oh no lord jesus why


I like how Eren’s all worried and sweating about everyone and the cleaning that needs to be done; just to satisfy Levi. It’s like everyone is all like, “Idgaf about that dumb ass shit” and Eren’s all “DO ALL OF YOUR GODAMN WORK SO LEVI CAN LOVE ME”

And then it turns out that it didn’t come out very clean and everyone’s just like “oh well” and Eren is like “shitshitdamnit i forgot all about the table oh lord jesus why please forgive me heichou”. I just like how he wants to make Heichou happy :) 


Why? =))))))))

Today as a Narry...

Oh this hurts a bit…but i can handle this…

WOW…more pain…but i’m ok. Just as long as there is nothing else today..

OH Jesus…Lord…Why?

I…it hurts so good…but this is it, right? It can’t possibly get any worse, right?

dimples? We finally get dimples after months of a dimple-less existence.

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Trollando shrieking 




PLEASE LORD JESUS NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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why don't you like the herondales?

oh lord jesus I should have known I would get misinterpreted like this. I don’t dislike the Herondales. but I don’t think it’s fair that they’re given sooo much importance in Cassie’s books while other families and characters go practically unnoticed. There are innumerable amounts of shadowhunter families out there, but we don’t get to learn about them because we’re still learning about the Herondales. Too much of a good thing, like mairasrelicario was explaining. And too much of the same thing, that it’s causing the books to become dull and repetitive imo.

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Request where you are feeling very sad and grant does all these cheesy and fluffy things to try to make you feel better

I don’t know if this is specifically what you wanted but I was having a shit day and this is what I would want someone to do to me :) 

I let out an angry sigh, slamming my laptop close and resting my head in my hands, fingers slowly massaging my temples in an attempt to get rid of the headache that had been forming all day.

“Working hard Y/N?” my boss joked, picking up the article I had finally finished and looking it over.

“Always,” I groaned, dropping my head onto my computer. She laughed, letting out a sound of approval before walking away to her office. I blindly reached my hand into my handbag, searching for the packet of headache tablets, groaning when I couldn’t find them.

“You ran out yesterday,” a new voice piped up, making me lift my head to see my bestfriend standing in the doorway with a new packet and a cup of tea in her hand. I gave her a grateful smile, downing the tablets and washing it down with a drink, slouching in my chair.

“This has to be the worst day ever,” I grunted, resting my head on the back of my chair, closing my eyes.

“Just go home already,” she suggested, sitting down on the couch that she had insisted on getting for my office. “You’re already ahead on the articles and I’m sure Anna won’t mind.”

“But that means going home to even more work,” I frowned, knowing that there was bound to be a crap ton of clothes all over the bedroom floor since Grant had only recently come back from filming.

“I’m sure Grant will do it if you ask, he’s like boyfriend goals,” she laughed, beginning to pack up my things for me.

“He’s also incredibly lazy and tired,” I pointed out, downing the rest of my steaming cup of tea, wincing slightly at the burn.

“Just tell him you’re having a bad day and ask if he can just clean up a bit and order some Chinese and just want Netflix for the rest of the day,” she smiled, taking my hands in hers and lifting me up from my chair. “Problem solved.” I rolled my eyes, taking my coat from her hands and throwing it on, slinging my bag over my shoulder.

“Right, like that’ll work,” I snorted, giving her a peck on the cheek and rushing out the door. I poked my head into my bosses office, mouthing at her that I was going, sighing in relief when she waved me off.

“I’m out peeps,” I shouted through the halls, hearing several “byes” echo back to me. I all but sprinted to the elevator, taking out my phone and quickly sending a text to Grant telling him that I was coming home early.

“Worst train trip ever,” I muttered under my breathe, all but throwing the front door to the apartment open, slamming it shut behind me. I threw my bag onto the floor, toeing my heels off and running straight to the couch, flopping on it and screaming into the pillow.

“Hard day?” Grant suddenly appeared, crouching next to the couch and placing a comforting hand on my back. I turned to look at him, pouting childishly.

“The worst,” I mumbled. “The new freakin interns don’t know jack shit and can’t follow simple instructions, and bloody Geoff has been giving me the shits all week because he just can’t get organised. Anna’s been on my ass about pre-writing all of my articles because we’re going on that trip and I think I’m starting to get sick.”

“Awww baby,” he cooed, pressing a soft kiss to my pounding forehead, making the pain go away for a few seconds (this actually works for me, its weird). “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” He pressed one last kiss to my cheek before standing up and sprinting out of the room and up the stairs, leaving me on my own. I let out a deep sigh, closing my eyes and dozing off slightly, the only noise being my soft breathing and the occasional noise from whatever Grant was doing upstairs. The shuffling of feet is what woke me up, Grant suddenly reappearing in front of me.

“What were you doing up there?” I asked, staring up at him with sleepy eyes.

“Why don’t you come find out,” he smiled, lifting me into a sitting position and scooping me up into bridal position, carrying me up the stairs and into our bedroom, setting me down on the surprisingly made bed.

“You made the bed,” I smiled, patting it softly. “I’m proud.”

“That’s not what I was doing,” he rolled his eyes at my obviously sarcasm. “I can make a bed.”

“I know, you just choose not to,” I stuck my tongue out, flopping backwards onto the bed and attempting to curl into a foetal position. He opted not to respond, instead instructing me to take my clothes off and come into the bathroom. I did what he asked, slowly getting rid of my work clothes until I was just in my underwear, shuffling into the bathroom where he was waiting.

“Alright, why did you want me to-oh my lord Jesus,” my eyes widened, hand flying up to my mouth to cover my shocked expression.

“Do you like it?” he asked, looking at me nervously.

“I… I love it…” I breathed out, my lips turning up into a smile. The lights in the bathroom had been dimmed exceptionally low and all around on the countertops were vanilla scented candles. There was a path of rose petals leading towards the enormous spa bath he had insisted upon getting because ‘you never know when you could want bubbles’. “Did you use my bubblebath?”

“Uh, yeh I hope you don’t mind. I couldn’t really go out and buy another one,” he chuckled, scratching his head nervously.

“It smells lovely,” I smiled, walking forward till I was standing in front of him, wrapping my arms around his waist, snuggling my head into his (unfortunately) clothed chest. “Thank you.”

“Anytime gorgeous,” he grinned, resting his chin on my head, making me scowl slightly, knowing he was jokingly insulting my height. “Now you get in there and I’ll be right back.” He slapped my butt playfully, gently nudging me towards the bath. I rolled my eyes, stripping out of the rest of my clothes before sliding into the warm tub, letting out a deep sigh. The rose scented bubble bath almost immediately started to relax my tense muscles and the sweet smell of vanilla clouded my thoughts, making me forget all about my problems.

“Relaxed?” Grant suddenly appeared, running a hand through my messy curls. I smiled, nodding slightly. “Good. Chinese will be here in half an hour, so you just rest in here for a while.”

“Join me?” I pouted, lifting a hand out of the warm water and flicking droplets onto his close, giggling at his surprised expression.

“Last time I joined you in a bath we didn’t get out for over an hour,” he poked my cheek, making me blush at the memory.

“I’m too relaxed to do anything like that today,” I stuck my tongue out, sinking further into the water.

“Still, I’ve got a few things to do downstairs, just don’t fall asleep,” he said, leaning down to give me a soft kiss on my lower lip, making me pout childishly.

“Rude,” I mumbled, making him laugh. “Come get me with the food is here.”

“Y/N…..?” a soft voice whispered in my ear, making me groan loudly.

“5 more minutes,” I mumbled, waving the intruder off.

“You’ve already been in there for half an hour, you need to get out,” he chuckled. “The foods here.”

“You had me at food,” I giggled, eyes still half closed.

“I told you not to fall asleep in there,” he frowned, helping me stand up in the bath. “It’s dangerous.”

“I didn’t die,” I shrugged, stepping over the edge and onto the mat, holding my arms up and signalling for him to dry me. He rolled his eyes at my comment, picking up a towel and started to wipe me down in silence. “I was joking.”

“I know,” he simply said, giving me a small smile. “Come.” He took my hand, tugging me back into the bedroom.

“I can dress myself ya know,” I teased. “I know you want to touch my body and all,” I winked, making him blush.

“Just… Put some clothes on,” he huffed, taking a seat on the bed. “Or don’t. Either way, it doesn’t bother me.” I rolled my eyes at his comment, simply pulling on a pair of knickers and one of his shirts.

“Come on, my dinner is calling me,” I grinned, taking his hand and pulling him off the bed. He stopped me before I could walk out the door, giving me a cheeky smile before lifting me over his shoulder.

“What the hell!” I squealed, kicking my legs slightly in his grip. “Grant put me down!”

“Nah I think I’ll just carry you around all night,” he laughed. “I’ve got a lovely view.”

“I think I have the better one,” I giggled, patting his bum softly.

“No way! Iron Man is way better than any other Avenger!” Grant playfully glared, pointing his chopstick at me. “He’s a millionaire!”

“Yeh but have you seen Thor’s arms?” I winked, making him scowl. “Plus he’s a god! He’s like immortal!”

“You’re basing this off physical appearance,” he rolled his eyes, shoving a dumpling into his mouth angrily.

“No I’m not, I’m just simply stating that Thor has arms the size of me!” I laughed, nudging him with my foot. “Plus, RDJ is a total dilf!”

“We are not having this conversation,” he groaned through a mouthful of dumpling, making me laugh even harder.

“How many dumplings have you had?” I asked, placing my empty bowl on the table and patting my bulging stomach.

“I think this is my fourth…” he answered a little unsurely. “I should probably stop.”

“Yeh, you probably should,” I giggled, poking his stomach. “Have to get that good body up for the fangirls.”

“So you don’t care what I look like?” he raised a brow, placing his own bowl on the table.

“You could be a fat blob for all I care, I would still love you,” I smiled, tangling my feet with his.

“How romantic,” he gushed dramatically, placing a hand over his heart. “This is what true love is.”

“Yeh yeh, don’t ruin the moment,” I chuckled, lifting myself into a sitting position and leaning against the arm rest so I was facing him, Grant following suit.

“This has been a lovely afternoon,” I smiled, leaning my head against the pillow and staring at him. “I really needed this.”

“Just next time, tell me in advance so I can prepare,” he laughed. Jett suddenly appeared, propping his paws up on the couch and whining softly. Grant rolled his eyes, lifting his beloved pet onto his lap and cuddling him close.

“I swear you love that dog more than you love me,” I teased, picking up Nora who had just appeared after her brother.

“You can’t make me choose between my girlfriend and my children,” he gasped. “I love you all equally.”

“But you would totally choose the dogs if it was for sleeping arrangements,” I shot back, scratching under Nora’s chin softly.

“Can you really blame me? You smother me in my sleep!” he laughed, making me blush.

“I can’t help it,” I whined. “I like to cuddle!”

“It’s cute when we’re awake, but I don’t appreciate waking up with hair in my face and your legs wrapped around me,” he chuckled, moving Jett in front of his face once he saw my annoyed expression.

“I’ll keep that in mind next time you come back during the night. You’ll be the one sleeping on the couch, not these two,” I stuck my tongue out, opting to kick his leg as revenge. “But seriously, thank you for tonight.”

“Anytime,” he smiled cutely. “I just wish we had alcohol.”