oh no oh nooooo

  • courf: [gently touches the sleeping ferre]
  • ferre: [makes a tiny ferre noise]
  • courf: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooooo ohh noo ohhhhh nooooooo oh no oh nooooo oh my god oh noooo

Sehun owes me a new head of hair.

Camila, being nostalgic as she introduces OT4 on Radio Disney
  • C: and here are my girls, Fifth -- or wait, fourth? Umm, Harmony!
  • N: girl, I wanna like you but it's better if you just don't speak..
  • D: *mumbles* yeah, shut up.
  • C: I know you don't want me anymore, by the look on your face...
  • A: Mila, we could have reached the top, as high as a Skyscraper, but you left us. We were hurt..
  • C: won't you give me a chance? No no no, no no nooooo oh oh oh!?
  • L: sorry Camzzi, but We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.
  • C: Anything Could Happen..
  • L: Impossible!
  • C: I miss you, Lauren.
  • L: Give My Heart A Break.
  • C: *sighs* Let it be... Let it be let it be let it be...

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♛: Sharing a dessert + ziall omggggg pretty please with a cherry on top :P

“You’ve lost your mind,” Zayn whined, leaning back on his chair. He wondered if unbuttoning his jeans would be considered impolite.

“But I’ve spent so much time making it, you have to try at least!” Niall insisted.

Zayn cursed under his breath. It wasn’t like he didn’t appreciate Niall’s work. He really did and this evening was the best he had had since a very long time. His boyfriend surprised him with a lovely dinner with wine, candles and playing footsie under the table, as if they’d just started dating. It was perfect and the food was absolutely delicious; Zayn couldn’t resist it and cleaned up his plate really quickly. Now, he wasn’t really able to move anymore and yet, Niall still tried to make him eat dessert. His boyfriend was a monster.

Speaking of which, Niall leaned forward with puppy eyes and a small pout on his face. “Please, Zee, do it for me. We can share, yeah?”

The dark haired boy growled, accepting his defeat. “But we’re gonna move to the couch. I feel like I need to lie down.”

As an answer, Niall only sent him a big grin before he bounced up from his chair and went to get them the dessert. How he could move so fast after all that food, Zayn had no idea. It took him, like, a day to reach the couch and plonk down on it. He tried to make himself comfortable when Niall entered the room, holding a plate with a huge piece of strawberry cheesecake, barely visible under the tons of whipped cream.

“You really want me to throw up at you?” Zayn sighed, moving a bit so Niall could sit beside him.

“I’d appreciate if you didn’t,” Niall chuckled, stretching his legs and resting his heels on the table.

He took a bit of the cake with the fork and tried to feed Zayn with it. However, the move he made towards his boyfriend was a bit imprecise. Instead of putting the food into Zayn’s mouth, Niall jabbed his lower lip with a fork. Zayn jerked back, smearing the cake across his cheek and eventually knocking it over in the process. He looked down at his dirty shirt and then glanced back at Niall who only smiled sheepishly. Before Zayn could say anything, he felt Niall’s warm, wet tongue on his cheek, when the blonde boy licked the whipped cream from his face.

“You’re so sweet, Zaynie!” Niall laughed, very proud of himself, apparently.

“And you’re disgusting,” Zayn answered, reaching to take the fork from Niall. “Gimme that before you’ll hurt someone again.”

He had to admit, the cake tasted wonderful, but he really didn’t mind that Niall eat almost all of it.

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