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Can i get some uhhhhhhhh 2Doc nsfw with 2D as a maid? 🅱️ank you

first of all, what the fuck is this??? Second of all??? Idk why I’m writing this?????? I have lost all credibility as a writer and I’ve had this blog for two (2) days

2D tilted his head and frowned, inspecting his reflection in the mirror. It was still missing something. He scratched his head before remembering the pièce de résistance. His headpiece. He snatched the frilly lace bonnet from his windowsill and placed it gingerly amidst his blue tufts of hair poking out in every which direction. He reevaluated himself in the mirror, nitpicking at every detail, and eventually gave himself a large, toothy grin. He felt inexplicable about his new fetish for being a servant. He had never realized how much he enjoyed being belittled, demeaned and barked at. Of course, he knew that Murdoc’s behavior towards him wasn’t healthy, but he couldn’t help feeling a little aroused at times when Murdoc would call him names. The times when Murdoc secretly showed kindness after being particularly rude were the times that 2D fantasized about. Before the events of plastic beach, Murdoc and 2D had a mutual relationship that functioned pretty much in this fashion. 2D missed those days on more than one occasion. Things were getting better with Murdoc. They weren’t perfect—2D still had panic attacks on occasion due to Murdoc—but they were improving. The two of them went to counseling together, which helped a great deal. Today happened to be one of those days that 2D yearned for his old relationship with Murdoc. As he stared at himself in the mirror, he imagined all of the things Murdoc could say to him; all of the things Murdoc could do to him. He closed his eyes, allowing his fantasies to run wild.
“Oi, what the hell are ya wearin’, faceache?” a gruff voice spat from the doorway. “Muds! I d-didn’t fink yew were gonna b-be home yet!” 2D sputtered, both embarrassed and aroused. “Ya didn’t answer my question,” Murdoc slurred, making it apparent to 2D that he was drunker than usual. “I was just, erm, tryin’ it on…for fun I s'pose,” 2D said, looking down and scuffing his toe into the floor dejectedly. “Well,” Murdoc drawled on, taking a few steps closer as he talked, “you don’t really have the figure to pull it off, not rrrreally. Your shoulders look too bony, and your legs are too skinny. But…you’ve got a good enough butt,” Murdoc continued, objectifying 2D like he was a hatstand. 2D’s lust-filled eyes met Murdoc’s. “Oh, I -I-I see what it is,” Murdoc stumbled across his words, inching closer to 2D until his hot, booze-scented breath grazed his face, “you need someone to contrrrol you. You want someone to teach you a lesson…make you behave…” Murdoc continued, whispering heavily with a scratchy voice. 2D nodded, “That would be nice,” 2D replied his voice nearly cracking, and his breathing heavy. Murdoc hummed gutterally, “Well, aren’t you lucky, because I’m in just the mood to provide,” he tantalized. “You know what you are?” Murdoc questioned playfully as he circled 2D, soaking in his subservient appearance. “Wha’ would that be, Murdoc?” 2D replied. “A dirty. Little. Whore. And not much more than that,” Murdoc responded grinning and smacking 2D’s ass firmly. 2D’s sharp intake of breath pleased Murdoc who enjoyed feeling powerful and controlling. Murdoc’s words stung a little, but 2D knew it was all part of the game he craved playing with Murdoc. “Ya know what you’re gonna call me?” Murdoc grunted softly into 2D’s ear. “Wha’?” 2D whispered. “Sir. Now say it,” Murdoc commanded. “Yes, sir,” 2D said, complying. “Oh gooooood, you like to behave. That’ll pay off well for ya,” Murdoc teased with a devilish smirk as he kicked the backs of 2D’s knees, causing them to buckle and 2D to drop to the floor. “I just wanted to see ya on your knees,” Murdoc explained, “and I like what I see,” he carried on. Murdoc stepped in front of 2D, getting a thrill from the sight of 2D beneath him. He slapped 2D’s cheek gently but firmly. “Do you know what you have to do now?” Murdoc quizzed with a smirk. “Yes, sir,” 2D replied. “Beg for it,” Murdoc commanded, clenching a fistful of 2D’s silky, blue hair from the back of his neck. “Murdoc, please, I really want yew, please let suck your dick, I really want it,” 2D groveled. “Oooohh is that sooo?” Murdoc retorted, unbuckling his belt. Quickly, 2D took over for him, unzipping and removing his pants for him—after all, a maid is supposed to do the work. “May I please have it?” 2D said staring at Murdoc’s bulging underwear. “I don’t know, have you been a good enough boy?” Murdoc patronized, giving 2D another firm slap. “Please, sir, I’ll do anything,” 2D continued to snivel. “Anything? Well I’ll keep that in mind,” Murdoc taunted, “but for now, I think you’ve earned it.” “Thank yew, sir,” 2D sighed with relief. 2D immediately got to work pleasuring Murdoc. Murdoc tilted his head back and moaned in ecstasy, praising 2D when he did a particularly good job. “You’re doing such a good job, D, you’re being a really good boy,” Murdoc moaned. 2D, enthused by Murdoc’s compliments, sped up his pace and began to run Murdoc’s length as he sucked. Murdoc’s eyes rolled back into his head, and his breathing became ragged and uneven. “Stu, oh hail Satan, Stu don’t stop,” Murdoc cried, his knees becoming weak. 2D continued, attempting to deepthroat as he sucked. “Come on, D, you can manage,” Murdoc cooed from above as he gently guided 2D’s head farther towards him. “There ya go, attaboy,” Murdoc praised between staggered breaths as 2D finally succeeded in deepthroating. “Keep going, I’m so close,” Murdoc growled. Murdoc thrusted into 2D’s mouth one final time before finishing on, well, pretty much everything. “Oh sweet Lucifer,” Murdoc groaned as he released, before glancing down at the mess he’d created and chuckling. He gently pet 2D’s head and kneeled down to kiss him. “You did a good job, ya know,” Murdoc said, showering 2D in affection, “now, let’s get this cleaned up, shall we?”

She Goes For Older Guys

From this request: Could you do a fic where cash and luci are fighting over reader behind there back, only to find out she’s with Crowley? (Is would clearly be in a au where there reformed or something )

*High School!AU


“Congrats on getting into the play, Castiel!”

“Thank you, Y/N,” Cas said. He honestly couldn’t believe that his name was on the list. He’d only auditioned because you were in the drama club and he wanted to spend a little more time with you. He was expecting to be passed over, perhaps offered a spot on the crew, but he’d actually landed a part! “And congrats on getting the lead!”

You blushed. “Thanks. I honestly wasn’t expecting to get such a big part…”

“Are you kidding? You were great! Totally convincing. I knew as soon as you walked onto that stage that you were going to get it.”

You smiled. “It’s going to be great to work with you.”

“Just… take it easy on me. This is the first play I’ve ever done.”

You laughed and gently punched Cas in the shoulder before heading down the hall. Cas turned once again to the cast list—there it was. His name. Just a few names under yours.

“Hey, bro,” Lucifer said, coming up from behind Castiel. He grabbed him in a headlock, grinding his knuckles against Cas’ hair. “Whatcha doing?”

“Nothing, Lucifer. Get off of me.”

Lucifer looked at the bulletin board. “Whoa. Did you get a part in the play?”


“Ha. What a loser. Why’d you try out for the school play?” Lucifer studied the list a little longer. “Wait. Y/N got a part?”

“She got the lead.”

“Hm. I may have to find my way on the crew for the show… maybe I can be her personal dresser….”

Cas shoved his brother. “Don’t be a creep!”

“Hey, come on, man. She’s hot!” Lucifer studied his brother. “Wait. Is she the reason you tried out?”

“I… well…”

Lucifer smirked. “Well, well, well. Look who’s finally developed a crush on a real girl. Too bad I’m going to be the one to get her.”

“Shut up, Lucifer! She’d never go for a guy like you.”

“Oh, really? You wanna bet?”


Being the captain of the football team and the class president meant that Lucifer was able to convince the drama coach into letting him run the light board. So he became a steady part of your life, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon.

This worried Cas. True, he actually spent time onstage with you, but Lucifer still managed to find his way backstage to tell you some stupid joke or give you some sort of compliment.

Cas and Lucifer got into more scuffles at home because of it.

“Look,” Lucifer said one night, nursing a black eye while Cas tipped his head back to stop his nose from bleeding. “Let’s make a deal. After the show on opening night, we’ll tell her how we feel. Then she’ll choose one of us and the rest will be history.”

“Fine,” Cas said.

And so, opening night finally arrived. The show went fantastically. You were stunning, as usual. Cas didn’t flub a single line. Lucifer enjoyed the power of controlling the lights.

Afterward, the brothers stood in the lobby, watching as people came through and offered their praises to the cast. Once they were gone, Cas and Lucifer would approach you.

“Wait,” Cas said, watching as a young man stepped toward you. “Who’s that?”

The brothers watched as you wrapped your arms around the man, a huge smile on your face.

And then, to their horror, you kissed him.

“What the hell?” Lucifer asked. He headed over to you, despite Cas trying to pull him back.

“Oh, hey guys!” you said with a smile, your arm still wrapped around the man. “Great show, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, great,” Lucifer said. “Who’s this?”

“Oh, this is my boyfriend, Crowley. Crowley, this is Lucifer and Cas.”

“Nice to meet you,” the man said, holding a hand out.

Cas shook it, seeing that his brother would not.

“I don’t recognize you,” Lucifer said. “You go to a different high school?”

“He’s a college student,” you said, a proud sort of smile on your face.


You turned to Crowley. “I’m going to go get changed. Then we can go out?”

“I’ll be waiting here, love.”

The brothers slowly went backstage after saying goodbye to Crowley. “Well,” Lucifer said. “That… was unexpected.”

“A college guy?” Cas asked. “How…”

“Drop it, little brother. There’s no way you can get her away from a college guy. Might as well sit back and enjoy the friendzone.”

Cas was quiet for a few moments. “Well…. I’d rather be her friend than nothing at all.”

“You’re so weird.”

Forgive me, forgive me!”
You cried out with tears
coursing down your cheeks
and your tears are meteors
that fall to earth.
“Forgive me,” you cry and clutch,
oh how you clutch at the ends
of your Father’s robes.
His back is turned to you
and oh how he won’t look at you,
no, he doesn’t even give you a glance
or acknowledge our pleas.
“I thought this what you wanted,
I kept your commands!”
Father remains silent,
it weighs so heavily on you soul
and if you had wings they would droop.
Instead your beautiful golden light dims
and it begins to change from golden light
filtered through protective atmosphere
to a raging inferno of lava.
It’s nuclear fusion going on inside
and your thoughts are spinning
and if you were a bird in flight
you would have fallen to the earth
and your body would be broken.
But no, you have no body, no wings to carry you,
instead your heart leaps out of your chest
and is crushed when your father speaks,
“You are no child of mine, begone Satan,
you are not welcome here in my Eden.”
He doesn’t even acknowledge your name,
the name you were so proud to bare,
so proud to here from His lips
when He praised you for your song.
No, Father renames you from your proud name,
you are His adversary, Father’s enemy,
no longer Father’s beloved child.
You flee from Father, in anger, in hurt,
you curse His name, and oh how you
loathe His newest creation, Father’s Humans.
Oh how you vow,
“I won’t be Father’s enemy alone,
I will make Father’s creation my thralls,
I shall raise them against Him.
—  And So Father Turned His Back On You - CK

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"No! You keep her out of it. Fine, I'm technically supposed to be doing something elsewhere- and you know where. But unfortunately for you, you aren't in any position to tell me what to do so I'm taking an extended vacation doing what I do best." He grinned. "People watching. From the shadows. And occasionally reproduction but that is between you, me, and around six hundred others...I'm particularly fond of spawning, if you couldn't take a hint."

Lucifer rolled his eyes,”Oh no I really should involve her after all ought to be someway to send you back to hell there is still a system despite what you think.” He still kept a grip on the other eyes flashing a moment,”Or better yet you could meet your new gatekeeper sure my brother would love to drag you back to hell in fact he’d get praise for the task sure you’d hate that.”

He sighed in annoyance,”Yeah I get the hint which is why Mazikeen is going to enjoy dealing with you till you get locked up in hell under your new management and the system thereof.” Lucifer grabbed out his phone with his spare hand texting Maze smiling before pocketing the phone. 

“Maybe we can also make an example of what happens to the idiots like you who think I can’t still have say in hell from up here. After all new management and a different gatekeeper but I’m still not stupid enough to leave you pathetic lot to ruin my fun.” Lucifer’s eyes flashed one more time. “Mazikeen needs something to torture anyways it’s really a mess you’ve gotten into thinking you could just give me a middle finger and avoid responsibility for your actions.”