Séan’s name with the accent mark. 

You sit up with a start and shove roughly at the heavy, hot blanket as you wake up, remembering everything that had happened before you fell asleep. Before you could really gather your bearings, a coughing fit wracks your body and your throat burns.

“Whoa there!” came a voice from slightly above, behind and oddly below you. You feel light pressure on your back move up and down as you cough and suddenly a large hand was presenting a thimble half filled with water. You take it and down as much as you can, sighing as the water soothes the cough and soreness and the pressure relaxes your back muscles.

“There we go. Much better!” the human said and you finally glance up and behind you.

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Day Three (One exception au): “Everything is the same except we had the Library AND the Campfire ;)”

Word Count:1,820

Rating:SH for Should’ve Happened! A.K.A PG!

Author’s Note: My exception is PAPPY JOE! You’ll see why. ;)

“You couldn’t watch him because you were afraid something would happen to him because you like him. You make fun of him because you like him. And you’ve never told me that either. Well, you’re right. I love him like a brother.” Riley looked off into the distance as her heart collapsed. “That’s how I love him.”

Before Maya could say anything, Riley ran off. In that moment, it was clear that her little Ray of Sunshine was lying. She kicked the ground hard. The words she spoke were true but not all at the same time! Yes, she liked Lucas and yes, she thought Riley liked him as a brother, BUT Riley also had never really spent time with a boy that wasn’t a brother, a dad, an uncle or a Farkle, so who was she to say they were like siblings? On the other hand, they acted very much a like and he did call her a blonde beauty and really showed some passion when it came to the art program being cut. BUT he was passionate about all of his friends. BUT he did have a fiery side that really got her going. BUT he didn’t like that side of himself and was striving to change, to be more like Riley… BUT- 

She jumped up and started kicking the nearest thing to her which was a tree stump. WHY WAS THIS ALL SO CONFUSING!  Why couldn’t she just speak what she was feeling?! Why couldn’t someone just tell her what to do!

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Dersha Fiction: skylines: the prequel (chapter 7)

Thank you for all the love and support on this series! Here’s a link to chapter 6 if you missed it. Enjoy!

Chapter Inspiration Song: Make You Feel Beautiful- Ruben Studdard

Derek Roman seen getting cozy with Devil Girl.

The news headlines were coming in fast. Story after story and people making up their own stories. The media was having a heyday with the pictures of Derek and Ahsha.

Derek woke up to a call from his agent. “Roman, what the hell were you thinking,” he yelled without even saying hello or good morning first.

Still half asleep, Derek managed to grumble, “Think about what?” Wiping sleep from his eyes, Derek sat up against the headboard.

“You haven’t been watching the news? Your face is plastered all over the place and you’re all hugged up on a dancer. I’m tired of fixing your mess,” the agent continued, finally getting his client’s full attention.

“Dude, what are you talking about,” Derek asked, not appreciating the tone Greg was using with him.

“Oh my God, Roman. Have some responsibility, will you? Your face is on everything right now and there’s pics going around with you kissing one of the Devil Girls. Access Hollywood is having a field day with them,” Greg explained, getting irritated with Derek’s oblivious response.

“Wait, what? What pictures,” Derek questioned, reaching for the remote and flipping the channel to a celebrity entertainment station. The first thing he saw was a picture of him and Ahsha at the bowling alley. Sure enough, there was the photo of them kissing. “Shit! Who the hell took these pictures?”

“Don’t know. Obviously, someone looking for a story. I mean, paying $500,000 for a dance kinda draws attention. Don’t you think?”

Derek’s heart sunk. This was the last thing he wanted. Ahsha loved to dance and this was a dream for her. Now all of that could be gone by the end of the day.

“How can we fix it? Ahsha’s going to be fired,” Derek added, getting out of bed and pacing his room.

“You’re my client, not your chicks on the side,” Greg spat. Derek wasn’t here for being scolded like a child.

“Greg, you work for me and if you keep talking to me as if you don’t, then your ass is going to be out of a job,” Derek shot back. “Now, what can you do to help Ahsha?”

“I don’t know. I’m not your publicist, Derek. All I can say is deny everything. Say things got heated on your charity date, but it’s nothing to see,” Greg replied, his tone much calmer. “But I’m not sure anyone can save her job. The girl is going to be fired for bringing bad press. Period.”

Derek scoffed, “The organization brings enough bad press to itself. Look, you’re my agent and I’m asking you to help me fix this. Call whoever you need to.”

Greg sighed, “With these pictures out, I don’t know what can be done. They have proof, Derek. I’ll try to figure this out before the end of the day but there are no guarantees.”  

Usually Derek was good at fixing things in his favor, but he didn’t feel too positive about this.


Pete and Sloane were sitting at the kitchen island when they heard the news on their kitchen television.
The media was spinning this story in order to bash their daughter. Painting her as a spoiled, privileged woman who was seeking fame through a baller. Ahsha was nothing like that but the media didn’t care. They’d say anything for money and praise.

“What was she even doing with this guy,” the father fussed. Sloane didn’t answer when she saw her daughter walking into the kitchen with a look of horror on her face.

“Ahsha,” Sloane began, not even knowing where to start.

“I-how did this happen,” Ahsha gasped, rushing over to turn the television off.

“The real question is why were you with one of the players,” Pete questioned firmly.

“We were on a date for charity,” the dancer answered, looking down at the counter.

“Baby, I warned you about this guy,” Sloane added. Hearing ‘I told you so’ from a parent was one of the worst feelings ever.

“This wasn’t on him,” Ahsha chimed in. “Oh my God, they are going to fire me.”

“Ahsha, when you make these types of decisions there are consequences,” her father replied. “What were you thinking?” Not only was the media questioning Ahsha’s character, but they put her family in the mess. With Pete being a General Manager for a NFL team, this put him in an awkward spot. His team also had rules against players and cheerleaders being involved. Now his daughter was in the news for the very thing he didn’t want his team in the news for.

“I wasn’t thinking,” Ahsha admitted. All she wanted to do was bury herself under the covers and not come out until this all blew over. “I’m sorry for dragging you two into this mess.” Yes, they were disappointed but that didn’t stop Sloane and Pete from having their child’s back.

“Sweetie, don’t ever think we don’t have your back because we do. Nothing’s changed,” Pete voiced, hugging Ahsha’s shoulders. Pete’s phone rang, breaking up their moment. “Better take this. Probably the press wanting a quote. This will be taken care of, don’t worry.” Placing a kiss on Ahsha’s forehead, Pete then kissed his wife and answered the call.

“You’ll be fine. Eventually it will blow over. You know who you are as a person, so don’t let what the media is saying make you think otherwise.” Sloane encouraged, knowing words wouldn’t take away the hurt and embarrassment.

“Thanks,” Ahsha mumbled, laying her head on her mother’s shoulder. No matter what, a mother’s love always made you feel better.


Phones had been ringing off the hook. Everyone wanted quotes and stories from Derek and Ahsha. Are you really dating Derek Roman? Are you getting fired from the Devil Girls? How does your father feel about this?

Ahsha had taken her phone off the hook and refused to turn on the television. Derek was headed over to talk to her. Honestly, she didn’t know what they needed to talk about right now. There was no way to fix this with pictures floating around. None of it could be denied. Ahsha had already spoken with the Devil Girls director and it was still up in the air whether Ahsha would be fired or not.

One thing was for sure, if she remained a Devil Girl, she had to leave Derek alone. That wouldn’t be easy and it wasn’t even about the sex. They had gotten close on another level and this would hurt. Sloane and Pete were out, so this gave Derek and Ahsha some privacy.

“Hey,” Derek said, as Ahsha opened the door.

“Hey, come on in,” Ahsha muttered softly, the sadness in her voice breaking Derek’s heart.

“Ahsha, I’m so sorry about this. No one ever comes up in that place like that. Swear I had no idea,” Derek apologized, putting his hands on Ahsha’s shoulders.

“We both knew it was wrong, so it’s not all on you,” she replied, hanging her head. “They are probably going to fire me. I know she will.”

Derek felt helpless because he couldn’t figure out what to do to help. The rules were the rules and sadly the Devil Girls felt the consequences when those rules were broken. Players on the other hand, didn’t feel anything, but praise for smashing a dancer. Disgusting, but it was their reality.

“I have a feeling I know who is behind this too. Jasmine was talking shit the other day and your name came up,” Ahsha added, now getting pissed because Jasmine could have possibly been behind the madness.

Derek perked up at the thought of Jasmine having something to do with the media getting pictures. Jasmine may have been his best friend’s girl, but Derek saw through her shit. He saw how she used intimidation with her team to bully them into doing what she wanted. He never got involved with any of Jasmine’s shenanigans, but this was one situation he would have to handle. “You really think she did it,” he questioned, watching Ahsha bury her face in her hands.

“I don’t want to falsely accuse but it would make sense. She’s been on my ass since I got on the team. Looks like she got what she wanted. Me off the team,” Ahsha groaned. “Shit!” Her hand connected with the counter causing her palm to burn.

“I’m so sorry,” Derek said, kissing Ahsha’s forehead and wrapping her up in a warm hug.  

“I worked hard for this and now it’s all gone,” she sighed, resting her head against Derek’s chest.

“I know,” he added, hugging her tighter. He hated that he couldn’t do anything but comfort Ahsha. He also knew that whatever they had going on was over. There was no way they could continue this with the media painting Ahsha as a groupie, he couldn’t allow himself to sit back and watch her get pulled through the mud.

As much as it hurt, Derek had to let her go. “So, this is goodbye, I guess,” Ahsha asked, knowing the answer to her own question. The way he was squeezing her answered that. This was the end of whatever they were building for the last several weeks.

“Yeah, I guess so,” he said, not wanting to let go. “Maybe they will let you keep your job if you tell them we are done.” Those words sounded so final. Neither of them wanted this, though they had no choice. “I’m sorry this shit had to happen. If I hadn’t-“

“Derek, this isn’t just on you. I knew the rules and broke them along with you. I can’t even be mad if they let me go,” Ahsha stated, pulling out of his grip. “Guess I’ll see you around?”

“Yeah,” the baller answered, staring back at her with pain in his eyes. Placing a hand on her hips, he pulled her to his lips. Not wanting to make this decision even harder, he left it at a peck. Derek couldn’t even look at Ahsha as he turned to leave.

As soon as the door shut, the tears immediately rolled down Ahsha’s cheeks. She finally had an understanding of the feelings that had formed.

She was falling in love with Derek Roman.

By the time Derek reached his car, he was fuming. If Jasmine somehow was involved in this, they were going to have major problems. He sped to the interstate and headed to Terrence’s condo on the other side of town. The sadness on Ahsha’s face replayed in his mind over and over again and only pissed him off even more.

When he reached Terrence’s place, the baller was buzzed in. “Yo, T, we gotta talk,” Derek exclaimed, inviting himself inside. “I’m sure you’ve seen the news.”

“Yeah, it’s kinda hard to miss it. What’s up,” Terrence asked, grabbing two waters out of the fridge and sliding one across the counter.

“You know I don’t get involved with you or your girl, but has Jasmine mentioned anything about me or Ahsha?”

Terrence squinted. “Nah, not that I know of. I know she doesn’t get along with Ahsha for whatever reason, but I stay out of that.”

Derek’s mind got to rolling. Jasmine was always disliking people for no good reason. “Imma just get straight to the point. Has Jasmine ever mentioned trying to get Ahsha off the team?”

“Look man, I don’t get involved with Jasmine and the girls. Are you trying to say Jasmine got her fired,” Terrence added defensively. “Because if I’m not mistaken, ya’ll were the ones fucking around.”

“Like you and Jasmine were doing not too long ago,” Derek asked, cocking a brow. “I’m just asking because it’s real funny how my name popped up in a convo Jasmine’s was having. You know how Jasmine can be, man. I don’t put anything past her and I don’t mean any disrespect by that. I’m coming to you because you’re my brother and that’s your girl.” Derek expressed. The door buzzer interrupted Terrence’s reply.

“That’s Jasmine,” he muttered, heading towards the front door. Sure, enough when Terrence opened the door, Jasmine’s bright smile was there to greet him.

“Hey baby. Did you see the news about Derek and the rookie? Swear Derek will fuck anything walking. Don’t know what he saw in her. Bet she feels dumb since her ass will probably be off the team by the end of the day,” Jasmine rambled, not even noticing Derek standing in the kitchen. Terrence tried to shush her but she didn’t stop until she saw the 6’3 baller sitting at the counter. “Oh!”

“Yeah, oh,” Derek sneered.

“I didn’t-“

“No need to explain what you did mean to say,” Derek interrupted standing to his feet.

Seeing that this situation had the potential to turn hostile, Terrence stepped in, “J, can you give us a minute,” he suggested. Jasmine didn’t even argue and retreated towards the bathroom, leaving Derek and Terrence alone. “I’m sorry about that.”

By now, Derek was seeing red. “You still think your girl is a perfect angel,” Derek asked, his blood boiling. “Because to me, it’s looking like she wanted her gone. I’m coming to you man to man because I thought it would be disrespectful to step to Jasmine myself. But your girl needs to chill out.”

Just then, Jasmine reappeared, “I can speak for myself,” she snapped. “You mad because she is going to get fired? Maybe you two should have been a little more careful. Paying $500,000 to dance with her, the flirting that you two think no one sees. Please!”

She was talking entirely too much. Terrence soaked it all in and thought back to the couple of times Jasmine mentioned Ahsha. Of course, she wasn’t too fond of the new Devil Girl and Jasmine had a problem with jealously. That was one thing he couldn’t stand about her because he knew it would eventually cause an issue. “Jasmine,” Terrence said, standing in front of the petite woman.

“Nah, let her keep talking since she’s telling on herself. How miserable can you be? Ahsha has never done a thing to you but you’re constantly being hateful, for what,” Derek argued. “What you’re not going to do is mess with me and mines. I refuse to sit back and let you think you have that much control. You’re not even worth my breath. Terrence, good luck with this one because she’ll probably burn you too.” Derek grabbed his keys, pushed past the couple, and rushed out the door before he said something he would regret.

When the door slammed shut, Hurricane Jasmine unleased her fury on her boyfriend. “So, you’re just going to let that motherfucker talk to me like that!”

“Did you have those people take pictures and leak them to the press, Jasmine,” Terrence asked calmly, not even looking at her. The way he was feeling right now, he couldn’t actually look into those hazel eyes. Jasmine wouldn’t stoop this low, would she? But, the way she acted towards Derek was quite telling.

“What,” Jasmine exclaimed, her eyes filled with worry. Everyone knew how evil Jasmine could be towards people not named Terrence Wall. That’s why she didn’t have anyone in her corner. No one but the one person staring back at her now, with a look of distrust. The one person who saw a glimmer of good in her.

“Jasmine, I will ask you one more time. Did you set this shit up,” he repeated, this time his voice rising.

Looking in Terrence’s eyes, Jasmine already knew what he believed.  “I did this for us, baby. You always said no one could take our shine and I-“

“Wow! You did this for us, huh? Really,” Terrence yelled, pulling away when she reached for him. “You stabbed a friend in the back and expect me to look past that because you supposedly did it for us? No, you did this for yourself. All because you can’t stand to see someone else threaten what you’ve built.”


“You can’t seem to trust what we have! That’s not enough. You have to bring others down just so you have power and that’s what you love. You love the thought of building an empire together because you want power. Not because you want me or this. I gave you benefit of the doubt knowing what you’ve gone through. I’m done making excuses for you, Jasmine. You got me out here looking like a damn fool. You’re flat out cruel,” he continued, not even phased by her tears. “Cry all you want but you gotta bounce up out of my crib.”

“Terrence…” Jasmine cried, quickly interrupted by Terrence’s finger pointing towards the door. She collected her belongings with tears in her eyes. Turning back to face Terrence she said, “You were supposed to have my back.”

“And I did,” he expressed. Maybe it was Jasmine that didn’t have his. Jasmine wasn’t done yet and she always had another plan. The captain had been abased and she had to fix her broken ego.


A Few Hours Later

The decision had been made. The Devils were letting Ahsha go after she broke the fraternization rule. At least that’s what she thought before Oscar Kincade called. That afternoon, the dancer was waiting in Oscar’s office. He had told her that Derek was also supposed to meet with them, but he wanted to speak with Ahsha first. For reasons, outside of this Derek situation.

“Finally, we get the chance to actually sit down and talk. Too bad it had to be on these terms,” Oscar chuckled. “How are you Ms. Davenport?”

“Wish I could say good, but I’m here, I guess,” she replied blandly. “What is it that you wanted with me?”

“Well, I had an offer and Jasmine wanted to speak with you,” Oscar continued, looking towards his office doorway, where the dance captain was standing.

“Hey rook,” Jasmine beamed, a totally different attitude from what she usually gave Ahsha any other day. “I’m sorry that all of this had to happen. Yes, we have rules but the media can be so messy and dangerous.”

Was this chick serious, Ahsha thought to herself. After all she had said and done, she was playing the caring role? “You’re too good of a dancer to let go. If you want, we are willing to work this out to keep you on the team.”  With that, Ahsha’s brow shot up.

“But I thought I was fired.”

“And you can be rehired. But that comes with a price,” Jasmine added, taking the seat next to Ahsha.

“Oh really? What exactly is that price,” Ahsha shot back, not biting the bait the way Jasmine assumed she would. She knew Ahsha loved to dance and she was living out a lifelong dream dancing with the Devil Girls. Most of the other girls jumped on this opportunity. “You want to dance, right? That dream can continue if you can-“

“What the hell is going on here,” a deep voice bellowed. The trio looked up to see Derek standing in the doorway. “I thought our meeting was at 3pm. What’s this?” Seeing Jasmine in Oscar’s office with Ahsha sent the baller into protective mode.

“We were just ending an impromptu meeting. Jasmine, maybe we can continue this discussion another day. I would like to speak with Mr. Roman and Ms. Davenport alone, please,” Oscar demanded, inviting Derek inside. Jasmine and Derek locked eyes as she left.  “So, as you know, the Devil Girl director fired Ahsha earlier today. There was a contract rule broken and it was only fair. But you know I’m a man that can turn any situation into a positive and this one is no different.”

Oscar Kincade was sounding like a used car salesman. Saying everything you wanted to hear but there was something he wanted to gain in the process. “Oscar, can you get to the point? How does this get Ahsha back on the team,” Derek asked, reaching over to grab Ahsha’s hand. The tension in her body subsided a bit.

“I was getting there. You two drew up a ton of buzz. With that buzz came what I’m assuming are fake accusations about Ms. Davenport. You appear to be a bright, young woman who just got caught up. Which is why I scheduled an interview with Access Hollywood and E News. The two of you could do a sit-down interview and set the record straight. There’s no hiding with the proof being out there. The media seems obsessed, might as well turn this thing around. How does that sound,” Oscar explained, looking pleased with his proposition.

Ahsha sat in silence for a few moments before answering, “And you will give me my job back if I basically go on television and tell the truth?”

“If the truth is interesting. I’m not a publicist, so I can’t tell you what to say. I’m telling you that we can turn this into good press and keep you on board.”

Derek cut in, “What do you get out of this, Oscar? Because I doubt this is an offer you’d make without some type of catch.”

“You know me we well, Mr. Roman. The catch is asses in my seats. People will come to see the new “it” thing in the arena. Terrence and Jasmine are stale news, but you two…have something that can be epic. Depending on how you handle this. Your choice.” He sat back against his plush leather chair. “I’ll give you 24 hours to sleep on it. Now I’m going to get back to work.”

That was Derek and Ahsha’s cue to leave. Ahsha was the first to leave the office while Derek stayed behind. “Whatever you and Jasmine are trying with Ahsha, stop,” Derek warned, before turning to leave.

He caught up with Ahsha halfway down the hall. “Ahsha, wait,” he called out, gently grabbing her arm.

“We’re basically selling ourselves to bring him money and attention,” Ahsha scoffed. “We aren’t an exhibit or shiny toy on display.”

“Just stop, so we can figure this out,” Derek suggested, pulling Ahsha over to the side. “It’s not ideal but you get to continue doing what you love. Isn’t that what you wanted, more than anything?”

The dancer’s eyes watered as she nodded.

“Baby, I got this. I got you. Fuck what reason Oscar has for doing this. WE can turn this for the better. That’s if you want to bother with it,” Derek explained. “I’m always here to protect you, you don’t need to worry about that. I promise, I got you. Alright?”

The stress of the day and the fear of the unknown, finally got to Ahsha. All she could do was rest her head on Derek’s chest and let the tears fall.

“That’s one promise I will always keep,” he repeated, wrapping his arms tightly around Ahsha’s small body. They were being tested.

Thank you all for reading! Hope you enjoyed this chapter.

not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all

Summary: The proposition is simple: fake-date the single scariest human being on the planet so Todoroki Shouto can go out with his brother. The thing is, with Bakugou, Kirishima thinks he may have signed up for more than he’d bargained for. (A 10 Things I Hate About You AU.)

For the absolutely lovely anon who sent in this prompt, and also for @yasbeych because I miss ya babe.

Kirishima’s been approached about a lot of weird things in his day.

There was, for example, the incident where he ran messages between Denki and Jirou for weeks until they finally realized that the Game Boy was just out of batteries, not broken. There was the Catastrophe, as his classmates liked to refer to it as, involving Mineta, some Sharpie markers, and the upstairs girls’ bathroom. There was that time last year that he helped Sero bury thirty pounds of Gushers underneath the compost pile.

Kirishima’s used to weirdness. At this point, he sort of expects it, to be honest.

What he does not expect is for the words, “I need you to ask Bakugou Katsuki out on a date,” to come out of Todoroki Shouto’s mouth.

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And Then It Hit Me

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Warnings: None 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name

REQUEST:  Hey! Can you write a Bucky imagine/smut where the reader is Bucky’s main doctor/therapist and because they are so focused on Bucky they don’t have a love life and no one hangs with them but Bucky loves them for it!


A/N: Thank you for the request. I didn’t add any smut as I was feeling more like writing fluff for this piece. Sorry it took so long! Let me know if you like it!

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For: Anon

Imagine: Being insecure about your voice and trying to hide it but Gally finds out.

From the moment you had tried to speak some sense into yourself in the box that brought you to the Glade you had hated the sound that escaped your lips. You were a girl for crying out loud, why didn’t your voice sound like one? You may not have had many memories, but one thing that you knew for sure was that a girl’s voice wasn’t supposed to be as manly as yours. 

During the first time that you spoke in the Glade you had forced your voice to be higher pitched, and ever since then you had stuck with it, though it was a struggle, you’d constantly have to remind yourself to keep up your act and every night you’d go to be with a sore throat. However, you had been in the Glade for a few months and luckily, no one had caught on to the fact that you were disguising your voice. 

You currently stood alone in the kitchen -you worked as a cook- cutting some vegetables. You jumped at the sound of a knock on the door; you turned to see Gally, “Mind if I get myself some water?”

You clear your throat in order to perfect your voice, “Not at all! Come in Gal.”

He poured himself a cup of water and chugged it down, he walked over to you and attempted to make some small talk, “So what’s for dinner tonight.”

“Oh you know, the usual,” He makes a disgusted face at your response causing you to giggle, “Hey, our food isn't that bad." 

"Whatever you say Y/N,” you roll you eyes at him and he excuses him, making his way to the door. 

You assume he’s out of earshot so you begin talking to yourself, normally, “God Y/N, you are the worst at small talk!" 

You hear the creak of a floorboard behind you and you almost fall over upon realizing that Gally heard you. He heard your voice. Your real voice. 

You speak up again, high-pitched this time, "Gally I-”

“Why do you talk like this Y/N?" 


“I mean you didn’t sound like this when you were talking to yourself, why now?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Come on Y/N, talk normally,” He looks a little hurt by the fact that you’re lying to him. 

“I am.”


“Alright fine,” you say in your normal voice, he doesn’t seem to be fazed, “Why? Why do you want to hear my horrendous voice Gally?”

“What are talking about Y/N? It’s not horrendous.”

“Yeah it is, I sound horrible, I hate my voice Gally,” Tears threaten to fill your eyes and you furiously blink them back. 

Gally gently touches a hand to your cheek, “it’s not Y/N, it’s unique, and I like it." 

"You do?”

“I do.”

“Thank you Gally,” you smile at him, his word aren’t just meant as a way of comforting, they’re genuine and you can tell. 

“Anytime Y/N, now I need to get back to work before Alby finds me slacking,” he leans down and places a peck on your cheek before walking out, leaving you feeling over the moon. 

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Positive - Johnny Imagine (Requested)


The cold tile of the floor sent chills up my spine as I slowly slid to the ground. One hand clutched my mouth as a tear rolled down my cheek, the other holding the tiny piece of plastic that would completely turn my world upside down.
I sighed deeply, my breath shaking as I read the small print over and over again.
I felt my chest tighten. The idea of having a child at 16 made my head spin. Especially when me and Johnny lived here, like this.
No. Not here - not this.
How could I let this happen?
We were too young and I was far too terrified to have a baby.
Hell, I was still in school. We both were.
And my family, lord; they’d never forgive me.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted when I heard my front door barge open. My eyes opened wide as if I were a deer caught in headlights.

“(Y/N)!” my boyfriend of two years, Johnny, called.

I heard his footsteps head down the hallway until he reached the bathroom door.

“(Y/N), you in here?”

I saw the knob turn and I slowly started to get up.

“Oh baby, you’ll never guess what happened at Bucks last night..” he said excitedly, stepping into the dim room.

“(Y/N)? Shoot, what’s wrong doll?” he said, rushing to my side suddenly at the sight of me in tears.

“Johnny I-I..”

How could I even begin to tell him something like this?

“What is it?” he asked, cupping my cheek gently.

I looked into his eyes; I could tell he was just as scared as I was.
I sighed deeply, then slowly reached my arm out to him. My hand shook in fear as I showed him the tiny test.
I loved Johnny, of course. I’ve loved him ever since I met him. But just something about this moment made me feel so sick and disconnected from him. I’d never been scared to tell Johnny anything before, but in this moment, I’ve never been more terrified of anything else in my life.

Seconds went by, what felt like years. Johnny let out a shaky breath and swallowed hard. His face looked drained from all expression, as I’m sure mine did too.

“I-It’ll be okay” he whispered.

“We’ll be okay…right (Y/N)?”

He looked up at me with glossy eyes as if I knew the answer. What was once my confident and lovable Johnny had disappeared in just minutes. I now recognized the same Johnny I’d met just a few years ago. The scared, quiet boy that always had a sad puppy dog look. A boy I hadn’t seen this terrified in years.

We stood there together in silence as the realization of what’s happening sank in.


“You’re sure your moms okay with me staying too?” I asked hastily as (Y/N) and I finished loading cans into the cabinets of her small kitchen.

“I told you Johnny, it’s fine.” she sighed.

I watched as she went to grab the last of the groceries. Her eyes winced in pain along with an irritated groan as she bent over to pick up the last bag. I immediately rushed to her side, rubbing her back as she hunched over in pain.

“Don’t worry baby, I got it” I said, taking the last bag from her hand.

“It’s fine Johnny. I’m fine!” she said, shoving my arm off of her. “I don’t need anymore help. I’ll finish the groceries myself.”

She then turned away, signaling me to back off.
What can I do?
(Y/N)’s been acting like this ever since we found out about the pregnancy. I know we’re both too young for this, but it doesn’t even seem like she wants to have the baby with me. She’s been pushing me away for days. I can’t believe a couple of kids like us even got into this in the first place. I figured doing mom and dad stuff would make us closer, but what if this just tears us apart?

I sighed and grabbed my jacket, heading out the front door. I felt the cool breeze of the Autumn air through my dark bangs as I walked down the street. I couldn’t tell you where I was going, just out thinking I guess. I watched the breeze flow through the trees as the yellow and brown leaves drifted away slowly. Summer was just over a month ago. It feels like just yesterday me, (Y/N), and the rest of the gang were taking trips to the lake and messing around with each other on our way to the movies. Who knew our lives could be changed forever.

I felt a hot tear run down my cheek. I wiped it away quickly. Even though the street was empty, I couldn’t be out here showing weakness. I had to stay tuff. Tuff for me, tuff for (Y/N), and mostly, tuff for our baby. I knew I shouldn’t be wasting my time crying over the way things used to be anyway, but shoot, I’ve always been sensitive. What if I couldn’t handle all the pressure? What if I wasn’t a good enough dad? What if I was a terrible father just like mine was? I couldn’t let that happen.

My old converse skimmed against the dusty road as I found myself wondering in front of my best friend Ponyboy’s house.

I had told the guys about the baby coming last week, and they’d looked just about as scared as I did. The only one that seemed to be excited was Soda. But he’s always smiling like that. I haven’t seen my buddies in a while, since we’ve been stressin and preparing for the future. I walked up to the front porch hesitantly and knocked on the door.

“What the hell do ya wan- Hey?! Johhny!” Dally’s eyes about popped out of his head as soon as he saw me at the door.

“Guys! Come here, it’s Johnnycake” he said excitedly, wrapping his arms around me and giving me his best knuckle-sandwich.

“Ay! Johnny boy! Johnny come here!” the guys yelled from inside the house.
I stepped in and was suddenly attacked by a flock of wild greasers.

“How ya been kid?” Two-Bit asked when everyone finally pulled away.

“Johnny, what’s wrong?” Pony asked, his features changing suddenly.

I guess he could tell I was upset. He did know me better than anyone else.

“Ay, what’s going on Johnny? Did something happen with your psycho mom again?” Dally butt in.

“Nah, guys. Its nothin” I replied, looking at the ground lowly.

“Aw come on kid, you know you can talk to us” Soda said, giving me a small smile.

“It’s just..” I started, “I-I don’t even know guys. A bunch of shit’s just been going on with me and (Y/N), and I don’t even know what to think anymore -“

I felt myself starting to tear up as I rambled on and on.

“I don’t know, I guess I just expected this to be better. But, shoot - things just ain’t the same anymore, ya know?”

I felt my heart rate start to increase and figured I just might have a panic attack or something.

“Listen Johnny” Dally said, shaking his head, “Sometimes no matter how hard ya try, a broad ain’t gonna be pleased with what you do for her”.

“Yeah Johnnycake, you know how them chicks can be” Two-Bit chuckled.

“I just wish there was a way I could make her happy again” I sighed.
“Even with the baby on the way.”

“Listen to me Johnny,” Steve spoke up, “One day you and (Y/N) are gonna work all these things out, you’re gonna pop out that beautiful little baby of yours, and every things gonna be okay kid.“

“Yeah Johnny. Just make sure she knows how much you love her” Soda said.

“Yeah, and the baby too.” Two-Bit assured me.

“I know you’re scared kid, hell, I would be too. But I promise it’s gonna be okay Johnny. We got your back, alright?” Dallas said, looking in my eyes to show he really meant it.

“Alright Dal” I smiled.

“Now go prove to (Y/N) that you’re gonna keep her and that baby safe!” Two-Bit said, jumping up and letting out an excited “yee-haw” noise.

I gotta admit, these guys are way too rowdy. But they’re the best friends a guy could ask for.

I made my way out the house, the guys cheering behind me. Even though I knew I could get a little soft sometimes, they were completely right about everything. I know this is just as hard for (Y/N) as it is for me, so I’m gonna do everything I can to make her feel alright.

Fifteen minutes later I stood outside her door with some flowers and a lot on my mind.

“Johnny?” she asked confused, opening the door.

“Baby, listen..” I started.

“Johnny I-It’s fine..I got way too worked up earlier and-“

“No (Y/N), listen” I cut her off.

“I remember the first night I saw you standing there at the drive in; I knew you were somethin special. You’re honestly the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. And even though I may be way too young to know anything about love, I know that you’re the only person I’d want to spend the rest of my days with. I promise to make this work. I can’t..I won’t end up like my parents. I know you’ll make a perfect mother for this baby” I said, setting a gentle hand on her stomach, “and I promise to love you and whoever this turns out to be, with all of my heart; for the rest of my life.”

I took a deep breath slowly, expecting a door slamming in my face as a response.

“Oh Johnny, I’m so sorry” (Y/N) choked out, tears running down her cheeks.

“I love you so much” she whispered, lunging towards me and throwing her arms around me.

“I love you too babygirl” I whispered with my arms around her waist.
“So damn much.”  

This Fluff

just a taste of how these men are ruining my life ….

Nate stepped around Mike going to retrieve one of the many takeaway menus stuck to the fridge, Nate hummed in thought “Sounds like you need a night of from cooking , take out or I could try and fix something together for us to eat?” , Mike leaned back against the counter “While you are a man of many talents , “ Mike made a suggestive eyebrow wiggle “The thoughts of you trying to cook still fill me with more fear than entire battalion of Saddam’s finest “

A look of mock horror and outrage filled Nate’s face “ Fuck you! I remember clearly the first week you were here , you extolling the virtues of my grilled cheese “

“That may have been a strategic move on my part “ a slightly sheepish grin appeared  on mike’s face

Nate arched an eyebrow in response “Oh”

Pulling Nate flush against him, he started pressing kisses along Nate’s jaw ,

“Well , I was trying to get laid at the time , and mocking your culinary skills at the time may have worked against the prefered objective “ Nate could feel the smirk in Mike’s voice

“A smart tactic , I must agree, yet now you have no qualms in mocking my skills in the kitchen “ smacking Mike in the chest playfully, Mike stepped back holding his hands up in surrender “face it, Nate I’m a bad man , but you still love me anyway “ Mike managed to duck the dish cloth that was thrown at him, chuckling as he headed off to shower